tiny knob of butter

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hey Show More and mobile folks. you can't keep me away forever. see you on feb 6 unless i get another idea like this
Puff,TheMagic 5 month ago
Take this video with a pinch of salt.
Aleks 5 month ago
as someone who knows a lot about having a tiny knob, that's a massive knob
Charles Châtenay for President 1900 5 month ago
This just proves that Gordon has unreasonably high standards for the size of knobs he consumes
thesuperparrot 5 month ago
I love how your man bun even raises its eyebrows
Salix Corkey 5 month ago
"Two shots of vodka"
Lost User 5 month ago
Work in a restaurant. You’ll soon realise that there is no such thing as too much butter.
James 5 month ago
Just like a dash of olive oil!
David Mikic 5 month ago
why is no one mentioning the way he wrote the letter "Y"?
OnePhatKatt 5 month ago
So tiny knobs are actually big then? Like a little giant?
Nafen 5 month ago
If he thinks that that's a tiny knob of butter, can you imagine how big his is?
Scott Janzer 5 month ago
You know how we say "elevator" and they say "lift"? Same thing with "a", which to them means "many". "Tiny" also means "many", so in his own tongue he's really saying "many many knobs of butter". That replicated word is a localization of the dialect, and how you can tell that he's specifically the North/South side of East/West London.
Meme Pizza 5 month ago
That wouldn't even cover my piece of toast.
Iamjustherek 5 month ago
You see, it’s an ironic tiny! Like how “Little” John is actually really big, “Tiny” knob is actually really big! Chefs have a very ironic sense of humor, it keeps cooking fun and interesting!
Steb 5 month ago
I am glad I am not the only one. This is not the only time Gordan has said something like this but then put literally a half of stick of butter into the pan.
Connor Ott 5 month ago
Really like the effort on this one, Phil.
Robert B. 5 month ago
is this Masterclass
Weston Hawk 5 month ago
Just a TOUCH of olive oil
Consume the Content 5 month ago
Phil said he was gonna take more time to work on stand-up, but what he really meant was he wanted to start posting that sweet sweet meme content we all know and love
u m a m i 5 month ago
When your knob is just the right size 👄👌
Brandon Simoncini 5 month ago
We have to remember Ramsay was trained by “Tablespoon of olive oil”
Richard Luzum 5 month ago
If this is people's expectation of tiny... **insert inappropriate joke here** #PHILGANGNICEBOYS
Fishy Fish 5 month ago
Phil Jamesson: Cooking Enthusiast
1PROFITPROPHET1 5 month ago
I think he said "top knot" so those samoan manbuns that are the size of your fist. got it thank u ramsay
Jaime Escobar 5 month ago
My exact reaction when trying to follow that video
Igone-as-queen 5 month ago
Watch this at x0.5 and it feels like a fever dream
Jemima Howell 5 month ago
I think this is my favourite of all your videos - I literally cried with laughter.
Cinnamon 5 month ago
I especially liked this one
whosethatguy6 5 month ago
Thought you were on vacation bro...
Onkel Pappkov 5 month ago
Don't know where you got the "tiny knob" from. He clearly says "tiny N.O.B." which is, as we all know, a needlessly oversized blob. You just want a tiny one of that.
Pyroific 5 month ago
laskieg 5 month ago
It's like that 2 shots of vodka vine.
Christopher Dinnel 5 month ago
Just commenting to get the total to 69
Yike Wazowski 5 month ago
Same vibe here as the 2 shots of vodka vine
EZLIVING 5 month ago
submitted to /r/youtubehaiku great meme
Mamie Gato 5 month ago
For love, use real pen
Teeno 5 month ago
MeanderingMeagan 5 month ago
2 shots of tequila
TheSpacecraftX 4 month ago
Gordon's been in America too long.
Tyler Hunter 5 month ago
Its too good to be true.
Matthew Thomas 5 month ago
1 knob = 300 grams
Robert Brunello 5 month ago
You don't wanna know what a large knob would look like.
AEmilius Resurrection 5 month ago
Yes, chef.
esteban embroglio 5 month ago
you... cant... caramelize butter...
Chase Rebecca 5 month ago
2 shots of vodka
Simon Gumy 5 month ago
And two shots of vodka
The Legendary Shitposter 5 month ago
right, I'm not sure about you but I think that's not enough butter
Ori Yoffe 5 month ago
Tiny first
jonsprivatelife 5 month ago
Vegan butter is great, btw
Krystine Kimes 5 month ago
feb 6 is coming!!
marc jordan 5 month ago
Yeah.. 🤔
nihonium 5 month ago
I wonder what he thinks a big knob of butter is
Joel Fee 5 month ago
This is Binging With Banish any time he says a "sprinkle of salt"
D N 5 month ago
Please get on tiktok
Ollie Williams 5 month ago
Mojken 5 month ago
Tiny knob
Humnah Rehman 5 month ago
Tiny knob of butter
HeadlinePlays 5 month ago
Same energy as "2 shots of vodka"
Naor Ovadia 5 month ago
My D is tiny