D Smoke "Black Habits I" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

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D Smoke is the winner of Netflix’s first season of 'Rhythm & Flow.' The brother of TDE singer SiR released his new album, 'Black Habits', earlier this month, and the title song is a wordplay-heavy celebration of blackness. Today’s Verified, which premiered exclusively on Apple Music, is his second time on the series—he stopped by Genius in December to break down “Last Supper.”

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Quintez Johnson 3 month ago
He’s no student to the game. He’s a teacher and he is here to teach. #BlackHabits
Un titled 3 month ago
kikomanshoyu 3 month ago
"It's one thing to say we live side by side, but when you start dancing to the same music, start moving to the same rhythms, then there's this marriage of cultures that happens" Like damn that's mad deep. Especially since growing up in Hawai'i and I noticed the connections made when I would meet some Maori people or Latino people and we would be listening to the same songs, the connections built went so much deeper. It made the connection and admiration for each others cultures just so much more. Also like how Damian Marley talked about the way he felt connected to the Hawaiian culture and us to the Jamaican culture for Hawai'i was one of the first places to accept their music. Shoots we got Jawaiian music (Jamaican Hawaiian) because of it. D Smoke yfinna be a legend. Such a master with words so carefully placed.
sᴜᴋɪ ᴋɢ 3 month ago
i love this man's tone, musicality & poetry
Eireee17 3 month ago
💪🏾 Glad to see the Multi-Talened *D-Smoke* He's dope with the storytelling, wordplay, rhyme schemes, speaks fluent Spanish, and plays instruments 💯
mello706 3 month ago
This guy is going to be one of the greatest.
Melanin Proud 3 month ago
I hope y’all really listening and digesting these lyrics. EVERYTHING black✊🏾
Na0m1 Fes 3 month ago
Yes 👊 Genius we needed this 😤for this song #blackhabits Ps :the song #blackhabit is really great 🙌
Next Up Sounds 3 month ago
Came out swinging after the show big respect
TruMusic89 3 month ago
Here to say that he doesn't sound like Kendrick. That is all.
Emily Linares 3 month ago
Since Netflix, I’ve been following D Smoke he’s the star all along!
ez._.george 3 month ago
Hopefully we get one for Bullies, and Top of The Morning
HARMONY fidow 3 month ago
"have you ever had sleep for dinner?'... damn Felt that
Rich Melanin 3 month ago
Ima need yall to find a pop smoke video and comment THERE because THIS is D smoke not pop smoke.....
O.E. Bangerz 3 month ago
This dude is indeed a genius!
Sandra Holmes 3 month ago
This man and this song will be iconic for years to come. Respect young king ✊🏾
Lil louisy officialvevo 3 month ago
This dude got"Black habits"of darkness!!
Solomon Crigler 3 month ago
I remember d smoke winning that Netflix thing
Nia Orea 3 month ago
I’m going to work with him one day 🔥 Hey guys, I’m an independent artist. It would make me super duper happy if you would hear out my music too. Trust me.....You won’t regret it! 🙌🏽 Peace and Much Love ❤️🔥❤️
fasakla b 3 month ago
Every time I see D Smoke I click. I've seen all the interviews. I'm notre sleeping on talent.
camNfamILY 3 month ago
Aye I love how d smoke is really about to blow up
Marco Morales 3 month ago
this man is a true genius (no pun intended)
Isaac Parsons 3 month ago
Yooo I just got finished watching rhythm and flow
James Mazzarisi 3 month ago
I thought the title said Pop Smoke for a second. RIP to him
Official Mikey 3 month ago
What a great person and talented man. I can't wait until I get my Genius interview. Much love to all!
javen alvarez 3 month ago
I thought it said pop smoke but really it’s sad that pop smoke died
The Business Artist Group 3 month ago
sᴜᴋɪ ᴋɢ 3 month ago
he's a whole MAN 😩
Hassan Mahone 3 month ago
_Who else has been watching_ *Genius* _before 2020?!_ 🤯😇 🤷‍♀️ 👇 *I am gifting my next 100 subs* 🎁
Jabrony 3 month ago
Finally got a good ass artist on here
Gina Romero 3 month ago
D Smoke you’re a KING ❤️❤️❤️❤️
IbokRock811 3 month ago
Proof that lyricism is not dead!! Can’t wait to see all that is possible with D Smoke
Ellen Pereira 3 month ago
He's the next rap legend 🔥
Yahawah Is The Light 3 month ago
Did he not expound on the “Praise black Jesus, Play black Moses” line or they purposely didn’t show it??
W0AH 3 month ago
D SMOKE TAKE YA TIME ITS A LONG DINNER Nice to see you going places!! :D
Daniel Salan 3 month ago
D Smoke is the new LEGENDARY rapper out there folks! Get acquainted 🔥🔥🔥😎
Lele HEHE 3 month ago
Genius I cameeee all the way here runningggggg just to grab my phone and tell u that u haveeeeee to do tomboy by Destiny plisssssssssss
Yao Awuku 3 month ago
Damn! new videos of D smoke eveyday. Glad he’s finally gettin recognition
Ishani Brinson 3 month ago
I LOVE HIMMMM THE POST-CHORUS is fire 🔥 it just makes you wanna yell 🤪ahhhh
AprilTheEditor 3 month ago
Smoke came in the game stepping on necks ‼️‼️
NinjaMasterWoo 3 month ago
The chorus, Reminds me of" All Black Everything" by Lupe Fiasco. And also the Go GO Gadget reference
Tracy Sutherland 3 month ago
D SMOKE 💨 He is going to be a legend just 👀
Ysk Skit 3 month ago
I’m finna go listen to him rn🔥
niyah filmz 3 month ago
i was da first like 😝
Fanrata 3 month ago
I’m not the type to say things like this, well not recently, but that’s my husband 🤷🏾‍♂️🥴
Missy Missy 3 month ago
Yayyy. Thank you D Smoke and Genius for this!
BigHeadJeremy 3 month ago
RIP POP SMOKE ☹️🖤 he didn’t even get to experience a whole year in the game. R.I.P POP SMOKE 1999-2020
Ruth Registe 3 month ago
I was so happy for him when he won rhythm and flow , he’s gonna do big things 🤩💯
X 3 month ago
Protect this man❣️
LeBeautiful 3 month ago
Reminds me of another Smoke that we lost... RIPtheWoo
Better Days 3 month ago
Kenya Chase 3 month ago
D Smoke is just an amazing intelligent lyrical genius with beautiful energy. A King for real gonna do big things for the hip hop culture for real. He is just so dope
Avantius Maximus 3 month ago
D Smoke! Bringing something unique to the rap game and our culture. One of the greatest! Keep doing your thing, praying for you and God Bless.
sᴜᴋɪ ᴋɢ 3 month ago
Hip Hop needed him for sure.
Jaleek Games 3 month ago
Watch when he take over boy is talented
Tobi Uchiha 3 month ago
I want more of this guy please.
Ebo J. 3 month ago
D Smoke was the winner for me from the beginning of Rhythm and Flow. I enjoy him more and more every time I hear the music and especially when I hear him speak. 💜
Hotta Fyah 3 month ago
A true genius! Powerful and enlightened
Professor X 3 month ago
I’m so proud of this man for making it this far after rhythm and flow
Lakeisha Mason 3 month ago
he rly on another level than all the rest of the people that were on Rythm and Flow
Krystal Elizabeth 3 month ago
Just hearing D Smoke speak just makes me want to be better and learn as much as I can.
•Iced Tea• 3 month ago
Who else watched him on Hustle nd' Flow on Netflix?? 😍😍 I've been waiting for thiss!! So glad they gave him this deal! ♥️
Sunset Lover 3 month ago
Yess I love to see him shining 💛😩
Andre3000fan 123456 3 month ago
D smoke don't know it yet.... But he's my husband 😂✊🏿😍
Tiki 666 3 month ago
Bro last time I heard about him was in that netflix series, rythym and flow!!!!
Senaga 3 month ago
i want my school to play this video because its black history month
PrettyPoet P 3 month ago
Falling in love with him more and more than mind is just 🤤😍🔥
Un titled 3 month ago
this is the artist that we need on genius
Rocco Caruso 3 month ago
Finally! D smokr bout to be a goat
mookovisuals 3 month ago
He was on rhythm and flow
Yaqui Silver 3 month ago
I didn’t even read the title just saw that it was D Smoke and automatically pressed it
Jah 3 month ago
Rip Pop Smoke
Lorenzo Burton 3 month ago
Icon in the making.
Quiana W 3 month ago
D. Smoke the genius 🤩🤩🤩
Samba Anna 3 month ago
I'm so proud of him
Aisha Mohamed 3 month ago
Rip pop smoke
KayosJay 3 month ago
Y’all was never bumping pop smoke stop hopping on death trends 24/7
Keoma Fernandes 3 month ago
I hope great things for this guy!
Ervens Pierre 3 month ago
A legend in the making 🔥
Lil yoshi23 3 month ago
Thought this said pop smoke for a sec. Rest In Peace patna
CJ's Gaming 3 month ago
Damn I forgot bout him since the show with chance and Cardi
Cj Mcclure 3 month ago
Rip pop smoke 🤦‍♂️ this cold world
Lil Baab 3 month ago
How Many Of You See This Comment and Gan Check Me Out🙏🏿
marvin harvey 3 month ago
Proud of you Mr. Farris You've come a long way
Yana Lemondrop 3 month ago
Smh that thumbnail worries me because he had that same thumbnail for Pandora .... smh
KaitySoFly 3 month ago
Loved you on R&F !
Warren Cunningham 3 month ago
Musical genius already I’m a HUGE FAN
Leena 3 month ago
Beautiful and well spoken.
Robyn Thomas 3 month ago
Woooo go D Smoke! You got to Genius!!!
Anaí RaSoul 3 month ago
Every time I see this man I wish he was multiplied 👑
Brena Long 3 month ago
He Fine asf 💕 And Hella intelligent 😩😍
trailwillow 3 month ago
DSmoke the professor
Stephanie Green 3 month ago
I instantly loved this dude....
Lil Fly 3 month ago
D smoke will about to blow up and he will be a super star!🦋
ImCaramel 3 month ago
This the dude from Netflix Brooooo
HOLASHEEPLE 3 month ago
Ricardo Menéndez 3 month ago
Bruh you can tell me this song is by Kendrick and I’d believe it with no doubts.
MadPro Skillz 3 month ago
D Smoke! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
S 3 month ago