Will New Hampshire Finish Joe Biden's Political Career? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

147K views • 5 month ago
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With just a day ahead of the New Hampshire primary, the Morning Joe panel discusses new polling that shows former VP Joe Biden failing to capture the lead. Aired on 2/10/2020.
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Will New Hampshire Finish Joe Biden's Political Career? | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Sieglinde Eilserv 5 month ago
"And Bernie Sanders is just sitting there at the top ..." Earlier graph showed he had the 2nd biggest gain at +3. But Amy is a strong 3rd I guess.
Sebastian Blum 5 month ago
Lol - well, not talking about the ovmerwhelming winner is one way to go. This is like an SNL parody.
hodaka1000 5 month ago
Bernie is "just" sitting at the top! And the fuckwit "doesn't know why people are yelling"? WAKE UP JOE
Calvin Smith 5 month ago
"Bernie Sanders is in the lead but just sort of sitting there" - Don't sound so disappointed MSNBC
Samantha Lord 5 month ago
They're not even making the slightest attempt to hide their contempt for Bernie. "Just sitting there at the top." SERIOUSLY???
James Tea 5 month ago
What the actual f? Bernie surging in the lead but the big story is *Amy*? In the words of Joe Biden....cmon
Damien Wyer 5 month ago
Sadly Joe Biden is just looking like an old man in every way and mannerism
Rhys Hughes 5 month ago
They cant help themselves, This was like watching a shareholders annual general meeting. Anything but Bernie. If it is it's dismissive.
Matthew Charman 5 month ago
He can't raise money because nobody across the political spectrum finds him inspiring or even to have a coherent message.
kartikeya jha 5 month ago
I respect Joe Biden, but honestly what does his campaign stand for. A third Obama term. As a wise man once said “he is no Obama”.
rjanssaft The III 5 month ago
You can like joe Biden and still have the common sense that he shouldn’t be president. I honestly wish he never ran in the first place. He’s gassed.
Philip Teague 5 month ago
That old pervert is done the guy is an absolute joke.
Liwanag Bautista 5 month ago
These people are fools....full of crap!
Doodelay 5 month ago
Talk about the frontrunner u corporate hacks
Eric Tansley 5 month ago
"just kind of sitting at the top" also known as -> winning
Cent20buck 5 month ago
Winning is "just sort of sitting there?" It's Bernie! So let's talk about Amy and Pete MSNBC, your bias is showing.
vivek vjin 5 month ago
Bernie had the largest crowd in Keene, NH not Pete. You're a news org, get your facts straight
Sky Forge 5 month ago
Crowd....All baby boomers.....All white.... I wonder why?
Keith Kuckler 5 month ago
MSNBC just does not get it. They will not ackowledge that Bernie has a broad and deep support. He will win, and, then they will start talking about how he got more votes last time, ignoring the fact that this is a crowded field, not, a two person race.
westenderSSM 5 month ago
No talk at all about the leader?
Boba 5 month ago
joe & mica, a k a strzock & page, talking hope with Bloomberg. if so, say goodbye to your precious black vote….stop & frisk....fools
Scarlett Sepulvado Anderson 5 month ago
"Bernie Sanders JUST sitting at the top!" Hahahahahaha Hahahahaha Bernie 20/20!!
Isa 5 month ago
Bernie is 27%! He is winning!
Back in Black 5 month ago
Dementia Joe
Tonedef St. James 5 month ago
After Bernie wins NH, they’ll be focused on whoever came in a “strong second”
PJH199 1 5 month ago
Bernie 2020
A Mitch 5 month ago
Now they focusing on third place candidates? 😂
Mad love Rush 5 month ago
Bernie 😎
Chris St Clair 5 month ago
Bernie we love ya
Victoria 5 month ago
Biden has lost reality I hope he'll be out after NH
mallek1989 5 month ago
Pete did not have the largest crowd in New Hampshire. That is a flat out lie.
DR Dubois 5 month ago
Status Quo Joe can't find enough millionaires and billionaires to save him and the DNC now. But Joe and the gang just CAN'T talk about Bernie being the strongest contender. Just PRAYING Amy or Pete can save them and their wealthy friends from paying higher taxes.
melodk 5 month ago
It's still early. I am just watching and taking notes. I definitely want a candidate that is focused on going forward instead of backwards.
Seraph Johanson 5 month ago
Wow. They really are scared silly of Bernie, huh? 🔥🔥🔥
Kim Ashley 5 month ago
On MSNBC, they receive notes before talking: "Remember not to mention Bernie Sanders." (I believe he is in the lead but whatever you do, don't mention it).
Naomi Lehane 5 month ago
The continued stress of MSNBC types panicking over Sanders is hilarious (I’m British so I have no skin in this game) your panic is showing 😂.
Icepick Eddie 5 month ago
i saw some of the mayor pete rally, his big crowd sure did have a lot of Bernie signs, keep pushing corporate democrats morning joe and you'll see trump for four more years.
Tinkertricks 5 month ago
I sure hope so,dinosaurs need to be gone<<<
Tyke Handsome 5 month ago
With regard to the title, hope so. Retire Joe.
chewyjello1 5 month ago
Bernie far ahead of the rest of them....is the only one that gets no applause or discussion. 🤦‍♀️
Eric Beeck 5 month ago
Ignore sanders on top but my gosh look at Pete and Amy strong in their mediocrity
Jay Carey 5 month ago
Keep talking up Amy and Pete ...lol ... yeah Bernie is "just sort of sitting there ...at the top" If it was a corporatist in the lead you'd be droning on and on about Bernie dropping out ...typical establishment drivel
Xcaliber 722 5 month ago
I hope so because I'm tired of these yahoos propping Joe up. And need to recognize Bernie's power 💪💪💪!
Julius Ebola 5 month ago
I'm tired of seeing this person on my screen.
C&M T 5 month ago
Sickening how you corporate robots stay silent on Bernie Sanders and his momentum. 🤮
Allen Kirby 5 month ago
A progressive leads so lets talk about moderates.....Get behind Bernie.
Genevieve Words 5 month ago
No Amy. Trump will win over her. BERNIE! IS THE MAN!
Superform 5 month ago
Time to get behind Bernie guys, pushing your establishment nonsense is not what the people want...
James Smith 5 month ago
Like Joe's former boss said once. If we lose in NH there are still "56" other states to win.
Bon Lued 5 month ago
Hey Joe what happened to $7 billion of MISSING tax payers money, Ukraine, Obama and Hunter ???
kray97 5 month ago
When Comcast signs the checks, this is what you get.
Bryanna Marie 5 month ago
Bernie is just sitting at the top. HOW AWFUL.
Debbie Barbour 5 month ago
I think it’s hilarious that Drump went and got himself impeached for NOTHING!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Fredrick Kidd 5 month ago
Here we go. Joe is failing, no one likes Petey boy so let's make Amy our new corporate goddess.
Aisha Abdi 5 month ago
Bete is Hillary 2.0 You wont win over battleground states with him.
Ruirodtube 5 month ago
Joe is a nice guy but he’s not there altogether. And he has no strong convictions nor plans. America needs a Bernie or an Elizabeth! America deserves Trump though.
Rice Burnerbiker 5 month ago
Love you joe..! Let Pete, Bernie and Liz fight it out. Either will be fine with me... even that real billionaire will be fine.... Just rid this country of the Nazi administration and tax the Christians until they leave.
quietman356 123455 5 month ago
Joe at 12% ! Why he s a regular streaking comet !
Mexicanos con Bernie Sanders 5 month ago
Bernie Sanders, he's in the lead, but it's a stagnant lead. Just sitting there. 🙄
joel yazell 5 month ago
It’s over already
Left Is Best 5 month ago
Yes. Yes it will. Next question? 😂
Mark Oliver 5 month ago
The democrats are the: "Apple Dumpling Gang"
hoop earrings 5 month ago
sanders 2020 we want SANDERS
mmafighting 5 month ago
Bernie Sanders "is just sitting up there, at the Top" lol.. stop embarrassing yourselves you hacks.
Steve Jurgens 5 month ago
We all hope so!
Natasha Sheree 5 month ago
“Watch out for the bs, watch out for the bs!” THEY said Bernie’s Sitting there?! YEAH, IN THE POSITION THEY ALL WANT, duh!
Andrea Watson 5 month ago
Wow the focus on Pete who and Amy really. You guys are sooooo unfair. Go Bernie go!!! First place is no meh.
Zotan Inoron 5 month ago
Amy coming in second would be the best possible outcome. :D Go get'm Amy. This Sanders supporter supports your honest conviction to do nothing.
Professor Farmgirl 5 month ago
"Bernie, still in the lead BUT... " Gee, I wonder why people are yelling? STOP BEATING UP THE BEST CANDIDATE! F you guys!
Chuck Lattanzio 5 month ago
We need to “Turn the Page” Pete is the candidate to do this. We need a new generation to lead us.
Bradley Kelsall 5 month ago
"Candidates on the move (John H.), what? Bernie's NOT moving up? This isn't Fox News is it?
Brian Dill 5 month ago
"They count votes in New Hampshire". Yeah and if they did in Iowa, Bernie is the winner.
Adriano de Jesus 5 month ago
Just sitting there lol. When Bernie wins can’t wait to see these tools say he should drop off lol.
Computer User 5 month ago
Pocahontas and sleepy joe are finished.
Gregor Barclay 5 month ago
Haha, that Snickers bar analogy is spot on...
Thunderduck 5 month ago
Joe's career was finished long ago.
mattl8n74 5 month ago
"and you know, Bernie Sanders still in the lead but, you know, just sitting there, right at the top" Bahahahaha! how lucky is the world that you guys aren't commentators at the Olympic Games...
The Pro-Bono, Tim-Head Advocate 5 month ago
Creepy Joe has got to go! #Bernie2020
Malcolm Turner 5 month ago
You ding-a-lings still pushing mike Bennett? Lol!!!!!! MSNBC, lol
Robert Portillo 5 month ago
As others have said " Bernie or Bust"
C B 5 month ago
It looks like the end of the gravy train for establishment elites. The people have had enough, and I LOVE it.
Diane Davidson 5 month ago
Corporate Media makes me sick that they push these Corporate Dems and ignore Bernie the front runner.
Judith Aldridge 5 month ago
If Biden cannot win the white vote, he cannot win the nomination.
John A 5 month ago
Literally, he needs diapers and a nursing home at this point, he's gone.
J M 5 month ago
Never Pete the cheat! Bernie2020!
Boba 5 month ago
if joe's upcoming problem is raising money, have him ask his son , hunter for the $
Jasmeer La Beer 5 month ago
Berate the person in the audience that yells out for Bernie? Wow! You’re getting as bad as fox.
Ernesto Fernandez 5 month ago
Go Bernie
Guy Aldred 5 month ago
Bye bye Biden
Shin 5 month ago
You'll regret Klobuchar.
Terry Chance 5 month ago
Will it finish him? Lord, I hope so. He has zero energy, skin looks translucent, and isn’t prepared to answer questions. When it is time to go, it is time to go.
Sun Wukung 5 month ago
I hope Biden stays in the race the whole way. The same is true for Buttigieg and Klobuchar. The more divided the centrist vote is, the better.
ByeByeButti 5 month ago
They manage to glow about everyone. Only thing about Sanders one.. insult.
jeanmarc lang 5 month ago
Go Senator Bernie Sanders! Our family and everyone in our neighborhood is rooting for you!
Gavin Murphy 5 month ago
He’s done
Antony Bellingham 5 month ago
Joe 'vote for somebody else' Biden.
King Yellowman 5 month ago
Biden's career has been over He's just being propped up by the media elites Nobody wants joe
David Goldman 5 month ago
a huge crowd of 1000, lol
Brandon Christopher 5 month ago
#Bernie2020 Everyone else is just not legit
Linda Bartlett 5 month ago
Bernie is the only one that doesn't keep changing his platform... no guess work