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Lalo Arredondo 3 month ago
Deji loses to Jake Joe loses to Jake Gib loses to Jake KSI: “fine *puts gloves on* ,i’ll do it myself”
Kethujan Vimalathasan 3 month ago
Compared to Jake, Logan Doesnt Seem Too Bad
Stink The Pete 3 month ago
Is no one laughing about how JJ has lotion and tissues right next to his bed
SGi 3 month ago
3:10 he sounds like the screaming goat meme
Rufus L.H 3 month ago
• Main event: KSI vs Jake paul • Under card: Adam Saleh vs FaZe Sensei • Co Main event: Weller vs Deji In The UK Make this HAPPEN!!!!
DV Man 3 month ago
I know that jj can beat Jake I’m just worried that he’s going to underestimate him and it’s going to result in Jake winning I’m going to use all these likes to plug my channel 😏
Cas Vid 3 month ago
JJ Really Don’t Realise This But Everyone Time He Uploads That Shit Makes My Day
Salman Osama 3 month ago
KSI react to logan’s diss track to AB everyone like this so ksi can see
P h o e n i x 3 month ago
3:11 JJ literally sounds like that goat meme LMAO
sotuur aeei 3 month ago
anyone else laugh more at JJ’s laugh than his actual comedy in every single one of his videos
PKM1 3 month ago
Aint no one gonna talk about how we got scammed harder than the people who went to shit during the jake/gib fight and came back to it being over. This guy still hasn't activated windows
Tamara Tutu 3 month ago
JJ: I have to activate windows NOOOOOOOOO! Bill Gates: Am I a joke to you?
Rufus L.H 3 month ago
• Main event: KSI vs Jake paul • Under card: Adam Saleh vs FaZe Sensei • Co Main event: Weller vs Deji In The UK Make this HAPPEN!!!!
JSRuler 3 month ago
3:11 JJ Turned into goat simulator for a second...
Uriel Rivera 3 month ago
React to Logan’s diss track on Antonio Brown
Frozen 3 month ago
When he hides the fact that he didn’t activate windows with a grey image
Some Noob 3 month ago
Jake Paul: 100% Cringe Logan Paul: 40% Cringe Should we really forgive Logan or continue to send him hate?
Asher Haloossim 3 month ago
13:45 Had me laughing hard
A creamy, moist, juicy, and rotting, sweetroll 3 month ago
JJ should start a gaming series if he ain’t got ideas I mean this was a gaming channel years ago
FLiKzZ 3 month ago
KSI: “I’m A Winner!” True Facts Harry In Merry Merry Christmas: You Only Won By A Split Decision !
brown chicken 3 month ago
2018: Can't lose 2019: Can't Draw 2020: Can't be bothered
Iconic _ 3 month ago
Don’t kill me for this but what is A-Side and why did jj get so triggered when jake said that?
Julia Felise 3 month ago
Ksi You should React to Logan Paul Dissing NFL Player Antonio Brown Song:Going Broke
Just one in the Crowd 2 month ago
I still can’t tell after 735 times of watching this if jj is taking the piss
NFL Alert 3 month ago
React to logan paul's New music vid
Mohammad Ahmed 3 month ago
Me: "JJ so you activated windows right?" JJ: "Well yes but actually no."
Will AV 3 month ago
Ksi: I lost 2 points as well. Jake: Yeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh
fifa 20 3 month ago
KSI:laughs at Logan paul for saying that he is going to use tik tok Also KSI:uses tik tok himself
Zac Airth 3 month ago
React to Logan Paul going broke Like so he sees
DhanAnimates 3 month ago
KSI: Gets called out. Jake: 14:23 It was at this moment that he knew.. he fucked up
Jamal DelHay 3 month ago
When he covers up the “Activate Windows” and thinks it fools us 19 IQ fans.. smh
NuhChez 3 month ago
Can someone lmk what the hell “I’m A-side” means & why he can’t believe he said that? I’m confused
Matty Hammond 3 month ago
Lmao I can't tell if he is actually enjoying this or not cuz his fake laugh is on point
Srishti Sachan 3 month ago
Ya’all don’t understand gib was doing his leg day on the fight
Aahil Miah 3 month ago
React to Logan’s new diss track
Maurits Kerbert 3 month ago
nobody: gib forgets that the crouching bug was fixed in the last update
P h o e n i x 3 month ago
3:11 JJ literally sounds like that goat meme LMAO
SilenT_ SkilLeD 3 month ago
Dude react to logans pauls new diss track . Like so jj sees pls👍.
Stevie Jones 3 month ago
I lost it when he said “Top notch content” 😂😂
Chris Pride 3 month ago
11:54 Clip it if he does lose, replay it everytime you see jake if jj wins. Either way, careers will be finished
BagOfYorkies 3 month ago
I wanna see Stephen fight someone just to see him in a press conference, he’d be hilarious
Shadow Games 3 month ago
React to “Going Broke” by Logan Paul
bilishu aliss 3 month ago
15:27 I can’t believe he barely laughed at that 😂😂
VL Supremee 3 month ago
Prayz and Mom GOT 3 month ago
KSI: Logans just mad that I have something over him. *laughes* Logan: I brought two porn stars to my house, hmu when ur bored....
RA4gjack Jack 3 month ago
Everyone: what’s your tactics against jake Gib: C T R L
Rayan Samarasinghe 3 month ago
Yo react to Logan Paul's new diss track pls.
Milan Bondarenko 3 month ago
Ho thinks that KSI should react to Logan's Paul's new stuff song "Going Broke"
mamuka bakhtadze 3 month ago
i think jj should react to logan pauls new diss track it actually bangs like if u agree
AJ Killerofall 3 month ago
Rest in peace windows We'll never forget the good memories 😔
Eden Alexander 3 month ago
JJ: that little kid has balls I love it Me: yes police this man here
Andrew Morgan 3 month ago
No one gonna talk about how he bookmarked Eli Mariano's channel, the dude who said he would upload everyday until JJ loses weight ??
Steve Tube 3 month ago
React to Logan Pauls diss on Antonio brown its fire💯 LIKE SO HE CAN SEE
Client Gaming 3 month ago
3:11, WAIT isnt that the one goat meme?!?!?! KSI be laughing like a goat
Ansey Nadel 3 month ago
I want ksi to react on logan paul’s disstrack on AB!
GUGI 3 month ago
JJ: Im never getting tiktok that apps trash Also JJ: Tiktoks kinda funny you know
Sletolja Bamse 3 month ago
React to ”going broke” its fire diss by logan🔥🔥
Oakley Galloway 3 month ago
I love how this started with TikTok and half way through JJ starts talking about how Deji and Gib should have a fight
YungCalise 3 month ago
3:11 he sounded like that goat meme😂😂😂😭😭
Jonathan Herbert 2 month ago
he didn't even activate windows, zoom in on the video and you will see the faded text
Luis Villalobos 3 month ago
If JJ losses against Jake, he has to act like Babatunde for the rest of his videos
William Souaid 3 month ago
3:22 . not even lying JJ looks like Juice WRLD in that picture
Vedant Kansara 3 month ago
React to Logan’s diss track
Footy Boy 3 month ago
React to Logan Paul-going broke Antonio Brown Diss track-
A C H U 3 month ago
Jérémy Lumengo 3 month ago
Everyone: Jake's gonna lose GIB: SPAMS CROUCH
Steven Younger 3 month ago
i wonder if ksi has ever actually laughed at something
Justin Lopes 3 month ago
I literally dreamt a few days ago that you drew with Jake at 69 point somehow. Dont make it happen JJ lol.
Plugz The1st 3 month ago
17:56 So that’s what it looks like when someone realizes something 😂
Sjonne 3 month ago
React to Logan Paul's disstrack
Big Chunkles 3 month ago
ksi: makes a tiktok everyone: *so you have chosen death*
Porter White 2 month ago
3:10 he sounds like the screaming goat meme
Seth Garcia 3 month ago
React to Logan’s diss
Luccid 3 month ago
Greg Paul: Why is my son bla- *Hey son*
Lukas Legenden duvet 3 month ago
Imagine Harry VS JJ like and make this happen
Science Spoook 3 month ago
most annoying betrayals: 2019: Aight guys I think we’re gonna end it there 2020: *not activating windows*
Hvk EXODE 2 month ago
17:45 jj “little mans got balls I love it “ F
TomekGun 3 month ago
Pls react to Logan’s new diss track I love seeing your reactions
Daisho 3 month ago
logan: i sneezed 3 times this morning and thats why i have corona virus
Geek's Production 3 month ago
JJ: tik tok's actually kinda funny Me: bruv that's how it starts
Yung Ice 3 month ago
No one: JJ: “little boy got balls I love it”
oliver selley 3 month ago
I actually wanna see jj react to Logan’s new diss track. Curious to see what he thinks
Yawnz 3 month ago
can you react to logan paul’s new song
romeo twoboy 3 month ago
React to logans new diss track
foopyu nooui 3 month ago
3:11 JJ literally sounds like that goat meme LMAO
Shardul Mithsagar 3 month ago
Deji Loses to Jake Gib loses to Jake KSI: “Fine I’ll do it myself”
Diego Gonzalez Tineo 3 month ago
A fight to see who deserves the rematch against Jake, that’ll be a good match between Deji and Gib
Go react to Logan Paul's diss track on Antonio brown its so good trust me guys its so good
Orhan 3 month ago
Can you react to Logan’s diss track against Antonio Brown
Dr Freeze 3 month ago
3:08 JJ second scream sounds like the goat screaming meme lol
Levi Draper 3 month ago
Honestly JJ u make everyone’s day so much better like we laugh every time at your vids smile and we just love your content bro keep up the good work❤️
Typical life 333 3 month ago
15:00 did you see Logan’s face
Jaughn the Monster 3 month ago
React to LoganPaul- going broke (ab diss track)
Alex Murray 3 month ago
2:19 the fake laughs are evolving
Banjo Playz 3 month ago
You should react to logans new diss trackt on AB
Streamerbythewy 3 month ago
KSI: "little boy got balls I love it" FBI: 👀
Batuhan Acar 3 month ago
3:11 why did I think he actually edited the goat screaming in there
ExoKnightZz ! 3 month ago
17:44 im not the only 1 who thought this was a lil weird right? :>
hendrik Serrien 3 month ago
Ksi: u cant box Also ksi: I Cant box, i swing my arms around in the air
CountryNoodles HQ 3 month ago
Hey ksi react to logan pauls going broke disstrack