Lyrics That LOST Rappers Thousands Of Fans.. (Offset, Rick Ross, Eminem)

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In a day and age where everything is closely monitored and ridiculed over, these artists lost tons of fans over controversial lyrics in their songs.

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Chad Freeman 4 month ago
People are way too sensitive about lyrics.
Lee Borland 4 month ago
Why do u always change you name
Zach Ordway 4 month ago
Mf’s so sensitive.
Coach Trini 4 month ago
Eminem didn't lose fans... what? lol
MTP Channel 4 month ago
Rick Ross took some lessons from Bill Cosby 😆
Chris brown Son 4 month ago
Are you the basketball dude that makes things like rebound someone are you him
Momo Mauze 4 month ago
people sitting on the toilet rn😂😂
ic 4 month ago
Why did he quote cardi like that 😂
Darrion1504 4 month ago
The fact that I considered rapping over most the instrumentals in the background of this video shows this man is cultured.
b elsongocrazy 4 month ago
My man's outro funny as hell
TenzinTNT 4 month ago
Bruh people are too sensitive nowadays
Jay x Nova 4 month ago
Aye, S/O to my homie Yondo, that background music smooth as hell.
Lanre Akerele 4 month ago
It's scary to lose fans as your followers if you do or say something that doesn't mean to offend them, not even just rappers, but celebrities generally.
Yung Bento 4 month ago
I didn’t know rick Ross got backlash. Also parental advisory is on albums for a reason so why does one line matter all that much
Clayton Nyamhunga 4 month ago
You forget teo
NORTHSIDE 306 4 month ago
They weak 😳🤣 asf
MTP Channel 4 month ago
u guys need to really listen to rappers lyrics...then think why did they not listen to their own lyrics before releasing their song
mbk andy 4 month ago
i cannot vibe with queers 🔥🔥
the bOoty m0nster 4 month ago
she aieen kno it
Kagiso Sedibe 4 month ago
that small Kermit the frog part...😂😂😂
FamishedYT 4 month ago
howd u know i was on the toilet? tf?
Mark Francis Hill 4 month ago
That was one of Rick Ross hardest bars tho !!
PhillyDjHook 4 month ago
I love Eminem slurs about them colorful dudes.
Nippletwister 2000 4 month ago
Why you bleep queer?
Glisorfan 444 4 month ago
you forgot lil pump
rich rich 4 month ago
rip kobe
Empress O'Brien 4 month ago
In love With henti 4 month ago
Niggas be soft sense 2013-2020
Weebkiller 69 4 month ago
Hahahahahaha i wasnt in the toilet i was outside fighting alligators
Walied Hendry 4 month ago
Wait what? EMINEM lost fans but still remains no.1? Damn he is a 🐐
Champ Awesome 4 month ago
Bruh i was on the toilet
D.S 4 month ago
Rizwanul Firnas 4 month ago
Are you rapping all through the video?
camtwan1 4 month ago
This is a beta male narrator
KTrow2007 4 month ago
Tony bubonic 4 month ago
Ppl get butthurt too easily
Bruhguy69 4 month ago
Joel Lee 4 month ago
alvin ha 4 month ago
HankyBuck's Vlogs 4 month ago
Knox Knoxx 4 month ago
U dont loose fans u loose sponsors .. Witch fs u up
Pat W 4 month ago
PR Nightmares
Emmett Milberg 4 month ago
Lil_can'j 4 month ago
Charles charlie charles 4 month ago
Rick Ross is a seasoned raper
Super Luigi gang 4 month ago
young. hades 4 month ago
Society too bitchmade nowadays
Heather Blauvelt 4 month ago
Yaboi Ruffles 4 month ago
rkowalski80 4 month ago
Uchiha Madara 4 month ago
Eoghan Jones 4 month ago
753rd like
A Colorado Person 4 month ago
Dutt Dutt Goose 4 month ago
you don't lose fans because of this, u lose supporters
Koz 4 month ago
B i n o
Stef Myt 4 month ago
Damn, people are so sensitive nowadays. People should be able to voice their opinions of course, but that goes both ways.
Shi no Gekai 4 month ago
...em didn't lose "thousand of fans".
Aurelian Sargu 4 month ago
Cmon maaaan. Eminem don’t lose fans
Jondan Dickerson 4 month ago
Potato 4 month ago
i'm not on my phone and im not on the toilet
J Stihl 4 month ago
Mfers need to get over theyselves.
Rebel's Nation 4 month ago
People are too sensitive in their little bubble😂 words are just words grow up
M༘1014 God乡 4 month ago
Offset is a mumble rapper. Every things is about ice 🤣🤣🤣
Gage Whitmore 4 month ago
Eminem is just a knife in the heart of the rap game. And he is also the goat. And he is crazy, basically he is lyrically god