Reacting To Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib

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Jake Paul stopped AnEsonGib and called out KSI in Miami. True Geordie and the lads react as it unfolds.

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Emily Lick 3 month ago
True Geordie: *commentates even with his mates*
Tommaso Friz 3 month ago
I want to get invited to one of Brian’s night with the boys, looks sick
PJ 3 month ago
Nobody: Gibs legs: aight ima head out
Sami 3 month ago
Shannon Briggs was right all along you do need legs to win a boxing match
Danny Aarons 3 month ago
No one: True Geordie: *vaping intensifies*
T J 3 month ago
No one: Gib: Dualshock 4 disconnected
James Harris 3 month ago
“I will knock down this man repeatedly until he is left unconscious” - Gib Well that aged well.
Alex Raw 3 month ago
Fair play to Jake, everyone said Jake was scared of Gib and proved everyone wrong.
Gabriel Vieira 3 month ago
7:48 Geordie spot on with the prediction
X-POSED 3 month ago
Last time I was this early Corona was just a beer and not a virus...
Floris Schutte 3 month ago
my guy predicted everything perfectly
DisparityS 3 month ago
Yo True Geordie just saw into the future and described exactly what happened. What a beast!
Ponz 3 month ago
Damn watching this makes me wish Geordie was doing the commentary, there's so much life in his words!. DAZN gotta get him on board for Jake v JJ!
AJGaming 3 month ago
Anyone else feel like they are present when Brian and the lads are having a drink and watching a match or fight? Probably the only friends I have and they don't even know es lmao
DRK lilharpbreezy 3 month ago
My man is so used to commentating he’s doing it while just watching a fight with his friends. Like whenever anything happens I hear “ Jake Paul with a left hook a right hook”
Daniel Ferreira 3 month ago
I would definitely pay 10 pounds a month to see Laurence in swimshorts.
Sam Bishop 3 month ago
7 second Gibber🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ben Sheoherd 3 month ago
No one: Lawrence predicting completely wrong
Brandon Adam 3 month ago
Geordie is like that one annoying sports fan next to you that just shouts to himself the whole game. And I love it 😂😂😂
Mathias Rezai 3 month ago
Nobody: Gib: Ctrl ctrl ctrl
Finn Redmond 3 month ago
Never normal for a dad to be cool with his daughter becoming a pornstar, that guy is a strange kid
ROCK ROAR 3 month ago
Stop giving gib credit. Yes he is smaller but he forced Jake to fight. Jake didn’t want to...
Alfie Carter 3 month ago
No wonder gib lost. He’s watching it with you. 🤣🤣
Carl 'battered onion rings' Froch - MBE 3 month ago
First time I've ever seen someone crab walk in the ring.
Lewis RH13 3 month ago
7:48 How tf does someone predict a fight that well. Fair play mate.
MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day! 3 month ago
*When is the Mike Ashley VS True Geordie fight?*
Mohamed Kharrat 3 month ago
No one: Literally no one: True geordie: GIBBOO
BLANKAR 3 month ago
*I love Brian but I would hate watching a fight with him. Man is a born commentator* 😂 😂 👊
Youngdon Thesauceking 3 month ago
Ksi will have to train differently against jake, because Unlike Logan, jake is dangerous, the fight between jake and ksi has always interested me more than Logan and ksi, but all I have to say is; this version of jake would’ve beat the ksi that fought Logan,
henry brown 3 month ago
Geordie was spot on 👌
long neck 3 month ago
True Geordie playing rocket league *Now this does bring a smile to my face*
Rens Delaplace 3 month ago
Reason jake won: he's white and he got legs
Will Cooper 3 month ago
Gibber really trained for over a year for this fight just to get knocked down 3 times in the first round🥴🥴
Crump 3 month ago
First 10 seconds = YouTube nightmare. Gambling alcohol and smoking. I love this channel.
#CO7_ TV 3 month ago
True Geordie literally predicted the fight spot on , genius!
Lightning Thunder 3 month ago
I think we all know this Jake paul will beat JJ convincingly.
Finley Paul 3 month ago
True geordie: vapes, drinks, poker... rocket league
Captain HunchNuts 3 month ago
No One: True Geordie:I Predict Deez Tings!
Jams Maty 3 month ago
There was very high expectation of Gib after all the hype and talk He failed to do the basics by standing straight and not spreading legs like Ronaldo He decided to do a squat everytime he got punched which counted as a knockdown Too many mistakes from someone 'professional' in a co main event
Monwar 3 month ago
Well, we all know why Jake didn’t want to fight Gib. He easily beat him, and the main focus wasn’t on his win but on how Gib fought.
long neck 3 month ago
Gib was just spamming crouch *They nerfed that last update he should of known*
Sunny Scott 3 month ago
No one: Geordie in his living room with the lads: FULL BLOWN COMMENTARY
Logan Pool 3 month ago
Is it just me or do you guys love the way True Geordie says the word "hook"
Nova 3 month ago
Gib just didn't show up, but respect to him for getting in the ring. Looking foward to seeing Jake vs Ksi next.
Miles Ogletree 3 month ago
8:17 true Geordie predicts the fight perfectly
Musa 3 month ago
True Geordie was either dead on right about everything or this was recorded after the fight lol
Martin Potgieter 3 month ago
Finally, was worried something was wrong. Missed your commentary during the fight.
A C 3 month ago
More Gio needed in future vids imo
NTX 3 month ago
Gib fights like he's learning the controls to a new game
Jack Morton 3 month ago
The lads with a fine whiskey and Elliot sitting with a dark fruits, you love to see it 😂
Bone Crusher 3 month ago
7:20 Since when were you allowed to bet on yourself?
TTRaptor 3 month ago
Not even gonna lie Gib was pretty embarrassing. Didnt look like he took his camp serious at all.
Anthoney 3 month ago
Geordie: “dood, dood”
Harshith K 3 month ago
10:30 That guy in the gymshark shirt, I love his reaction so much 😂😂
Zak sm4 3 month ago
From what I recall true geordie said he was good at rocket league from what I seen from the gameplay I beg to differ
First Name 3 month ago
Logan Paul: “I woke up and sneezed 3 times” Gib during the camp: “Wake up and Crouch 3 times” Gib after the fight: “I got dropped 3 times”
Ryan G 3 month ago
Reactions longer then the fight 😂
KingShlan 3 month ago
The way Geordie says “hook” funny asl 😂😂
Oskari Salo 3 month ago
You can tell Brian had a few drinks
InMyHead 3 month ago
Funny how genetics works; Jake looks like his mother, is more like his father. Logan looks like his father, is more like his mother... it's what I gather anyway lol.
Harambe 3 month ago
The intro looks like the beginning of a diss track.
Elliot Hackney 3 month ago
Jake was always winning but Gib secured the bag. No losers here.
Daniel Ware 3 month ago
"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.." - Mike Tyson
02dbook 3 month ago
No one: Geordie: *“GiBble”*
smilan21 3 month ago
I’m a KSI fan but look: if KSI fights against Jake like he did against Logan, he will lose
Hst Hast 3 month ago
Intro Song name: Byrd by HDBeenDope
Adrian Mackay 3 month ago
IM TELLIN YA LADS THIS IS WHAT A PREDICTED!!!!!! I love true geordie man. 😂
TimoPlays 3 month ago
Real talk I think gib was way to “over” in his performance, he became way too predictable with the repetitive crouching after the first minute mark and that allowed Jake to time his punches correctly. I don’t think Jake showed his “amazing skills / he beat gib flawlessly” , it’s more of gib performing so poor it makes Jake look good.
Cisco Cabs 3 month ago
gibbo could take on AJ now, I feel he is ready
GOLDEN NATSU 3 month ago
play station 3 month ago
10:01 when gio realises hes gonna lose his tenner
Benjamin Tanguay 3 month ago
Geordie's prediction was very accurate tbh
Hamed A 3 month ago
its funny that this reaction video is longer than the match. lol
ScreaMz 3 month ago
I love this video, this is what I’m saying Jake needs the respect he’s earned but everybody will hate no matter what..
Daniel Honey 3 month ago
“Jake wins round 1 to 3” lol he can see the future
Jack Parry 3 month ago
Petition for true Geordie to do a poker game video
Zoom Zoom 3 month ago
Gib: *holds down crouch button*
Hassan Ammad 3 month ago
Luis Jackson 3 month ago
Brian I love you, you're my favourite I want everyone in the comment section to see my appreciation for you.❤
Nate Matias 3 month ago
The fact that anyone actually thought gib was gonna win. Lmaoooooooo
TheFightReviewer 3 month ago
They was all steaming when the fight was on 😂
Alex Aziz 3 month ago
Geordies prediction is that accurate its almost like this was recorded post fight
?? 3 month ago
Why have they got a Anesongib lookalike to react alongside them? 😂
Louis Jones 3 month ago
The reason the fight ended early was because there was a 3 knockdown rule, if one fighter falls 3 times its over
Lance TheGod 3 month ago
True Geordie is like the only Youtuber who knows what he’s talking about
Daniel lazic 3 month ago
Wish u can react to live jake paul vs ksi when it comes out
CoffeeNight 3 month ago
This Jake beats KSI november 2019, by that I mean if you run that fight 100 times Jake wins most. Both Jake and JJ have power and warrior instincts but Jake is the better boxer.
Jaydon Weston 3 month ago
Was about to have a wank and then you uploaded a video. Didn't have to rearrange was actually perfect timing
YounesHH 3 month ago
TG called it EXACTLY as it went down! That's a true fighting fan 👏🏻 well played mate! Unreal lol
Charlie Carey 3 month ago
Geordie would actually make such a good ufc commentator
DyLo • 3 month ago
Congrats on managing to make this over 10 minutes long
BeeDavies TV 3 month ago
“And it’s Jake Pool with a Right Hoooook” 😂
Brenden Walters 3 month ago
True Geordie once again calling it spot on! Well done! 👏
Overtino 3 month ago
I wanna play Rocket League against you guys. Think I’d win based on that clip 🤣
Keir Anderson 3 month ago
Keep up the good work true Geordie mon the toon
Abdi Osman 3 month ago
no one : gib: let me check if crouch works
Bradley Chlopas 3 month ago
“And it’s a left hook from Jake Paul!” Got to love Geordie’s commentary. Imagine having True Geordie commentate your life for a day 😂
LOKDOWNKING 3 month ago
Zaldivar Twins 3 month ago
No one: Gib: 🦀
Glinch 3 month ago
imagine james charles watching true geordie. or a beauty girl youtuber. theyd probably love him