How did I turn Old Wire into a Beautiful GLOWING Bonsai? I'll show you

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Hello my Dukeys, In this video I show you how to turn some wire, a salt lamp, a hatchet and a unicycle into a beautiful glowing Bonsai sculpture. I hope you like it. And if you did, please give it a "like" and subscribe. Also! If you want a chance to win the "baby" bonsai sculpture, all you have to do is: Follow me on Twitter and retweet my tweet about this video, that’s it! And in one week (10/4/19) I will randomly pick a winner and ship it out free of charge! Love you guys.

Thanks to Ian (Idubbbz) for being a good sport when I shipped the ball of wire to him lol If you haven't already, go give him a subscribe

Also, If you're interested in learning more about the art of Bonsai, I highly recommend you check out Bjorn Bjorholm's channel

Amazon affiliate links to the exact materials I used to make it
Salt Lamp-
Mini Pots-
Aluminum Wire-
Round Nose Pliers-
Green Sheet Moss-
Green Stuff For Modeling-
Black Milliput-
Terracotta Milliput-
Mod Podge (matte)-

Expensive Rotary Carver-
Cheap (but still good) Rotary Carver-

Music used was from epidemic sound. Go check them out and use my affiliate link!

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Bobby Duke Arts 9 month ago
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: and get a special starter pack 💥Available only in the next 30 days Also follow me on Twitter @BobbyDukeArts for a chance to win the "baby" bonsai , Love you
khymera915 9 month ago
Somehow, I'm picturing the neighbors huddled together in their living rooms, whispering, "He's outside again...".
Mary Knaeble 8 month ago
One moment you’re smashing a salt lamp with rock music and an axe, the next you’re creating a detailed aluminum bonsai with relaxing music...
Peter R. de Vries 8 month ago
He somehow made unicycles aggressive, im impressed
Mary Daley 7 month ago
So glad I'm your grandmother! One of the first words your sister said was,":Stop it,, Bobby!" That says it all abut your early years.Then you were off to learn how to live. I'm so very grateful you and NIcole found one another - You're a beautifu couple and have produced three gorgeous daughters. So I'm proud of you and all your crew - but I'll admit I didn't seet this coming. By "this," I mean all this artistic talent. I'm byond amazed. But of all the art you have made, my very favorite is the bonzai. It's super beautiful. So thank God for you and Nicole and your beuatiful daughters and I'm so grateful to have lived to see how wonderfully all of you have lived such really important lives full of love. Gmother
"Like that smash button" -Bobby 2019
Shiloh Store 9 month ago
can we take a moment to acknowledge the fact that he dressed up like a clown for less than a second for the video for our entertainment now that's dedication!!
Eric Romano 8 month ago
I actually really want to give this a shot. I think my wife would love it. Unfortunately, I do not have a unicycle, or an American Flag hat with blond wig. On the plus side, I can use that as an excuse, rather than my own lack of talent, when the final result fails to impress.
bossboy killla 8 month ago
I like how he makes his content enjoyable and fun to watch
andrew chavez 7 month ago
3:03 - Mozart's Rondo Alla Turca 8:25 - Johannes Bornlöf - Wolfpack 11:11 - “Nocturnal waltz” by Johannes Bornlöf the second one took 2 months to find on the site provided granted A week of this was cause I had a mental breakdown from just the search alone finally finding it but thanks bobby the song is beautiful
Liv Brooks 7 month ago
I want one of these SO BAD. also, hes such a Dad. I love it.
Media Addict 9 month ago
It is a tree without wewd I am both conflicted and inspired...
Sun Dog 8 month ago
Wife, when Bobby falls off his uni: Not so much as a resigned sigh Wife, when frame tips over: 911 OMG WATCH OUT OH LAWDY OH NO MY BABAYYYYY CATCH IT BOBBY AAAHHHHH Bobby, with dying breath: Ah saved the wewd :3
Animation 4u 8 month ago
RyanIsBored 8 month ago
Bobby: “I’ll improve your mood!” Also Bobby: “Shut up!”
Azúcar 5 month ago
The windswept one at 1:49 oh god I can't stop laughing. I feel bad for your neighbors, they must be real scared every day thinking that they live next to a crazy maniac who owns a ton a dangerous equipment and has his own youtube channel
Alex Ben 9 month ago
I used to think this guy was kind of cheesy, but the more I watch his videos the more I realize he's just awesome.
Tråshy_Hümån 8 month ago
this is adorable and tiny i have an obsession with tiny things
Sirena’s Channel 7 month ago
my teacher makes these in science class in like an hour because he has ADD and he throws these at us to keep. pretty cool
Kat Louwen 8 month ago
It's so hard to express how amazing this is without swearing like a sailor, so I'm just gonna say it's really really gewd
Luna Mei 6 month ago
When you can’t even walk straight let alone use a unicycle...
Hannah Crenshaw 8 month ago
I feel strangely torn between my concern for his sanity and my appreciation for the beautiful art presented in this video...
Peter R. de Vries 8 month ago
This is a build that i actually wanna reproduce myself
aziramm 8 month ago
everytime the “AMAZING” edit came on I LOST IT
Daniel Stellmon 5 month ago
I really thought he was kidding about the hatchet and unicycle. I'm glad to have been proven wrong.
FNPlayz 5 month ago
the "oh shit a rat" meme reference tho
Nithin C 9 month ago
Seeing Bobby filming a video His neighbours: Ah sh**t here we go again
Leo Drews 7 month ago
"its perfect"
That Guy 8 month ago
I swear, this is the only channel where you will be leaving both amazed and saying "what in the actual flucackles"
99redragons 6 month ago
The adhd energy is strong with this one. Really pretty piece I’ll definitely try it out!
xx12GalaxyGamer21xx 6 month ago
So bonsai bill from Mario is actually ‘planted in a container bill’ “ITS PLANTED IN A CONTAINER, BILL. OK?”
Millie Art 9 month ago
My husband asked me to put this here for you... “I want that”
Bash Francis 6 month ago
How dose any one hate these videos 😂 i cry laughing watching these...the other fact that this dude is an art god the bonsia came out flawless
Strawberry Cow 6 month ago
Love you shirt, I rewatched this and just realized it doesn’t say “AC/DC” lol
Uncle Waluigi 4 month ago
Oh my god, im wearing that exact spirited away shirt right now
Maude T. 7 month ago
"Like that smash button" Couldn't fond the smash button so I can't like it sorry.
Camron Perkins 4 month ago
I can’t believe how good this guys videos are I’m not handy or anything I just enjoy his energy I haven’t found a bad video yet
Bby_girl Day 5 month ago
who else is surprised he didnt poke his eyes out
julia gives no craps 8 month ago
rachelledeleon 4 month ago
Me seeing raid shadow legends: ight imma head out
Sihyun Lee 9 month ago
Me: **realizes Jazza and Bobby made Bonsai tree related videos in the same week and that Jazza made a pencil carving video just like Bobby** hmm well maybe it's a coincidence Also me: **imagines them collaborating and making art together** *things are about to get funky*
The Awful Guy’s Football talk 4 month ago
That roll had me laughing hours on end. You need to meme and patent that lol!!
nrdy grl 5 month ago
Amazing! I'm mad that YouTube took 3 months to recommend a video from an artist I'm subbed to with notifications on. How many hours would you say you put into the tree?
SSJ DOG PACT 8 month ago
When he said “Double Trunk” I thought he meant Donald Trunk
Boo Boo 7 month ago
When you were drawing you said fleeing xD
calypsoni 9 month ago
Me: *sees the bonsai tree balancing on the edge of a tree stump* Also me: *gets flashbacks to the coloured pencil and bowl with the hands*
j K 4 month ago
I watched this whole video waiting for my mom while she got ready for “ 5 minutes “
_ Preemitec _ 4 month ago
I actually have a copper Tree that we got as a gift. It's roots cover a flat bottom and hold it up off the bottom, this is because there are hundreds of pennies in there and under the roots and tree to represent the rich soil the tree is on.
Christian Jerod Fernandez 8 month ago
“Its perfect”
Bryan Reyes 4 month ago
After the “Mandy Moore” joke, you got my like! Keep it up mane
Commentur The Great 9 month ago
9:41 Let's just appreciate the time it took him to dress up and film those two second
umbra_Rose00 8 month ago
Bobby, you should make a reverse woodchopping axe!! A wooden head with a metal handle! It'll be unique and intricate. (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
J R 6 month ago
Amazing as always! I wish I had the means to do the things you do. So inspiring. Also, I love the background piano interludes. You should try your hand at an instrument, sure you'd be a natural Keep the spectacular artwork coming bro!! And than you :)
Barbara Rodriguez 4 month ago
Love this video !!!! Literally laughing throughout the whole video !!! Especially in the garage part 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Emperor Palpatine 7 month ago
I thought Ian was getting the bonsai and I imagined him saying “huh, neat... *smashing noises*
Aryan Raut 7 month ago
Put: ”It's not gewd, to waste wewd” On a t-shirt for your merch PLZ
xYochix PR 4 month ago
I love how he does great art and he’s funny at the fame time 😂
A.V. Draws 5 month ago
Bobby Duke: *making tiny tree, then out of no where says one of the tools are* A UnIcYcLe!! Me: *surprised pikachu face* 0wo"
Jax Lynch 8 month ago
This channel always makes me happy when I'm having a bad day... The art work is amazing too 😂😊😊😊😊
Marie Dunn 7 month ago
The twitching, while laying on the driveway had me laughing. Perfect! Love the tree 🤗
Stan Rider 9 month ago
*"god damnit the crazy guy on the unicycle is at it again."*
Moo Poo 4 month ago
I’ve always wanted to make one of these. I see them every once in a while and I’m like 🤔 I should make one
Original Pringle 8 month ago
I like how during the unicycle montage, he was wearing an AC DC shirt😂
Amanda Aguilar 8 month ago
16:30 That's amazing and beautiful ✨✨🍃
J Hoeh 8 month ago
I feel like Bobby Duke and Leon lush would be best friends
Corn on jaCob 9 month ago
*sees Bobby's artistic creativity, dedication, and great personality* "I want that"
Seth Vance 5 month ago
Loved this project I plan on making one thanks for the great idea will look great on my tool box
That one Beetlejuice fan 4 month ago
**sees t-shirt** i see what you did there.
Lily Wright 7 month ago
Ahh I'm so sad I missed that giveaway, metal flora sculptures are some of my favorite things. Your work is absolutely beautiful!
AgrestisAnima 8 month ago
Dude, I literary wanted to do a tree like this for my mom! And I just found your channel! Lucky me! You are very cool and skillful- subscribed!
Thomas Ridgewell 9 month ago
"forget everything you know about mobile games!" Me: alright... "talks about mobile games" Me&myfriend: wtf are mobile games? Edit: thanks for dem likes boiz
Kath VG 8 month ago
I heard the narrator’s voice and was like, ‘who does that remind me of?’ But then I knew. Teens in the wild with George Zazz, wilderness expert
Katina Pactol-Baez 6 month ago
Awesome but I think I'll settle for watching and contemplating how anyone could do this for a living.... wish I had the time to do a few of these as Christmas gifts... maybe next year.
Faith Butala 4 month ago
He makes me wanna do one of these ;-; But I don't got any money to buy materials...
NiQa 5 month ago
I love bonsai trees so let's make one that won't ever die, because it will never live...
Logan Grove 9 month ago
"I know that's super crude..." That's a better tree than I could ever draw in my life
JamesDaily 8 month ago
We need a 60 minutes style interview with all your neighbors... hahaha.
Kristian Clancy 7 month ago
This was amazing - I hope I can make one in the future.
Elaine Cameron 4 month ago
First time I've watched you and it's absolutely beautiful.
Theonly._. Ari 7 month ago
9:53 Absolutely no one: Me:...DUDE PERFECT??
Herr Eigelb 9 month ago
You're not killing the Bonsai Trees, you're growing them crunchy
TheGalarianSchnee 7 month ago
The style of your show is actually amazing. You have humour that I’ve never really seen in channels like this and I can’t stop watching because of it.
Boots Toots 4 month ago
;w; I'll never get how a unicycle will work..
Nicole Reisinger 8 month ago
9:05 "allright gamers!" Hahahaja amazing(~ ̄³ ̄)~
Robyn Albracht 5 month ago
I’m making one of these this weekend, wish me luck! 🤪
Saintly Sinner 9 month ago
I love that there's a kind of subtle implication of sending him just a ball of old wire that he can make something out of nothing too if he wanted, and him saying that It's Perfect, just how it is, is an even cooler thought It was just a goofy joke but it lowkey kinda felt like more than that
Tinormous -road2gains 4 month ago
Algorithm I liked this video NOW send it everywhere and help the brother out
ilan krumholz 7 month ago
Meanwhile me: struggling to fix a broken joystick on a remote.
Amelia de Farias 5 month ago
I was wanting to try this, but I don’t have the unicycle skills required
匠電車でD 5 month ago
His Unicycle skills is so amazing he could probably do all the showcase events in FH1 - FH4 with that and still win.
64 wanna die 9 month ago
iDubbbz be like: *Hey, that's actually pretty good*
Missymeggie 7 month ago
I would love to know what that last piano song was. The one when you're packing up the box... parts kinda sound like "Berlin" from RY X
Wilson, my 11yro schnauzer SWL 5 month ago
You need to make ‘REWT’ (root) merch!! Get this seen!!
Alejandro Suero 8 month ago
I do like bonsai trees my self, so i'll give a try. Thanks for the tutorial/video :)
Vlogjack 6 month ago
When he curved the branches to make it more realistic, i thought to myself damn thats a beautiful looking tree
Violet Jackson 9 month ago
"I want that." I've been practicing art with metal for a year now (ie making various jewelry). I am taking inspiration from your video because I've been fascinated with bonsai trees recently as well and am considering making a cascade bonsai tree in the near future. I enjoy all of your videos and they're very inspiring to me. Keep up the amazing work!
pandas paradise 7 month ago
That is absolutely gorgeous and now I must make one for I love it and must have it so thank you for the tutorial on how to make it
Logan Wallace 4 month ago
Dude, this is me with pets I can’t keep them alive so I either buy a puppet/stuffed animal or make a fake one
LeeTaemins HairDye 6 month ago
All I'm learning is that I need new hobbies and wire bending needs to be one of them. Weeelllp ain't no better time like the present [Edit:] "Windswept" 😂😂😂
Sherie Rodrigues 6 month ago
OMGOODNESS, you have got "IT." Bl...y amazing. Why are you so shy my dear man. Awesome. 😮😯🌟