Justin Timberlake - Say Something (First Take) ft. Chris Stapleton

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One year later, see Justin & Chris' first take of the “Say Something” Official Video

"Say Something" Say Something (First Take) feat. Chris Stapleton out now! http://smarturl.it/SSFirstTake

Watch The Official "Say Something" video here! http://smarturl.it/jSAYSOMETHINGv

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Patrick Tomasso 1 year ago
Camera operator deserves an award.
Sam O 7 month ago
“Quicky” is what his wife calls Justin; also his music production co.
LE CHACAL 6 month ago
YA DES FRANÇAIS OU PAS 👇 Mon Rêve Les 30K Abonné Svp ❤️
HonanieT88 7 month ago
That"s cool that they did it in the Bradbury Building in LA
rambam77 7 month ago
who else was expecting and delighted by the choir at the end
ScarlettP 1 year ago
This song is underrated, it's so good
Mackenzie Reeves 1 year ago
Everyone just sat in a circle after this and went “No YOU shut up! YOU’RE ridiculously talented!”
Kourtney Tacan 8 month ago
This song reminds me of my eldest son (hes my stepson but never thought of him of a step ..why would I step on him) he passed last week and we just buried him and this was a song he always played n had the CD in his truck when we cruised ...so hearing this after he passed made me cry but it's a good song I'll always listen to it! We always did ...awww I'll always miss my sonny ❤❤
Rachel Vermanen 9 month ago
Doctor: “You have 6 minutes and 10 seconds left to live.” Me:
Kathy H 7 month ago
I just read the behind the scenes of the recording of this song & video. It is so amazing to me that this was all done live, in that building. You can hear the echo of the choir's voices, you can hear Justin put on his guitar, You can hear him humming, you can hear everything. I really think the audio, production & filming personnel all deserve a well earned round of applause. And of course, Justin & Chris, along with the band members & choir deserve that big round of applause as well. My hat off to all of you for a beautiful job well done.
Aryan Rubianto 6 month ago
Man, he didn't need to add an audio and sing that song naturally.
Whiskey and Cigarettes 7 month ago
This reminds me of Bon Iver when they were just filming themselves in France, or Italy. Which is funny, Justin played Justin Vernon on SNL
Suraj Prakash 1 year ago
"Sometimes the greatest the way to Edit something is to Edit nothing at all" 😛
naa deera 7 month ago
after this take Justin must have been like “yeah babe I be home for dinner, we did it in one shot”
Scott Talks 1 year ago
only 2 million views????? THIS SHOULD HAVE WAY MORE EXCUSE ME???? WHERE MY 2019 PPL AT???
E Mercado 7 month ago
Simplicity is underrated and needs a comeback...Bravo to Justin, Chris and this amazing video team**
Jarrod Maness 7 month ago
Cameraman: I got enough film for one take Everyone:aight
akin romanowitsch 7 month ago
This is what a big idea with enough money looks like - and obviously beautiful execution!
Prokop Steiner 7 month ago
I expected to hear "holy shit" from the cameraman at the end once again :D
J N 7 month ago
Camera man: You have 1 take JT: I got this.
313dieselguy 7 month ago
The acoustics in that building had to be amazing
Jade Fibula 7 month ago
Why only now this feed popped up after 9 months? 🤔
this_is_sabs 5 month ago
4:57 That short little guitar slide by justin is so tight makes me wanna scream. love it
ta ta 6 month ago
Whoever directed this is a master and has a beautiful mind!
Swenson Music 7 month ago
This has to be in the top 10 songs of the 2010's!!!!!!
cam cam 4 month ago
I dont cry for men or boys ! Sorry ! I stay in my reality ! Any of this hooking up not for me with someone that young ! I will not ruin that ! Not the one!
unknown error 101 1 year ago
They sang this live and all in one take .this shows how amazing of artest they both are . 2019 still best music video on YouTube .
Simply Impish 7 month ago
Justin is a master of what he does, and I love it
reda chetti 1 year ago
this is so creative and inspiring. all the love and respect Justin
michael allen 5 month ago
Looks like Bradbury building. "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe."
CRBRFILMS 1 year ago
Crazy how its in one take. Even crazier how everyone nailed it in the first take!
Kat 7 month ago
Lol I was waiting for say something I'm giving up on you. Thought he was singing it.
Teresa Hobgood 7 month ago
You, Chris, and everyone on this did an Amazing job!! This is definitely one for the music legend books!
Oisse Holanda 7 month ago
Carai.. merece um prêmio esse clipe.
Keren S 7 month ago
I would like to take a moment to appreciate this dude and his "ding" @3:10
margaux 1 year ago
and this ladies and gentlemen, is what we call talent
Farrukh Khan 7 month ago
this reminds me of the set they used in "Inception" great camera work!
Nicolle Griffin 7 month ago
Yeah Justin, speak up for kids being abused in Hollywood, you know about that. Say something. Now.
Earl Mells 6 month ago
The fact that this man is using Maschine just made me like him some more.
Kartheek Dravid 10 month ago
4:18 damn! goosebumps everytime!!
99v8cobra 6 month ago
JT is just amazing at everything I guess.
King Sosa 1 year ago
Camera direction is oscar worthy Never expected these two to work together Excellent
Fifi Yeet 1 year ago
Me during the first 1:30 of the song: say somethin- say somethin- day something
Amie Phillips 11 month ago
I get goosebumps watching this video!! 🥰🥰😍
MegaRub1 6 month ago
the best thing i've ever seen. perfect duo!
VeganSistaGirl Tameka 4 month ago
This looks like the same location from the Chris Brown “Hope You Do” video ✨💜
carmay3600 4 month ago
Justin is extraordinarily talented but the country in Chris’s voice is everything! Excellent setting and angles in this video as well.
Daniel Atehortua 1 year ago
Muy buena cancion. Hey parcero pero le voy a pedir un gran favor, no se dañe la carrera con maluma. No haga nada con ese man a lo bien.
Leonardo Greco 1 year ago
Justin Timberlake is the PRINCE OF POP 😘
Brad Hood 7 month ago
Sometimes the greatest way to say something is to say nothing.
Mounawa3at منوعات 4 month ago
maybe im looking for smth I can't have( Britney) .. everybody know my feelings to her for so long and everybody told me to say something ..but sometimes to say something is to say nothing ...
Whisk Tango Foxtrot 7 month ago
Sometimes I really really wonder what could be the reason for disliking a video such as this! Hmmm!!!
Patricia Castillo 7 month ago
muy buen video! me gusta el tema, y la filmacion exelente!! el lugar que eligieron te lleva con la musica! Congratulation Justin! I love it!
Micah Burgess 4 month ago
This is pure magic! These two together are nothing like we have ever seen in music.
Bob Termaten 4 month ago
This is the best clip i've seen in ages! period. it's genius and I get goosebumps all the time. the album version just doesn't cut it.
Eduardo Lima 4 month ago
Não me canso desse clipe... 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Gitonga King'ori 7 month ago
Oh my God, this song is amazing and the cinematography and choreography is top class! Love it!
Kendra 4 month ago
Yes finally - just guys and their guitars... Amazing song done super classy.. Love it!
FullFledged2010 1 year ago
Maschine MK3 😏 Than again that Rhodes mk2 🙌🤤
Bryan Henderson 4 month ago
Wow! Literally one of the coolest things I've seen this year!
Lori Skillman 5 month ago
When you put talented people together- all you need is one take!
My Yellow-Submarine 4 month ago
This is the most perfect video I have ever seen.
vijayeta barman 5 month ago
Love the music, video and everything about it...but can you really not have something when that's the only thing you're looking for ???
Daniel Tauro Junior 7 month ago
December 2019
MeToo84 8 month ago
First take: Lumos! 💫 Final take: Nox!
bebe rivera 7 month ago
What's so crazy is that SOMEONE said: Great job! Now let's do it better!"😄 N everyone else was like: "... .but... BRUH!.. did u miss what JUST happened?! 😧"
Ondřej Malý 6 month ago
Ok tha name "Steadicam ninja" got me real good! :D
Miss Madeline 6 month ago
I love that everyone just came as they were. No costumes just voices:)
Miss Aubrey 7 month ago
How am I just now seeing this!? Their talent is unbelievable!
Mateus Prates 1 year ago
Please come to Brazil 🇧🇷🙏
James Cole 6 month ago
This is for me the best song of Justin Timberlake :) .Tumbs Up from Montréal Québec :)
JsttomM 7 month ago
so, this is how i lose "No nut Novemeber" ... Why there's still no album of yours with this "rawness" in it? We need more, SO MUCH MORE of this...
hockeycox07 11 month ago
Ari Robbins, I love how he is credited as "Steadicam Ninja". Perfect description.
akshay raj 1 year ago
The last part with the crowd singing is not in the actual song..noooooooo!
Adam Saxton 5 month ago
man that camera operator. Love the one shot. Cinematography was on point.
ransomed1974 7 month ago
Gah! LOVIN' how these two guys collaborate!!! The tones mesh SOOOOO well!!!!!
Des Santos 1 year ago
I've loved him since he was in NSYNC and I still love him. He's so talented ♥️♥️♥️
Abuelo 6 month ago
5:40 IS the most amazing part.
Joe K 7 month ago
So good.. Watched this so many times and everytime I'm amazed by everything about this song.
lara jouli mosta 10 month ago
Im 16 years old and temberlak is stay my best singer He have a speashel vioce make u relexe❤❤❤❤ From algeria✋😘😘
Poppi Starr 7 month ago
AWESOME! JUST freaking amazing... thats what happens when you sing from your SOUL.
John David Hart 7 month ago
How can I stand before my father and mother and not show love to you? I kneel and pray in the depth my tears of love for you.
Fabricio Rodriguez 7 month ago
WTF!!!! Justin’s ability to create amazing things is really amazing
ImOn Caffeine 6 month ago
I’ve cried 😢 it’s so beautiful
Laura Haines 4 month ago
Dear god I love this man. I was just asking where you were.
Curtis Carroll 4 month ago
The video director deserves an an award
Ffourty-eight 1 year ago
Who remembers take back the night or suit and tie 😍💛
Alissa Cabrera 7 month ago
I have listened to this maybe 100x since first hearing it. There needs to be an entire album of the both of you. And If there already is one, I am missing out!
Odalys Tyson 4 month ago
Amazing!!! So well put together. ❤️ the song.
milena evelyn 1 year ago
Fico me perguntando por que essa música só tem 2 milhões de visualizações 🙁
Gha Lha Bha 9 month ago
I say! Hearing your music gives me the feeling of! "I got that sunshine in my pocket Got that good soul in my feet...I can't stop whoooh hey!"
Shell Bells 514 1 year ago
Justin is the epitome of talented. Is there anything he’s not good at? (Rhetorical question obviously 😝)
Carly Green 1 year ago
These song reminds me of someone who is very special....love you tony... Love u bro
kiniunia 1 year ago
everytime i'm watching this video i can't stop admiring, such a masterpiece
Black R.E.T 9 month ago
Arrebentou no loshped mermão...
Thiago Moraes Barbosa 1 year ago
Brasil 🇧🇷
Lee Bates 7 month ago
Boy watch this with a great sound system it's so raw and feels live absolutely beautiful guys more please more
Johelimar Corona 5 month ago
It was just meant to happen! Everyone did their thing and nailed it!
Marcio 92 11 month ago
Sou fã desse cara, canta muito 👏🏼♥️
Peter DiBussolo 1 year ago
I can't imagine what this rig looked like.. amazing this is in one shot! amazing video