Kylie Jenner SINGS ‘Rise and Shine’ at a Drag Show

10K views • 2 month ago
The beauty mogul hit up a drag show with her famous family.

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Sara Nikolaisen 2 month ago
I think the world are losing their minds if they think she is the Rihanna
Aj Akuen 2 month ago
people go crazy for nothing
zorian plummer 2 month ago
Corey was looking like bring on the foolishness
Killer Heels 2 month ago
Sweet Jesus 🙄 The worlds gone mad
Jonathan Cineus 2 month ago
0:16 This is how the media dramatically manipulates minds: “Kylie Jennet just sang Rise & Shine at a drag show and IT... IS... EVERYTHING” - Seriously it wasn’t everything to anyone at all.
Jorge Real 2 month ago
Bro okay wtf what a waste of a video all she said was “rise and shine” and that’s it
MESHELL MYA BELL 2 month ago
LOL...just silly...people gonna really lose their minds ova that?....SMH
Britney Lopez 2 month ago
Omg who cares
XxStellachunkiecatxX 2 month ago
I’m gonna do that at everybody’s house just like “rise and shine” 😁
Donell Kriel 2 month ago
Is it a whole song or just those 3 words?
Adam 2 month ago
Why is this news?
Jennifer Lunceford 2 month ago
What is there to sing? 2 notes? And hella flat Everytime. I'm so over it
Helena Andrews 2 month ago
Please, STOP!!!
ROMA Portugal 2 month ago
Lol that was short I can do ‘rise and shine’ also
I Need To Study 2 month ago
It was funny when it first happened, but we don’t care anymore
Vicky Montel My experiences in Life 2 month ago
DragRaceTingz 2 month ago
I was there she was in Palm Springs!!!
Ronnie-Lynn Dolan 2 month ago
Pretty sure millions of mothers in the world wake up there babies to the melody “rise and shine” 🤦🏻‍♀️
Chick N Coop 2 month ago
I swear this whole family would get celebrated for literal farts if they were recorded.
Dixie Rae 2 month ago
" what a day to be alive"? If you're a member of this family everyday is a good day to be alive. How many mothers sing a lullaby to their daughters go viral and that night are in a drag bar and end up on Entertainment Tonight singing the same line of the lullaby.
Angela Linderman 2 month ago
Candie Evans 2 month ago
Why are y'all acting like that because she sang rise and shine ? Tho
joey rolfalliv 2 month ago
Kardashian's and Jenner can sing..😇
riri love 2 month ago
omg 10 seconds ago 💕💕😂
ROMA Portugal 2 month ago
Annie_ Cookie 2 month ago
Tasha finn PRAYEATLAFFLUV4GIVE 2 month ago
Ashy Locks 2 month ago
Who is early and don’t know what to say (5 comments 😱😱)
bee honey 2 month ago
Ricky Ramos 2 month ago
Liana Soares 2 month ago
Kylie & Kim are full of themselves. The entire family is nothing but plastic & I feel that Kourtney, Kendall, & Khloe are the realest. The real MVP’s. So people are acting like Kylie’s voice sounds like a Goddess & is way better than any other singer ever to grace this planet.
Fatima Ghaffari 2 month ago
so stupid
Eva Tube 2 month ago
THAT BOY GRANT 2 month ago
First comment
antony anyona 2 month ago
Rise and shine