What's inside my Copic Markers? - (Let's Cut them OPEN!)

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Craig Jensen 4 month ago
"Don't try this at home" Don't worry, I can't afford too
Ysa Cruz 4 month ago
“Why do I have so much fire stuff” Jazza started the Aussie fires confirmed.
Mayru Magpie 3 month ago
I don't think Jazza's ever heard the saying "curiosity killed the cat."
Droklop 3 month ago
Jazza: Do not try this at home Every one : do not try this at home Every single soul: do not try this at home Me: imma try this at a hotel
Potato 4 month ago
Jazza: "It's like a fluff.." Me: "Tampon."
Artistic Dingo 4 month ago
Drawing idea: Make a sad/depressing drawing with bright/happy colours and make a happy/fun drawing with dark/greyish colours.
Sophia Stafford 4 month ago
Jazza: *wears labcoat* Me: ...Dr. Doofenshmirtz
toxin 33 4 month ago
Jazza: *Pulls out a bunch of fire starters* Me: “so that’s why Australia is on fire”
SKG Swayy 4 month ago
Is nobody else going to address how he expressed the word “moist”
Neon Raincloud 4 month ago
Me, preparing to do something stupid: “One day I will be my own downfall, today might be that day” 11:46
Violet Candy 4 month ago
Jazza: "Cutting open my Copics!" Me: *cries in poor*
Phoenix The Fire Birb 4 month ago
2019: surgery on a grape 2020: surgery on a marker
Mr. Bow tie 4 month ago
Jazza: *(has copic markers)* Me: Don’t cut them. Also Jazza: let’s cut them. Me: Let’s cut them.
Ella Cole 4 month ago
“Don’t try this at home “ “Ok” “I’ll try it at the park “ “Bye” LOL
Julie Newton 3 month ago
This video was a prime time to wear an “I’m an adult” shirt
Samthingelse Animations 4 month ago
Jazza : cuts open his copic Me holding my copics: don’t worry mama won’t let the scary man get you
Noah Gring 4 month ago
Title: What’s inside this comic marker! Me: ink.
Amilia Airheart 4 month ago
“M O I S T” *water I was drinking gets spat everywhere*
Mystery Mystery 3 month ago
Jazza: *wears protective goggles, coat and headphone thingies* Also Jazza: *opens mouth as wide as he can while he saws a marker in half*
Laineley Diaz 4 month ago
Jazza :”today we are opening up copics!” me : *crys in pain of my stomach*
ThatOneOtakuArtist 4 month ago
Science teachers: *Dissecting frogs* Jazza: *Dissecting alchohol markers*
Mizuki Hikawa 3 month ago
Jazza: "Cutting up some Copic markers." Me: "YOU FIEND!!!"
Megan and Lauren 3 month ago
None: Absolutely none: Jazza: Must glue tack everything.
S0LIXUS 4 month ago
Everyone: *doing meme like comments* Me: *meming the comments in a comment*
Jonathan Davis 3 month ago
Jazza: Hey at least this thing hasn’t mo- Dremel: Yeeeeeeeeeeeet
DabuscusGames 4 month ago
Jazza: "Why do I have so much fire stuff?" Me: *looks at Australia nervously*
Galaxy Extreme 4 month ago
Jazz:I have so much fire Us:oof Australia on fire Jazz: *realises what he just said wrong* -stuff
DeadBoned Gamer 3 month ago
“No one’s stupid enough to cut a nib open... Except this guy!” Don’t worry. I dissected my phone. You’re not stupid.
Samantha Cheetley 4 month ago
Am I the only one who thought for the intro he was gonna scream “WHAT’S INSODE YOU BI-. G’day everyone...” is it just me ok .-.
Sketchy Shazeb 4 month ago
nobody: not a single soul: Jazza: let's dissect markers!
Faith 4 month ago
me: *sees the title * also me: *already begins to stress and im not even the one cutting up the markers *
I Pixilated I 3 month ago
**tries to turn on the saw** **realises it’s unplugged after repetitive switching** **plugs it i-** **it turns on** **quickly unplugs it and turns it off** **plugs it in** “ One day I will be my own downfall. “
Kai M 4 month ago
Why does the opening of this look like a cheesy 90’s science video you’d watch in 7th grade science class...
Jakob Brassard 3 month ago
3:10 Jazza: “why do I have so much fire?” Me: *sees Australia burning*
Whisper space agent 4 month ago
Jazza: not easy to get inside of ... If you know what I me *Realizes that he has a wife and child Say MOIST later in the video
KittenBosher 4 month ago
"Don't try this at home" You think I have the budget to do this at home?!
FuzzWuzzle 3 month ago
No one: Not even jazza: Saw: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Madztx 4 month ago
Jazz’s: wow this is really fascinating Me: when did the meaning of fascinating become money wasting😂😂
Aidan Wallace 4 month ago
Why do I have so much fire stuff! Everyone else in Australia: WTF jazza
Dylan Pizzey 4 month ago
Jazza: “Cutting my Copic Pens open!” Me: “Cutting my Hobby Lobby £1 pens open!”
Aaron Foster 4 month ago
"At least this hasn't moved!" *moves* Brilliance.
Emerald Party 4 month ago
Jazza: *Cuts Up Expensive Markers* Homeless people: 😦
Holli Bucher 4 month ago
Me being at theater nerd: "NOOOOOO GAF TAPE IS.NOT.STRONG ENOUGH!!" jazza: "shut up, im an adult and a professional"
Keith Clark 3 month ago
Me: Has been saving up money to be able to afford copic markers Jazza: i'm about to destroy this man's whole career
teresa lau 4 month ago
*Jazza cutting a copic* me: cries cause I'm poor and can't afford any
perry verduijn 4 month ago
The meme potential of this video is rated: HIGH
CelticShadow 4 month ago
Being someone who has experience with tablesaws, that intro triggered me. I was basically just saying “No no no no no, lower the blade! Wheres the fence?! Keep your hand away from the blade!”
My Apple 4 month ago
Jazza: throws like 5 fire starting materials on the growing Jazzas kids: ooh
Orit Johnson 4 month ago
Jazza: so let's just for the sake of experimentation let's- me: lick them
Exhibit H 3 month ago
I remember when you legit blended the markers 😂😭 I was like 10 or 11... I think? (I'm 13 now)
Sungil Hwang 4 month ago
Jazza: “Cutting open my Copics!” Me: Cries in Crayola
it's Nada 4 month ago
Jazza : cuts open his copic ... Me having no copics : crying in the corner of the room :)
cheyenne storey 3 month ago
Jazza: *struggles to get one piece of marker fluff off his gloves for the last 3 minutes of the video* *continues to finish video*
Tiffany Baaqee 3 month ago
Jazza: t has the same density as its predecessor me: copics last up to twenty years because they are refillable and the nibs are replaceable......
Kamilla Hillgaard 3 month ago
Mhy mom has been trying for years to make me like copics. But I didnt feel the love and had something else I prefered. I think you just started to convert me . Well done. My mom will be glad ;)
courtnry salamone 4 month ago
Things i never wanted to see nor do i want to see them ever again: *A camera zooming in on jazza as he says the word "moist" while holding a mutilated knock off copic marker
joe_ smells 3 month ago
little kids: these markers are taking TOO long Jazza: 7:18
Ethan 3 month ago
I have the same dremel and the head screws off and you can ise that as a wrench to take the bits off and on. Like to spread knowledge.
Scarlett Xox 3 month ago
“I’m just ruining my markers caus- caus- cause I’m an adult” 😂👏
R E V E L A T I O N 4 month ago
3:06 i think we found the guy who started the fire in Australia
Kyle C. 4 month ago
Jazza: casually opens a Copic marker Me: glances at the 1 Crayola colored pencil I have
Malva 12 4 month ago
Oh I thought you said “today everyone I’m Jazza” and just thought so Jazza is this a sort of character, a mask?
Weird Artist 4 month ago
Jazza: *Cust open a copic marker* Me: *Flashbacks to when he literally took out a blender and put markers in it to "blend the colors"*
poppy pugh 4 month ago
I love how the closest thing to the blades are his hands and he hasn’t got any gloves 😂 Edit: I did this near the start of the video 😂 I take it bavk
Pro Rebel Separatist 3 month ago
2 Adverts at the start, 30 seconds long...Adverts, Adverts, Adverts, Money Money, Money..........I've opted not to watch anymore... Bye Bye Bye...
Luca KELLY 4 month ago
This insulted my wallet in 30 different Australian languages
Ferky 3 month ago
Jazza: *haves a lot fire stuff* Australia: *Hmm*
- - 4 month ago
Hey Jazza, I hope everything in Australia isn't effecting you or your family. Be safe and God bless♡
Jayden Lee 4 month ago
Jazza: what’s inside my comic markers? Me: oooooh! Dan(from a YouTube channel “What’s inside?”): hey that’s my job!!
Steven Haskell 3 month ago
0:27 Yunno Johnny Cash’s older brother died on something like that, nearly got split in two pieces. Fun fact that isn’t so fun. Also Buddy Holly died on this night tonight in a plane crash at the age of 22 😢🤓
Alice Peters 4 month ago
Jazza's increasingly more dangerous videos, today: "I've 3d printed a stand for my tool to cut open alcohol markers and I don't know if it will work"
Kona And Other Things 4 month ago
Me, an art craze: *dies from sadness*
Ava J 3 month ago
“Why do I have so much fire stuff?” Cause you live in Australia jazza, you live in Australia
Cameron Woodhouse 4 month ago
-Fire Fighters put out a fire- "I wonder how the fire started?" Jazza: I have so much fire!
Z.aa971 M.aa971 3 month ago
”Do some crack, what, don't do drugs”Jazza 2020
ɐuɐıɹɐ 4 month ago
me: **reads title** also me: **cries tears made of dollar store art supplies** since so many people are seeing this rn, have a great dayyy. if it's night time, i hope you had one alreadyyy 😂💗
Nelley Knight 4 month ago
Wife: "What did you do today?" Jazza: "I destroyed my money makers"😁
Red 3 month ago
"alcohol based" Me: what a waste of alcohol...
Kiwi_Girl 4 month ago
I literally gagged when he used the “m” word... “Moist” 🤭🤢🤮😂
iXenozi 4 month ago
“Infinity War is the biggest crossover” Infinity War:
John Bleiler 4 month ago
Jazza: disects all the marker brands... Marker companies: he’s exposing our secrets!
Dabbing Panda 4 month ago
Jazza: I guess the other ones would be more m o i s t
Nonagone 4 month ago
This is just me taking apart my pens and pretending im doing a science experiment.
Lie-chan 30 4 month ago
Jazza: Uses tools to open markers Me: bites and pulls it off When my pens run out I open them up and collect all these ink chambers, I actually use it to decorate things or as hair on my voodoo dolls or mini dolls (I don’t do black magic, DO NOT WORRY)
Clara Fretz 4 month ago
Y'all I think we found the Australian fire starter Jazza: Fire? *no* BTW how is he doing with the whole fires thing?
Snurge 4 month ago
“Why do I have so much fire... stuff” Meanwhile Australia is on fire. Jazza do you have something to tell us?
Lil Malaria 3 month ago
0:21 What my parents think i do when i restart the wifi
Abby Disco 3 month ago
0:29 death to everyone who was wearing headphones oh and me byeeeee.
Anastasia Widodo 4 month ago
Destanie Lamon 4 month ago
Title-"Cutting open topic markers" Me:*laughs in crayola and cra-z-art*
Datis 4 month ago
Who gave this “adult” a table saw.
Dr.Knogga 4 month ago
the "cheap ones" he uses in his vid are the one i have...
RendraG 4 month ago
3:10 "Why do I have so much fire" -Australia 2020 Too soon?
SASUHINAGAMING 64 4 month ago
Rip headphone n earphone users For the whole vid my ears hurt😂😂😂😂😂
Clovella Buttram 3 month ago
I love how you have crazy thumbnails that look like click bait and then they are exactly what you do in the video
tylisirn 3 month ago
"It catches on this stuff, it's like fluff." And that, Jazza, is why you shouldn't wear gloves when working with rotary tools... Because they'll catch on the fibers in your gloves the same way and pull your entire hand in instead of just giving you a nick.
Alantis Reid 4 month ago
*me at the beginning* Me: No jazza! You need a push stick, a safety guard, and a fence!!!!!! *clip gets cut off before he cuts the marker* Me: I swear if he does it
Catto Artist 4 month ago
"I think I know why the expensive ones are expensive" Me-" otherwise they wouldn't be expensive"
DeadBoned Gamer 3 month ago
13:55 I thought his glove was a galaxy
Drawdaluz 4 month ago
Jazza: “Not particularly good to make art with” Me: cries in bullet nib.