Sam Smith - How Do You Sleep? (Behind The Scenes)

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I’m done hating myself for feeling
I’m done crying myself away
I’ve gotta leave and start the healing
But when you move like that I just want to stay

What have I become?
I’m looking at your phone now oh no
Love to you is just a game
Look what I have done
I’m dialing up the numbers on you
I don’t want my heart to break

Baby How do you sleep when you lie to me?
All that shame and all that danger
I’m hoping that my love will keep you up tonight
Baby How do you sleep when you lie to me?
All that fear and all that pressure
I’m hoping that my love will keep you up tonight
Tell me how do you?
Love will keep you up tonight
Tell me how do you?

Oh no how did I manage to lose me?
I am not this desperate, not this crazy
There’s no way I’m sticking around to find out
I won’t lose like that, I won’t lose myself

Look what I have done
Dialing up the numbers on you
I don’t want my heart to break

Baby How do you sleep when you lie to me?
All that shame and all that danger
I’m hoping that my love will keep you up tonight
Baby How do you sleep when you lie to me?
All that fear and all that pressure
I’m hoping that my love will keep you up tonight
Tell me how do you?
Love will keep you up tonight
Baby How do you sleep when you lie to me?
All that shame and all that danger
I’m hoping that my love will keep you up tonight
Baby How do you sleep when you lie to me?
All that fear and all that pressure
I’m hoping that my love will keep you up tonight
Tell me how do you?

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Nelea Nemeari 11 month ago
Sams dancing skills are just amazing, hope we see more, cause *those hips dont lie*
Madison Greene 10 month ago
"theres a vivacious woman inside my body who's being set free" going to cry
Megan H 7 month ago
I can’t listen to this song without feeling the choreography.
Eunoia Agnis 10 month ago
yes im here again for that long beautiful hair back up dancer guy
Super Batchie 10 month ago
Sam Smith: Can dance, Can sing. Me: 👁 👄 👁
Angie Hernandez 11 month ago
“I’d rather be scared than be feeling safe and comfortable, because safe and comfortable has driven me crazy.” TRUTH
Taetaelover 10 month ago
The part when he smiles....legit makes me so happy of how confident he is now 😭
Nicole Sakwe 10 month ago
"...I thought I would be laughed at" 💔 Oh honey you are incredible, always have been. Nothing but LOVE for you. 🤗❤
Mark Gil Mateo 10 month ago
No wonder the choreography is great! Paris Goebel made it happen! Cheers!
Marley G 10 month ago
“Scared that if I moved how I wanted to I would be laughed at” it’s so shit Sam ever felt like that cause he’s a beautiful dancer and we’ve missed lots of fabulous dance from him. I love it xx
Devoi *itzdevii* 11 month ago
make sure u give us more dancing sam we love it you're fabulous
Jenny Pai 9 month ago
2:39 the guy with long hair whipping his hair back and forth
Marina Bot 9 month ago
"I love being scared. And I'd rather be scared than be feeling safe and comfortable, because, safe and comfortable has driven me crazy." - Sam Smith i wanna live by these words too
Anthony Carroll 10 month ago
You are about to be a really important figure in the LBGTQI community. As if you weren't already. But this is powerful. Youre more than just a voice and a pen honey... You are art in motion, not just sonically. The whole damn shabang.
Esahcae Eneiradgbo 10 month ago
Seeing these men dance especially Sam is emotional. It's like setting my soul free.☺️☺️☺️
Heng Sama 11 month ago
The speaking voice is so different from the vocal. Proud of him.
Tshepo Molotsi 7 month ago
The choreography in the really the one to die for... everything speaks ...👏👏👏
VJtasha 10 month ago
1:55 this guy is fricking hot man.
Kirsten Bledsoe 10 month ago
"It's always something I've done privately in my bedroom or whilst intoxicated in the club." This is so real for me except the club. I am always overprotected, so clubs weren't a constant. Thus, dancing privately while intoxicated has always ensued behind four walls for me. I love hate it. My circumstances prevent me from being in public. I LOVE HATE IT. Safe and comfortable has been my life. I am crazy to a degree because of it, but not unstable, yet. I want to dance me, everywhere. Be me everywhere. Love me everyday. Sam Smith, I'm jealous for once in my life. I hope you take your talent to the stars and back and more.
Saraswati Sisriany 8 month ago
when a friend told you "let her out"
Sarah-Grace ASMR 11 month ago
He’s actually suuuuuch a good dancer. I wish I could move like that.
Kim Yeet 10 month ago
*Dont be scared were here for u ur fans* *And we accept you who you are..*
ROGZ MODZ 4 month ago
because of the england gaybash, sick, really. im straight btw.
Jada Makenzie 10 month ago
I'm so in love with the beautiful soul that Sam Smith is. I am so glad he is allowing himself to feel free and express himself so genuinely ♥️ such an inspiring and incredibly talented human being
mo Mo 10 month ago
Loving that musclebear who pulled him from the chair and lay him down on the floor
Gatoleen 5 month ago
I'm coming super late! I wanted to add that I loooove Sam Smith. Ever since I heard his voice I knew I wanted to keep hearing this voice!!! So today I came across "How do you sleep at night" music video and I am enjoying his beautiful voice when all of a sudden he starts dancing!!!?!?! Then this video is out and he speaks of always wanting to dance?!?! I was so excited to be living in this era when Sam Smith can be a proper pop star!! This is incredible!
vnnyavalos 10 month ago
We are all scared of things we can't control, and the uncertainties life has to offer.
Bryan Estrada 5 month ago
I really love him ❤️ he’s so iconic gurrrrlllll
Charles Green 10 month ago
Paris's choreography is the bomb! I love everything about this video and the song! Great work, mate!
That Rad Guy 11 month ago
"I felt like if I moved too much the way I wanted to, I'd be laughed at" can 150% relate to that feeling. So much respect for him doing this and pushing through all the anxiety and the self-consciousness and the fear of being judged
maria tripaki 7 month ago
I told my friends I wanted to learn how to dance. They laughed as if I was saying something absurd. Hearing Sam talk about the choreography just gave me courage to go out there and start taking classes 😅
Fundiswa Ntombela 10 month ago
At 4:26 when he seems to be getting teary eyed , always gets me every time I watch this video.
Jennifer Jen 6 month ago
Parissssss!!!!! She is the best Choreographer ever!!!! Love seeing her work with him. 🥰🥰🥰
mae tenefrancia 8 month ago
We'll never laugh at you. You're simply incredible.
Jackson Ssi 11 month ago
"I felt if i moved too much the way that i wanted to, i would be laughed at." Finally someone feels the same way. Love you sam. Omg guys thanks for the likes 🤩
Rabia Namuquita 10 month ago
Hi sam, i'm here to say I' m in love with you.. I admire everything about you. Do you know why your music has such a good vibe? because there is so much love inside it. this freedom of which you speak, this form of free beings, greatly admires me. I am really grateful and happy when I see souls as enlightened as you. That's why I say I love you because I can only love you. thank you for being soul and recognizing that you are.. the world need more ppl like uuu❤❤❤ lots of love.. ur fan rabia
Natalie Simone Gordon 4 month ago
I'm so glad he did this!! I could feel all of that throughout the whole choreography!! The best video ever!! I'm infatuated
Yee Yee 9 month ago
That's the first time I've ever heard sam smiths voice when he's not singing-
itsahairflip3 10 month ago
I have watched the music video 100 times, you are stunning in it! One of my favorite music videos of all time!
Venue A 11 month ago
"I only dance in my bedroom, or while intoxicated in the club".. YES SAME HERE, SAM!
dnmark09 10 month ago
Dont mind what people would say..remember majority of the people love who you are.
Neko Chan 7 month ago
I showed my straight accepting friend the music video as he watched it 7 times and was like "that waist work is lit🔥" 😄❤️❤️❤️. I think so too. I can't even more my hips that well. So attractive.
Virgilio Barata 10 month ago
Congratulations to u and to Parris:) Great piece of ART
naty robles 10 month ago
I always said it, dancing let you express all what you are, let all the emotions be free and its just amaizing! Congratulations to all the people that work together on this proyect. I love it :D
Sam Nathapong 10 month ago
I'm actually here so I can see more of that long hair backup dancer
Shantel Acevedo 10 month ago
The video did not disappoint! The choreography is award worthy! 💪🏽
Crftd by Chandra 10 month ago
Honestly the music video is so well done. Very rarely am I too impressed cuz there’s so much CGI and other bs in videos but yours is one of a small handful that I can genuinely say is A-R-T. Not just another video ❤️ love it
silent thoughts 10 month ago
*" It makes me feel sad, but i like to be scared. It's better to be scared rather than being safe in your comfort zone "*
Clare Thompson 11 month ago
Sam, when I saw your video I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. You absolutely *killed* it. Just know that.
Kasey K 10 month ago
I dont know if Sam will ever read this but... IM OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG AND MUSIC VIDEO! You go sis! Amazing!!!
Braelyn Mcdue 10 month ago
As your fans and as people we understand and we love you the way you are....never change that because that's what makes you, you
kristian alexis perry 10 month ago
Being one's self is revolutionary! Thank you for showing us all of you..Kisses...L-Kristian Alexis Perry
Xoxoo Niya 9 month ago
I always watch your videos and this is the first time I was shocked . I’ve never rewatched a video as much as this one, mostly because of how natural and beautiful you looked, such an inspiration and I’m SO HAPPY you shared this gift . ❤️
yong weii 11 month ago
he shouldn't feel insecure about his dance cuz i literally gagged hardcore and had a huge "yassss" moment when i saw him dance
derbinlin x 9 month ago
The dance was DOPE So you're gonna do more things like this right
Kori Freeman 6 month ago
99% of comments: OMG THE CHOREOGRAPHY IS BOMB!!! Me: Why does that guy at 1:59 look like Uncle Aaron from Into the Spiderverse?
Abi Mcdowell 10 month ago
You carry on moving those gorgeous hips of yours 😘😘😘😘
Ramesis Vazquez Aguirre 10 month ago
Seeing the real you come out has been awesome and inspiring.... Glad that you are doing it!! Your happiness shines through.... Don't stop
Ash 11 month ago
“let her out, the vivacious woman inside me” oh that’s beautiful ❤️
Lucia Kocisova 9 month ago
I don’t even listen to Sam Smith but I gained so much respect for them from this video holy shit
Tammy T 10 month ago
As soon as I saw the video I thought who choreographed this!!(Amazing)"Is it Parris Geobel"?🤔. (Yes) Who else new from watching the video.
Tony Neader 10 month ago
So glad you were able to express yourself. The video is amazing.
Elissa Ketterer 10 month ago
Well as someone who has watched the music video at least over a fifty times thus far? I have to say I'm so happy you're you Sam Smith. Thank you.
Alaysia Rayndles 11 month ago
No one: Me at 3:30 AM: OUUU SaM SmItH ViDEo
ALI 727 7 month ago
2:02 your fears didn’t show themselves at all on Tampa last night your dancing on stage filled me with so much joy!!!
LadyFromVulcan 6 month ago
This video once again proves that the most talented people are usually also the most humble and self-critical ones.
Jessica Gil 6 month ago
Yo! i cant stop watching this video its like im addicted this has never happend to me before so weird lol!
Didi Dogster 9 month ago
He's honestly amazing and now I want to try to dance man.
Bethany Shields 11 month ago
Sam, the video was fantastic! I am so glad you did this! My son, who is into dance, was so excited to see so many men dancing so beautifully in a mainstream music video! Thank you for inspiring him to be his beautiful self without shame. 🥰
Ella Morgan 9 month ago
Well said... "Because safe and comfortable has driven me crazy"
lotoya Amede 6 month ago
I love him so much..let her out boy❣
LaLa xo 8 month ago
Anyway I'm still waiting for Adele and samsmith
Jada Allen 10 month ago
i love how this bts is more of Sam speaking his truth in how he feels about the who situation ITS VERY BEAUTIFUL
Lin Kim 11 month ago
ooohh so Parrish Goebel choreographed the dance. no wonder its amazing. we want to see you dance more, Sam
Brown EyeC 10 month ago
Whenever I hear this song it sticks in my head for hours 😅
OKINO FAM 8 month ago
he is proof that after your darkest moments in life, you still rise. there is true happiness after it all.
BTS ARISTAN143 4 month ago
Parris is always behind he choreo I love her she made this omg even more amazing with the dance
RioMuc 8 month ago
Sam, you friend is right "let her out!" Just be yourself and be happy! You're a handsome guy, talented and blessed with an incredible voice. I guess you're also a nice guy, funny and friendly. There are millions of people who love you for what you are. And unfortunately there will also be others who don't like you no matter what you do. You can not please everyone. Nobody can. Live your life the way you think it makes you happy! You deserve it!
Lei H 10 month ago
You smashed it Sam! Your video clip for this song is art❣️
Jorge Sandoval 10 month ago
The guy with long hair makes me forget about Sam Smith, Wow, he's hot!
ayana haygood 10 month ago
Literally watched sam smith grow over the years from being hurt and sad to telling his ass goodbye to now seeing him finally come out of his shell ....... This is the sam smith I've been dying for darling he is so amazing
Bethany Rimann 10 month ago
I am glad you let that woman out, look what happened!!!What a beautiful video and song 💗I have this song on repeat, it fits my life and current struggles so perfectly, I just can't get enough 💗💋
Stephanie Williams 9 month ago
I’m literally crying. “Let her out!” I love that you can stand in your truth and embrace who you are. I’m on a journey to learn what my truth is. This whole video gave me the chills. Thanks for being you.
Tk Moran 8 month ago
“Let her out” and I’m so happy you did.
S t e l l J u n 8 month ago
Wowwwwww he's a good dancer also a singer of courseeee i love yaaaaah
Corrupted Waffle 8 month ago
I made another verse it’s not finished but I still made it “Baby without your love I lay awake Every night is so cold without you I’m hoping that you always will be there for me
Jo Squillo 10 month ago
Dear Sam Smith, I first of want to say, please don’t feel nervous about anxiety, dancing, sexuality etc. Please don’t feel that way, as loyal fans and supporters, we will support and encourage you all through your career! - Chill fam! Ps: I love those moves, don’t worry they have style on a whole new level! ( give a like if u r a loyal fam, plz?) Edit: WOAH 400 likes!!??? Thank you so much and thank you for supporting Sam Smith!!!! 2nd edit: Wait what??? My comment.. highlighted!!!??? I can’t believe it!!! Thank you so so much Sam!!! And please don’t worry, we and the world will accept you!!
Victoria Lucas 10 month ago
Watching this I couldn't stop smiling. I'm so proud of Sam 😭😭❤ he's come so far and I was hooked on that video and his dancing. 😍😍 my heart broke a little when he thought we'd laugh at him back in the day 😓 true fans would have never! I love him so much 🥰😭
Andres Rodriguez 10 month ago
I am so glad you let her out. I totally felt your enengy watching the video a few weeks ago. I also feel more comfortable being scared than safe.
Haddy Jeng 9 month ago
This brought me to tears, so comfortable they are feeling more comfortable in their body. Love u SAM 💖
Hannah Kruse 5 month ago
I could watch this for days. It brings forth such joy to watch someone free themselves and dance from their soul like this. "Let her out!" I love it! ♡♡♡
Hailey x 11 month ago
ok but why does sam smith look like Shane Dawson's uncle? lmao
Anayeli Ayala 10 month ago
Seeing him dance makes me soo happy!!! he's amazing💞🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hema Svld 10 month ago
I wish I can slay like that...he is damn good at it
Jday12 10 month ago
When you hear his amazing British voice for the first time...
fahri husaini 9 month ago
"I felt this freedom to start moving away that just more confident" and that what i strongly feel when i was enjoying your music video sam. Just keep it up. I realy realy love it. Every single mv you just be gentle, i can't feel the soul, what realy you try tell. But this, i very very enjoying. Sorry my english very bad.
Jane Nababan 11 month ago
“It’s scary... but, i like being scared” -Sam Smith
emma n 9 month ago
I need to know who the dancer is with the long hair!!! He’s gorg
Makata_Pro 10 month ago
I always love you , your songs, personality ,i mean almost everything,, much more now that i was so amazed with smiling in my face seeing you dancing for the first time. I remember on karaoke pool with james corden you are very entertaining so funny and ill keep watching over and over,, now finally seeing you dancing is so incredible and pleased to watch you. Hope we can see more of your videos dancing,, thanks for being brave and fearless person to entertain us💖💖💖
Anne Murtomäki 6 month ago
When i saw this video, i couldn't believe how taken i was... Looooved the song first time i heard it. But this video is freaking insanely good 😍😍😍😎😎😎 Can't stop watching in amaze... I'm so glad that you Sam were brave enough to do this ✊✊✊