First To Finish Escape Room Wins!

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Aimee Harrison 4 month ago
Demon laughing at them Corey: I think we got it Me: huh?
Ehsan Yt 4 month ago
U know ur early when there more likes than views In my case there was 100 likes and no views
Imogen Imogen 4 month ago
when corey says i think we got this he doesnt seem so shore about it
Austėja x 4 month ago
Me:oh I am sooo early😮 185 comments Me:nevermind🤦‍♀️
TheCaptainPro 4 month ago
The People Who Disliked This Video Must Still Be Stuck Inside The Escape Room!
Poppy Wooler 4 month ago
This looks amazing I’ve not even watched it yet. I hope everyone who reads this has a good day
Kaci Gittins 4 month ago
I mean I would never be able to do it so u r soooooo smarter then me so love u guys xxx
Kyle Weber 4 month ago
To the few that see this is the thousands of comments Have a good day :)
Midnight_cow 4 month ago
BMAN Gaming 4 month ago
Me: I want to try this. Also me: Remembering I don’t have friends to do it with.
Elena Green 4 month ago
Omg i love you guys so much you make me so happy even when im sad ot mad you allways will put a smile on my fave i love you.
Malayna Stevenson 4 month ago
this is the most high tech escape room i’ve ever seen
Callum Foley 4 month ago
I wonder if they remember when I was in there video. They join me and my brothers Xbox party and they said I sounded cute
Wiry 4 month ago
whoever sees this. you'll be successfull one day! just keep grinding!
ESPINOZA VLOGS 4 month ago
Im late hahaha watching Again plss shot out me From the phillipine idol😢
J VS C FLIPPING 4 month ago
Hey Capron and Corey do you have any advice on landing a full
Silke Bülow 4 month ago
Hi I live in Denmark 🇩🇰
Bailey Miller 4 month ago
I’m going for capron *haven’t watched whole vid yet*
vGodFN 4 month ago
“Don’t lie who’s watching while reading the comments😙” (ɪ'ᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ)🥜💾
Tiff 4 month ago
I've always wanted to go to an Escape Room! 😱
FrostPlayz 4 month ago
To everyone out there who reads this, cherish the things you have and don't think too much about the things you don't have. Thinking about those things won't do anything. Count your blessings, not your flaws and keep living happily. Keep your family and friends close. If you have even 1 friend or a single person who loves you, live for them. If you don't then find one and make each other happy. Never think you're worthless, we were all created for a reason and it's up to you to find your purpose. Have a good life everyone, don't give up. Life sucks and every single person has problems in their life but we should try to make the most of it. Make sure to have fun
Fade 4 month ago
I went to one of one those the other day
djuric djuric 4 month ago
This would be so fun i wish i could do this love u guys
Liza Oakes 4 month ago
It looks the the goonies 😉
Annie Schleyer 4 month ago
Scout Harrison 4 month ago
Y’all are my favorite Youtubers
All OfUs 4 month ago
"Yea yea that's a book...for sure." Thank you for your services. 😂😂😂
Nate Purvis 4 month ago
Now to hope that this video doesn’t escape my subscriptions page
Luke Atchley 4 month ago
Hi capron and corey how’s ur day going.
David 4 month ago
Hey guys keep posting I love your vids❤️❤️🙏
Majed Mohamed 4 month ago
Am I the first one to see this cause it keeps saying no views although I refreshed
MaddieClark50 4 month ago
Try a walking dead walk through that’s terrifying I did and omg I screamed and punched the fake zombies aka real humans in costumes 🥺
Im a weird Baker 4 month ago
Lmao I just came home from school🤣😂 this was 2 hrs ago
Zack Henry 4 month ago
Bro they this escape room is 5 mins from my house that is crazy how close you filmed to me!!!
Jam Squad Jam 4 month ago
love u guys so call when i grow up i want to be like u
Homemade Videos 4 month ago
I’m always so happy after watching funk bros I got a comment from Drew and it would be great if Corey and Capron could hook me up too. Just trying to make some 2020 goals happen
HeyItzMia X 4 month ago
Drew pronouncing the words is so funny 😂😂
Ryker Manaku 4 month ago
When it says 30m ago: 🤪🤩🤪🤩🤩🤩
Mya Henson 4 month ago
I love escape rooms, this is probably my favorite video, you have the whole funk squad + escape room, thats my kind of video
Billy Marston 4 month ago
Please recognize me I’m such a huge fan
Bella Chipperfield 4 month ago
Hey I love you guys 💘😂
The Random Thoughts 4 month ago
That escape room is so cool!
Revoke Wolf 4 month ago
Thanks for the really good videos guys.i think I speak for all when I say u have helped us through tough times👍
Zach Scerri 4 month ago
Love you videos so much I’ve been watching you guys for years but I will never have the chance to meet you as I live in England 😢😢
Straw 4 month ago
Sometime I like to butter myself up and slide across the mall like a slug
Michele Squier-Wells 4 month ago
Hey I have family in Riverside and my mom was born there
Emily Davis 4 month ago
I love you guys so much!! Please respond 😍❤️
Youssef Osman 4 month ago
Old intro: initiating funk bro’s = initiation best and most fun you tubers ever which are also the best skaters !!!!!
Aidan Fernandez 4 month ago
Hey capron how you doing it’s caprons son
LUNCH BOX 4 month ago
really enjoyed this one good job guys.
BobletVlogs 4 month ago
Hey u guys are a huge inspiration 2 me and honestly have the sweetest souls. Honestly I'm not trying to get attention but I suffer from a lot of depression and was very suicidal last year and I have found ur videos and yes theorys videos have helped me so THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys honestly brighten up my day a bit more then it was before ❤😁
Wards Boi 4 month ago
Can we please get a Corey funk workout routine? 🙏💪
Jonah Mitchell 123 4 month ago
people who see this... KEEP grinding you will get somewhere good👍👍👍
THE SPAMMZZ 4 month ago
Ong Ima sub to you now do it😂
JonnyG 4 month ago
Hope you have a great day ❤️If you SUb to me you mother will survive forever❤️
jacob g123 4 month ago
I have been watching since I was 5 I am now 12. You make me laugh so much
Karlos Guadarrama 4 month ago
Love the videos am a big fan ✅💯💯
Dylan ralston614 4 month ago
I actually like video do more next 𝓽𝓲𝓶𝓮
Lillian Hernandez 4 month ago
Y’all have to switch rooms !!! Yesss plzzzz
anessa jory 4 month ago
5:50 Nicks hands and Chelsea’s hips, like if you saw it too and you think their cute together
Your Everyday Peppa 4 month ago
I could just imagine the funnier things that would have been said if Billy was there 😂
FallenSnipez 4 month ago
This was really funny and creative I love it👍😄
Andrew Allen 4 month ago
damn already past 100k views!! people really clicked on this video fast lol, funk bros are the best!
Carter Evenson 4 month ago
One of those pieces is for the n64
Greg Freeman 4 month ago
Corey: I do not like that monkey at all! 😂😂
rmac asmr 4 month ago
Amazing video I hope anyone who reads this has a good day
BaNaNA MaN 4 month ago
Corey I am the one who has 85 or something likes on your tiktok in the dark tunnel
Lewis Ferns 4 month ago
It’s like the goonies at parts
Famous Boy Joseph 4 month ago
That’s so fun and different challenges
King_of_Qimzi 4 month ago
I can see you watching the comments and the vid
TheTrueClash 4 month ago
Love your videos guys you lift my head up when I'm down and I just want to thank you for that much love.
T Byrd 4 month ago
Definitely wanna see the teams swap rooms
Inimene 4 month ago
Much love keep doing what you love!!!!
Rey Parkour legend27 4 month ago
When are you guys Dropping new Merch?
Game FAXS 4 month ago
I love your content so much your both a amazing!!!!
Zan Senk 4 month ago
ay chalench you to go to slovenija end spent 24 hovers in the vods hotemazah
Marie Urabl 4 month ago
I wanna try that too!🥺💋
Hayden Keller 4 month ago
You guys should really go back. Switch rooms. Great vid!!!!!!!
Landon Wickett 4 month ago
What is the number they gave us so we can talk to them
Anti_Sxcial 4 month ago
Im subscribed and i have post notifications on (ive been subbed for a few years :D )
Brendan Hodgson 4 month ago
Should definitely switch rooms, that was cool
Sienna Owens 4 month ago
Love you guyssss ❤️❤️
amy james 4 month ago
this is sooo good 😍 i was voting for team corey the whole time 😁
Ella Friedinger 4 month ago
Love the video!!! You guys should do some Tempest videos like F.L.I.P. or make a obstacle course or something or just do a video when your there. 👍❤️😁
Harold Brooks 4 month ago
I love funk from the start of them I was the 5th subcriber
GamingWithxXbear_fightXx Farmer 4 month ago
Soon as I saw the video post I'm watching it rn
Shadow Flickzz 4 month ago
that was a really good video you guys should do more of these types of videos and maybe make you own
RichKOEC 4 month ago
They should explore abandoned places
Xeon 4 month ago
Who's been a HUGE fan of funk bros before 2020?? 💫 👇 👇I'm *GIFTING* my next 84 subs 🎁                    Must have notïs🔔
Just Jillian 22 4 month ago
Hi You guys make me do happy in the hardest of times
Susan Gertken 4 month ago
Early for the first time
Aleah Pasillas 4 month ago
I like you video / channel keep up the good work love you guys 🥺💞
TRENTON BREWIS 4 month ago
I get to do one in a few days!!
Ellie Leigh 4 month ago
Love your videos been waiting for the notification to pop up on my phone xx
Severus Snape 4 month ago
Bro plsssssa get this to that many likes bc I want to see them switchhhhhhh
Will Bartholomew 4 month ago
Do it again that was awsome
Griffin Roberts 4 month ago
I saw drew on the masked singer watching from home
the meme producer 4 month ago
You guys should do a truck filled with oublek stuff😳
Gavan Giampietro 4 month ago
Doing this in a dark environment wants me for you guys to do scary riddles in a tunnel
Aubrey Taylor 4 month ago
Hey we met you when you were filming this video. It was good to meet you. Posted a pic of you and my bc on instagram. I love your videos and your content very fun and interesting to watch. Thank you for the tips too. Again it was great to meet you.