Mackenzie's 8th Game: Final Jeopardy! | JEOPARDY!

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Luckily for Mackenzie, we don't penalize contestants for minor misspellings in Final Jeopardy! responses. 😉

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worldismyashtray 3 month ago
Been a fan since her first appearance, but her reaction tonight while responding to a Chris Brown clue made me an even bigger fan. Also, I think she might be trolling us with her misspellings. :)
Farfel Goldendoodle 3 month ago
Hopefully there will not be any spelling categories
Justin M. 3 month ago
I’m already seeing a pattern here when Jeopardy uploads a 5+ day champion’s Final Jeopardy....I hope I’m wrong for the next game
Benjamin Goodman 3 month ago
On this episode you could really hear the sound of Alex’s voice (the cancer he has) it was very heartbreaking :( Praying for you Alex :( 💔
Prennt57 G 3 month ago
$200k can buy lot of spelling lessons!
Hungry Haus 3 month ago
I'm such a fan! She puts a smile on my face.
ken karwoski 3 month ago
Mackenzie was a PRETTY and a FUN contestant to have on Jeopardy! and I CAN'T WAIT to see her in The Tournament of Champions next season!!!
mrhorgan 3 month ago
Love Mackenzie's leopard top <3
Tyler Cornell 3 month ago
A smart woman MacKenzie Jones is. A great speller she is not lol
Games and Toilets Productions 3 month ago
Congrats to Mackenzie on her eighth win, she is the third woman to win big since Jennifer quail and Karen farrell. Those three will have strong competition in the tournament of champions
T0NY S0PRAN0 3 month ago
This dude Aaron mite go on a streakkkkkkkk... Still ain't better than my boy James H
Devyn Duffy 3 month ago
Great run, Mackenzie!
Bass Drip NCS 3 month ago
Neil 3 month ago
I think last night was her first game where she got off to a big lead and never relinquished it. Most of the time she starts off slow, and then caches up in the second round. I know she's still winning, but she makes me nervous sometimes with her style of play. I'm rooting for her though, hope she keeps winning. Most players with a win streak of eight games would be near, or at the $500,000.00 mark by now, I guess she's financially well off. Me, I'd try to win as much as possible. I was surprised last night she didn't make a wager in " Final Jeopardy " I guess it's the gambler in me, I like high rollers, that's why I was such a big fan of James Holzhauer.
Cacie 3 month ago
Ms Tawse 3 month ago
She was real nice, sad to see her go.
roamer45 3 month ago
Well, at least this is the final time she won. She will definitely get eradicated by Jason in the TOC.
Alex Madsen 3 month ago
Love it and thank you
Joe Olitoquit 3 month ago
I like MacKenzie! Very impressive wins. I hope she keeps it going tomorrow. If she wins the next game she’ll reach #2 as the female contestant with the most money. I predict that if she wins 20 games she’ll earn at least half a million.
ken karwoski 3 month ago
Alex, feel better dude!
Bass Drip NCS 3 month ago
lovely stuff
Wyatt's Game Shows of Fun 3 month ago
Keep it up Mackenzie, I hope you will pass Julia Collins' 21 day streak as the longest running female Jeopardy! champion!
Bruce Leroy 3 month ago
So attractive
Pegg O 3 month ago
how do you spell satellite? 🤪
ModernGamingCritic 3 month ago
The more MacKenzie has won, the more I've grown to like her. IMO she's easily the 2nd most impressive champion of this season so far behind only Jason.
Trap Drip 3 month ago
Good! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]
AC 02 3 month ago
MacKenzie is now the third woman to hit 8 games this season! Hopefully she goes even further! Only problem is that she is not the best speller, but that's ok 😂
Andrew Comments 3 month ago
Minor misspellings? She's been butchering those words! Mackenzie is so smart, yet her spelling is so atrocious! She still wins though, and that's what matters. Keep on rolling, Mackenzie!
dumb boyiam 3 month ago
A win today puts her in second place behind Julia Collins for number of regular games won by a woman.