Apex Legends Season 5 – Fortune’s Favor Gameplay Trailer

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Apex Legends Season 5 – Fortune's Favor introduces a new Legend: Loba, Season Quests, a new Battle Pass, Ranked Series 4 and more! http://x.ea.com/63044

Pursue your fortune in Apex Legends Season 5. New Legend Loba has arrived to hunt for answers -- and revenge. Discover hidden secrets and rewards as you take on waves of prowlers in the all-new PvE Season Quest. Explore a Kings Canyon that has been transformed by Loba’s explosive entrance. Skulltown and Thunderdome have fallen into the ocean, while a dangerous new area, Salvage, sits in the newly formed bay. Grab the new Battle Pass to instantly access exclusive items like the Legendary Hemlock Retrofitted skin and three new Rare Legends skins. Then battle through Daily and Weekly Challenges to earn unique rewards like Apex Packs, XP Boosts, and skins. If you’re up for a true test of skill, drop into Ranked Series 4 and prove you’re the squad to beat! Get out there and show the Outlands what you’re made of! After all, fortune favors the bold.

Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin for PC.

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“Hungry Like A Wolf”
Performed by Hidden Citizens
Courtesy of Silver Side Productions
DUxMORTEM 28 days ago
I assume her passive is if someone sees her from behind the character has to stop and say "DAYUM" before doing anything...
Tara Elsea 28 days ago
Everyone: no one is thicker than wattson Respawn: hold my beer
HeebeeJeebees 28 days ago
*Jumps into my first game of Apex Legends Season 5* Announcer: This is your champion. Loba: 100k kills Damage: 70000000000 Season five wins: 7000
NoNeed2Report 28 days ago
loba is smarter than her mother finally she added a hop-up to her p2020
Abasnail Playz 28 days ago
Man, every single gameplay trailer gives me this warm fuzzy feeling, and makes me excited for the next season after months and months
Rhys Higgon 28 days ago
"You should smile more" *Hits for 10 damage*
Gavin750 28 days ago
I love that when wraith gets down(1:35), Loba and Pathfinder just dip like actual teammates
mar is bad 28 days ago
to the people who say apex is dead: this game is going on its 5th season including continuous updates, it releases trailers and backstories, and this video has 1mil views in 4 hours giving it #1 on trending for games. this game is great.
Teenuh Bear 28 days ago
Most of everyone: Loba thicc Me: Did Bangalore get a Karen haircut? 🤔
Franklin Delano Roosevelt 28 days ago
Season 4 : "What the hell are you?" "Death!" Season 5 : "You should smile more"
a3sth3t1c r4t 28 days ago
they even changed the og squad with wraith, path, and loba and replaced mirage. that’s how invisible mirage is.
Dundi 28 days ago
- You should smile more - I literally have no mouth
Erick Sanchez 28 days ago
*New apex character comes out Rule 34 artists: "I am speed"
Ahmed Ashraf 28 days ago
My Wallet: "Oscar Mike, I'm Spotted!"
Biggie Cheese 28 days ago
When loba comes out everyone is going to want 3rd person back. Amirite lads?
Prasun Parijat 28 days ago
I am seeing this video for the 3rd time now and yet "u need to smile more" looks more lit every next iteration. Respect the Apex creative team for such gripping punchlines and awesome trailers😌.
Maksym NY 28 days ago
00:33 revenant change his opinion.
Václav Zrůst 28 days ago
imagine telling pathfinder to smile more
skull town 28 days ago
Finally we got a finsher that says stuff before they kill the victim
Aqee1 28 days ago
I feel weird after looking at Loba as a child and how she is now. D U M M Y T H I C C
Carlos Medina 28 days ago
I'll repeat what I said in the 1st vid... what if they're teammates...? Loba: You should smile more... Revenant: Give me heavy ammo... Gibby: I gotchu brotha!
Commander Appo 28 days ago
Everyone: who are you?! Loba’s *Thicc* ass: Death
Skarra Baines 28 days ago
1:16 BANGALORE looking like a Karen 😂😂💀💀💀
zHyPnoTySz ZzZ 28 days ago
Me: Nice the season 5 is going to be crazy Also me and Wraith at 0:43 : oh shit, here we go 'gain
SnK Aron 28 days ago
I can already see mirage saying some nice thicc jokes about loba😂
ZirenArtz 28 days ago
1:13 my dad getting the milk
Jesse Dobson 28 days ago
I like how in most of these trailers Pathfinder and Wraith are almost always together in a squad. It's like they're friends now lol 🥺
Samantha Hill 28 days ago
It's fine that she's thicc but who decided to make her combat outfit include a corset and heels... it's wack.
Gut You Like A Fish 28 days ago
Everyone: Talk about Loba thiccnes Me: Hey uhm.. do we have new weapon ?
Yeshua Castro 28 days ago
1:16 I think that the battle pass level 100 is a legendary reactive wingman skin
Sophia Morgan 28 days ago
Everyone: no one is thicker than wattson Respawn: hold my beer
Jesus of Nazareth 28 days ago
Can we all just say something about her running with high heels?!
Max Gone RP 28 days ago
Lol , wraith say "here we go again" Cj be like "hey who are you?!"
Spudplayer 28 days ago
I feel most alive when rapidly approaching the update
Otavio 32 28 days ago
Loba: you should smile more. Meanwhile pathfinder: I may be smiling but that also means I'm happy😂 Apex players my bros come thru👌
Echo Space 28 days ago
0:32 and at that moment we all knew Respawn was doing the right thing with their characters;)
Dislike my video challenge 28 days ago
Loba in Trailer: *Getting her revenge from Revenant Loba In-Game: ”Body Shield here, level 4” Revenant: ”It’s mine, don’t touch it”
Azel V 28 days ago
She should of said “This is for PaPa”
Lawless 28 days ago
Some people: damn I cant wait for next season. New loba fanboys: DAMN 0:32 LOBA THICCC
Mint Toothpaste 28 days ago
Revenant: pick me up Loba: no I don’t think I will
Nassiah Nyankori 28 days ago
So this is how the company wants to play the game 🤔 “try hard”😅
yonder fr? 28 days ago
Sombra Hacker Can teleport Theif Fetish with nails for some reason Her abilities help teammates LOBA Can teleport Thicc like jane remero Can teleport Can hack Thief Seems the same to me
Halaf 28 days ago
Loba's father: what tha hell are you? Revenant: Death Loba: You should smile more Positive :)
hot_u 2cnd channel XD 28 days ago
I am so sad that there’s no new weapon. The weapon honestly was what I was hyped about the most. This season uptade is great don’t get me wrong but if you wait 1 year for them to finally release the endless leaked volt SMG and then they say no weapon on Twitter makes me really disappointed.
o0Zeke0o 28 days ago
Wraith: Here we go again! That brings me some memories
Simply Neku 28 days ago
0:40 Ok, Now That's Adorable 😂
Nick Shad 28 days ago
I was wondering when they were adding Sombra into Apex
Dam Ino 28 days ago
1:14 No one: Bangalore in the new skin : I need to get a visual on the manager. A middle aged person who runs the business.
Tripp Dixon 28 days ago
I swear I was just listening this song and when I was watching I thought wait a minute I know these lyrics
Awesomewelol Ninja 28 days ago
Respawn:putting effort into our games and having reasonable prices
Valeria Hernandez 28 days ago
I love how mostly all of the comments are about how THICC loba is 💀
Mason Rios 28 days ago
Found my main For the thickness alone
Dislike my video challenge 28 days ago
Jumps into my first game of Apex Legends Season 5 Announcer: This is your champion. Loba: 100k kills Damage: 70000000000 Season five wins: 7000
Rick Rolled 28 days ago
This game has a high skill level and all the fortnite kids don’t like it cus they ain’t good at it
POTATO 28 days ago
Everybody’s talking about how thiccc she is and I’m over just happy that Kings canyon is back.
Hoodbaby Maysin 28 days ago
Everybody knows this ain’t the most trending video 👀😭💯🌈
Melo Macaron 28 days ago
She has nails in first person amazing
Jiggonomics 28 days ago
1:35 Wraith - A multidimensional superhuman that can basically predict the future Also Wraith - "Free loot?" *dies*
Axcid 28 days ago
1:43 that sync with the music when she fired, was epic...
Nico B. 28 days ago
1:35 when you see a lone Wraith looting out in the open.
Shawn Employee #6 28 days ago
0:10 I was like damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn she got the junk in her trunk!
Yass 3r 28 days ago
1:13 "We need to talk"
Jeff the killer 28 days ago
After seeing this trailer when she is available to purchase I'm going to be one of the first person to buy her👌👌
Mr. MattRuss 28 days ago
If my friends played this game I would be banging it out but no ones ever on so I stay away from it
Tenetixz 28 days ago
It’s crazy that other games get hype like look at this masterpiece
ValidName 28 days ago
Something tells me that I will not see my wingman evolve often...
Omar Montoya 28 days ago
01:15 Bangalore: "Do you have a manager I can Speak to?" ........Karen Skin. Love it!
Sourav Gouri 28 days ago
I love playing this game except the fact that I can never get a single kill 😓
I. Her 28 days ago
alright respawn did y’all really have to make loba so goddamn thicc
The number seven 28 days ago
That moment when Loba discoveres that the treasure was inside her all alone...
Cousins University 28 days ago
I’m hype for mirages buff, that beard is looking clean
Jon Snow 28 days ago
01:23 Ok so this where we can regen our ulti by using that mechanism. thats cool
DieserMayk 28 days ago
0:34 Widowmaker wants to know your location
Ascension Blue 28 days ago
LMAO. "You should smile more" Why do we have to make games woke?
Juicy Wynor 28 days ago
My parents: wants to talk about my grades Me: 1:13
SmokeyOwOs 28 days ago
Cant wait for the sweats to make playing her pointless due to never being able to stay alive
Dislike my video challenge 28 days ago
to the people who say apex is dead: this game is going on its 5th season including continuous updates, it releases trailers and backstories, and this video has 1mil views in 4 hours giving it #1 on trending for games. this game is great.
MS84R 28 days ago
So how it work when Loba and reverent are playing in the same team.
Saltysoup369 zero 28 days ago
1:47 Omg, who else got some heavy gelette commercial flashback?
Extreme Boy 28 days ago
1:15 that dude looking old
XxSavageMikeTvxX 28 days ago
Me:What happened to kings canyon? Apex: *yes*
Man Of Science 28 days ago
Loba: You should smile more Revenant: I do, it's only when I murder Dad's.
Tremeslay 28 days ago
"You should smile more." Now that is amazing. :O
Darien Goh 28 days ago
Mirage legendary skin:oh yeah Bangalore legendary skin: hell yeah
Bryson Land 28 days ago
Imagine it's 2 squads left and you accidentally teleport into the lava...
TriniXR 28 days ago
“You should smile more” 😈🔫
Ilolipop547 28 days ago
Can you guys add cross plat so I can finally play this game with somebody 😭😭😭
Matt Strumolo 28 days ago
1:24 that weird machine built up energy and looked like Gibby interacted with it and got his ultimates straight from it
Arfa_2 28 days ago
This legit makes me remembering uncharted 3
Mike Wonder 28 days ago
1:20 GotDamn I got goosebumps and tears of joy from that beauty right there😭😭😭
IMADTM 28 days ago
0:33: this is why i will play aulways in 3rd person game mod.
T M 28 days ago
Best believe I'm gonna be spamming those ender pearls
Isak De Necker 28 days ago
Mirage looks amazing with that damn beard.
Wira Cendekia 28 days ago
0:08 for real if this Story game, it must be really good game
Dislike my video challenge 28 days ago
I assume her passive is if someone sees her from behind the character has to stop and say "DAYUM" before doing anything...
iPoised 28 days ago
The amount of comments about her ass is priceless
Gosty 28 days ago
Your favorite part of this whole trailer 0:33
Gregory Albert 28 days ago
So they scrapping the “new map” lol that lasted...
Tady Marek 28 days ago
Info: Due CoronaVirus this season will he different. Thanks for understand
Un-Masked 2.o 28 days ago
just take my money already, Respawn