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Join True Geordie on The Kick Off for Manchester United vs Norwich, Chelsea vs Burnley, Wolves vs Newcastle and Tottenham vs Liverpool on The Kick Off live stream. Watch all the latest reaction and opinions with us!

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mistake , 4 month ago
“Stats are for mugs” on a mug? Would be great merch
S H 4 month ago
I like watching these retrospectively. I LOVE when they’re over 4 hours.
Malligrub 1 4 month ago
"don't think losing Gini Wijnaldum would be a big deal for them". Wijnaldum's been a centrepiece for Liverpool
andomitor8 4 month ago
Blue van man > buvey
joe tom 4 month ago
Classiest player—— Phillip Lahm. One club man, arguably the GOAT in his position, never had a red card, World Cup winning captain. Enough said
Rhys m8 4 month ago
3:37:10 Bobby firmino goal
Yacoubinator 4 month ago
Hey Brian I've got a recommendation for the kick off. Could you please put time stamps in the description. I'm sure lots of people would appreciate it. Thanks
Joel Smith 4 month ago
Rory singing the bobby song, so good hahaha 😂
Ashley McNally 4 month ago
Villa didn't beat the same Liverpool team 5-0, stop being silly.
Sam 4 month ago
The best word I can use to describe The kick off is "cosy". Thoroughly enjoyable background content. Perfect to have in the background as you work away on you laptop. :-)
Fanatic Football Fan 4 month ago
Damn too early for timestamps
Hamzah Mahmood 4 month ago
59:47 - Rashford's first goal 1:40:35 - Rashford's second goal 2:05:12 - TG's summary of United. 2:07:06 - RVP's Solskjaer comments.
Michael McCarthy 4 month ago
Liverpool to the rest : “ It’s over get used to it” 🇮🇪
TL C 4 month ago
ItsMinarmy 4 month ago
04:39:19 Lo Celso miss
Bob Marley 4 month ago
Rory and hugh literally dream team, the city and Utd fans are just stiff and boring, good job cycling them man out 👏
Will 57 4 month ago
That guy was class last week but he’s no rory
K H 4 month ago
Dave has got a lot better with each appearance seems more confident each time
Josh T 4 month ago
Blue van man needs to be on every week
Jackson 4 month ago
Athletes with class: Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. The nicest most genuine man that could quite easily end your life
Archie Keen 4 month ago
Tory Jennings educating us on grime music. I’ve seen it all
SWJ 8991 4 month ago
“Steve Bruce is a blunt instrument”, no Laurence, Steve Bruce’s *nose* is a blunt instrument
Morgan Mackay 4 month ago
5 hours, fair play
Ellis Taylor 4 month ago
6:40 that voice crack hahaha
Pamphile M. Barampana 4 month ago
The Definition of Class is Roger Federer
TLB M9 4 month ago
Red Cese 4 month ago
Gini is underrated and class for us we would 1000% miss him
jermaine tobin 4 month ago
Wiley a one hit wonder wtf is Geordie smoking 😂 stay out of this conversation you absolutely played yourself
Siilvz Dlu 4 month ago
1:01:30 the SAS 🤣
SWJ 8991 4 month ago
Hackney Backney is a strange little specimen but we love him anyway
ViolentFEAR 4 month ago
1:47:07 Woah, Sweden and Henrik Larsson want to have a word with you mate!
David 4 month ago
Watching this back on a Sunday night with a few cans and a pizza is just perfect! Cheers boys 👍🏻
Alex Thorpe 4 month ago
Zishan Khan 4 month ago
3:37:10 Firmino
Zlatan Ibrahimović 4 month ago
Love these bruv, as long as that plastic mudak city fan is not here
Stev4e897 4 month ago
Anaconda reference Lawrence hahahah 😁😁😁😁
9999999 4 month ago
You gotta love rory!
Nathan Thompson 4 month ago
40:39 for Firmino goal
Whitley NE25 4 month ago
3:27:06 how dare u forget that beauty v Astana
doliio volay 4 month ago
Loving the Tony Soprano/Gary Cooper references💯
Deanz Beber 4 month ago
People who don't watch arsenal need to stop putting lacazette in the conversation of top players. He ass. 8 away goals in 49 apps. He's been here 3 years he's bang average
Harry Doxsey 4 month ago
I love how you taking the Mick out of Rory 😂🤣😂
afutla qian 4 month ago
Loving the Tony Soprano/Gary Cooper references💯
Darren Ang 4 month ago
Brilliant lineup and overall show. Keep it up lads! Get BVM on more!
ryunakama 4 month ago
just wanna point this out but in the last 38 games liverpool have won 104 points(out of a possible 114) with 33 wins and 5 draws(might stop that man city fan banging on about city getting 100 points that one time)
Still Dre 4 month ago
Trent should play in midfield for England
okow tina 4 month ago
Liverpool to the rest : “ It’s over get used to it” 🇮🇪
Will 57 4 month ago
Too see southgates downfalls just remember when he used to pick jake Livermore every international when other players were on form
bilishu aliss 4 month ago
Hackney Backney is a strange little specimen but we love him anyway
mixio hili 4 month ago
Hackney Backney is a strange little specimen but we love him anyway
Dave Lloyd 4 month ago
“Chelsea’s a big club”
Stacy Betts 4 month ago
Still love TG. ;)
Sen Lkr 4 month ago
Kane Williamson New Zealand Cricket captain is Class above my opinion
JS3 4 month ago
Pirlo and Alonso are my nominations for the classy award
declan moore 4 month ago
Rouge ones just before a new hope the end of it starts of a new hope with vader
y1521t21b5 4 month ago
If it's true that the King Power monitors showed highlights of the 0-9 massacre at St. Mary's while Saints players warmed up, then that win must have felt even sweeter! ;-)
abbsnn cose 4 month ago
Look up Class in the dictionary, you'll find a picture of Roger Federer next to it.
Bob Cratchit 4 month ago
ALAW💙💛 we are coming for top 6 next season lads
Stephen Mason 4 month ago
This "football show" went completely off the rails, even more so than usual. LOL
Luis El Wicho Ramirez 4 month ago
Is BetBull available in the United States? Love the show!
Keyuante Johnson 4 month ago
klopp better than pep
monika laosi 4 month ago
Blue van man needs to be on every week
Jack Dickinson 4 month ago
Rory Jennings: Super Army Soldier
snctm. 4 month ago
Again please research your point of views.. Ancelotti has a great relationship with his players.
Pj 4 month ago
Let’s hope the kick off always stays on
ynwa 4 month ago
Lawrence singing baby shark song killed me!!🤣👍😂 3:58:58
Adrian 4 month ago
*Todd Cantwell for England!*
Lola Vanenburg 4 month ago
That Hugh..Sheesh🤯
zizou101 4 month ago
Loving the Tony Soprano/Gary Cooper references💯
San La Muerte 4 month ago
I'm definitely the only 40+ Canadian that watches TTG
henry hein lin htet 4 month ago
Ronaldinho, Kaka, Buffon, Maldini, Pirlo ? Class players
Neil Lennon 4 month ago
Samuel Lander 4 month ago
We want food reviewer
Irshad Zamir 4 month ago
Federer the definition of class
mikea hiooi 4 month ago
Great athletes who had class: Georges St Pierre.
Jack Dickinson 4 month ago
I am a big Danny Ings fan. I hope he gets top scorer
Shahzwein Ramakrishnan 4 month ago
3:37:15 Firminooo
Mark Chou 4 month ago
You guys should get Expressions Oozing on
Bumblebee 4 month ago
Really great content guys. All the lads were amazing,You guys always make my weekend. ♥♥🔴🔴❤❤
bocoy noiu 4 month ago
5 hours, fair play
Stephen Branagan 4 month ago
Maldini, Pirlo and Xabi Alonso were all world class and yet classy
Robbie Bailey 4 month ago
Can’t be great without having class? Frank Lampard?
cweston9440 4 month ago
Completely agree with TG on Kane think he's a great striker but he doesn't offer as much with his overall play
Sagala Majani 4 month ago
Pirlo was classy.....
The normal One 4 month ago
4:08:00 Barcelona are literally the biggest victims of player power, Messi has influence on managers and players coming in and out
Arsenic Gunner 4 month ago
4:00:00 The truth.
Akash Krishnan 4 month ago
3:37:00 the Bobby song How cute he sang that Si Senõr 🎼
Me myself and i 4 month ago
Are Spurs -Liverpool playing?
Yiannis Iosifidis 4 month ago
I love how geordies word for treated is tret 😂
IIAlexx T 4 month ago
Does anyone know what the name of the intro music is?
misolou fout 4 month ago
Liverpool to the rest : “ It’s over get used to it” 🇮🇪
VanManDan 93 4 month ago
'You could be Wayne Fridge' lol
Tom Wheeler 4 month ago
My England front three would be Sterling on the left, Sancho on the right and Kane down the middle.
oiuet souiu 4 month ago
T la meilleur, on t adore ???
Danny 4 month ago
C'mon Briaaaannnn
Callum Ormond 4 month ago
FML I got an ad for mug printing
Arsenic Gunner 4 month ago
Hughwizzy and Rory duo rapping would be the equivalent of wide neck and daddy long neck
marcus bates 4 month ago
I know my arguments are pointless after listening the show for a while but... the disrespect on Man City is insane
scott 4 month ago
Great athletes who had class: Georges St Pierre.
Shaban Afzal 4 month ago
At what min where the bets placed