Tipping Drive Thru Workers $100 Challenge! *they were so shocked

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Today we're tipping drive thru workers $100 to pay it forward! Thought this challenge would be something special around the holidays! they were so shocked it was so sweet! xo -alisha marie
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AlishaMarie 5 month ago
question of the day: whats ur fav fast food restaurant?!?! also if u havent seen the mukbang of al this food on my vlog channel then ur really missing out haha xo - alisha
Fabiola Suárez 5 month ago
*Who else wants to be this financially stable to literally help so many people?!*
nothing idk 5 month ago
I wonder if there was someone who just left the window shift and was like “dang I should’ve stayed a few more minutes” 😂
AlienFrog Rabbit 5 month ago
I love how the drive thru worker was like "no no no" and Alisha was like "yes yes yes"
Elle B 5 month ago
tk getting stressed the alisha isn’t back yet is a whole mood
Ariana’s Lyrics 5 month ago
No one: Not a single soul: Not even a breathe: Alishas outro music: dadoodiatadaoutidadadidadadaouta 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Whitney Austins 5 month ago
I need more videos with TK she's hilarious 😂
Emma Redican 5 month ago
Alisha: tipping fast food workers 100 bucks MrBeast: Hehe that’s funny
Ava 5 month ago
the entire vid TK: "DONT DRVIE AWAY!!!!!!!!!"
jasmine hernandez 5 month ago
Honestly the Carl’s Jr. guy should of gotten all of it he genuinely was so happy
Camryn Baker 5 month ago
When Alisha and Tk said "MhMmMmMm" at the same time I felt that ahaha
Art Z Sisters 5 month ago
Mandy 5 month ago
Liza 5 month ago
i think this really put alisha out of her comfort zone and it was a good learning experience for her😂
Bernadette Severson 5 month ago
"Omg I wanna take a picture of it"  ... can we all take a moment to appreciate: Tk Taking A Pic Of A Sandwich😂😂
Natalie Oates 5 month ago
Crying laughing at “that a piece of chicken. She thiccc”
Dat random Person 5 month ago
Alisha: tipping people 100 hundred dollars Mr beast: hahaha hold my gold bar actually you know, you can keep it
captainkiri 4 month ago
Who else would tip drive through people if they had money
Teodora Petrova 5 month ago
You should be TK’s Assistent for 24h 😂❤️
Summer Sommers 5 month ago
I grew up in the Midwest like TK. I don’t remember Jack in the Box.
Zaara Shabeer 5 month ago
Vlogmas = the perfect time to binge Alisha’s vids and procrastinate
Lynette Orosco 5 month ago
alisha: “that’s a piece of chicken” 😂
Maria Perdiguero 5 month ago
“isn’t kinda... like... better?” -TK whispering
Olivia Murray 5 month ago
Midwest doesn’t have a jack in the box sadly :( at least not in Illinois
Pauline Nguyen 5 month ago
tk: “that was wayy better!!” alisha: ”THANKS TAYLOR KING!”
Samantha Lee 5 month ago
bianca agustin 5 month ago
i got tearyy eyed at the man at carl's jack :((( BLESS YOU ALISHA BLESS YOU
Luyanda Ndaba 5 month ago
this is the sweetest thing ever alisha!! i’m literally in tears!! it’s nice to see such considerate and sweet people doing amazing things!! love this so much!!
Amanda Ong 5 month ago
I was tearing up throughout the video :’) this is why you’re my role model and I just love the fact that you constantly give back not only to us, but to the society as well. I love you❤️
Mnm Racco 5 month ago
Everyone needs a TK in their lives❤️she is hilarious
Alexa Queen 5 month ago
Saw you at Macy's at the makeup today
Nataschia 5 month ago
"Gimme ur tots" perfect Napoleon intonation😂
Rachel Celine 5 month ago
LOL the jack in the box worker saying “are you sure” is me when someone tries to tip a little extra!!
jaxiscute • 2 month ago
every time they say “are u serious??” imagine if alisha was like nooo give it back 😂😂
killerwhale323 pharoah 5 month ago
Why is this a perfect combination of a muckbang and giving money to strangers
Eric Silva 5 month ago
when tkay was like “see don’t drive awayy😡” hahahahaahah
Juliette Diehl 5 month ago
First off: I was wondering where the intro was then realized this is your main channel 🤦‍♀️😂. Second: I really love this challenge. It was really sweet!!!!
Gianna Binder 5 month ago
That new outro thing is so cute but I can’t help but miss “ did you like it, did you like it”
Cristian Piccione 5 month ago
The way TK yelled “Joclen” I’m dead 😂😂😂😂
Luna Elizabeth 5 month ago
This is literally why Alisha’s my favorite YouTube because not only does she entertain us but she also spreads kindness💗
Mahika Joshi 5 month ago
“happy meal”
Lily Anderson 5 month ago
Who *doesn't* know that Alisha does Vlogmas at this point, lol
savannah parizeau 5 month ago
This literally made my heart happy
bye 5 month ago
no one: alisha: tips $100 then drives away in .2 seconds *skrrrrtttttttttt
Sierra Lane 5 month ago
i thought she meant she was gonna literally follow you lmaoo
Kayla Mendoza 5 month ago
TK’s reaction to the Popeye’s sandwich is literally me when i see any type of food! love her!!!!
LittleMissHailey 5 month ago
Imagine Alisha Marie giving you $100... Imagine meeting her in general
Jx. ny 5 month ago
Tk being stressed ab Alisha not being in the car is me when my mom leaves me in the check out line at the grocery store 😭
Maggie Li 5 month ago
Who else likes their own comment to start things off
Gigi_ Mtz 5 month ago
Yes we do in the Midwest but they are so underrated.
Zahra Hammoud 5 month ago
nobody: alisha: what do we say, i don’t know to say WHAT DO WE SAY!
Beth Bourjaily 5 month ago
7:25 TK behind the camera “thanks Brandon!!”
Sky Smith 5 month ago
No one: Alisha: I’m uncomfyyyy
emma williams 5 month ago
TK: "do you have like nervous pee" same tho this happens to me when i play hide and seek lol
Janet. Looloo 5 month ago
I love how it ended on a real note them enjoying a fricken chicken sandwich I mean if that’s not me I don’t know what is
maci 5 month ago
how could you thumbs down Alisha Marie!!??!?!
Ellie Cook 5 month ago
Oh my gosh she is just so giving and such a genuine kind person! She’s so sweet!
The Real Elaini 5 month ago
My heart is so full seeing they’re genuine reactions!! They are so grateful! This is awesome girl! Love seeing people that have money actually do things with it to help others, so humble! Have a platform and you’re doing something a amazing, I respect that
Андријанић Нина 4 month ago
Eva Thomas 5 month ago
“How Dare You Make Me Crave Junk Food” But also that’s so sweet of you and congrats on making normal everyday people’s lives so much better!!😄😃👏👏
Anna Kate Barr 5 month ago
Tk: THAT WAS TOO FAST😡 Alisha in the drop down: Comment happy meal if u see this!!!😁
Mohana Bhuvanagiri 5 month ago
"hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaa" - Alisha when nervous
Este Ryskamp 5 month ago
“ Chick-fil-A taste healthier”
Jasmyn Queen 5 month ago
The Taco Bell girl and the guy after her had such cute reactions 😂😭 love the shock on their face
Dimah vs Tofie 2 month ago
McDonald’s is for sure and Chick-fil-A
Victoria Annalee 5 month ago
Oml when Alisha just whips her head over at 10:39 and says “ME TOO” thats just gold 😂😂
Carolyn 5 month ago
TK: "do you have the nervous pee kinda?" Alisha: No... TK: I do LMAOOO
Arch and Friends 5 month ago
TK makes everything more happier! Her vibe is incredible.
Stephanie Moongirl 5 month ago
Alisha this whole drama thing went on with my friends and I and I started the video from two weeks ago and tysm it helped me. and in the podcast u talked about how sometimes you have to be willing to sacrifice ur friendship with them to tell the truth and I just did that and I was so scared but knowing that it was your and remi's advice helped so much :)
Amanda Sotolongo 5 month ago
This made me want to cry. I work in the service industry and I literally make $5.44 an hour in Florida as a server. This means so much! 💓 when you do good things, good things will come back to you 🙌🏼
Illiyana Lapeine 5 month ago
okay but did anyone notice how pretty TKs eyes are, and they matched the sweater.
Melissa Gonzalez 5 month ago
Tk: Chick-fil-A for me Me: yes queen
Manuela Echeverri 5 month ago
The Carl’s Jr. one is the cutest omg😭
Alondra Gomez 5 month ago
You no makeup “gorgeous”❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Marley Ceasar 5 month ago
At 8:24 TK sounded like Alex French when she said hi
DanDan Hayman 5 month ago
10:33: tk: I hope this sandwich makes me tiktok famous
E A 5 month ago
I have not watched this yet, but just the title...I love this idea
Caila Kim 5 month ago
omg I LOVE popeyes and seeing others enjoy it too literally makes me SMILE! And also, it warmed my heart to see all of those people react to the money. Love u Alisha!!!!
Leandra Rae 5 month ago
I love this! I always tip more than the expected percentage when I go out. Sometimes I will tip the same as the bill! I've worked in the restaurant business for over 15 years and man is it tough! I wonder if any of the employees had to split the tip with the whole store? 👀 I'm not sure how it is in California. I live in Michigan. Most places, especially that accept tips, they pool them with other co-workers. Or if they ever get a tip that amount, they are required to split with who they work with. I once received a $200 tip from a family that I have been taking care of for years. I got to see their 2 boys grow up into college students! They are the nicest family I have ever met. My boss saw that I received that amount and told me I had to slipt it with the kitchen staff. I know some restaurants add the kitchen staff into the server tip outs, but at ours, we don't. Unless you get a tip that is over $50 then you HAVE TO. 😞 Altogether it equaled to $20 each. I ended up just not taking my portion and gave the cooks more.
Cassie Bartnick 5 month ago
oh my gosh the Carl's JR employee brought tears to me eyes. This is amazing Alisha!
Dylan 5 month ago
this video concept is so cute!!! Alisha is so wholesome!!
Neha 5 month ago
honestly Carls jr and Wendy's touched my heart
Dream Create And Inspire 5 month ago
nobody: TK: "tHaT wAs ToO fAsT!!" love u 2<3 rlly love vids with Taylor King!!
Iida 111 5 month ago
Let’s make this a challenge again!!
Yessenia Murillo 5 month ago
Omg lol I can’t with you guys. This video made me smile, it would make my day if someone did that for me. 😊 love you alisha !💞
Sophia Zolnay 5 month ago
TK's solo section was lit and funny af
Julissa lizzete 5 month ago
you’re so warm hearted
Star Aurora 5 month ago
TK shouting at Alisha for driving away too fast is everything 😂💞
Maryam Pervaiz 5 month ago
THE WHOLESOME CONTENT MY SOUL NEEDED ♥️😭🙏🏽✨ Also TK rocking that red lip with the red nails 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽✨💯
Veronica Ann 5 month ago
I love how they get so excited about food!😂 I can relate!😋😂❤
Sabie Cheema 5 month ago
Awww I loved that Calr’s Jr guy he seemed so nice.
Gemma Simpson 5 month ago
TK: ‘I hope this sandwich makes me Tik tok famous’ 😂
Valerie Aronhalt 5 month ago
Alisha: best youtuber award obviously goes to me Tana: hold my wig 😂😂😂
Emma Salem 5 month ago
TK freaking out when Alisha is in the restroom is literally me on a daily basis
Tianna G 5 month ago
This is the best, most genuine video ever. I caught myself smiling the whole time 😭
Yajaira Jones 5 month ago
Amber Park 5 month ago
Alisha is amazing! Like if u agree ⬇️
Ki Vlogs 5 month ago
omg i love the bit where TK is freaking out without alisha 😂😂
Cate Crocker 5 month ago
I love when you tubers use their money and give back. Alisha you do an amazing job of this and I love you for it!!!❤️
Haley Alexandra 5 month ago
This is so beautiful. Coming from someone who's working in retail / food service my whole life, i wish there were more people who were this kind and respectful, and also giving. You're such an amazing person Alisha <3