Markets Sink As Coronavirus Spreads Globally | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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U.S. stock futures pointed to sharp declines on Wall Street at the open on Monday as the number of coronavirus cases outside China surged. CNBC's Dominic Chu reports. Aired on 2/24/2020.
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Markets Sink As Coronavirus Spreads Globally | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Old Drifter 1 month ago
Revolution is coming. The people won’t take being lied to anymore.
Jupiter Jewelz 1 month ago
Nobody cares till money is involved! We’re all screwed!
Political Twinkie 1 month ago
A storm is coming.
The FPV Life 1 month ago
Govnt only reacts n usually when it's to late.
James Christianson 1 month ago
Manufactured virus. Manufactured crisis.
logacoolxtreme 1 month ago
this could have 2 impacts though : 1. this will tank trump's approval rating 2. it might increase support for medicare for all.
DangerDave 1 month ago
It's a psycho economic system!
Jakuu Jakuu 1 month ago
The world is editing people 😭
Alan Lubeski - TheGrizzlyBearKing 1 month ago
Yeah this is officially a global pandemic and the window of opportunity is closed so stop towing the company line, cut the crap and tell the truth! We are not blind!
aman andom 1 month ago
The Economy was and is Fake. Do not blame Corona virus after months. It was shooting up with Corona the virus that can't defend itself on court that it is not a culprit!!!
kare more 1 month ago
I've been watching this for weeks.
johnny walker 1 month ago
Here it comes...
high iq matt 1 month ago
Why did cuckold Raphael Cruz allow DJT to fly in corona infected people to Texas? What happened to border security?
Mark 1 month ago
people died and I thought this was bad, but now the stock markets tank, this is serious!
Cowboy Bebop 1 month ago
Trump will blame Obama.
Anthony D 1 month ago
It's sad that economic activity is apparently far more important than human suffering.
Sean McSeanson 1 month ago
Japan just let a bunch of people off a cruise ship and into the general public
Isaac Erickson 1 month ago
this is something that plays before a movie. Like I AM LEGEND
Krs Villegas 1 month ago
“Little one, it’s a simple calculus. This universe is finite, its resources, finite. If life is left unchecked, life will cease to exist. It needs correcting.”  ― Thanos
Locked And Loaded Entertainment 1 month ago
Ganiscol 1 month ago
Dont worry! #OrangeMoron promised it will go away in April - because warm weather... 🤦🏻‍♂️
Jeff Richardson 1 month ago
I've been looking for a buying opportunity.
WS Intern 1 month ago
Dharvinder Singh 1 month ago
I am surprised they haven't blamed bernie lol
MAF USA 1 month ago
I love the smell of mutation in the morning
Kelly ann kanye 1 month ago
I tried to warn them, about the market.🤔
ctwoscan 1 month ago
China is to blame. Their communist government controls the media. Their propaganda covered up the truth and now thousands world wide will die.
Skull buster 1 month ago
Yes I finally got into a new trend! Wait....
TAIPIZZALORD 1 month ago
Oh dear :)
Chairman Meow 1 month ago
The lord is returning and sinners will paaaaayyy for their sins!!!!
Trent Parker 1 month ago
Evil Panda 1 month ago
Doomsday prepper as laughing now ...🤔🤨
pavanatanaya 1 month ago
According to Drumph, global warming should stop Corona in its tracks
Nina Fox 1 month ago
Keep Dump in quarantine. His disease was caught by 63,000,000 in 2016. Time for a cure.
Fahjah Fajitas 1 month ago
Ohhhhh stocks are going on sale? Cool!
Ihearvoicez 1 month ago
Are infections following the Belt and Road countries?
Chairman Meow 1 month ago
MSNBC = My Source of News By Commies
Bob Enweave 1 month ago
I hope no one mentions these 2 words to Trump: Marshall Law
Trumps IQ zero 1 month ago
This is a legit correction.
werner fourie 1 month ago
welcome to the poor it when you loooooose you money like that....did you realy think you are so smart...put some sand on it motherf%4675ers.....
Chairman Meow 1 month ago
There’s a sale at penny’s
karen shaw 1 month ago
ohhh a big storm at that!!!!
Olivia Dzide 1 month ago
Anthony Xzy 1 month ago
Its on time to bug out this is the real deal this time!!
kalo924 1 month ago
YouTube... you geniuses! do something about all the trolls and bots on your channel!
roger thomas 1 month ago
2Q2Q TRUMP Coronavirus Cases: 79,737 view by country Deaths: 2,628
Carl Kelly 1 month ago
Troy Williams 1 month ago
Hits south Korea but skips North Korea no cases in North Korea🤔
sadboy8413 1 month ago
Guess good thing it will die once summer begins lmfmao well that's what the fool in oval office said
Bella Birb 1 month ago
didnt mention iran, hmmm
Xtralife 1 1 month ago
Chemical warfare
elroy the great 1 month ago
Hey wonder if it has anything to do with Bernie's front runner status?
Melvin cash 1 month ago
And look at who we have charge. It was a nice world while it lasted.
Getthefuckoffmylawn 1 month ago
Great buying opportunities.
None Applicable 1 month ago
plzzzzzzz don't speak out about the 7000 case in the US....??
Damien Kekahuna 1 month ago
We can thank the Democrats and China for the stock market declining
Ali Haji 1 month ago
We wanna see -27,000 drop.
Dima K 1 month ago
Oliver Heaviside 1 month ago
joe is loving the crisis.. you can see the smirk constantly on his face.. he's dying to scream in excitement and fist pump... probably long the vix - such a sociopath
Inez Qtaish 1 month ago
Inez Qtaish dreamed i was driving in a car with my brother and Rochelle , I was driving back from the store, I was driving down a one way street the wrong way, I made a u turn and Rochelle told Tony, Nez still made her turn first and I woke up Joe was saying Aunte can you come lock the door ? I'm about to go
Supreme Tez VLOGS 1 month ago
*Buy buy buy* stocks are down time to get in where u fit in
Bob Smith 1 month ago
MS13NBC loves China
TheGoldenhill 1 month ago
Thanks Obama.
Manuel Valcárcel 1 month ago
Don´t speak very loudly about emergency powers. It's all Trump needs to cancel the next election.
bucolis 1 month ago
Is this true or are Joe and Mika lying about this too?
brian lucas 1 month ago
jade 1 month ago
Don't they already have a cure for coronavirus?
Mini Wizard 1 month ago
Perhaps with markets tanking, people might take this as seriously as they should have done several weeks ago rather than all this 'it's just the flu' rubbish.
Pepper Grinder 1 month ago
I'm waiting for Trump to call the virus a HOAX.
Adam Biggerstaff 1 month ago
wow it would seem the four horseman have been set loose apon the world
Blink Once on Sunday! 1 month ago
This is it guys. The global extinction event scientists warned us about!
Cameron Ward 1 month ago
And the system begins to crumble. Let it spread! Earth needs a reset...
S G 1 month ago
Coronavirus In Stockton California
Shin 1 month ago
Corona will go away when it gets warmer and manmade climate change is a hoax. Just remember that when you're dying of a heatstroke while struggling to breathe due to the virus 🥳
Bob Smith 1 month ago
CNN "sources" say this is TRUMP'S FAULT!
James Duffy 1 month ago
Thank you for the update on the Coronavirus - let me add some points - I believe we have a good idea of the fatality rate from this virus by looking at the Diamond Princess data. This was a ship off Japan that was quarantined due to one passenger who initially had the virus. Later 696 passengers on this ship got the virus (out of 3,500). I believe all passengers were tested (this needs to be checked). You have three deaths so far from this ship. You also have 36 serious/critical passengers (so far) on this ship in the hospital. If we assume that 60% of the critical patients die (per previous medical studies on this virus) that gives you a fatality rate of about 3.5%. This also assumes no additional passengers (probably not a great assumption as it may take a week or two to move to the critical stage) will move into the critical category and that 60% that are critical will die (per other studies). I think that is a reasonable fatality estimate though the low recovery rate is also concerning. These were passengers who were required to be tested whether they showed symptoms or not. They had no choice but to get tested. So, this rules out mild cases not being reported. If you get this virus and if you get proper medical care assume a 3.5% fatality rate otherwise assume a higher fatality rate (5-6%). Keep following the Diamond Princess data as that is the key to how dangerous this virus is at ( Other countries spread rate is interesting to know but the fatality rate is much more important. Remember other countries do not test everyone only those who are sick or who were exposed to other sick people. Also, it is my understanding that most of the passengers on this ship were over 50 (need to get this data), who probably have other medical issues that make this virus more dangerous. So, we do not have good data for all population groups only those over age 50. My guess from reading other news reports is the fatality rate is lower if you are younger and healthier, but we really do not have any idea how much lower. Unfortunately, there are videos out of Iran showing children in Iran barely breathing from the Corona virus. This is scary stuff.
J Bennett 1 month ago
this is a planet cleanse. i am so sorry for the lost ones but tomorrow it could be anyone of us!
Dreamssofblue Harmony 1 month ago
When this hits the U.S. hard at least the wealthy can afford medical help. You know... the only ones that matter.
Honest Business 1 month ago
ALSO, We are in a mild manufacturing recession. GDP sucks, under 2%. Job creation sucks. Lower than most presidents. Jimmy Carter created twice as many jobs for Christ sake. Federal spending out of control, so the federal deficit has double under this crook, going over 1.1 trillion and rising. The yield curve has inverted and debt/gdp ratio is at 106 and rising. Your nuts if you think this is going to end well. That 14% tax cut for very profitable multinational corporations has dumped trillions into the pockets of the ultra rich at our expense and it will cost we the people in the long run.
Elaine Gilbert 1 month ago
A virus that originates from experimental nuclear power has the ability to easily mutate, twin, and spread swiftly.
Conjurer Woman 1 month ago
Most of the medications and ingredients for medications are made overseas and it will not be long for the supply chain to be interrupted. If you are on ongoing medications, it is time to STOCK UP if you can afford it!
MA63 1 month ago
Why don’t these greedy billionaires cut the airport from operating? Too much money into stocks? Money or life? Make a cut soon.
gdgood1000 1 month ago
Has MSDNC blamed Trump yet?
Andre Rocha 1 month ago
EVOLVING IN TO A global killer and of the world stuf u have a choice to make keep hi in office and pay the price or change the future
Damien Kekahuna 1 month ago
Its called viral warfare it's funny right after China signed the trade deal and a couple of days later this pop's up out of know where's huh
Steve Magruder 1 month ago
This to me is an object lesson on how irrational the Stock Market is, and that hitching an overall economy so tightly to their interests is rather insane.
Kevin M 1 month ago
No Al-
Rob Smith 1 month ago
Millions will die,good luck to you all
carmen patricia conde fierro 1 month ago
Trump will stop any news about coronavirus deaths in the US ( he would claim "fake news") .......he did it with the soldiers, here it comes............
EaST CoAsT MaCHete 1 month ago
Losing money leads to war
Sumumma Bish 1 month ago
I can see trump now at another rally... The weak corona virus! trying to destroy my economy! Its a fake virus conjured by Democrats and the fbi. Trust me... not your sick family!
Nick Ahhh 1 month ago
Coronavirus? You mean Donald trump? Don’t change the subject the cause of everything bad is the Donald
Big Dick Beta 1 month ago
Trump has a mini-micro-mushroom! Bernie is hung like a horse!
Tc 1 month ago
The market is just looking for a reason to take your money
Ron Wuerch 1 month ago
Cant Believe They Brought Sick People Back Into The Country Behind The Presidents Back...These People Should Be Thrown In Jail.
j p 1 month ago
all is well...April will soon be here
Thomas Johnson 1 month ago
There are thousands of cases in the United states, they won't be able to cover it up much longer .
Nope Lies 1 month ago
I’ll never understand why the market freaks out over something like this. Although lower stock price the better I guess. It’ll be worth more when people stop panicking like a bunch of startled cattle.
srgreeniii 1 month ago
My question is what happens when this hits north Korea?