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CashNasty 2 month ago
This was good ain’t gonna reaction on it will be soon doe..respect to Rice
Gabriel Salinsky 2 month ago
Rice: “this ain’t soccer, this is a deferent sport”. Also rice” he touched my elbow”
Selling Dripp 2 month ago
Rice: Heard you foul a lot Also rice: fouling every time cash get in the paint LMFAO
Charlie Kellogg 2 month ago
1:17 , flight in the background “Flight team stand up!” Lmaoooo
TheGoat Productions 2 month ago
There needs to be a rematch cuz both of y’all we’re just fouling each other the whole game
Payton Morrison 2 month ago
Yo “defense” will get u easily fouled out in a real game 😂
BNF SQUAD 2 month ago
10:15 wtf that’s a 100 smothered layup
Rainyy 2 month ago
Rice: This isn’t no soccer this is a different sport. Also rice: Ayehha that’s a foul 9:38
Pablo H 2 month ago
7:46 ; the man, the myth, the legend in the background, “look at curry man”
mattloy 2 month ago
“I can’t make no excuses” I respect you for that cash 💯
Alaina Jones 2 month ago
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Rice:ThAtS a FoUl
zBrokenWings 2 month ago
6:13 they call that a charge....
jack cole 2 month ago
Imagine taking a charge in a 1v1
إحصائيات عربية 2 month ago
Rice: “this ain’t soccer, this is a deferent sport”. Also rice” he touched my elbow”
cody Gilbraith 2 month ago
The stopping forward motion with his arm tho cash that shit pretty illegal 😂
12clutch 2 month ago
1:16 flight doing his intro in the back
Gabriele Quin Curcio 2 month ago
2:05 that's what she said 😂😂😂
White Shadow 2 month ago
Rice: "who's next". Bro let me Play against him 😂
Imri Bajayo 2 month ago
Cash: In another universe —————————————ricegum: foul!!!!!
LCMega _ 2 month ago
Dang rice be fouling like crazy, I love how cash never wants to call it though, how many fouls does rice wanna call bruh!
malakaijacobsvlogs 7 2 month ago
7:51 that’s a travel
GreenSauceTV 2 month ago
I see flight in the background getting ready for this June lmao.
OG 2 month ago
lowkey rice stepped out of bounds on his game winner
Santiago Trujillo 2 month ago
Tbh doe Rice was bragging way to much he said “it’s to easy” but cash literally came back doe👀 ion know
just pablo 2 month ago
bro cash be foulin😭 like u cant push someone wit ur hand when they dribblin n shit
JJ Rahman 2 month ago
10:13 out of bounds cuhhhhh.
Dk Games 2 month ago
10:13 rice stepped out of bounds 1:18 his foot was on the line that aint no three pointer
Jeffrey Karavas 2 month ago
This guy gets me mad he always think he’s right even when he not this is the kind of people that get me mad and he doesn’t have a shot
Daniel Echarri 2 month ago
1:18 in the background u can hear FLIGHT TEAM STAND UPPPP!
eduardo cool 2 month ago
Are we gunna act like cash didn’t go 7 pts back to back calling fouls...? Yet we callin out rice 😑
Jamal Woods 2 month ago
6:11 rice did the Lowry 😂
Noah Gonyea 2 month ago
no one: flight in the background: FLIGHT TEAM STAND UP!!!!!
Afraid Globe176 2 month ago
Alr I’m not even gonna cap, rice actually sucks
Daniel Echarri 2 month ago
2:06 oh god let’s just not
NCL CHICAGO 2 month ago
10:12 look at his foot
Colicinz 2 month ago
1:18 FTC helped him with that 3
dumptruck 2k 2 month ago
I got excited when cash hit 10😭 but damn rice got that lucky shot but he’s a shooter fasho and I would guard the hell outta him also
GBO 06 2 month ago
Cash “Patrick Beverly” Nasty
Nfranciaa 2 month ago
9:21 lowwd have mercyyyy
King Jordan 2 month ago
5:20 flight shooting a NBA three. (probley airballed)
Elixzity 2 month ago
McQueen was on rices tip he was ds the whole time
Eggsy :D 2 month ago
The last possession was clean But bro they where playing diiirrttttyyyyy
Anthony santoscoy 2 month ago
Rice plays like a bit”h , cash will never call a foul he don’t play like that he play hood ball. But you got rice that is grabbing him in the paint cash should of got physical
ツLil1 2 month ago
bro. Cash can literally lock up rice have his hands straight up, and rice would pick up his dribble and just flop like crazy and call fouls like just toughen up man.. 🤣
Trollbum_ 1 2 month ago
He literally draymond he good for nothing 😂😂😂
Dragonflames315 2 month ago
Rice: I feel that jail defense coming on
Dope-Forever Beats 2 month ago
I'm not gonna lie rice can shoot 🔥🔥
bhill005 2 month ago
How's that muscle working for you, Cash? LOL! I already knew weeks ago Rice would get that dub. Skill over muscle all day, any day. And, what controversy were you talking about? All you did was foul and reach!
Sean Ego-Aguirre 2 month ago
“Wrasteling tickets” LMAOAO
Breezy Drops 2 month ago
1:18 flight doing his intro in the background 😂
LA LAKERS 2 month ago
Mond Ray 2 month ago
1:17 FLIGHT TEAM STAND UPPPP !!! If u heard that , like this comment
Marco Chen 2 month ago
5:53 if u slow it down, it actually leaves cash's fingers
Mond Ray 2 month ago
5:22 That shot is definitely wettt Comment if u know who im talking boutt
Dez Jones 2 month ago
Imagine having 50 pounds on someone & putting ur head down and charging to the rim
-? 2 month ago
Rice gum is just like flight, but actually can make the shots
Zoeboy305 2 month ago
5:58 cash come on u touched last 👀
Lil Snoozy Bert 2 month ago
whats good 53 2 month ago
rice called foul almost everytime but yet when he faced the other two he dont call anything
LaDainian Anderson 2 month ago
"Yes sir cash"
Jackson Press 2 month ago
1:18 Flight Team stand up
Marco Q. 2 month ago
At 1:19 when flight says "Flight team stand up" Rice makes the bucket
Rylee Curry 2 month ago
brandon castaneda 2 month ago
I give props to my man rice he really putting his body against this man he’s a whole bodybuilder 🙏🏽
callmesimon 2 month ago
2:05 wait, he did not just say that 😂😂😂
Gunn.A. Game 2 month ago
When’s kickgenius gonna hoop on these wanna be hoopers?😔
Jojo Swank 2 month ago
6:34 he do stay doing that lol
Lynju 2 month ago
3:39 Jail Defense 😂😂
Merv Upnext 2 month ago
I would shake cash you can’t stay in front of me 😂
HashTagHeelGFX 2 month ago
6:13 lmao 🤣
XxGoneNathanxX -_- 2 month ago
Rice gets touched : FOUL FOUL He touched my elbow like did you see his middle finger touch my elbow that a foul check it up. Cash thinking in his head: this dude bro
Darshan 002 2 month ago
Now i want to see Rice 1v1 Zach TTG, the REAL try hard
OtterForThree 2 month ago
Cash literally got zero skill whatsoever. Hustles thought, i’ll given em that.
TrellGuap Tv 2 month ago
My guy cash a goat he inspired me to do this YouTube thing thanks cash keep dropping heat💯🔥🔥
wolfxjawz 2k20 2 month ago
That was entertaining fr. That last shot was cold af tho. Don't know how that dropped for him.
Jacob Reeves 2 month ago
You can tell where rice comes from calling the littlest fails on earth 😂😂
DB The great 2 month ago
If someone ever called a charge in 1v1 on me I might as well go home😂😂
Iohcs 2 month ago
1:25 Rice got that Default Size up🤣
Harambe father 2 month ago
1:19 his foot on the line
Gavyn Henson 2 month ago
at the begging all i hear is flight saying “flight crew stand up “
Albert Benito 2 month ago
This man rice really think he nice🤦🏾‍♂️smh
Bennathenn 2 month ago
Yooo rices first foul had me dead 😂😂 High iq
Gamerz 108 2 month ago
Whole lot of fouls and “fouls”
Young 3 2 month ago
1:18 flight team stand up dang rice stranded up huh
C 2 month ago
rice has the mind of a stretch four from 2k19 bro
Manny Marin 2 month ago
6:52 he livin to his race cash
SEAN HARRIS 2 month ago
Who tf calls a charge🤦🏽‍♂️!l? 2 month ago
everybody:cash you always doing that man offense foul💪🏾🏀😂
Vape Sebi 2 month ago
cash not even good smh, homie was just posting him up all game that shit require no skill. he just stronger than rice
DerrellTV 2 month ago
He ain’t beat the whole 2Hype yet play LSK Now 😂
Yan Velazquez 2 month ago
Who calls charging fouls in 1v1s bruh🤦🏽‍♂️😂
ShootoverCash - 2 month ago
2:05 bruh rice gum what did you just say😂
Benny BeWilin’ 2 month ago
This bumass took a charge😂😂😂 I’m dead
Light Dragon 2 month ago
“Flight team stand up” ay man”
Loni 2 month ago
Never seen more fouls called in a mf 1v1😭
Big LoC 2 month ago
At 1:18 you can hear flight about to get dropped off by someone 😂😂
Mathew Magana 2 month ago
Notice how when cash trys to play defence he held em to 1 point
Demigod 2 month ago
Imagine loosing to ricegum 😭💀
Stimology 2 month ago
You can hear flight doing his intro and recording his own vid lol
ayyy lmao 2 month ago
Let me 1v1 rice I’m 15 and 5,4 I will drop him off