Animated Spider-Man - Best Entrances

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Peter Parker sure knows how to enter a room! Lorraine and Langston of Earth's Mightiest Show go through some of Spider-Man's most wild entrances. Watch Spider-Man (The 1981 Animated Series) and more on Disney+ Now!

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abdul aziz 3 month ago
TSK TSK YoU ShOulDN't tAlk WItH yOuR mOuTh fUll
Anuroop Sahu 3 month ago
"Fools. The whether is perfect but no one forecast the coming of the Sandman" This line 🤭👌👌
Ahan Bhalla 3 month ago
0:43 that headless cap threw me off for a second
Varietyyy 3 month ago
why dont yall do spectacular spiderman? oh wait
Peter Parker 3 month ago
arbknight12 3 month ago
Eh the 90s animated series was better: Spider-Man: "Well if it isn't a meeting of the Diamond Lovers of America!" Robbers: "It's Spider-Man!" Spider-Man (Faking excitement): "What?! Spider-Man?! Where, where?! Oh I just get so flustered when I meet a celebrity! I just don't know what to say!"
Silvio the Fox 3 month ago
0:43 Captain America's been deCapitated
Himanshu Agarwal 3 month ago
"Pete old boy not bad" Wehee wehee wehee!! "The Vulture"
Heroic Paradise 3 month ago
Vulture: *demonic screaming noise* Peter: "The Vulture!" 😲
Lucas Lacerda angry birds fã 002 3 month ago
My favorite scene is: Spiderman save the kid
TiZz Hail 3 month ago
Bring back spectacular spiderman
IIIOldSchooLIII 3 month ago
0:33 The Exorcist?
TEENCP 3 month ago
the sheer amount of legendary MF DOOM samples
Sabin Pangeni 3 month ago
RIP Stan Lee
Byron Kennedy 3 month ago
Lady in truck literally turned her head 180 degrees lol
Lautricius Maximus 3 month ago
This is the content that I subscribed for
Just Some Guy with a Mustache 3 month ago
1:27 Police! POLICE! Where's my whistle? WHERE'S MY WHISTLE?! NOOOOOO-!
Geek Legion of Doom 3 month ago
I love the incidental music of that old show
Sami Moutaoukil 3 month ago
0:49 introducing: Red Skull-chan. ..Senpai notice me
Rp Ron 3 month ago
Hey marvel😊 please make TOM HARDY the next WOLVERINE please he is the perfect one . YOU ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO MAKES DREAM COME TRUE.
Razak Idris 3 month ago
0:58 is like me when passed my math test 👍
Darknightz 3 month ago
Bring back the spectacular spiderman series!!!!!!
Midnight Son 3 month ago
Spider-man is a God
KP Kev the Poet 3 month ago
Wrestle me in leopard print, n you're winning lol
Omar Ayoub 3 month ago
You should talk about the silver surfer show it's literally epic
Steve 3 month ago
Am I the only that's been binge watching this show
95blckfirebird1 3 month ago
0:55 bro wtf was that?! Lmfao 😭
Yes Man 3 month ago
Kingpin who normally has an American accent: 0:25 Kraven who normally has a Russian accent: 1:21
Inked Comics 3 month ago
"Comb your hair" coming from Red Skull is awesome
Awesome Person 3 month ago
Nothing beats the Japanese Spider-Man entrance
Karl Singh 3 month ago
Good freaking grief, those jokes have not aged well. Too dated
I like to yell 3 month ago
*pointing at another Spiderman*
Дарья Чубарова 3 month ago
OMG, I just understand that the time on your clock is 6:16, this is number of main universe of you comics.
leadspot 3 month ago
60's show still one of the best ones
daz rod 3 month ago
Super !! Si recuerdo a perfeccion los muñequitos gracias
Hero Motion Pictures 3 month ago
Bring back EMH.
senza had the weed 3 month ago
Wassss gooood
Panther 3 month ago
E Spider-Man E Spider-Man
zartann1856 3 month ago
This is the best thing this channel has ever produced. Which isn’t saying much but it was funny.
Traz 316 3 month ago
That was awesome :)
SHAHROZ KHAN 3 month ago
What If Galactus Will Do Fight With Dormammu!!!
Benix 3 month ago
*Оставлю тут комментарий, ведь надо же хотя бы один комментарий на русском набравший много лайков.*
Ira Ford 3 month ago
SirenHound 3 month ago
Hurry! Before Spider-man co... aagh! my neck!
Emilio Gardose III 3 month ago
Emissary from Hell, Spiden-man is the best
Hela Good 3 month ago
This show is so memes!
Samuel L Bronkowitz 3 month ago
That voice acting...whoof! 🤢
Dean 3 month ago
What on Disney+ ??? Cant wait on March 24 in Switzerland
vel murugan 3 month ago
Will marvel release the next Hollywood movie
Robert Simon 3 month ago
Superheroes sure like making an entrance, huh?
xXRedDeathXx 3 month ago
Wow marvel running out of idea for video so they just do funny montage instead XD
Anant Singh 3 month ago
I like these kind of old animation makes it more interesting to watch just like old scooby doo and also a big fan of he man and masters of the universe ,spiderman and his amazing friends and also super friends.😄
Single Sharath 3 month ago
Digital Fanboy 3 month ago
wtf optimus prime as red skull
parvez ali 3 month ago
Don't go down they are asking for likes !!!!
Uncle Ben Draws 3 month ago
Continuation please
InfamousOffbeat * 3 month ago
Bring the show back
bigq1977 3 month ago
Disney dubbed spidey/peter parker voice. Definitely doesn't sound the same.
Lucas Silva 3 month ago
O nome do título tem que ser homem aranha a casa caiu do terceiro filme
Anuroop Sahu 3 month ago
This clip brought me so many memories...❣️ I was so obsessed with this series...
Yung Alex 3 month ago
saquib khan 3 month ago
Mujhe aisa kyu laga ke inhone video ke start mai "ji han" bola ho
Prabhjeet Bal 3 month ago
I see that in 12 year old
CABLE 715 3 month ago
Half weren't Spiderman entrances at all.
Samuel Attias 3 month ago
Saturday Spider Man
RayfieldA 3 month ago
That woman in the truck, BROKE her own neck!!!! 😂
SpyderMan was iconic
Paul Gray Jr 3 month ago
Bring back ya boi Tobey
Anmol Sahdev 3 month ago
cringe. pure cringe. fun tho.
BraBraplayz 3 month ago
Soooooooo craaaaaazy
Ory Amishav 3 month ago
Velin Caroline Huang 3 month ago
I Love Spidey Woman!!! 😄😄😄
Abhijit gamer 3 month ago
Please Iron man is back
israel tufiño dtg 3 month ago
Soy muy fan de spiderman el #1 D universe
PS2 Gamer 3 month ago
Big man
Hickfox 3 month ago
STANDOFF 2 3 month ago
SpiderYT 3 month ago
Spiber-man farm from hom
Edwin Alpe 3 month ago
Kushagra Sagar 3 month ago
burn type-r 3 month ago
Brent Dreher 3 month ago
Was Kingpin Japanese? And someone tell Kraven that he's after the wrong Sabertooth
Rasenga n 3 month ago
Я русский
Bartek Szubert 3 month ago
José Sarango 3 month ago
ahhh remember when Spidey was a capable young man and not a whiney lame kiddo?? good times
Alfiebloxian 3 month ago
Tik Tok plus 3 month ago
very good
Bharti Johri 3 month ago
Oh nooo
Cric and fun with Shourya 3 month ago
Fans of Spider Man Hit like
THE POPE OF RUSSIA 3 month ago
Treyvon Williams 3 month ago
greatest catoon ever.
Phat Man89 3 month ago
God this show is amazing Cringe
like 100 3 month ago
Hello! I am like Disney conpany and marvel. My name is Matheus
SpiderYT 3 month ago
Pis s