Lil Skies - Shelby (The Documentary)

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"Shelby" Out Now !

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Tour Dates:
May 8 - Washington, DC
May 9 - Boston, MA
May 10 - New York, NY
May 12 - Rolling Loud
May 14 - Atlanta, GA
May 16 - Dallas, TX
May 17 - Houston, TX
May 18 - Austin, TX
May 20 - El Paso, TX
May 22 - Los Angeles, CA

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Director: Mario Kristian
DP: Mike Koziel
AC: Sam Robinson
Producer: Devon Libran
Editor: Andrew Sales
Sound Tech: Austin Bledso
Sound Mixer: Jake Viator

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Waynesboro, PA does not come to mind when you think of contributions to hip-hop, but Kimetrius “Lil Skies” Foose hopes to be that boundless rose to spring forth from the concrete.

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Riley Jones 8 month ago
Like if lil skies needs a Netflix documentary
navs 鋤 1 year ago
"i love you mom, ya dig?" -Lil Skies 2019
Nick Genco 1 year ago
dad : skies son : lil skies grandson : itty bitty skies
EMWELL 1 year ago
Skies so underrated man. I honestly think he should be bigger than or as big as Juice Wrld. (Both great artists though)
PIENI PUMPPU 1 year ago
Like if lil skies is better than lil pump
Chillz 1 year ago
Just hearing him about to cry gives me the chills tbh
Spiky 29 1 year ago
when his voice started cracking, it was so emotional, it had me crying. He's such a good guy and he works so hard... we really have to take care of this amazing artist...
Cadence Robl 1 year ago
When his voice started cracking😭 He has the biggest heart💙
Gassed up Boi 4 month ago
Only real fans know his mom named Shelby 💯💨
FNG hoe 1 year ago
i honestly started tearing up when his voice started cracking as he was talking to his mom
𝕜𝕒𝕕𝕖𝕖𝕩𝕣𝕪𝕒𝕟 3 month ago
I can’t even express how much respect and love I have for him. He is such a sweetheart and he shows that he truly cares not only for his family but also for his fans. I’m so grateful that he is able to pursue his dream in becoming a rapper and I believe that he really will become big for sho. I love you lil skies❤️
vPurpp Don't Miss 1 year ago
1:54 what’s that song he’s showing his mom? 🔥🔥🔥
Ice Skillz 11 month ago
I deadass cried at the end when he was telling his mum he loves her 😅🤗
i e 1 year ago
Wait....did he say....he is gonna be a dad???
maya bishop 10 month ago
Slue 1 year ago
What's that song called in 0:28
Kholdest Stephanie 1 year ago
Yo i was crying at the end :( He's such a good guy ♡ much love for skies :)
MACBS 1 year ago
1:53 What sound is this ? 🔥🔥🔥
abstract 1 year ago
Mia Velazquez 4 month ago
The amount of times I’ve cried to this is unbelievable. My heart is so big for him. He deserves sm. My luvvv ❤️🦋.
GOD 747 10 month ago
Lil skies gettin me all teary and shit :'(
ZeRo_MoZz 1 year ago
What is the Song called that goes like:“hope out, do my thing then ai dash“?
zCasparYT 1 year ago
What's the name of the song at 1:53 its 🔥🔥🔥
Y’all hear sumn? 1 year ago
We just gonna ignore the fact skies bout to be a dad?
bmendel_ 1 year ago
Damn respect man nothing but respect 💯u Gonna be a good dad
Michael Conrad 1 year ago
Damn.. I felt that shit fr. I love u momma
David Garcia 1 year ago
I heard sauce by XXXTENTACION in 1:47 like if u agree
idan sorkin 1 year ago
what is the song on 1:54?
Nawaf Almardoud 1 year ago
Lil Skies is better Than Drake Like = Yes Komment = No
SnakesWitTraits 1 year ago
All I see in the comments is positivity bro no hate at all he totally deserves it. Congratulations on your son, keep fighting the depression shit it sucks I no but all u can do is push forward you're such an inspirational person and deserves all the positivity u can get if sum happened to u I would be dead and I'm sure everybody else here would be too.
josh stein 1 year ago
Made me cry when he started talking about how much he love his mom. Even the little post... born to be a star in the sky😭
Breannah Perez 1 year ago
literally tearing up because his voice was cracking as he was talking to his mom about to cry😭🤧he the real one💞
Michelle ? 9 month ago
3:26-3:47 That had me crying 😭 💗🔥
Tristan 1 year ago
Who else think lil skies is litteraly killing the rap game 🔥🔥🔥
Braelyn Underwood 8 month ago
this man is a genius and hes pretty young
wina Davis 1 year ago
He is so sweet bro , he's going places this is Why I love him and his music ❤
Zxiity TV 4 month ago
This shit got me emotional man hes such a chill guy man and so thankful
Leo Miller 5 month ago
1:27 "Don't ever get them on your face, your fingers, or your neck." Skies is such a good listener
Dizzy Fuentes 1 year ago
I cried after watching this keep it up
Dillon DiGirolamo 1 year ago
Laykan Thee Alien 1 year ago
I don't listen to him much but I feel like I like him?¿
Karen Reynoso 1 year ago
3:50 did he just say he’s having a son in the way whattt I’m shook so proud of him for everything he’s done
stavon stovall 1 year ago
Him and his mom have a really good relationship
jake vb 10 month ago
3:34 my heart just broke
Tianna Taylor 11 month ago
1:48 who here’s sauce by xxxtentacion 😂
Landon Hardman 1 year ago
Lil skies is the next big thing I swear. And much love and respect for the way he feels bout his mom Fr
Emily Acosta 1 year ago
Your going to be a Dad?🤷
LeBeautiful 1 year ago
Skies a real one. SHORT Documentary, but loved every second of it. 🦋🔊
poop 1 year ago
0:28 what’s the name of the song? or is it unreleased
COBR4 - Seba 1 year ago
Jaydis Negron 3 month ago
Most underrated Artist 🤦🏻‍♂️
Brandon Owen 1 year ago
Hope out do my thing then I dash 🔥🔥🔥
Rick James 11 month ago
Lil skies the only lil since lil Wayne that has some serious talent
Красный 1 year ago
0:27 music, please?
comley 8 month ago
0:27 I really really want that song on my playlist
Elvis Cedeño 10 month ago
Justin Kim 1 year ago
Skies such a humble and real guy. Big respect.
kristijan baralic 1 year ago
0:27 song name?
Mya Turner 7 month ago
Awww when he started crying I felt so much love come from him.
suggestble 1 year ago
whats that song in 00:28 with ybn nahmir
fifteen fifteen 1 year ago
Оч интересно)
Mali ツ 1 year ago
Who Else Waited For This To Come Out?
Леонид Тыщенко 1 year ago
What's the track 0:28
Young Skies 5 month ago
Skies u said that u have depression and that u help others I have one thing to tell u u gave me something ima pay back don’t waist ur energy on something u don’t need this is how I control my self u were born for a reason but u weren’t born to die u are born to live and enjoy ur life don’t pop pills like u have worked hard it payed of imagine ur mom she would have more depression don’t do this to ur self u have a life to live stick to weed seeing u sad makes me fell the same u fell like a brother to me cuz it’s like u always got my back rn ima speak facts like frl u have a family are u gonna let that slip don’t waist ur energy on something u don’t need I’m a fan for life us fans me got ur back niggas gonna rob u hire some armed security skies take this ur my idle and seeing u depressed makes us we lost enough we can’t lose u your mom will be in tears if u did that to ur self take this advise and use something out of it I’m only ten and I love u I even wrote a song for u I’m working on it for ur birth day and why I’m doing this is cuz I’m a true fan I love u lokey I just want u to be safe u don’t deserve this stay strong brother🙏🏽🖤🖤👻
Krisztián Orosházi 9 month ago
0:28 what's this music?? please somebody tell me! ty
A56King 1 year ago
damn I heard X in there yes lil the goat
Shxudhd Bsbdhxh 1 year ago
0:29 what song
Kushme69 11 month ago
This gave me chills you living the dream man. I think we can all see how much work you’ve put in this man deserves it!
SyafiqNR 11 month ago
3:35 damn skies!! Im crying 😫😭
kristijan baralic 5 month ago
0:27 what is the song pls
El Samuel 1 year ago
3:39 you hear how is this emotional for him.. iťs crazy.. big up for skies, really good person. 🦋
Skrt Skrt 10 month ago
At 0:27 thats ybn nahmir, and earlier skies was reading some lines to the same beat. That means the probably have a collab
Jordan Gosden 1 year ago
Touched my heart when he said he loved his mum.
Angela & Kimberley 10 month ago
No one talking about how he said he was gonna be a dad and and his mom was gonna be a grandma🥺
Tony L1ght 1 year ago
0:27 it's Skies new song ?
Clemens 1 year ago
I was expecting a one hour kind of thing
Twm _lolo 1 year ago
anyone kno the song at 0:27 ?
Thomas Haggerty 1 year ago
Anyone know the song @ 0:27
Kräutereule ! 1 year ago
1:48 sounds dope holy
Jacob Mattila 4 month ago
When his voice started breaking, and he told his mom how much he loves her, I was legit getting tears
NBH _ 1 year ago
Like if skies one of the best Lil's
Michele Pesenti 1 year ago
What's the name of the song at 01:56?
FAIHNT 1 year ago
Noo him crying to his mom, my heart 😢❤
Wasted Talentz 1 year ago
This whole album reminds me of my wife that passed her name was Shelby. 💔
Mert.H.T G. 9 month ago
Still an underrated rapper.. This man deserves it all
Ekinu 1 year ago
It's impossible for Skies... *To make a bad song*
PooPs Ja 10 month ago
Song 0:28? help pls)
David Flores 1 year ago
At 3:35 when he was about to start crying my eyes were getting watery emotional man
Tashanti Greene 1 year ago
3:39 I literally almost started crying 😭
Hugh Mad Bro 1 year ago
The thought lot 😂💁🏼‍♀️ That’s in my town. & he’s from my hometown. I know his momma & she’s 🔥.
Yung SkrrrATL 1 year ago
Skies is a solid dude and perfect example of don't judge a book by it's cover wish nothing but success for you
Adrian Contreras 5 month ago
He kinda looks like a light skinned version of X
Overdose _cloutTM 1 year ago
I love you skies we is gonna be here with you all the way 🖤🥀
Devin Rolph 1 year ago
lil skies is arguably one of the best rappers... aside from xxxtentacion but i love them so much and they both are such inspirational people. !—🦋
Amico Mitch 1 year ago
When he started crying I started crying to because everything I do is for my family and I love them so much
kberry 1 year ago
Skies is about to be a dad omg
TsG Boo 1 year ago
*Big Skies* *Lil Skies* *Baby Skies* 💜💜
CIENCIAS 1 year ago
1:14 ``Esto es in the hospital`` speaking spanish? wut
Aʜᴍᴀᴅ 1 year ago
Like if lil skies is the best artist🦋🖤
Cassidy lee 5 month ago
Watching Lil skies cry 😢made me cry