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Jatie Vlogs 10 days ago
Love y’all. Thanks for being the strongest fam on YouTube. Your support yesterday was insane! Never expected to get so much love from you guys. Stay savage Jatie fam and welcome to prank wars🔥❤️
picture perfect 9 days ago
“That’s super messed up we would never prank you like that”... I mean the messed up part is still true
Cabal97 9 days ago
THIS IS THE WORST, all that's wrong on the internet.
Nya Hunter 9 days ago
We not going to talk about all the bots in the comments
Sophia Nduwa 9 days ago
Who else didn’t believe them because they already saw the Adi and Emily brake up prank
Bobby Brown 9 days ago
First off this shouldn’t even be trending
Scarlett Lamb 9 days ago
nobody: literally nobody: not a single sole: them: AHAHAHA WE PRANKED YOU
selina smith 9 days ago
*Me before*: watches video of them breaking up *A few moments later*: designs a *very* detailed drawing that said sorry for the loss, jatie vlog will be missed, on paper *After I finish the drawing*: Me about to take a picture of it and send it to josh and katie some how.. *Me before I send them my picture* get's notification of new video from jatie vlogs*.. *Me after I click on the new video* what do they mean "we're sorry..?" *Me after the video* * crumbles up the detailed drawing * *Me five seconds later..* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHYYYYYY WOULD YOU PRANK US I SPENT A LOT OF TIME AND EFFORT INTO THAT DRAWING FOR NOTHING GAAAA *takes deep breath* well.. at least it was a prank 😒😤😅😥
Lawstidentity 9 days ago
This channel is literally the next bfvsgf... Soon they will really break up... Not going to be surprised then
Jess P 9 days ago
This is when you realize these people have nothing else better to do...
All About Photog 9 days ago
Katie made this so believable. I can't even right now.
Panicos Atalianis 9 days ago
Omg its a prank literally i started crying when you guys said you were breaking up !! Hhaaa stupid me
DailyBURGER642 ! 9 days ago
“We just rewatched the video back and we decided we didn’t get enough views and we want more money cause we’re parasites”
anime nerd 9 days ago
You know it wasn't that hard to tell that they were pranking us, like the acting was um... 😐
Elsie Wright 9 days ago
I knew it was a prank because of Katie’s crying pranks and the red under Josh’s eyes But Emily and adi have already done this prank
SDT Fun Time 9 days ago
The fact this is trending above everything involving coronavirus is hilarious 😂😂
Aiden Scott 9 days ago
It concerns me how many people thought their breakup was real.
Katie Hernandez 9 days ago
OMG that scared me so much but I'm still a fan and in the last video Joshes eyes made me believe it
AnnTheSoSnazzian 9 days ago
i mean i thought they were trying to throw the stalker off their tracks but... welp
Enderdragon456 9 days ago
This channel is everything wrong with the internet
Soreen Ganem 9 days ago
Jack Graham 9 days ago
To all those people that are saying “no one believed it” or “how could anyone believe that’s real” like common like I’m don’t really even watch them and saw it on trending it looked pretty real ngl
Lily Darby 9 days ago
Me: cries for one hour. The next day finally gets over it. Also the next day WE PRANKED YOU!!!!!!!!!! Me: .....
Cass xxx 9 days ago
I’m just happy that they aren’t taking a break!
Nelleke de witte 9 days ago
I was crying my freaking eyes out, my heart was literally aching from last video... I TOLD MY BOYFRIEND BECAUSE I WAS UPSET... GOT ME GOOOOOD
Abbi Shier 9 days ago
I litterly hate u guys so much u made me so sad cuz i thought u guys where done and i wouldn't be able to watch YouTube but i love u guy so much lmao 😂😂😂😂😂
Fatal Avenger 9 days ago
In the last video when she bent over and started “crying” I heard water then she got back up and there were “tears”
Living my life as Lynaya 9 days ago
This is seriously messed up, I was actually sad and now I’m just mad
Christian Simeone 9 days ago
Is this for real I’m soooo mad I’m so mad and annoyed cmon guys this makes 2020 worse
Hailey Kowalski 9 days ago
Omg, the whole while I was hoping it was a joke I was so sad everyday thinking about it like “some of my favorite you tubers are breaking up!” And I almost cried so I’m so happy it’s a prank, you should have seen my smile when you said it’s a prank 🤩😁
Genesis Alvira 9 days ago
You made me cry and I was think in my head why are they taking a break and I started crying but I still love you guys
Lauren Unknown 9 days ago
I literally started crying in the first video I’m so happy it’s a joke.
elizabeth williford 9 days ago
I keep watching this video this is insane yall really got me im just so happy yall together and i've been watching yall videos ever since yall got cuffed to each other before yall even started dating and im so happy that ya'll together The JATIE are my favorite youtubers 💕🙌 and i hope it stays that way i love you guys so much and i hope yall have a great future and i subscibed got my post nonifications on and liked this 🎆🔥
Rebecca Daniels 9 days ago
Ok, I was actually so upset. Frick y’all 😂😂
Natia Paw 9 days ago
And I thought it was for real! I literally had a mental breakdown like that hurt hearing u guys breaking up and now finding out that It was a prank makes me so fricking happy bc u guys are perfect for each other I love you guys xxx
Porter Kay 9 days ago
"i thought my acting skills were trash" tricks like half a million people
Tink's World 9 days ago
Ok this was messed up. I Literally was fricking crying. I was so sad. I've been watching you guys for so long!!! And you do this to me...🙆🏽 im happy this is a prank because i wad about to say. 💙 #jatieforever never leave the jatie fam
CUTE PUG 9 days ago
Nobody No one at all Literally no one Not even joe Them: AHHHHHH WE GOT YOOOOOU Everyone:🖕👁👃👁
Madi Sherretz 9 days ago
y’all should have done this on april fools
Elvia Yates 9 days ago
Dexter Winters 9 days ago
done. ι aм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw кαтιє dмѕ poor нer boyfrind massiv7.tumblr.com/?T *
Melissa Mar 9 days ago
I swear I literally have a hair tie to hold my phone because it's tearing apart 😂
Kherington Tabb 9 days ago
I actually started crying when I watched the breakup video Does anyone know why Jack and Gab aren’t filming
lesly Saucedo 9 days ago
to be honest the other video I was crying I was like no I was crying so much but now I saw that I was like so happy I was like Yay you're like the cutest couple though I love. You guys♥️♥️♥️♥️😭😂
Alex H 9 days ago
OMG! I’m so happy, I want you guys to be together forever. When I watched the other video I was like I’m not going to be able to see their beautiful babies if they have kids. I’m wiping tears away right now my mood went from😭😢—>😍😀
유미 9 days ago
Jatie: we broke up Also jatie: *sends us emails from jatie beauty*
Samantha S 9 days ago
Omggg u guys really scared me for second I thought I lost my favorite YouTube couple ever bit thank god I didn’t
Epic Ella 9 days ago
I was legit balling my eyes out and then they shouted it’s a prank I was so happy
TsiyonGamer 9 days ago
I already knew there Friends with adi fishman and he did the same thing
lazer_fire 663 9 days ago
not even going to lie i was actually i thought my favorite youtube couple had just broke up i amso glad to see that you guys didn't actually break up #jatiefam4life
Megan Nuibe 9 days ago
Okay you guys gave me a heart attack! I thought the break up was so real though! Nice acting! You definitely got me! I love you guys so much!😁😘 And I love watching your videos! I'm able to relieve my stress from college right now and your videos lift my mood up.
Nicole Kuperkhand 9 days ago
Oml thank the lord you guys are still together. I was so heartbroken that you guys weren't moving in but not im crying out of joy! You guys r the best couple but that prank was so savage lol, stay strong.
Hannah Deese 9 days ago
That’s messed up y’all made me cry
Carleigh Setzer 9 days ago
I cried 😂 y’all are so cute and seeing Katie just made me a sponge and made me cry
SOPHIA LAPAN 9 days ago
Oh my god! Dude I’m feeling so many emotions right now. I thought for a second that you were pranking us and then I was like no, Katie is legit crying and Joshes eyes are so red and puffy. I’m like mad right now but I’m so happy that you are not breaking up, I was so freaking sad when you said that you were breaking up. This is all my emotions: 😂😭🥺🤬😁. But in the end I will always be apart of the Jatie Fam because I love you guys❤️
Duck Man? 9 days ago
Thats weird, i dont remember caring
Mac 9 days ago
There are literally so many ads in this video. Nice “prank”.
Addie Frenette 9 days ago
thats messed up.I know you trying to have fun. But think bout it we love the jatie fam and now you going out here pranking you guys broke up thats messed up.
Ness 9 days ago
I'm gonna say it again, N O O N E C A R E S
Breanna C. 9 days ago
8:48-8:54 i canttt that was so cuteee! josh tried so hardd 🥺😂😂
Voltage Studios 9 days ago
I notice she always interrupts him thats gonna be the downfall of this relationship lmao
Karina Roberts 9 days ago
Y'all gave me a heart attack I thought this was real. My eyes were red
Jim and Ed's Beer Review 9 days ago
Katie should seriously be an actress! 😂 that was awesome 👏
Grace Finnie 9 days ago
Why did you have to scare me I was like jeez I have all their merch now they just broke up but thank god ily guys so much you for scared me 😂😂♥️
Thomas Connolly 9 days ago
“We didn’t say what we wanted to say” in the most monotone way 😂😂😂
Haloh Robinson 9 days ago
Omg!!! I was so so sad but i was thinking that it was a prank cuz of joshs eyes it looks like makeup and you guys were calling each ither babe
Live Creative2015 9 days ago
Messing with your fans emotions and lying to them..haha such a good prank!!
Blossom Star 9 days ago
Gabrielle Chamberland 9 days ago
Who tf are these people?
Livin' it with Lauryn 9 days ago
I was literally sooooo relieved that y’all aren’t taking a break. I told my sister that I was so sad and she was like taking breaks usually mean breaking up and I was like noooooo don’t say that I literally NEED them. But I’m glad y’all aren’t. Love y’all!
imallfordabulls 9 days ago
“We’re sorry...” They’re not sorry.
Andy33 _Wolfie 9 days ago
I literally knew this was a prank cuz I saw Adi and Emily do this on his channel but I'm glad that was not for real
Lily Mia 9 days ago
HOLYY CRAPP i was literally crying so hard because i just got out of a such serious relationship and you guys were the only relationship that got me through it and im so happy that it is a prank!!!
Serdilka Pe 9 days ago
I knew it was a prank, because if u really broke up, you wouldn't add that sad music and u would cut off all the scenes when u cry, talk to each other personally (not to the viewers) Basically u wouldnt be doing it so dramatic I guess. 🤣 And also I didn't believe that after only 5 days y'all just gave up and decided to take a break, like come on. It's obvious that u love each other and wouldn't give up so easly. Anyway I'm really happy that u are still together ❤️❤️
Granny Time 9 days ago
Yo this is like so messed up but i thought to my self "why would they break up if they were engaged?" and she was wearing her engagement ring in the video the entire time.
Janiece Garcia 9 days ago
OH MY GOODNESS YOU GUYS!! Literally went from bawling to like wtf!!! I literally lost all faith in love when I saw the first video. You guys are perfect together and I envy your relationship and journey you two are on! Love you guys and wish you nothing but the best!
Eddie Maldonado 9 days ago
I’ve lit a candle and been crying for two weeks straight. Hope the ad venue is what you wanted :)
nobody 1234 9 days ago
OH NO MA'AM Y'ALL SCARED THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME !! ,, y'all are my favorite couple ON YOUTUBE!
rainypaw AJ 9 days ago
i was so sad nd i was like “they are definitely pranking”
Leen Leen 9 days ago
Oh thank God I was crying all night I'm so happy🥺💜💜 but that was too far like I couldn't stop crying💜
Kayla Nguyen 9 days ago
Lol I had a feeling this was a prank because like they just love each other so much and like I feel like they would never brake up the love is so strong they would never brake up soooo 😂
itsremm 9 days ago
N S 9 days ago
I’m losing brain cells by staying on this channel. SMH lol 😂
KittyCatGaming - Roblox 9 days ago
It is a prank dang they pranked me hard.
Naomi Lunceford 9 days ago
Omg I was literally about to cry then my face went from🥺nooo to 😳😂yaaaaayyy
Millicent Akinyemi 9 days ago
That was messed up literally I was literally crying I did not want to eat lunch #OMG!
Adrianna DeMonica 9 days ago
I was sacred and now I’m happy I was crying because my favorite couple ‘Broke up’’ so yea ily guys so much ❤️
Roos Tube 9 days ago
I’m shook. I realy thaught😂
Amelia Zidek 9 days ago
I love y’all always and forever!🥰 you have a great relationship like me and my boyfriend Rylon!🥰
Kyra Agen 9 days ago
U guys are so happy to be together when my parents are fighting rn.... I am still happy for u guys!!!! ❤️
Jen 9 days ago
The things people do for attention, damn
Kazmere Batiste-Pereira 9 days ago
Omg i was just watching the behind the scenes lmao those faces josh was making tho
Hannah Highfill 9 days ago
I honestly just cried my eyes out thinking y’all broke up. I was so happy seeing this 😅❤️
Erlin Gutierrez 9 days ago
Bro I thought that they really break up 😢😂💔
Kiley Knighton 9 days ago
That’s soo good nice this is my 2 Comment but can y’all start doing shoutouts and cuz it was my idea can I be the frist plz I Ben with u at the frist
goken son 9 days ago
Guys you literally scared the devil out of me like oh my God never ever do that again no oh my gosh
Mickayla Lashmar 9 days ago
ya'll know how to mess with a persons feelings. I actually cried. Happy it was a prank tho but at the same time kinda mad coz ya know it really got me in the feels like ya'll are mean.
caroline jensen 9 days ago
i want to be mad but im soo happy i was like going a hole day and said ' my favorite youtubers broke up :(' and now im happy it was a prank and i cry when i watch the video
Bri Nicole 9 days ago
jatie: you have to be before 2 mil me: i’ve been here since 100k -
Rose McCarter 9 days ago
Omg honestly my heart when you told me it was a prank leaped for joy Ahhhh