Jorge Linares DESTROYS Carlos Morales by KNOCKOUT!

1K views • 3 month ago
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In this video Radio Rahim interviews Jorge Linares about his dominant victory of Carlos Morales.

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sui suikski 3 month ago
LINARES is very humble! Hope he gets good opponents on his next fight.
Tom Abela 3 month ago
I havent heard liners speak english
DRAGONE 3 month ago
Amazing fighter But seems like Oscar might not want to match him against garcia
MY RULES 3 month ago
Love this guy lol 💥🥊☝️
Toro309 3 month ago
Great English
Andrew Winkelmeyer 3 month ago
He had a dope fight. Much respect.
Steve VC 3 month ago
EL NINO DE ORO He's on the UP again. I'd like to him fight Loma again, or maybe a fight with Haney or Lopez
ecw787 3 month ago
Linares vs Garcia gonna be good. Hope Linares wins
Pasha 92 3 month ago
Glass chin
Manveer Sohal 3 month ago
Good win, everyone thinks he’s washed up but he’s not. He would beat Garcia easily as it’s too soon for Ryan. They should keep on developing Ryan like they did with Canelo and stay away from fighters like this for now.
Mohebullah Afzali 3 month ago
Linares is a very humble and respectful person.
Vickspeed 01 3 month ago
He didn’t Destroy Morales BTW
pnbdash 3 month ago
Oscar isnt gonna make Ryan fight Linares....
Q A 3 month ago
He’s a finished product Linares, he’s there for the taking now, he’s no longer a formidable guy. He gets a good sum for facing Ryan Garcia and gets stopped in that fight,then retires, i see this his final year in the sport.