Joyner Lucas ft. Timbaland - 10 Bands (ADHD)

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Luke Brunner 8 month ago
We should start a movement to get Joyner his 1 nightstand with Madona
Seph 8 month ago
when Timbaland went: *"ficky, ficky, ficky"* i felt that
Corey Jackson 6 month ago
Director: We’re putting strippers in the video Joyner: not around me
Eddie Reis 8 month ago
Wait...why is the legendary timbaland getting only 2 mil viewz....wait why is joyner only getting 2 mil on views....america is stupid bruh
p_ j 8 month ago
Joyner should make a song with Logic and Eminem and call it "Full Circle", end mumble rappers for good
superduperjoi 8 month ago
Came for timbaland stayed for short guy
60,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos 3 month ago
*I'm here in January. Are you?*
Raffi Dedeyan 8 month ago
1:06 the beat switch tho πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Timbaland, what a genius
Luca Dorsay 8 month ago
Joyner grew up dirt broke. Now he earns millions, and is giving his son the life he never had. I feel happy for this guy, man πŸ’―
jake herr 3 month ago
Timbalands production is so good it’s considered a feature.
Alex Sanchez 8 month ago
ok but Joyner's son is adorable
Noah Gearhart 7 month ago
If joyner was around in the 90s he would be an all time great today most people don't even know his name
Sphinx Gaming 7 month ago
Nobody: Literally nobody: Joyner Lucas: I can make a Garage Band beat sound good
Dr. Flacko 4 month ago
"If you ain't Joyner, if you ain't Kendrick or Cole or Sean then you're a goner" - The GOAT
PhreezePhoenix 6 month ago
0:36 Notice she has fickie fickie written on her chest and it lights up when Timbaland says it
William Henderson 8 month ago
1:spoil my son 2: then do what I please Respect man
ronin ronan 7 month ago
"They say love is a drug... Man I swear I'll never take drugs again" love that line every time
Portless 9 month ago
When ur so early YouTube's View system is broken
LLMiro 0_- 6 month ago
Joyner Lucas 10 Bands me - 10 grams Wiz Khalifa - 10 blunts Snoop Dogg - 10 trees ! xD
ArabKnight 8 month ago
bonnie. vu 8 month ago
Crazy legs living his best lifeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€”πŸ˜‰πŸ€£
Truth 33 8 month ago
Still Waiting for that Joyner + Kendrick + J. Cole track to drop. Black Friday II?
_Hesamuγƒ˜γ‚΅γƒ  9 month ago
I love how Joyner kept his distance from the strippers
GoodVibes :] 8 month ago
Joyner and timbaland got their fiki fiki Logic and em got their chiki chiki
Lokman MG 8 month ago
Yo I need those girls names for scientific research ofc
Andrew DelaVega 8 month ago
My god, Timbaland, hearing you is heavenly. More please.
Existential Crisis 8 month ago
Man Timbaland beats in 2019. That's fantastic I miss that dude.
DrewReviews 9 month ago
That body painting is really sick! Great work. Cool visuals in the video too
David Reiten 3 month ago
Ross Capichini- Made me Shocked I’m Sorry- Made me Cry Devils work- Made me relate This song- Made me laugh to the point my stomach hurt🀣🀣
Cynical Tyrone 8 month ago
When timbaland said β€œ___________________” I felt that Edit: tHaNkS fOr aLl ThE lIkEs
Paul Harris 8 month ago
Lip syncing: "I swear I'll never do drugs again" *hits bong*
Minuscoon Windfoot 3 month ago
That Disabled guy was killing it tho like doing handstands and shit more active than me props to the dude.
ShellBulletNinja 8 month ago
I thought that's was Tory Lanez at the beginning
Up-N-Go Away 5 month ago
2:28 my favourite part! Lil man would be so happy 😭
polirber 5 month ago
3:01 "Someone said love is a drug, I don't ever wanna take drugs again" *Notice how Joyner is not around any of the strippers in the video*
DontSayItSingIt 8 month ago
This reminds me of the Timbaland beats from the Blackground days
BongMcKushington 9 month ago
LOL this better be a 20 song album...hes gonna have no songs left on the album by the release lol
Lil Crafty 8 month ago
Joyner should do a collab with Method man
Mikey 1k 8 month ago
Timbaland really killed it when he said β€œ__________”.
In Search of Gold 8 month ago
Hey, are we going to ignore the fact that Joyner has long fingers,
Franks 8 month ago
Her: I'll do anything for a couple grand Me: ANYTHING?? Her: anything... Me: Pull my finger
Richie Rey 9 month ago
Dude is simply a genius. Dropping each song from ADHD one by one to get the full effect of each. Boy is a beast for sure.
very big boy 5 month ago
Bruh this song catchy af thanks to Joyner's hooks and Timba's beat
ipunk himself 8 month ago
Wow.. The bass beat kinda feels like : who that be by rich brian
TruPlayaStatis 7 month ago
"Someone said that love is a drug. I don't ever wanna take drugs again." That's home
Joyner is the type of guy that steals your charger and help you look for it.
Sam-Dony Ingabire 9 month ago
ADHD album of the year
Komischer Zitronengolem 8 month ago
the bodypainted chick has sexappeal, holy hell
[FaZe]Sn1P3rK1d 8 month ago
yo i swear when ADHD drops i promise it will reach platinum in the matter of weeks
alex kind 8 month ago
0:00 5 year old me when the backyardagains song comes on
Chris Scheuer 6 month ago
2:27. Probably got the pink eye.
Vayngloreous 9 month ago
Joyner dropping all these tracks maybe he keeps forgetting to drop his album. Must be that ADHD.
RANDY LEWIS 8 month ago
looked like torey lanez in the whip vibin to Joyner...#nice jab.
ItzDuran 3 month ago
2:27 me when i was 3 when i fell and than tried to stand up
Listen to Kaan 8 month ago
This beat screams ADHD
Galactica Phantom 2 month ago
When you see the low amount of views on such a good ass song, and how good comments that can relate are the ones with up votes, you can tell the views are legit and not a pile of bots. Getting views from machines. A LOT ~ J. Cole
Hey Gutz 9 month ago
Battery was 6%, played this and now it's πŸ’―%
TPGS 3 month ago
Came for timbaland stayed for short guy
Tommy Callegari 8 month ago
10 bands 20 bands all the girls wanna play with Uncle Sam
Brianna Dozark 7 month ago
I wanna know who TF the actor is that played Uncle Sam lmao
JSTEV 8 month ago
Joyner Lucas is the goat 🐐 he is not given the respect and credit he deserves earned and worked for. Time will show he is not one to overlook he delivers every time. Blows my mind why he isn’t the top artist today f the industry
James McNamara 9 month ago
I'm super hyped about the track with Em, especially cause it's gonna be a stan-like storytelling song from what I heard
The Legend 27 8 month ago
0:01 5 year old me wit 10 dollars going to the dollar store
writerscraft39 6 month ago
"Midget clapping them cheeks" ****HAND CLAPS****
z1k3 PsYcHo 6 month ago
The most underated on ADHD so far
Methis on Point 2 month ago
1:55 he looked the ass for a moment 😁
TriL TV 9 month ago
Timbaland is a Beat Legend, such an inspiration, and Joyner is FLAMES right now.
Fred Hall 8 month ago
1. I’ve met Joyner (well he laughed at my joke 1 foot away from him) 2. My dads a DJ and his manager at one of his spots is friends with Ben proulux who directs most of Joyner’s stuff so I might meet Joyner straight up
meh m 8 month ago
when i heard madonna i died on the inside
The o2 β€˜ 5 month ago
That TImberland Look , when Joyner says one night stand with madonna LOL
NJASZN 8 month ago
Who’s the girl in baby blue body paint? 😍
Luca Dorsay 9 month ago
My man Joyner always kills it, be it a fun party song or a deep conscious track πŸ™Œ He's a big inspiration for my music πŸ’―πŸ’― ADHD will be πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Niko 2 month ago
When he's older he gonna ask his dad about this video πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ His son: so um dad Joyner:Yeah what's up His son: When you said I'd be in a music video of yours you meant this Joyner:😬you were cute?πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ His son:πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ
Jane Doe 8 month ago
0:17 why does the midget remind me of Elmo when he disappears???!?!
Vibe Checker 8 month ago
That midget flexing harder than anyone
Vincent Crandall 7 month ago
One of my friends who don't know Timberland straight up thought Timberland was the little person in this video πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
you might need a vest ayeee 9 month ago
Joyner Lucas and Nf seem to always be uploading on the same day
EveryDay Chill 6 month ago
charlie pizano 8 month ago
Can anyone give me the brands of pants he’s wearing about to buy the ASAP
Leftleg Trumpcard 8 month ago
Got that early 2k vibe. I miss that era. This is good shit.
UnklSam39 6 month ago
2:28 Man life goals! you know he smell dat I came back to say this. Every time I use my stovetop ignitor, I end up doing the "Fickie Fickie!", before I stop.
BoChonny H. 9 month ago
I ain’t ever clicked so fast on a Joyner video this year besides the isis video with logic On god!πŸ™πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
Eugene Williams 8 month ago
If you punted that midget how far would he go
Montee Stowes 8 month ago
Timbo's beatbox in the middle of a beat brought back so many memories.
SHIVAM TIWARI 8 month ago
VIDEO IS LIT πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
CG Gamer 7 month ago
This the type of song to be on Madden πŸ˜‚
FiftyCali Gaming 9 month ago
Joyner if you dont drop that ADHD already, I'm pulling up!!
Vardhan Mohan 8 month ago
2:04 - 2:13 just listen πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
yikesbykanyewest 8 month ago
πŸ’― Naked Girls πŸ’― Talking About Money And Drugs πŸ’― Talent
Kodakazi 3 month ago
I want a song like this with Joyner and Amine tbh
E_CXI 8 month ago
When Tim makes that bass slap on the hook πŸ‘
G Lyle 9 month ago
Cuz is releasing his WHOLE album through singles
Samuel Smookler 7 month ago
0:01how much money u think u stole from ur mom when ur 6 years old but u actually stole like 1 or 2 dollars
Kaneil Watson 7 month ago
They said love is a drug I dont never want to take drugs again BIG FACTS
Amanda Jayne 2 month ago
F B I 2 month ago
When my small gs legs said: β€œβ†˜οΈβ†—οΈβ†˜οΈβ†—οΈ β€œ I felt it πŸ˜”
Randy Reyes 9 month ago
One night stand with Madonna ? Careful what you wish for. You literally might just get that from her.
Brian Mayer 8 month ago
Ayo who is this chick at 0:54 πŸ”₯πŸ‘€
ThE UnKñóWŃ 4 month ago
far out its soo cool hearing that old skool vibe, do yall hear the familiar sounds t=from are you that somebody by Aaliyah and timberland, wooh master piece
Ryan 8 month ago
Who's the chic in the body paint? πŸ§πŸ€”