6IX9INE - GOOBA (Official Music Video) - REACTION May 10, 2020

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Keith Richards 25 days ago
"Is you dumb or stupid or dumb?" NOPE!!! I can't. That's it.
David Ortiz 25 days ago
I was dying cause at first they looked like they were digging it and all of a sudden they pause it and “this shit trash” 😂😂
Axpect the rapper 25 days ago
"Red or yellow" "Yellow" "Whats wrong with red" ?
Dabarbie Minaj 25 days ago
6ix9ine said himself “ik my music trash, it’s hot trash” his whole style is to rap like that he is not supposed to be lyrical
yrineo52 25 days ago
Bro up in here lookin like fetty wap if he had bof his eyes
IAmTaffy 25 days ago
am i the only one to realise the thumbnail says “gooda” 💀
l Gflscream l 25 days ago
Funny how in China 2020 is the year of the rat
Michelle Lily 25 days ago
"He supplied you with the booty" I. Died.
Killerhawk779 25 days ago
What’s up with YouTube, this is trending above the actual music video
ImJust Here 25 days ago
Be Honest You Only came to see them to react to the rap part
Lupe Banegas 25 days ago
These Mfs trying so hard not trynna punch the air XDDDDD
Jenkins Kachenmeister 25 days ago
“He supplied u wit da booty”🤣🤣
Eze Cast 25 days ago
Y’all started a bit mad and ended a lil mad y’all liked it 😂 this dude ain’t a great rapper he a good ass entertainer
Trestan Bryan-Murray 25 days ago
"He look like chuck e cheese"
Pampi 25 days ago
1k People are actually 69 fans its so funny i didn't even know this guy got actual fans....
AR 25 days ago
My friend tried to convince me that ass was real people would have a better chance convincing me that Micheal jackson was natural
Jayy 25 days ago
“I understand you had pizza but what you gonna do for that pizza?”😭😭😭
Foreiigner 24 days ago
How is the reaction above the actual song on trending
Kim Jisoo, hit me with that Ddu-du ddu-du 25 days ago
“this song is trash” **proceeds to bop head aggressively**
LeoAngel67 24 days ago
Y’all can hate but he’s a marketing genius.
David Stephens 25 days ago
He’s straight trash but I don’t blame him for snitching though. I would of done the same thing.
Supreme Bape 25 days ago
How can u say it’s trash then nod your head?
J. J.J 25 days ago
Y'all saw that he didn't put a girl w blue on? It's coz he's a "blood" gang only
Freya A 25 days ago
"Those Booties are for McDonalds..." And I'm thinking ketchup and mustard...😅😅
Michael Munro 25 days ago
the reason why we watch 6ix9ine is because he’s a real life cartoon and everybody loves cartoons. Especially a cartoon character with the risk factor. It’s a recipe To get the whole world to watch you
Kevin 25 days ago
Yall really pause every 2 seconds like damn bro listen to it a little bit first
Sleepy Snorlax 25 days ago
All I’m saying is watch those who justify 69 and NY calling him king still speaks a lot on NY
Brandon Heath 25 days ago
I only sub two channels that talk about music and it’s this one and no life Shaq y’all bring the heat
FoodStampsGaming 25 days ago
Damn can y’all stop pausing so much
Taylor Tae 25 days ago
Let's be real when moms involved and family, bro I'm doing what I have to do. Kill ,bite scratch whatever. And most will
Owen Strawbridge 25 days ago
marketing genius tho cover the screen with ass for the hatersand people that think its trash so they dont care
เด็กกาก 25 days ago
Most people call him rat but in the same time you make "GOOBA reaction"
Frank Fuentes 25 days ago
wait wait im not getting this sooo..... so a big Sad Blue Rat is mad cuz Ratatouille is getting money from the cheese ??? 🤔 what kind of crap is snoop dog???
Kylon Kane 25 days ago
" He's now embracing ...the RAT" 🐀😂😭
KingSPK _ 25 days ago
I mean J. Cole did want 6ix9ine to get out if everybody remember him saying that in "middle child"
Jaikar Chaturvedi 24 days ago
It's trash that's why it broke all the Records 🔥🔥🔥 😂😂
GlamzWorld 25 days ago
When he said in the beginning they look like McDonald’s right now 🤣🤣
Ed Sanfran 25 days ago
10:50 "It was trying to make me believe rats is cool" lmao haha
Jonathon Hernandez 25 days ago
This dude got on a OF shirt thinking we gonna take home musical opinion serious?? 🤔🤔
Lieanna Rodriguez 25 days ago
We know he doesn’t rap.. but the beat carry the songs and it’s entertainment 😂😂😂 the fans could care less about the lyrics.
Paul Sweeney 25 days ago
The song is fire when it drops it drops hard almost blew my windows out
Chase Heart 25 days ago
They seem salty af in this vid 😂
Luke Maundrell 25 days ago
Who else noticed that it says GOODA in the thumbnail 😂
450x 25 days ago
Its so sad that Black's praise this criminal culture. They should of kept them in the other content.
Heather Gonsalves 25 days ago
“Embarrassing the Rat” 🐀 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Big Texas 24 days ago
Yall in Trending, "Okay Okay" ( In Pop Smoke Voice).
Requis Longlow 25 days ago
I like how fans are defending him by saying 6IX 9INE said that his music is hot trash like cool he knows his music sucks but what that change
Zac Sendjirdjian 25 days ago
Yellow is 69s women like this up
NbaRedRum 25 days ago
nobody can blame him, if you where gonna do 47 years for people who did all the stuff to him like those people did to him and you are willing to do 47 years for that, you must be the dumbest person on this planet.
Snap 25 days ago
This goes on trending page instead of Zias reaction? YouTube playing too much
Alexander Torres 25 days ago
These dudes remind me of the fish from Shark Tale
ArnoldsK 25 days ago
As much as I HATE reactions content, this was surprisingly entertaining. These men are hilarious.
Mohamed Shifaau 25 days ago
He is good, I'm from Maldives small country in the middle of Indian ocean. Lots of people love this guy song....
Tim Williams 25 days ago
Can’t stand him but not the only one snitched including rappers dissing him now! People love that rapper enough he snitched death row
Jorge Alamilla 25 days ago
He’s a turn up club/artist rapper that’s all to it he’s not here to drop bars and be on some lyrical music 👍🇲🇽🇵🇷🇩🇴
Stiven Etienne 25 days ago
Y’all could’ve get more numbers, y’all reaction on this late
cool girls 25 days ago
Damn y’all look like you must’ve been asleep for a whole month
Anthony Van Wyk 25 days ago
Trash rappers. Buh clout is clout let's see that longevity.
Dominic Sacramone 25 days ago
This is just y’all reacting to soft core porn😭😭
Dillon Ramsey 25 days ago
It’s cool that the reaction of the song is higher on the trending list than the song
EUGENE MANTEY 25 days ago
I don't know why you guys haven't done a reaction to any of roddy ricch songs
Big Texas 24 days ago
Yall in Trending, "Okay Okay" ( In Pop Smoke Voice).
D.F.G 25 days ago
This reaction is higher on the trending page than the actual song is bruh I’m weak asf😂
Kyren Bowman 25 days ago
Y’all really never gonna react to mama Mia by Wayne ? Cmon, y’all would go CRAZY to it
Chagizie Loks 25 days ago
It's sounds like a dumpster truck pick up trash.
Richie Mays 25 days ago
I bet 100% of people reacting to this paused and talked ab the girls after the first 5 seconds of the music vid
Rick Enos 25 days ago
I thought this was a lil Jon track at first... I'm like oh shit Jon back with a single.. but no. It's 69.
TyTy ツ 25 days ago
"He supplied u with the booty" 😂😂😂😂
TheBeastBossGamer 25 days ago
How is imdontai not trending he had like 1.4 million view on his reaction
Matt Cochran 25 days ago
Why does the guy on the right look like flight reacts
Twaycaso Davinci 24 days ago
when u keep repeating "we aint hating", u know ist hate I thought this was a music video review, not a is he a good rapper review....soo is the song and video fire or not bruh?
Lieanna Rodriguez 25 days ago
I see ya bumping to the beat. And that’s what fans care about 🤷🏻‍♂️
Kristian Bueno 25 days ago
In my opinion they only thing to dissect was who had the best ass; Bars were trash Beat was catchy
Eli Da GOatOO 25 days ago
son i was scared of chuck E cheese too, dude would come out and i'll be running. But when he got them tickets it's a diffrent story😂😂
Harrietta Graham 25 days ago
Y’all had me deading laughing 😂
Nick Rogers 25 days ago
Reaction to lil Wayne interview with drake Eminem
JustiNastics 24 days ago
The guy on the right is Lil Nas X with a cap and a beard
ari 24 days ago
Scratching his head like he got lice or sum
Devul999 25 days ago
Yall number 5 trending thas crazy🤯
japexican007 24 days ago
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J-Jaay YT 24 days ago
You don’t have that watch so can’t say none. Shh these ppl CEO’s of pausing every 2 seconds
Janelle Marie 24 days ago
This reminds me of The Office episode when Kelly says "is this a watch party or a pause and watch party?"
G Fazos Beats 25 days ago
The guy on the left look like solluminati light skin version
Subscribe to me for no reason at all 24 days ago
How is the reaction to Gooba on a better trending rank than the song itself wtf 😂😂😂😂
Death Bubblez 25 days ago
The Honey Badger has a new face now and no remorse is his new color
Kirill Bykov 24 days ago
11:03 “yea I wanna grow up to look like chucke cheese”😂😂
RockkNation 24 days ago
“They out here frosted like donuts”😭
August 25 days ago
You guys don’t have to cut out portions of the vid. As long if it’s a reaction
Ruby Ramos 25 days ago
If he would of been black it would be a whole diffrent convo you would of been backing him up I live in the hood and that’s just the way it goes . Smh. (And no it ain’t no racist shit my bd black it’s just reality) .smh
Dr.mohammad reza Zardoost 25 days ago
It's gon' pass a Billi I'm tellin' y'all
Yez Danks 25 days ago
Word around town there’s a green light on 69 fans... careful bumpin that snitch rap in public... just cause he got away with snitchin doesn’t mean you will
Brandon m 25 days ago
Damn, even a 6ix9ine reaction video makes it to trending. 6ix9ine the real KING.
Jeff Boyden 25 days ago
Bro that's what I'm saying sorry but if I was a broke artist I'd be dropping a track with 69 too because hes putting up real numbers and making a big bag off the tube and the new record deal..... it be funny how many man are really mad doh
Jeff Boyden 25 days ago
Bro that's what I'm saying sorry but if I was a broke artist I'd be dropping a track with 69 too because hes putting up real numbers and making a big bag off the tube and the new record deal..... it be funny how many man are really mad doh
MaxPandaLord 24 days ago
What this video has going for it: 400k views in 1 day reaction to a song What 6ix9ine's music video has going for it: 33M views in 1 day the actual song So Youtube please tell me why this is #5 while GOOBA is #8 trending???
Help me reach 1k subs with no videos 24 days ago
When you noticed this is 5th in trending
Davveguy 25 days ago
B.lou and zias look different here
FR33KMASON33 25 days ago
When 96 say are you dumb or stupid, hes talking to his own fans...🤣🤣🤣
Mohamed Shifaau 25 days ago
I love this guy, I don't care if he is gangster I just want say I love his songs.
ᥴꫝⅈꪶꪶⅈ ꪀⅈᧁꫝ𝕥ᥴꪮ𝕣ꫀ 24 days ago
Everyone: [*talks about 69*] Me: I WANT YOUR ODD FUTURE SHIRT