Steve Rattner's Charts: Coronavirus Re-Ignites Recession Fears | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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On Monday, fears of the coronavirus collided with a plunge in oil prices, and the Dow sank 2,000 points. Steve Rattner brings charts showing how the coronavirus crisis has rocked financial markets and re-ignited recession fears. Aired on 03/10/2020.
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Steve Rattner's Charts: Coronavirus Re-Ignites Recession Fears | Morning Joe | MSNBC
barry Amato 1 month ago
All those business folks screaming about Socialism will now be asking for a bailout from our tax dollars, which is Socialism. That's fine when corporate America benefits. The hypocrisy is astounding.
Larry Shores 1 month ago
Sad part is . We are already running a trillion dollar deficits. Because the economy is sooooo great. Now what??????
bruce robbins 1 month ago
Trump can't blame the stock market on Obama this time. Obama inherited in in 2008, and a recession in 2008. The economy slowly upturned again, and Trump inherited 8 years of financial upswing. Still the total moron blames Obama. He is a very, very, sick not man, but individual, mousy coward.
Jim P 1 month ago
Going to be just like when Baby Bush left office, another mess for the Dems to have to fix.
Lucillesgirl 1 month ago
Any functional adult 😫 #flipthesenate
Lynn Middleton 1 month ago
When we travel they raise the gas prices to take advantage of the need, like they need the trillions more in their bank accounts. Now we can’t afford to travel and are just concerned about food and shelter, so they flood the markets with their oil and are crying they’re loosing billions. Poor little oligarchs might have to sell off one of their islands or jets or yachts, oh my, how will they survive. Excuse me while I throw up.
Charlie O'Doule 1 month ago
Coin the term now, "Trump's and Boris's RECESSION".
Stev Rex 1 month ago
The GOP lead by Moscow Mitch has enacted a policy which is the opposite of best practices for the economy. Again!
Dawn Oceanside 1 month ago
Dropped like a prom dress, 20% in 6 months. 🙄😜
Anthony D 1 month ago
What's wrong, Don? You're not going to attack your Saudi buddy?
MsLansones 1 month ago
Enough proof that this conman is a failure. His evil father was right about him, he’s a baby that needs constant supervision!
Moe 1 month ago
Yeah, sure. That payroll tax cut will be just like the middle class tax cut he promised during the mid-terms. Don't hold your breath. Except MAGAts, you people start holding your breath now.
Will Be Jamming 1 month ago
Oil: I have the economy over a barrel. COVID 19: I have the economy in quarantine. Trump: I have the economy well in hand. The Economy: Hold my bear.
Darrell Powell 1 month ago
Country Healthcare Rank 2019 France 1 Italy 2 San Marino 3 Andorra 4 Malta 5 Singapore 6 Spain 7 Oman 8 Austria 9 Japan 10 Norway 11 Portugal 12 Monaco 13 Greece 14 Iceland 15 Luxembourg 16 Netherlands 17 United Kingdom 18 Ireland 19 Switzerland 20 Belgium 21 Colombia 22 Sweden 23 Cyprus 24 Germany 25 Saudi Arabia 26 United Arab Emirates 27 Israel 28 Morocco 29 Canada 30 Finland 31 Australia 32 Chile 33 Denmark 34 Dominica 35 Costa Rica 36 United States 37 Slovenia 38 Cuba 39 Brunei 40 France is a democratic socialist country since 5 May 1789 .It is the world's 7th largest economy. Bernie Sanders wants a universal healthcare the same as the French. Why settle for 37th best healthcare system? USA is number 1 at putting money into the system BUT with too much money being wasted on, administrations. No wonder private healthcare is being shunned by 90% of the world. As private healthcare is profits before people. And that's why USA is ranked 37th. When it should be people before profits. Sadly there are too much money paying the politicians money to keep the status quo, profits before people. The corona virus will determine that universal health care in USA is a better system for the people. Medicare for all is NOT a tax, its an investment in people and in health.
Tsnore 1 month ago
A lack of leadership and incompetent leadership - you get what you pay for.
David J 1 month ago
If this was no different than the flu, they wouldn't be talking about cancelling professional sporting events. If this was like the flu, they wouldn't be talking about cancelling the Summer Olympics. If this was like the flu, people wouldn't  be getting quarantined for two weeks. If this was like the flu, the entire country of Italy wouldn't be on a lock down.
MessupFreq 1 month ago
"Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them" - A. Einstein. We are deprived of both with this administration...
Michael C 1 month ago
1 day of gains to only fall again. Typical next day after losses behavior
Jesus Says 1 month ago
_"Trump shook Rep. Doug Collins' hand before congressman self-quarantined"_ *HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ROFLMAO!!! LOL LOL!!!* 😂 🤣😂 🤣😂 🤣😂 🤣
Joy Adamo 1 month ago
Money, money, money, his theme song, soon his billionaires will be jumping ship, this should be fun to watch... How you feeling Mitch?
Tuna Cat 1 month ago
When tax payers bail out these companies that is SOCIALISM!
never trumper 1 month ago
I love the way they believe the compulsive liar when they think it will benefit them.
J M 1 month ago
Fritter Foof 1 month ago
Maria Hammarström 1 month ago
"It might not affect Trump´s presidency" Spoilsport!!!
thebillis1 1 month ago
We all know republicans can’t govern.
Kristi 1 month ago
We gotta out of the habit of equating “not as much PROFIT” with “being hurt”. The upper class has got “opportunity cost syndrome.”
Greg Raines 1 month ago
Funny how Trump’s buddies, Putin and MSB, are destroying his business friends. Now whose economy did best? Obama or Trump. Time for the Democrats to mop up the Republican’s mess.
Keith Kimmel 1 month ago
There's been an undue absence of leadership up in Washington for 3+ years now!
Ancient Heart 1 month ago
The sheeple are right back in the Casino again today!
Valerie Shutiva 1 month ago
YAHOO! Judge ruled Democrats should receive all Mueller's evidence. YAHOO!!
omi god 1 month ago
*I can remember a time when a drop in the price of oil was seen as a GOOD THING. Those were happy, innocent days, weren't they?*
Nathan Baker 1 month ago
*The Coronavirus meets the Moronavirus.*
Susan DeLaney 1 month ago
🇺🇸🔵🇺🇸🔵🇺🇸🔵🇺🇸🔵🇺🇸🔵. VoteBlueVoteBlueVoteBlue🇺🇸
Garin Goldsbury 1 month ago
So, banks are hurt, rich people and nut jobs Putin are hurting; is this where the working class are suppose to feel sorry for the people that own two cars etcetera.
roguedeath98 1 month ago
You make less than 7 figures, you won't be seeing a dime from this "tax cut" socialism for the wealthy, bootstraps for the poor
MVVpro 1 month ago
This financial crisis brought to you by Trump's best friends, Russia and Saudi Arabia.
Herr Frankenstein 1 month ago
Teach the stock market a lesson...Build it here, ship it there... turn this boat around...
Youneeda Lotsalove 1 month ago
Payroll Tax cut ??? Wouldn't save me enough to go to the ER in a year of cuts...70% of Americans 😠😠
Eddie Mendoza 1 month ago
It’s a plan between Saudi Arabia and Putin to hurt when we are down
C Boyle 1 month ago
We've BEEN in recession for a while now, they just have permission to Jimmy with the numbers... Trump just want things to "look" good. Typical. I think Trump got elected by the Russians because as opportunists, they saw what bad shape we were in and wanted their own Venture Capitalist in there so they would be positioned to reap the benefits of our bankruptcy. Wall Street numbers mean nothing. So easy to hack and fiddle with.
ONNIE TALONE 1 month ago
it was a world shortfall, we are all geared to look after our own interest, this has clearly shown how we're all came in short,
thesinaclwon 1 month ago
Oh no the rich people are still rich but their offspring 20 generations from now may actually have to get a real job
covfefe 1 month ago
Did I miss something? I thought we were having 5,6,7,8% growth?
Shirley Hill 1 month ago
The Saudis, Russia, B.P., Shell oil etc have been living in our pocket books rent free for over 40 years. The argument for high oil prices has been till now....oil shortages. Saudis versus Russian oil just proves we've been and continue to be conned. It's time to shift to a green economy and toss em all out of our pockets.
stillbreathing37 1 month ago
How many tests have been conducted as of today? Homeland Security Director "I don't know!" Winning! Bwahahahaahahaahahahahha!
Grm Cia 1 month ago
So is this the time we do or don't believe what he say's? I'm so dizzy from wondering what to believe.....and what to see..And the trumpies were dizzy to begin with.
Yellowbeard 1 month ago
Now this is what I call Consumer Power.They fell to their knees real fast, and will start to eat their own very soon!
Lincoln Lloyd Redley 1 month ago
Cut Out The Bull ? ? ? . . . ? ? ? 🤔 Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ✌🏽💥
Wallace Mulls 1 month ago
Lars Hornung 1 month ago
MSNBC : " Can you give us hope that this economic downturn will last until the day after the general election?"
Carl A 1 month ago
My bets on Bernie and the market tanking. Bernie 2020. Recession when the virus really takes flight.
george asher 1 month ago
corona which you started.
AMEN RA HERU 1 month ago
I was showed this in a dream. To remember my love for you in Egypt. Rome is the modern day Egypt. Free YAHI loved children. The ISRAELITE'S. Before it's too late.
Michael Quinn 1 month ago
Please listen to the experts and refrain from interrupting them.
FBI 1 month ago
Every video I click keeps talking about the damm stock market....I don't give a sh** about the stocks...that's rich people's problem, not mine
Brendon Bosy 1 month ago
trump will just suspend the 2020 election if he fears losing and declare its “necessary” to protect public health
Larrygilbertreyes Reyes 1 month ago
So how many ppl have been cured ????? And why the scare if it's cureable
Donal O'Brien 1 month ago
Poor people struggling- pull yourself up by your bootstraps! Share prices collapse - we need a bailout
Office Meds 1 month ago
May I have your attention: Double Bacon Shotgun Sandwiches are now half off.
Pappy Chulo 1 month ago
Am I the only one who when listening to the stock market talk, I realize the stock market doesn't have anything to do with me, it's the rich 0.01%'s world and we get to press our noses to the window and watch?
lppoqql 1 month ago
Say what you will about China, but they are very efficient at dealing with massive crisis. We can calm the public by using China's success with million of people, this is what happens when you laugh at China and hype up the virus.
hard candy 1 month ago
Lol, Joe can be a little bitchy sometimes...hello, I'm staring at a wall, is Steve Rattner there? 😬
Bemi Atto 1 month ago
Mike Fazzini 1 month ago
Calm down y’all Trump got this this media lies to us over and over again
randal gibbons 1 month ago
UBI and the VAT would have a greater benefit for the people and the economy.
Lacey Pelham 1 month ago
joe certainly covers all bases. plenty of wiggle room here.
Tony Miller 1 month ago
It's out of control
Wado Waleli 1 month ago
You're right, Joe, when you try to be upbeat by saying, "our future is in the hands of our leaders," but who among us can let that upbeatedness become too uplifting when he then sees in his mind's eye the image of the psychotic Mr. Trump. Wah..., wah..., wahhhhhhhh.
wily wascal 1 month ago
****MEDIA SUCCESS**** -- Naturally, we can't know how this pandemic plays out, and precisely how it will affect our economy. Plus, other variables, such as oil-share wars, can be hard to predict, but can also have substantial impacts. This was a wide-eyed assessment of our economy as it exists currently, gauging the mood of investors, the market, and consumers going forward. While likely not to turn out to be wholly accurate, this economic forecast snapshot provides a basis for Americans to make their own informed decisions. Personally think the downward projections are still too rosy, but really, really hoping to be wrong about that. There's just too much uncertainty right now. Nonetheless, this was an excellent segment, MSNBC and Morning Joe team! Thanks for putting it together!
Zeno of Citium 1 month ago
Good analysis
penny rutter 1 month ago
So how does socialized medicine sound now?
Sargon. Sargon. 1 month ago
👁🏝👁Natural selection on>>>🌎🧬🧫🦠🧪
Tim Kaldahl 1 month ago
These models are totally messed up because models that build in a pandemic don't really exist.
Kiwihame 1 month ago
So why aren't we talking about sorting out the source, the Chinese Wet Markets, where these viruses start?
seacow1970 1 month ago
The President spent the weekend playing golf. Cheating at golf, I think you mean.
GOODJUNK USA 1 month ago
Oh they now look how happy they are
Zane N 1 month ago
There’s a brand new Royal running around He’s not very big but he wears the Crown As well as any villain from History He infects his subjects with COVID-19 - The New Corona King will change things up From the way we all work to the way we all sup Isolation, cancellation and quarantine Decontamination, Social Distancing The new-norm now thanks to COVID-19 = Four out of five good doctors may say The mostly-mild sickness will go away When one in five needs urgent care Most of us will start to wonder where We’ll find the extra money to make up For closing all of our workplaces up Will we partake of our last offered cup? When we all have COVID-19.
jas rai 1 month ago
The coronavirus will hopefully take down the moronavirus
GOODJUNK USA 1 month ago
Come on now do you really believe its come from two sick animals
Manuel 1 month ago
They are literally wishing for a recession to get trump out of office
Angel mendoza 1 month ago
chumps 1st year in office 2107. - 666 billion in deficit. 2018 minus 984 billion. 2019 on pace for over 1trillion defeceit.not including the 7 or so trillion lost in the stock market last 18 days. if I were him I go into self quarantine. but he can't. all he spreads is bulshit
Anita Gee 1 month ago
God I can't stand how Joe interrupts everyone!
CHELSEA HARRIS 1 month ago
Bernie 2020 ... we need ya
Mashaam Latif 1 month ago
You know what's spreading as fast as Corona virus? Dota 2!!
promeci0 1 month ago
1 milion of dollars eh!?
Michael Truskolaski 1 month ago
Between the oil companies having issues now and at their best they only make the rich richer with no help to the nation while they destroy the earth. they will ask the government to bail them out of course. As well the people expect some sort of service from the government in dealing with the Corona Virus. Like a national health service of some type. These are social programs for the destructive rich. If only you had a Democratic leader who some how can help this country with wild social solutions for Us to help get our feet under us in this country, If only.
Kevin Warriner 1 month ago
A Payroll tax cut? But for who ordinary people Or the high payed? And the Saudis & Russia are fighting over share of the oil market?
Napi Coyote 1 month ago
These two "Commies" are gleefully announcing their hopes for a stock-market crash!
Mike Nelson 1 month ago
A payroll tax cut does nothing for you if you are no longer on anyone's payroll.
stillbreathing37 1 month ago
Projected profits downgraded from 2.4% to 1.2%. I so feel for them. Next they'll ask us to bail them out because they didn't make what they predicted they would. What a f'ing joke!
RS1 1 month ago
This bubble was over due to pop. Meaker and Beaker should know this.
Gary Santos 1 month ago
There will be no economic relief for anybody until we find a cure for COVID-19. Coronavirus cure: Scientists warn cure will take over A YEAR in devastating update CORONAVIRUS is infecting more and more people by the hour, and experts have warned it will not go away anytime soon as it may take more than a year to find a cure for the infectious virus. EXPRESS By Sean Martin PUBLISHED: 08:44, Fri, Jan 31, 2020 | UPDATED: 13:58, Fri, Jan 31, 2020
lu lucia 1 month ago
Let me make it short for you to understand the situation! China and US are like two neighbors in a village. China got a big bad tumor people have never seen and finally decided that it has to be cut off! And yes it worked! But the US thinks China is a liar all the time and can not be trusted. The US has to get all the data to believe it is bad! But China does not trust US to get into his home because US has already declared that China is a threat! WHO went to China and said nice things about what China did but because China has sponsored WHO so US does not trut WHO! There is also this big voice in US head yelling" I would not catch it! There will be a miracle! Weather will get hot and it will be gone! " But it is not true! The virus is like a quickly growing tumor to this country. You have to move fast to cut it otherwise it grows fast and will make the country paralyzed! It cost China a lot of lives to understand it. And also the person can catch the virus and spread it without any symptom for two weeks ( at least general several days) ! So it is a very very simple fact! Many cases are already there! Please take actions! The governor in Georgia makes me so scared because he is a republican and wants to believe what Trump said!
Geo H 1 month ago
Agent Orange is turning Red..............................
Claus Kretzschmar 1 month ago
Joe? Joe?! Is there a question coming for your guest? Is there any point to having a guest if you're going to explain everything since the arrival of Christ leaving your guest with only one response, "Yes"? Also, could you please write down everything you plan to ask BEFORE you start talking? You come off rambling along on whatever topic you've chosen.
Jay Gibson 1 month ago
Saudi Arabia more than Wuhan virus
James Corea 1 month ago
No Face Masks in MISSISSAUGA
ladyday9999 1 month ago
Italy, shut down for 6 months!? WTF!?
Bill Cook 1 month ago
A Perfect Storm. Coronavirus, oil War, and the corporate debt problem. All of this at once just before the election. Republicans say it's all a conspiracy by the Democrats and the Chinese. That's crazy. What it is simply enough is an act of God. That's right. An act of God. That tells you a lot of people have been praying to get rid of trump. Makes me think, maybe God is going to give him the virus. Not saying I want him to. I'm just saying I think he will.