Kung Food

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Remember when you could eat your food w/o waiting for the 10 hour photoshoot to end? I kinda remember those days... kinda.

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ThomasTurner69 1 year ago
Kung food is my favourite type of kung
Grand One 1 year ago
I’m just mad at the fact that they’re wasting perfectly good food 😂😂
Fantasma Prime 1 year ago
Them throwing that food legit hurt my feelings. Like no joke.
Ariadna Gómez-Kelly 1 year ago
1:37 His shirt magically cleaned itself
Ayo.A 1 year ago
I died when the delivery guy said he had 6 children🤣🤣🤣
Danieru Pieru 1 year ago
"Laquisha, she rly needs her shoes" 😭😂
ZayZay Toons 1 year ago
The girl just there like *Just a regular day at Swoozies house* 😂
NinjaKIngAce 10 month ago
I don't have friends -like that- but if I did, my response would be, "If you want to take pictures of your own food, that's fine, but leave my meal out of it"
Gyro Rx 1 year ago
1:38 so we gon act like that stain never happened
awkwardpandasmile 1 year ago
Is she the Uber date part 1 girl??? 🤯
MTG. 600 1 year ago
Was this the Asian Uber driver you took on a date?
Dany Dany 1 year ago
1:37 the mayo on his shirt dissapears😂
Lias Rehl 8 month ago
2:28 guy: throws Adande: opens fridge stuff: falls in fridge
Lmn Larry 1 year ago
When you're broke: I COULD'VE ATE THAT!😭
Drip 10 month ago
Im hungry asf right now Seeing that food being wasted like that is upsetting 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
RayKazeKami 1 year ago
Now im mad cuz he wasted all that delicious ass food
Astraal 1 year ago
How his shirt get clean😭 1:36
Minka The Deer 1 year ago
"I have six children" 😂
DoodleBrock 1 year ago
Not gonna lie, I felt myself getting a li'l emotional when the food started to get tore up. It deserved a better life. Like, in my belly. T_T
King Glonk 1 year ago
1:52 anyone else hear the transformers r.o.f movie sound No just me?
CandyCan2469 7 month ago
Bro my heart broke a little for every time they wasted a piece of food..
sarah Osmani 1 year ago
swoozie yelling "its delicious!!" while crawling on the floor is a MOOD
Queen Ha-NAH 1 year ago
🤔 thinking how long it took to clean up swoozie's crib aftah that 😂
Cesar Lemus 1 year ago
I'm just mad at the fact that they're wasting perfectly good food 😂😂
The Phoenix Heart 1 year ago
1:37 Dirty af 1:41 Uses one of Genie's three wishes to be magically clean
Kishan 1 year ago
2:27 lowkey impressive!
TheXavierClark1 1 year ago
You're literally in the kitchen already. Grab something else
Ryley Hayes 1 year ago
Bro, I've been watching you on different account for like 7yrs. You have been slugging away since like 2007-8 or basically 12 yrs! You are a legend mate
Braaij 1 year ago
Am i the only one worried about the mess in the white room?
SonicSlayer Plays 10 month ago
1:29 When my girlfriend is trying to brag the food we got😂😂😂😂
Ahmed Khalid 10 month ago
Love how the sauce just disappeared from the shirt when he firsr grabbed the sandwich I see you 👀
Disco Doc 1 year ago
Anime_potato _13 1 year ago
1:44 and on is me when my mom eats my food EVEN WHEN I PUT MY NAME ON IT!!! THX MOM!
Gabriel M10 1 year ago
"Bonquisha really needs her shoes"😂
Anime_potato _13 1 year ago
1:44 and on is me when my mom eats my food EVEN WHEN I PUT MY NAME ON IT!!! THX MOM!
Anime_potato _13 1 year ago
1:44 and on is me when my mom eats my food EVEN WHEN I PUT MY NAME ON IT!!! THX MOM!
ICED X 1 year ago
2:47 did he just Ryu kick 😂😂😂
VBV TV 8 month ago
That was funny. Especially him crawling on the floor yelling, "It's Delicious!"
Mickey Tatertots 1 year ago
Swoozi you are amazing! I just realized I've been subscribed to you for about a decade now :) (Cheating on test stories are my favorites) Keep kicking ass bro!! ;)
harmony hood 4 month ago
It triggers me how much food was wasted in this video😭
Szonja Szakács 1 year ago
2:27 this is how you put your food in the fridge 😂😂
Minnie Me 1 year ago
When the sandwich got destroyed, my heart broke just a little......
Christian Jones 1 year ago
Y'all wasted all that food, bruh. Plus Bonquisha needs her shoes.
pkphantom 6 month ago
1:41 Swoozie: *how dare...*
As soon as I saw the title I thought “Miraculous”
JxyRBLX 1 year ago
Why is someone just taking pictures of food
Oresta 1 year ago
1:37-1:41 Swoozie's shirt stain magically disappears through the power of kung food.
Chloe Rains 1 year ago
I must be getting older cause like fr the mess made me feel weird
ProtoMight 1 year ago
2:30 who else thought this man broke his legs
LoveFinleyAster 1 year ago
0:16 love that subliminal Mickey
Kyla Byrd 1 year ago
That girl is me at a restaurant taking a picture of my food 😂😂😂 and my boyfriend is staring at me like can I eat my food
Jacob Dutkiewicz 1 year ago
Swoozie's reaction perfectly encapsulates how I feel about the people who take pics of their food
Dribblxgod• 1 year ago
Dude...your animation has improved DAMN... Almost Realistic!!!
Amani 1 year ago
Delivery dude look like the live action version of that big mouth character 😂
I like Chicken nuggets 1 year ago
Who’s here after swoozie was in the Mr. Beast
ToanTam 11 month ago
* pours fries on sandwich * “more vibesssssss”
Kevins Playz 11 month ago
2:28 TRICK SHOT! Keep looking at the sandwich that the guy threw and look where it landed
Iverander c: 1 year ago
Rest in peace the food that died in this shoot 😢
comfycloudy 11 month ago
yeety 1 year ago
1:44 - 1:48 are we not gonna talk about how that perfectly syncs with the music
Edward Merz 1 year ago
1:38 where did the food on his shirt go
School shooter 10 month ago
This is the best live-action movie I've ever seen
KaiXninjin 7207 1 year ago
My guy swoozie get with the program start uploading
Kunal 1 year ago
Just when I'm hungry and there's no food at home I see this... 😑
The Dinosaurus 1 year ago
"It's delicious"😂😂😂😂
SKull-_- 1gamer 1 year ago
1:45 where did his phone go😂
MrJreed1000 1 year ago
Damn.. Google collaboration? This pretty big homie.. dope s#%#
Natisha Rowe 1 year ago
Who else knows how old swoozie is because famous birthdays
Jay Porteous 1 year ago
"It's delicious! "
Blitz Gaming 1 year ago
1:32 why is he recording?
tony cee 12 month ago
1:37 how is his shirt wet and the next seconds it’s not even there😲
Daniel Jensen 1 year ago
Never been this early
Cindy La 1 year ago
I can’t even imagine the clean up afterwards 😂
Anti x Josh 1 year ago
Now's who's gonna clean that up?!?!!!
bongungirl 1 year ago
😢 i just... Want some of that good looking food! Send some this way swoozie! *too poor...*
Why Do I Exist 1 year ago
I don't have any friends so no Swoozie, I don't know when a friend would do a food photoshoot🙂
Gabriel M10 1 year ago
someone had a big mess to clean up after this😂
masterlego 923 1 year ago
Everybody like kung fu fighting
Christian Henigsmith 1 year ago
Did they just throw fries in the beginning of that video you monsters 😂
Hrishi Baney 1 year ago
1:40 where'd all the mess go from 2 seconds ago?
logan calabaza 1 year ago
2:06 he when there
Cam4kstudios 1 year ago
Sub sandwiches were harmed in the making of this video...
Darius Thigpen 1 year ago
Did Google pay for a cleaning crew, too? 😂
The 3 Musketeers 10 month ago
bro im wondering if this is the asian chic from "took my Uber driver on a date" 🤔
Yasmene Munoz 1 year ago
Ayyyyy the time those people hit the splits I was like auyyy
Arsenij Blium 4 month ago
At the end the delivery dude messed up and I heard “ sorry” cuz instead of crying he was starting to laugh... I’m jus super sayin
Jamaal Henry 1 year ago
I know this is just a vid but it actually hurt me to see the food go to waste, i shed a single tear
basically me 1 year ago
Damn y you gotta make it so emotional with that delivery dude ....now I'm sad
MVP21SAVAGE_KINGZ X 5 month ago
Yo y’all gonna have to move to a whole other place after that
AcolyteArathok 1 year ago
Swoozie my man cleaning his shirt just in 4 seconds between 1:37 and 1:41! You work fast!
Zeeshan Mohamed 1 year ago
I remember the one day I went through all your videos and watched them
Ace Robinson 1 year ago
Wasn’t feeling the vibe in this vid I won’t lie
KVNG Claw2208 10 month ago
Jeremy Diaz 1 year ago
When the sandwich stains magically disappear from ur shirt at 1:42
Excie 1 year ago
I’m just sitting here watching them throw the food around and wondering who cleaned up that mess... 🤔
LArousal 1 year ago
The way this man, smacked the water over 😂😂👌🏾
SolxSick 1 year ago
I feel bad for the person or people who had to clean up...
、晗宝,One1One 1 year ago
I feel bad watching this vid, so much food wasted ;(
JDogg539 1 year ago
The girl is the Uber driver remember that vid swoozie upload with that Uber driver
Mo Mo 1 year ago
All that wasted food 😔 breaks my heart