Justin Timberlake - Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Show

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Marianna Gadaleta 11 month ago
anyone else just randomly get in a weird mood and watch a bunch of halftime show performances?
erikurcio 92 4 month ago
Anyone here after watching the 2020 shakira/jlo performance?
Yinke 2304 4 month ago
Who else is having a Super Bowl Half Time Show marathon? I'm hyping myself up for the show of JLo and Shakira
nephalot 4 month ago
let's be honest, the only problem here is the clothes lol
Tejaswi Vemulapati 6 month ago
This isn’t bad. This isn’t poppin’ either. This is a vibe. A groove. Either way his voice is gorgeous.
Khuros Endgame 8 month ago
The only superbowl performance i felt like there was no stress whatsoever. He was living in this moment 100% and having so much fun. Incredible performance.
Armando Olivares 3 month ago
Missed opportunity not including N*SYNC in the medley. Could have been HUGE if they would’ve decided to include them at the end with bye bye bye as the closing track
sopranosd 8 month ago
If only JT has Gaga’s sound mixer. He’s doing such a great performance but you can barely hear him. That’s ridiculous.
Trio Squad 4 month ago
Who's here after Shakira's Performance?
iTripReport 8 month ago
I used to not like this show, but that’s mostly because Gaga had set the standard way too high. But now, looking back from the 2019 performance, this show is actually pretty good.
Maximilian Kesuma 3 month ago
It honestly isn’t that bad. It’s not the best and he could have been less boring but it’s not maroon 5 level bad
weatherednboston 8 month ago
I'm glad he waited for that kid to reboot his phone and take that selfie at the end. He's a class act Justin is.
Noel Ortiz 4 month ago
Hes the only mf to do this 3 times one by himself one with janet jackson and one in NSYNC
Abdullah AL Nassar 1 year ago
It doesn't look that bad now 😂
Tonythetuna 4 month ago
Now 2020 looking back to this. It’s actually a decent halftime show as well. I was having a bit too high of expectation after Gaga’s previous halftime before Justin’s. Btw Shakira and Jlo’s halftime is also pretty well done.
Gladys Acosta 4 month ago
actually.. it was a good performance.. just that not many people know Justin songs. But it was a good show ! And he was alone
Steve L 4 month ago
Its not that he can't sing or dance. He can. Its just that the whole wardrobe, Choreography and stage production is just too AVERAGE STRAIGHT GUY vibe.
Littl3 5 month ago
Prolly the most underrated halftime show.
Marco Guimaraes 1 year ago
Why do people think this one is bad? There were so many parts to it and it was well coordinated. I don't think this performance gets enough credit
Joshua Shin 4 month ago
Who’s here after watching J.Lo’s and Shakira’s halftime?
math stormborn 3 month ago
lol literally no one cares if y'all came here after watching JLo and Shakira's performance
HoneyBadger Squid 4 month ago
Now imagine Eminem doing the Halftime show
taekwondoist 4 month ago
My man JT is killing it!
Kyle Tsuchiya 1 year ago
Can you believe that Asian drummer kid almost played a note early? He must be an idiot poopy face. BAD :(
Billy Wright 7 month ago
Anyone in November 2019.
Aura Khaos 3 month ago
I got several flashes of what Justin will look like when he's 70 years old, and suddenly I fell out of love.
The Consolian 3 month ago
Who else is on a Superbowl Halftime Show Marathon right now? xD
librnx1988 4 month ago
Justin did this Magnificently made it into a concert. Not everyone has to use extremely over dramatic effects to make a performance work. Just do your thing!! Like this👍👍
Brains techKnowlogy 1 year ago
Came here after watching maroon 5 half time..lol. I already watched 4 different super bowl halftime.. hahah
Jose Carranza 3 month ago
"aNyOnE eLsE hErE wAtChInG sUpErBoWl HaLfTiMe ShOwS mArAtHoN cAuSe Of JlO aNd ShAkIrA"
JayK 6 month ago
This man is untouchable as a performer.
IaNaTion1 4 month ago
What I like about this compared to the other halftime performances is the smooth transitions from song to song and maximum usage of the limited stadium space
Crazy Average Asian Bitch 3 month ago
Justin’s show is excellent , the only problem is the vocal can barely be heard , he should use prerecorded like Shak Jlo did
Rudy Sudyono 2 years ago
Set list [1] Filthy (0:18 - 1:42) [2] Rock Ya Body (1:43 - 2:45) [3] Senorita (2:46 - 3:11) [4] Sexy Back (3:12 - 4:18) [5] My Love (4:19 - 5:21) [6] Cry Me a River/ (breakdance) (5:22 - 6:49) [7] Suit & Tie (6:50 - 7:54) [8] Til the End of Time/I would die 4 You (7:55 - 10:04) [9] Mirror (10:05 -11:33) [10] Cant Stop this Feeling (11:34 - 13:20)
David Cardona 3 month ago
Someone here with an energy excess after wathching JLo and Shakira performance?
Zac Fisher 4 month ago
It would have been sick if he brought Janet Jackson out towards the end
GoffyYT Gaming 9 month ago
The prince part always almost makes me shead a tear bc a popular person reconised that Minnesota has things
Malena Aimé Espinosa 10 month ago
7:56 "Until The End Of Time", is from Prince. But he gave it to Justin.
Sasha Fox 1 year ago
I don't know why anyone thought this was bad? He's singing live and dancing for 12 mins straight.
aandgdesigngroup 3 month ago
The PRINCE part is the only good moment of this...But, I thought Prince could not stand him...?!
bluehappysun 7 month ago
This was awesome. The entire performance was fun and engaging, not self-centered and stuck-up like other super bowl performances. Loved that he paid tribute to Prince. Who doesn't like the Trolls theme song? He even went into the audience, took selfies and, gasp, he let the public touch him! Bottom line, this was a great performance from a down to earth guy.
Miss Ann's Adventures 3 month ago
I left how comfortable he seems - most others except prince, MJ, and gaga seem a tiny bit frantic with nervous energy.I also like his and back up dancers smooth hiphop dance style.
sophie daniel 6 month ago
7:00 is the best part of the whole half time show, it literally gives me goosebumps. he’s such a good performer
Nia Prude 1 year ago
Who is here after seeing 2019 halftime Super Bowl performance
Ruben Contreras 10 month ago
I cry everytime when I listen can't stop the feeling. This was a bomb performance.
Bobby Yaya 3 month ago
I feel like this performance is like Goldilocks. It’s not TOO MUCH but it ain’t TOO LESS. It’s just right and very well coordinated.
Jeantell Roz 8 month ago
Still one of my FV halftime show.
steven suave 8 month ago
Bruno Mars Super Bowl 48 is the BEST of all time!
Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark 4 month ago
I legit forgot that this performance existed 😂
waiting 90 days to change my name 10 month ago
Remember when everyone thought this was terrible? Rewatching after the 2019 halftime show made me remove my dislike.
Paulette Billy 6 month ago
One of the best half time show ever!!
André Blondelle 10 month ago
ASF... Super Role !!! Association des couteux Sangs Francaise... Septembre 2019 !!!
Fena Julianne 1 year ago
honestly better than maroon 5
Drs. Akhmad Hidayat 3 month ago
a true entertainer, he enjoys the show like his own concert
rochie roch 3 month ago
The first part seems unruly but the second half was actually good. Especially the mirrors part.
caroline dwyer 4 month ago
I forgot that he’s still a really good vocalist lol
G L 4 month ago
I think it's his outfit that's the real problem here. He looks like a Texan hobo, sorry. He should have worn something brighter and simpler.
TCTC 1 year ago
Wow. This was much better than maroon fives performance
Rochelle Cast-A-Spell 3 month ago
The way he said "SuperBowl selfies!" Haha. He's so adorable.
Angelo Malong 5 month ago
8:57 at least that's a true tribute to someone
countlxrd 3 month ago
I’ve been in love with this man since kindergarten and nothing has changed in 11 years 😂😂
Kristhian Vega 3 month ago
The best show shakira and jlo, amazing
Kaylee Turner 1 year ago
Justin doesn’t have to take off his shirt to get the crowd to scream
Jeff Montano 9 month ago
Esto es un espectáculo 💯👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Adaleidexox 4 month ago
this had everything i could want in a halftime. such good vibes, loved every bit of it
natacha pem 10 month ago
I love this man, never disappoints. My crush
ninja987 6 month ago
13:25 ~super bowl Selfies~ :D
Maria Copland 5 month ago
Justin Timberlake wasnt even bad, he delivered vocals while dancing choreography and running from stage to the field. put some respect on his name. Y'all followed the trends "hate on him" he doesn't deserve all that because he gave us iconic performance and pure talent #truelegend
MrIdontknowanyname 9 month ago
This was actually a good performance, it would have actually be much more appreciated if NSYNC reunited like Destiny's Child with Beyonce.
xenia Ef 8 month ago
Every artist has his own character. This is Justin and this is amazing. He is so talented 🙌🙌🙌
Ana Thompson 4 month ago
Perfect opportunity for a *NSYNC reunion 😭 Now we’ll never see one
Noel Ortiz 4 month ago
Yo i seen him in concert twice this man is still the best concert i ever went to he reacts with the crowd most dont
Arianis Colon 3 month ago
He did awesome!!! I love how he went through the crowd!! All his songs were hits 😍😍!!! 2020
Rosendal Jr. 3 month ago
as for someone who's been lucky enough to actually see him live i can tell you he is an *INCREDIBLE* performer and his band makes the best live versions of his songs it's just all amazing i miss my night so much 🧡
Said 3 month ago
Honestly I love Justin but when u see Beyonce, Bruno, Lady G, Jlo and Shakira performances I wonder haw people didn't fall asleep during that one ... and please .....the stylist ????!!!
Nathalee Herrera Galindo 4 month ago
This is one of my favorite performances of the super bowl
Brian Brundage 2 years ago
We don’t always have to compare performances. I mean Bruno mars will never compare to Michael Jackson’s performance. What’s your point? Just enjoy the show. That was an awesome performance by Justin Timberlake. Just the art of music and the talent it took to put that together is amazing. The Prince tribute was heart warming. The songs selected were amazing. The choreography with Mirrors was outstanding. Why can’t we focus on what an amazing performance this was. Not that it doesn’t measure up to Bruno Mars. Both great artist and really good at what they do.
Danny Burke 3 month ago
The boy that started it all with his boy bands don't know what to think about that well maybe I do
Gio 3 month ago
this was a good halftime show, like for real it was good
emmanuel castillo 5 month ago
"Suit and tie" sounds amazing in 2020
Melissa Camarillo 4 month ago
I love JT He rocked that shit Hes an all around great performer in my opinion
Britney Dom 1 year ago
I seriously don’t see how people said this was bad? this man is a talented performer. he’s actually singing and dancing live and sounds good while doing it.
marvelyn sinobago 3 month ago
Justin T. 🔥🔥 doing solo performance . Whew!! Greatest artist ever.
Saint KO 3 month ago
After watching Shakira and JLo's, this is still the best one
Parice 8 month ago
I think he did amazing and has great music I just think that there wasn’t that WOW moment. And no I don’t mean he had to do anything controversial there was just something missing .... But still a lot of respect 👏🏾👏🏾
beautifulibra 7 month ago
This man can do it all. 1 of the greatest. Hands down
Simon Peter Lai 1 year ago
This isn't actually as bad as people make it seems like.
Jorge Gonzalez 3 month ago
oh boy im stuck on rewatching all the old performances
agj567 3 month ago
That 'tie-dye' outfit is so *NSYNC...
Nga Dinh 10 month ago
We will definitely pass it after a few first seconds of this halftime show.
Bertha Mumba 3 month ago
I have known they is super bowl show only after Jlo and Shakira 😂 😂 😂
Bynbows 3 month ago
idk why people disliked this, I think it was awesome
Ivalina Passe 6 month ago
The Best Half Time Show I've Seen And Katie Perry I 'm Just Saying Very Exciting!!!! Fun!!!
aninhaoliveira80 9 month ago
5:36 oh britney... so sorry 🙈
El Jefe 8 month ago
Justin is such a good artist and that performance was just perfect. Period.
Maurice Raymond 1 year ago
this guy has so many classics
Kreeky 4 month ago
How this get so much hate - note from 2020
Kalley Jones 5 month ago
Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon’s friendship is everything 😍
Kenneth Nguyen 5 month ago
This is great. Y’all have wack music taste.
Stanley Ivor 3 month ago
Justin with the mic stand tricks. Damn!