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THIS IS L&S 2 month ago
leandra rice 2 month ago
Father God, help landon so he could get back to his family😭
Leslie Y 2 month ago
I’m crying through out this whole video! I noticed something wrong as well in previous videos.. but I would love to Say a PRAYER for him RIGHT NOW on this channel.. : I pray to God that whatever illness Landon is battling May you wipe it clean out of his body may Landon find the strength to keep moving forward and may London never give up on you dear God! love you Guys!!!!💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Music lover 101 2 month ago
Hope Landon gets better I luv u guys so much I literally cried watching this Jesus is with you guys and I believe in Landon he will get better and I know it 🙏
Amari Glover 2 month ago
It hurts my heart to see her break down like this because she always try’s and be happy love you guys just trust in god 😢🥺❤️
Sarah Arif 2 month ago
for whoever said landon is on drugs is plz know maybe someone is going through something may Allah give him strength
Emma Spinney 2 month ago
Landon is going to heal quickly. Your in my prayers
Queen 1x 2 month ago
May Allah cure him and give him and his family the strength and protect them ❤️stay strong and positive guys ily
Yamilet XOXO 2 month ago
Lo wish y’all the best and I have y’all in my prayers.. God has big plans for y’all can inspire family that need it. God has you stay strong #LSGAND 🤍💙
abby abigail 2 month ago
I am crying seeing shyla crying and it breaks my heart to know that people have been soo rude and mean..but shyla and landon I just wanna tell u that I am adding u in my prayers and I LOVE YOU .. Who is with me?? LOVE U SHYLA AND LANDON...
Eams & Sarah 2 month ago
Prayers coming your way guys... Landon you'll be well soon and reunited with the family. Stay strong and whatever comes your way God will have the answer to! ❤🙏
Danielle Cleo Prins 2 month ago
He got this,you got this ,sending all prayers from my family to yours It's been tough for me too,since corona my immune system has been at its weakest but I have faith and I'm looking up to land in for having faith
Leslie Espinoza 2 month ago
Hello Landon, Shyla, Souline 💗just wanted to say that everything happens for a reason no matter how hard the situation may be your family will get through this 🙏 I’m sure this will only make you guys stronger and value life from a different point of view ❤️ keeping you guys in my prayers 🙏 stay strong, you guys have inspired so many of us, you have brought us joy whenever we may have been at our low we just clicked in your videos and your positivity will bring a smile to our face 🙂. God won’t let you guys down y’all are such great human beings I’m sure you guys will pass through this obstacle and will come out stronger. Landon don’t ever give up for baby Souline, Shyla and the L&S gang ✨. Sending you guys all of my love, prayers and positivity 🥰 hope to see you guys back to normal soon 🥳.Love you guys ❤️
Rachel Buckley 2 month ago
Damn I literally cried like a baby the whole time. 😭 get well soon Landon!!! X
Stacey Vizcaino 2 month ago
“sometimes you’ve gotta walk through the darkness to get to the light” we love you all landon. please stay strong 🙏🏻 you’re in my thoughts and prayers always. we will all get through this together. sending you nothing but love and positive vibes. 💗🙏🏻
Antonio Ceniceros 2 month ago
I'll pray for all of yall hope he gets better soon❤❤
ruben garcia 2 month ago
Lord I Pray that you give Strength to Landon so he can over come this and become stronger in the end. All my Prayers to you Landon, I know you can do this! ❤️🙏 God Bless You!
Natalie Laura 2 month ago
wow, i cant stop crying. Stay strong, you WILL get through this. In Jesus' name Amen
Keeley Tye 2 month ago
Landon we don't know each other but stay strong my friend, been watching L&S since day one. Sending prayers and much love your way and to your family too
Miss J Ortega 2 month ago
Landon I pray that the one above may heal anything that’s in your body and mentally with what your going through. We are all here for you and you’ve clearly seen how many people on that video is waiting for you to come home, and we can’t wait too see you better. Keep on fighting! You’ve got this and as for Shyla keep on being that strong woman you have always been, your doing great mama ❤️
Joy& Blu 2 month ago
Awww Shyla looks so sad,upset and stressed🥺😭😭
paula allagoa 2 month ago
I’m literally in tears, this is so sad have you in prayers, hope for good health and safe recovery, the LORD is your strength and also pray for your family that they will be protected and God will keep them strong for you.Amen🙏❤️❤️
Anahi's ASMR channel2007 2 month ago
my prayer go to london and all your familly stay strong and positive🙏❤,i recently found out i'm anemic which kinda sucks because i feel really weak but ik that in god we trust❤
Bea Wood 2 month ago
I wasn’t gonna cry, and then Soul and Shyla gave their message at the end and I’m bawling 😭😭😭
Jasmine and Karen 2 month ago
We will support you all to the end Let’s pray for Landon 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Chanelle Campo 2 month ago
Dear Lord please put your healing hands over Landon I pray this in Jesus name AMEN 🙏
Jessie Becker 2 month ago
Sending all my prayers and love 💕
Agus salim 2 month ago
done. ιм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw aυѕтιn dмѕ * ιм ѕorry ғor caтнrιne *
Maddie Brinkerhoff 2 month ago
“Nerves are strong, but our faith is stronger” that gave me chills, praying for you and you’re family, stay strong, GOD IS IN CONTROL❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chelsea Smith 2 month ago
I just broke down in to tears watching this I can’t even imagine what your going thought right now we all love you Landon get well soon xx ❤️🙏
Michelle N 2 month ago
Get well soon Landon. Praying for your speedy recovery I know you'll be ok in no time🙏
Joey Belisario 2 month ago
man he was on the verge of tears in the beginning. prayers
Mazza 89 2 month ago
I been noticing for so long that Landon looks different.. it's like hes been aging and losing weight. I'm so sorry, I'm really not being disrespectful or rude. But I didn't say anything because if he was going through something it's not nice for anyone to point it out you dont know what that person is going through. But you could definitely see something wasnt right. I'm so sorry, I really pray for his speedy recovery. Guys let's not make assumptions and keep asking what it is. Just pray for him and when they are ready to share like they have now we will know. And if they choose not to say anything, we respect it. It's not easy. God is with you Landon because you put God first by saying "my faith is strong". Its not Covid-19 as Austin clarified in their video. So just keep praying for his speedy recovery whatever it is💛
Tawni Sifuentes 2 month ago
I literally had tears rolling down my face watching this. My prayers & thoughts are with you Landon for strength & healing. Get well soon! ❤
Salma Hatmi 2 month ago
It hit me when it got to his dad.. We all know how the boys are so close to their dad, the way his face was red and pressed got me shedding tears like crazy . Sending prayers to you and may Allah bless you with his healing ❤
JustEvOfficial 2 month ago
Stay strong Landon god is by ur side watching you taking care of you 🙇🏼‍♂️👏🏻y’all will make it thru
Suradhi and Suhana 2 month ago
I will pray that Landon will get well soon... LOTS OF LOVE💕 FROM 🇳🇵
Abdo&Huda Syrai 2 month ago
I hope he gets well soon and recover from whatever he's going through ❤ I love you guys
Jade Kiss 2 month ago
That’s so heart wrenching, please god let this mans health come back and let this be something he comes back stronger from. ❤️🙌🏽
MadeByLee 2 month ago
Oooo girl let me wipe my face🤭 didn’t think I was gonna get teary eyed but shylaaaa girl ‘he is my hero’ got me😭 & the messages at the end ughh❤️ lots of prayers in this time🙏🏼. I neverrrr comment but this was needed.
Hannah Lange 2 month ago
It’s really crazy how you can feel so much for a family you’ve never met. I’m over here crying. Love you guys so much! Sending all the love and positivity I possibly can ❤️
Jazmine Acosta 2 month ago
Literally cried so much 🥺 he’s going to be okay I promise ❤️ my prayers go out to him and his family 🙏🏼
Lizzy Sanchez 2 month ago
We love you guys 🙏🏼💕 sending love and prayers ❤️.
Nae marie 2 month ago
MY HEART CRIES 💔 Prayers for you Landon, you got the Dad strength - just keep baby Souline in your mind ❣️
Giovanna Torres 2 month ago
we all love you landon dont be scared you got your family on your side you got your baby on your side your wife you got this you are going to be alright
Carina De La Cruz 2 month ago
Nothing but my well wishes and thoughts of healing for Landon so he can soon feel better, safe back at home with his little family. Blessings always and Shyla you are so strong love🤍
Prabi 2 month ago
I just want you to know Shyla and Landon that we are all here for you. I know this is a difficult time for you and many others in the world right now. You are amazing people and you deserve the best. I hope Landon gets better soon. Sending you all my love support and prayers through this tough time. May God bless you. Love you so much guys, you deserve everything you have and everything you have coming your way. You deserve the world. You guys have got me through so much and there is no way that I can repay you other than by sending you love and positivity and my prayers. ❤️❤️
Muskaan Patel 2 month ago
Omg 😭 This made me cry 💕 We have you in our prayers and hope you get better soon 🥺💕 Love you guys 💯💕❤️
Amber Ellis 2 month ago
Keeping you all in my prayers stay strong we are all here for you ,there’s a whole army behind your little family fighting for you guys I love you guys 💕💕💕❤️
Savannah Reynolds 2 month ago
My Goodness this made me so mushy! The ending was so sentimental I enjoyed watching everybody tap in and send out positive vibes and save those videos they are definitely something to keep. Prayers and strength for Landon , and Shyla girl you are such a strong women you guys will get through this! Stay strong for Landon but also your babygirl . I’ve encountered something like this last year and I will not lie it’s hard , it’s hard to keep positive and it’s hard having to sleep alone for the first time in awhile but everything will bounce back to normal! 1 thing you have that I didn’t is support and that’s why I KNOW you , Landon and your babygirl will be just fine because of such a strong support system!!!! That’s a blessing itself ❤️ You look beautiful as always , keep your head up and we all look forward to a update .
Desiree Cota 2 month ago
Omg 😢 I cried through this whole video. I’m praying for you Landon, I hope you beat whatever you are going through so you can go home and be with your family. Shyla stay strong girl. Prayers your way ✨✨✨ God bless
Liane Rangel 2 month ago
May god put his healing hands on landon and get you through this time. I literally cried throughout this whole video. Know that god has yall 100% and that with faith and positivity anything is possible to overcome ♥️
Alondra Sanchez 2 month ago
Praying for your family and especially Landon, I hope he has a fast recovery with whatever it is ❤ We're all in this together, God is in your corner 🙏🏻
Leyan Anne 2 month ago
Had to hold my tears back love y’all so much inshallah bsalamah(fast recovery ) may god heal you WE LOVE YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sophie Murtaza 2 month ago
Hey Landon and Shyla Firstly I LOVE YOU BOTH I MEAN YOU THREE SOOOOO MUCH ♥️😩 I have watched you all grown to where you are today Watching this video brought me to instant tears in a heart 😭 and all I can say is that I really wish it’s not as serious as my brain thinks it is. I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with Landon but I KNOW HE CAN GET THROUGH THIS 💪🏼 Sending All my love, support and positive vibe YOUR WAY! ♥️ I LOVE YOU & I TRULY BELIEVE YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS AT ALL COST 💙
katelyn nicoleee 2 month ago
I am here for yall guys no matter what yall need my prayers i love yall guys so much i hope landon gets better soon 😘😀😢😓
Imogen Jayde 2 month ago
this was absolutely heartbreaking. i am so sorry that this is happening, my thoughts are with you guys. stay safe and well ❤️
Akhona Nonkelela 2 month ago
Love, light and well wishes Landon💕. Trust in Him for He will never forsake you. This too shall pass☺.
Marielena Claudio 2 month ago
Omg I’m so sorry. He’s going to get through this 🙏🏼💙 Tears coming down my face
Shadow._.wolfgirl O_o 2 month ago
All prayers and love to your family and friends be safe and always remember that we have you guys in our hearts but please be safe and get better soon god bless you guys 🙏💗 always remember have FAITH,gather HOPE,share LOVE"
JustEvOfficial 2 month ago
This had me in tears here at work :( you all are in my prayers , n prayers getting sent to you and ur family god is watching over you guys❤️🙇🏼‍♂️
Serena Dhadlie 2 month ago
you can see the hurt in everyone’s eyes. especially austin you can see he’s worried🥺
Everything Naniika 2 month ago
I was sobbing damn ! You guys can do this ! Everything will be fine ! Sending my love !
Kawthar Abdi 2 month ago
His step mom is really emotional 🥺
Diana Martinez 2 month ago
Keeping Landon and his family in my prayers. Stay strong and positive. You got this Landon! We love you ❤❤
Kdyer Marin 2 month ago
He WILL recover soon ! 🙏🏽❤️
Aliyahh 2 month ago
3:38 my heart shattered into a million peices💔😞
Simply Hodan 2 month ago
I’m sending a lot of love and prayers to Landon and your family🙏🏾❤️I cannot imagine what you are going through but I’m glad that Landon has an amazing support system to pull him through this tough time✨In the end, everything will hopefully be okay, and if it isn’t okay, then it’s not the end just yet❤️
Janka Somogyi 2 month ago
I’ve been watching you guys for a long time and you are my inspiration. I was shocked when I saw this video but I know He will be okay, you will be okay. Love you guys from Hungary❤️ Stay safe!
CAFamilyVlogs 2 month ago
I’m feeling you so much rn Shyla you’re both doing great this too shall pass. Stay positive. I’m so happy your doing mediations and reiki. I love it. Take care your whole family. Stay strong you can do anything.
Sydney Russell 2 month ago
I know you can get through this landon #GETWELL💙😭💙💜💙💜
laura mayer 2 month ago
Praying for you guys. I hope London will be better soon and he can go home to you again. Stay strong and think positive. I love you and I wish you much strength🙏🏼❤️
Νάντια Θεοδώρου 2 month ago
All my love and support for Landon and everyone who stays on his side this difficult time! You are so strong Landon and you wife is too! Take care of yourself and she will take care of your fam! 💜
Kerry Matura 2 month ago
Landon my prayers with you, also keep the faith you have a beautiful wife and cute baby girl waiting at home for you! PS: you also have more babies to make with your Queen💯🤗😍❤
james bipa 2 month ago
God will always be there for you ❤️🥺😔
Juliana Tymchyshyn 2 month ago
I wish ALL THE BEST to you Landon and to your whole family 😇everything gonna be definitely good and you gonna go through this 👌it just takes time but then you will be with your family and friends again, healthy, happy and cheerful 😝I'm praying for you and I want you to stay positive and keep good energy😇get well soon and remember we are all there for you🙌
Meagan J. Riley 2 month ago
Seriously in tears! Love you guys sending my love and prayers to your beautiful family!! Landon you got this whatever it is god is on your side!!
Justice Edness 2 month ago
Landon we looooooove you!!!! ♥️They say the only way out is through and we got you every step of the way!! We're in this together! #SoulTribe #LSGANG
Elle 2 month ago
My prayers go out to all of u may god be with all of u.🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️💔
Angela Woods 2 month ago
gods strength is stronger then whatever you’re going through. we love you. you got this❤️ non stop prayers.
Stephanie Luvs 2 month ago
Awe omg I’m so sorry.I hope he’s okay he’s in our prayers !May God protect him the most rn bc he needs it I hope you and Soul are doing great 😭❤️
Roxana Mejia 2 month ago
Praying for you Landon ❤️ like your family says , God’s got you , your going to be great and come out of this stronger than ever 🙏🙏🙏 stay positive ❤️🙏
Life with Ami in Japan 2 month ago
I am sending prayers and love from Japan 🇯🇵 You’re family are beautiful and I know he is strong and you are too dear. I love you all and know that I have faith 🙏
Giselle Looi 2 month ago
You're gonna be fine Landon. Gonna pray for you and I really seriously hope you're gonna be okay. Stay healthy, stay safe. I'll see you back with Shyla and Souline soon, okay? 🥰🧡 much love from Canada
Vanessa Fernandez 2 month ago
It broke my heart seeing you like this . London will be good he is in gods hand and will be back with his family . He is an amazing person ❤
Andela 2 month ago
Stay strong guys.Everything is gonna be alright!!We are praying for you all.❤🙏
Selenia Hernandez 2 month ago
Get well soon, wishing the best of the best to you and your family god will always be by your side🤍🙏🏾
Natasha Clarkson 2 month ago
I just discovered this couple and I am crying 😭😭 prayers for yall
marlita la chiquita 2 month ago
Me:the people who dislike 😫😫😫 please who disliked this video has no heart 😫😫
oscar rodriguez 2 month ago
Tearing up while watching this🥺 My love a prayers go out to you and your family and Landon you are strong and will get through this!!♥️🙏
aneesha 2 month ago
The family messages have me cryinggg❤️ prayers all the way ✨
Lynne Larson 2 month ago
Hey L & S gang, Landon I'm sending you oisitive vibes from Cape Town South Africa. We all have to stay positive, and you have to stay strong. Hope you get better real soon and kick this thing in the butt. Love you and God bless.
Madison westwood 2 month ago
Oh my the way I choked up 😢 my heart 💔stay positive 🔑
Jemima Davids 2 month ago
I hope Landon recovers, sending all my love and prayers xx
Tatiana Morales 2 month ago
God bless over this family in there time of need wrap your arms around them and protect and heal in the name of Jesus amen!
Ashieka Combrink 2 month ago
Get well soon Landon, sending all the love 🙏🏼❤️
Lanelle Nagaran 2 month ago
wishing Landon a very speedy recovery 🥺 sending love, light and positivity your way 💕
Sandra Chajon 2 month ago
Omg I cannot imagine seeing the love of my life suffer once I saw him sitting down he looks like he’s suffering from the inside.. I broke down ❤️😭 god will guide you guys thru the path ❤️ you guys are in my prayers
Jasmine Kelly 2 month ago
Sending all my love and prayers to you Landon ❤️❤️❤️
Joy& Blu 2 month ago
Prayed for him! I didn’t even notice he was sick he acted so normal! He’s gonna get better real soon ;)