Tucker: Debate stage descends into chaos

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Breaking down the Democratic candidates' strategies ahead of major primaries. #FoxNews #Tucker

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ed low 3 month ago
Warren has a fingernails-on-the-blackboard voice.
Jim Morrison 3 month ago
Elizabeth Warren---- I'm a millionaire and I'm oppressed, vote for me.
munsterr777 3 month ago
1: never thought I’d hear a newscaster say, “fire up a bowl” 2: No Tucker, they are all BAD PEOPLE Otherwise keep up the good work
LEILE S 3 month ago
At least when Trump interrups another candidate he either says "EXCUSE ME!", or the famous "WRONG!" 🤷‍♂️
AmericanGirl4Life 3 month ago
Biden really makes no sense in anything he says. The man is disintegrating before our eyes. 🥴
shaun fitzgerald 3 month ago
"It's not me they're after but it's really you the people they're after, I'm just in their way."- President Trump
The 36 Lessons 3 month ago
It's either: A) He's [Biden] legitimately mentally degrading due to dementia. Or B) Putting on an act to come off as mentally unfit to stand trial due to the Burisma Scandal (possibly a plethora of other crimes as well). It's the difference between Federal Prison or a psychiatric ward... or execution for treason, ect... I wouldn't put it past him or others to play the mental stability card...
Melvin Wagner 3 month ago
"Biden still knows a verbal cul-de-sac when he hits one",..Classic!
Jocko Adams 3 month ago
Bernie: "Our government is corrupt, broken and racist" Also Bernie: "Our government needs to be in control of healthcare and free college"
Lori Rienhardt 3 month ago
The Democrats descending into chaos is a template of what America would descend into if they won
Real Brethem 3 month ago
“Pete Buttigieg, who’s 38 but sounds at least a century older” 😭😭 Tucker is hilarious yo
Spherian7 3 month ago
"We need a President who understands both women's issue and minorities. Like when I was fired for being pregnant and had to walk buck naked thru the snow to my Cherokee village."
Jess Datip 3 month ago
"That's a real clip by the way"......oh Tucker lmfao
Pennconst101 3 month ago
I’m crying... laughing too hard. Never stop an Enemy while they’re in the process of destroying themselves!
Dennis Vance 3 month ago
So: who’s proud of the Democrat party these days?
ogenmatic 3 month ago
2:22 “...more people in prisons than any other country including China.” People tend to just ‘disappear’ in China
Ryan Wood - RWood Outdoors 3 month ago
Me thinking the whole time watching this debate: "What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."
E Loesch 3 month ago
Tomi said it best, "it's like the retirement home ran out of jello". 😂
Im Rosin 3 month ago
The Democratic Party can't run itself, a city, and let alone the country period. I don't like politics but atleast the right is logical
Mosh niklaus 3 month ago
"Pete buttigeg who is 38 but sounds at least a century older" - tucker carlson
Carla Vegas 3 month ago
I was legit, in real time, telling my mother about Lizzie Warren’s lies. I looked like a genius. Thank you Tucker.
Clint 3 month ago
That’s so racist to assume the minorities should sell the drugs
Zach 3 month ago
"That's a real clip by the way..." LMAO
David Brock 3 month ago
Best Tucker line ever: "verbal cul de sac"
Jean-Pascal Heynemand 3 month ago
Their absurd cognitive dissonance is growing exponentially.
Matthew Johnston 3 month ago
The Dem debates remind me of the WWE shouting matches. How so intellectual! How so informative!
Gary Nelson 3 month ago
HILARIOUS. I really loved the satire. I laughed hard. That Sanders pot distribution plan and the Biden Alzheimers moment. Is this the best America has to offer? I'm done.
dad bear 3 month ago
How can Warren keep repeating this pregnancy lie when there is actual footage of her saying she left her teaching job on her own accord and was not forced out
Travis Grooms 3 month ago
When your ship comes in, dont show up at the airport. - Rodney Dangerfield -
Paul F 3 month ago
How scary? Warren pregnant with child and Satan, as the father.
Choon Seng Yeo 3 month ago
May all be reminded of 'national motto', “In God We Trust” and "be faithful to Him only"
Zee Dude 3 month ago
The chaos that was the democratic debate is a big foreshadow to what'll happen to our country if one of these treasonous morons gets elected. Vote red on November! Trump 2020!!
whyisblue923taken 3 month ago
6:47 "She wrote a genuinely good book at one point" Pow-Wow Chow?
Materva 1974 3 month ago
Bernie's Green New Deal is to give black people marijuana to sell
Bill Meriwether 3 month ago
I’ve heard of that “herific war on drugs”...... please illuminate Bernie....
BlackManOps 3 month ago
This is absolutely the most hilarious Tucker segment EVER!
Übermensch 3 month ago
I feel that Biden is just there to humiliate himself. The entire stage looks like an old age home.
intelligence wisdom 3 month ago
Warren quit. She wasn't fired. She's a pathological liar.
David Zalek 3 month ago
I loved it, it was like watching Red Skelton playing all of his characters in an hour plus debate,LMAO
SoCali 3 month ago
The more I hear Bernie Sanders the more I think that he may literally be insane.
pccalcio 3 month ago
I love this channel, it makes me happy.
Notfreeinamerica? Truthseeker 3 month ago
The Dem debates are a clear reflection of the state of their party - in total freaking CHAOS!!! LMAO!!
Johnnie Tumbleweed 3 month ago
I can't listen to Biden. It's so embarrassing. Whoever put him up to this is very cruel.
Tuggy Waffles 3 month ago
The REAL MIRACLE is that someone got that witch PREGNANT! Yuck! "Births with a Fist"
Joe Couchmam 3 month ago
There's no one on left that Qualifys to be President the Democrat party is Done.
Ruth Renwick 3 month ago
"The tiny robot from South Bend" Hilarious!
PUG LIFE 3 month ago
Never have I seen anything like this, WOW!
Deano Myfundsarelow 3 month ago
The jackals are turning on each other 🤓
The name is Beetus, Dia Beetus 3 month ago
Bootyjuice should go back to the navy He’s always had more fun with seamen
Brenda Trump 3 month ago
This is the Tucker I remember; cool, calm and collected. Love it!
Heidi Elle 3 month ago
This is the most hilarious debate EVER! And that is saying a great deal. Comedians beware. The Democrats are taking over comedy.
ffjsb 3 month ago
Might as well have Jerry Springer be the moderator for these "debates"...
Jolly Green Giant 3 month ago
The Dems and their media alliance are the best tools the Russians have for bringing down America. Putin is sitting back and laughing at the whole deal.
Roger Newton 3 month ago
"That's a real clip btw" -- Getouttahere!!! Say it ain't so.
Shane Boatright 3 month ago
3:09 "... That's a real clip, by the way." Tucker's little pause there is absolutely beautiful.
babe brown 3 month ago
3:03 Umm Biden... you alive over there?
Da McGill 3 month ago
Yeah we heard that pot promise in Canada.. didn’t turn out the way everyone thought it would, just a monopoly for ex cops and friends of politicians
Richard Willette 3 month ago
Dems need to say the magic words to win: Russia if you’re listening please help
Unmasking Fools 3 month ago
Biden: "Why am I stopping nobody else does" just a reminder that he was a vice president only 3 years ago
Alvin Walters 3 month ago
I love drugs so I can’t really argue with Bernie there 😂
Ed Wood 3 month ago
I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Bloomberg say “can I purchase a new question please, this one is too hard”
Joe Scott 3 month ago
Russia? They have no money.... I’d be worried about China far more...There is no viruses or fentenyl coming out of Russia ...
Michael Balbuena 3 month ago
"Hes going fast" 😂
Constantinos 3 month ago
Hearing Tucker Carlson say "Fire up a bowl and numb out.." Is one of the greatest things I've ever heard. God bless him.
snuggles03 3 month ago
“It’s because their ideas are absurd” ....nailed it...perfect 💪💪👏👏
Fernando Miranda 3 month ago
5:16 Hey! I Love Paraguay. You don't have to hear Warren and you have beautiful people.
Absaalookemensch 3 month ago
communists take care of their drug problem by executions. No jail time, no costs to society.
Annie Swanson 3 month ago
The fear of Russia in the US is almost hysterical to the rest of the world. It’s sad the democrats feel their only way of uniting the party base is by finding (or in their case, creating) a common enemy. Tribalism.
Chief of Champs CoC 3 month ago
3:13 Thats a real clip btw 🤣🤣🤣
J.C. Denton 3 month ago
3:05 Legendary Confused Biden face
Spencer Grady 3 month ago
Ahhh, Tucker is being reFoxed after letting Jimmy Dore on screen.
5kehhn 3 month ago
The Russian's secret-weapon, code name, 'Collusion-Wave-Emitter', just hit the dem's debate stage instead.
Erik DeMann 3 month ago
I love it when they cannibalize on eachother.
Дамиан 3 month ago
3:01 Joe Biden's face!! Hahahahah
greatbear237197 3 month ago
“Russia Russia Russia!!” 😂😂😂
Spirit Witness 3 month ago
When they legalize marijuana, I'll grow my own
quigonkenny 3 month ago
Was waiting for the "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry..." chant to break out several times during the "debate".
Jerry Chandler 3 month ago
5:07 to 5:21 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Scottydubs 3 month ago
The Bloomberg ad before this clip made all of this even more enjoyable.
Simps Will Be Simps 3 month ago
Bernie's plan: Keep minorities hooked on drugs and blaming "Whitey" for any of their failures. LOL. Brilliant!
Magda Good 3 month ago
....then she goes " I was visible pregnant " :)))))
James Smith 3 month ago
Biden doesn’t know what office he’s running for or where he is half the time
Emmett S. 3 month ago
2:08 Tucker Fail China has 4 times our population and they have less prisoners than we do.
3516MOS 3 month ago
"Why am I stopping"? Isn't it obvious?
Terry Breedlove 3 month ago
2:55 LOL
Andre Mcclendon 3 month ago
watching these debates actually makes me feel that its all a con show, and the people watching it is all being fooled
wreagfe 3 month ago
It's a great reallife antihero movie, The Unelectables!
JustSome OldGuy 3 month ago
Re: Candidate Pete Buttigieg - "Explained the tiny robot from South Bend." TC I nearly lost it! Hahaha!
Prof2You Smithe 3 month ago
The DNC is resulting in a circular firing squad. Couldn't happen to much nicer people!
SAROJA Band 3 month ago
2:34 says it all ! Home run video Tucker!
Ronald Bernard 3 month ago
Next on the Nature channel witness a naunces of Jackels fighting over the scraps of a dead ideology.
Doctor Strange Love 3 month ago
I love low IQ Joe he is the only one that makes watching this circus watchable!
Jeff Berg 3 month ago
Ahhhhh you had me there for a second. The U.S. does have more people in prison than any other nation on earth.
Principled Uncertainty 3 month ago
I would love to see a rematch between modern day, full blast, Tucker and Jon Stewart.
Marius Thefaker 3 month ago
I'm not feeling too well Tucker * _cough, wheeze, sniff_ *... c'mon mate, give us a hug 😊
r vinlago 3 month ago
"... pacing her backyard with a bottle of wine and sending bitter tweets about Donald Trump at midnight. " ~Savage Tuck
Josh Noss 3 month ago
This is the best laugh I've had all week! Why am I stopping? no one else stops..
c w 3 month ago
"...pacing her back yard with a bottle of wine and sending bitter tweets about Trump at midnight" great stuff, give that writer a raise!
Sandra Braithwaite 3 month ago
it's weird hearing tucker tell you to ~fire up a bowl~
Sapphire Barnett 3 month ago
Biden. I can’t stop laughing 😆