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THIS IS L&S 3 month ago
Nicole M 3 month ago
Shyla: "If you guys say anything about my mom stomach, I'll cry" I felt that. But you look absolutely gorgeous😲🌸🌸🌸
Justine Chamelle 3 month ago
I’m so sad to see her so insecure. Those outfits were not her style before the baby 😩 GIRL ROCK THAT NEW BOD. YOU STILL HOT
Halo 3 month ago
The whole time someone’s backing up a truck the whole video so annoying lol
Nautizzzle Forever 3 month ago
She’s so uncomfortable with herself it sucks 😩 you’re beautiful baby girl ❤️❤️❤️
Maria Eduarda De Oliveira 3 month ago
Shyla’s body is goals for having a baby a month ago❤️❤️
Adriana Rodriguez 3 month ago
Did anyone else feel like Landon was expecting the outfits to be more sexier? I feel like he wasn’t rating them high because they weren’t revealing like they used to be. I still think she looks bomb in every outfit!
Life as Marisol 3 month ago
Landon: “the outfits are gonna keep getting hotter, right?” Shyla: “um yeah and higher in price.” Landon: “what!?”
rinata shemecu 3 month ago
hate how shyla looks a little uncomfortable when showing off her body she’s such a gorgeous woman
Mellissa 3 month ago
Shyla : “Im listening” Landon : 🙂😟 Shyla : “I’m eating slow so I can hear you in between the crunches” 😂😂😂😂
Wonderwall XX 3 month ago
Who’s here straight after watching austin rating catherin’s valentines day outfits
Yenni Reyes 3 month ago
I can tell how sensitive she is about her body and I seriously feel every insecurities she’s going threw because I am going threw the same thing 😢but I’ve learned to love and she’s beautiful asf
Esmeralda C MUE 3 month ago
The way Shyla non stop stops grabs her stomach, baby girl you carried beautiful baby soul for 9 months! You are stunning! Absolutely breathtaking. You’re doing awesome mama 💖💕
Ashley Gonzalez 3 month ago
It makes me sad how insecure she’s been in videos.
THEJOKER37 3 month ago
Is it possible u could do a video like this without him because he likes to ruin it no Offense just my opinion
Liv Forgeron 3 month ago
The one she said “you can see my mom stomach” , she looked stunning in it.
randirae brown 3 month ago
Landon is so rude..... considering she's going through postpartum depression.... Baby girl you look fire in whatever you wear period
alma serrano 3 month ago
you’re pathetic if you’re commenting about her “mom body” she literally formed a human being inside her. She’s beautiful and looks so good🥺❤️
diana franco 3 month ago
No one : like literally NO ONE ME: did Shyla really had a baby a month ago ? Like her body is GOALS 👌💓
Nathaly Acevedo 3 month ago
“Botty looking big and juicy”🥺I need that energy
Gabriel Sosa 3 month ago
I'm I the only one that can hear the "beeping" noise.... sooooo Annoying
Marcela Love Hinojosa 3 month ago
Landon is to much sometimes I feel like he has to be the boss of everything
Vanessa Sanchez 3 month ago
Why did i not feel the valentine vibe just the cute pink heart top and the last pink dress i cann see that the less expensive was the cutest
Kourtney Mcneill 3 month ago
"if you guys say anything about my mom stomach, ill cry" girl you just created a beautiful baby girl !!! don't listen to what anyone says. you and your family that YOU CREATED are beautiful !!!!
Jayden Sanders 3 month ago
Landon: you look really good in that dress Shyla: *offers him a chip* LMAOOO
Riley M 3 month ago
Shyla: “It looks expensive I’m not gonna touch that” Same sis... same 😂
Boyd & Giselle 3 month ago
Shyla's body is better than mine and I haven't even had kids yet lmao 😩
Deya Esme 3 month ago
Shyla: *comes out* Landon: *falls* “That one’s a teeiiin” 🤣❤️
Valerya Banegas Rocha 3 month ago
shyla: so take me outtt London: ima take you out, ima take you out to this bed right here Shyla:😂
Niria Orozco 3 month ago
Doesn’t it seem like he’s controlling and tries too be really bossy with her and their finances
DamoAshlynVlogs 3 month ago
6:28 “I mean yeaaaa. Higher in price.” Landon: “Whaaaa??” 🥴🥴 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Michaela Hephner 3 month ago
Okay but was Landon doing a tik tok dance when it zoomed in on him 😂
MrsPazStyle 3 month ago
Sandra Chajon 3 month ago
She is me cheewing slow so that I can hear when someone is talking 😂😂
Hmm Mmm 3 month ago
Shy has only got more beautiful since having soul 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Sophie Hart 3 month ago
Bless her u can see how self conscious she is because when she stand she does everything possible to cover her belly but she look amazing i think nothing to feel down about. Hope she realises that soon. Xx
Shortyboogs 3 month ago
Shyla, you're trying to hide yourself in those first few outfits...those dresses are you and you look fire. Don't ever doubt that.
Candy’s Life 3 month ago
Shyla is how I want to look when I give birth she’s gorgeous 😭😻❤️
sxphieツ 3 month ago
We all know Austin didn't like this LOOL
Gabriela Garcia 3 month ago
I thought it was just me but I said the same thing to my husband after we had our son 😂 “I can’t call you daddy since we have a kid now “ lol Shyla your body is perfect and I give u huge props for filming this type of video after having a csection. I have two csection babies and I know how hard it is to feel sexy and confident after a procedure like that . Love you gurrrrl !! 💕💕
vciouus 3 month ago
Honestly, I didn’t like any of the outfits, they were ugly but as long as Shyla likes them. I feel like she just got stuff that hides her body :/
Odalys Garcia 3 month ago
I wonder if she knows how to take care of herself. As in , using a waist trainer or anything to help her support her stomach. I’m not throwing shade but I never see her wearing something , that would help her a lot too, I would have it 24-7 I would just rest during nights. It just makes me cringe seeing her not wear anything, like GIIRLLLL if you don’t do it, is gonna help you😭😭😭
Isabel Leal 3 month ago
Landon is meee falling on the floor because of how good shyla looks 😂😂
XoXo Amber Nicole 3 month ago
All Landon is hearing is “MAKE HIS POCKETS HURT” 😂😂but I do not blame her I’d go wild at the stores tooo
Ramirez Ramirez 3 month ago
I love how real he is my boyfriend would seriously try and look under my dress like that too hahahahaha
Jaclyn Stein 3 month ago
When shyla said that about her mom tummy made me want to hug her girl I didn’t have a c-section but I’ve given birth twice I know how much your body changes in pregnancy and it hard to accept all the stretch marks and extra skin it comes with I just wanted to say you’re so beautiful in that dress you slayyyy all the time 😍😍 and soul is beautiful congratulations 🥰😍
IA BA 3 month ago
5:33 it killed me when Shyla realised she had pink heels and then Landon gave that look to the camera🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mami Reina 3 month ago
When Shyla grabbed the bag of chips🤣🤣 “I can hear you in between the crunches”🤣🤣
amber s 3 month ago
when Shyla said “I’m listening” while eating chips i lost it😭🤣
Sophia Velazquez 3 month ago
Shyla is goals she makes me feel body confident on how confident she is after birth 🥺😭
Olivia Bittner 3 month ago
Is it just me or can Shyla can pull off literally anything that she has on. I love you guys so much🤧❤❤
Sisima13 3 month ago
She had a C section, is still in the healing process and her body is looking like goals !!❤️🥰
Loretta Zepeda 3 month ago
“Imma take you out..imma take you to this bed”
Jeshly Flores 3 month ago
Nobody Not a single soul Landon: Does the renegade 6:53
Nichole Fountain 3 month ago
The friggin beeping noise in the background the wholeeeeee video drove me nuts but still loved the outfits and you guys of course.
Tara A 3 month ago
“Hotter in price” LMFAO
Bubbly_ Bebee_Head 3 month ago
"I had to wear the same pants so dont judge " the Dntire video: blag blah blah blah "RATES my outfits".
Marii_ love 3 month ago
I love how he just makes her feel sexy, but she is anyway lol so much loveeeeee
Angel’s Life 3 month ago
shyla is literally perfect 😩🥺🥺🥺
Sujedi O 3 month ago
I admire y’all’s relationship 😊🤞I pray things continue to flourish with y’all’s love & your beautiful babygirl🥺❤️
Mia T 3 month ago
I’m so sorry for this but whenever Landon talked the tip of his nose moved and idk why that made me laugh so much but it did
Shaanti Rivera 3 month ago
Lmao girl can’t appreciate it natural eyebrows 💩💩💩💩
Isyss Vaughn 3 month ago
All of y’all should do a video together. Like The ACE Family, Through our eyes, and This is L&S
Aliyah Alexander 3 month ago
His comment when she turns around is everything 😂😂💕
ItsMizzy 3 month ago
1st 8- it’s so cute and looks comfy 2nd 4- don’t like them together lol looks like you are rushing to the store maybe a black top. 3rd 6- if it was cropped 4th 3- if you wore a cream skirt and cream tank under might be cute. If soul was wearing it with you it’d be a 8 5th 9- love it you look fine 💕 6th 10- yassss!!! Love it
Drake Hernandez 3 month ago
Guys have it so easy! As a women myself with 2 kids man its so hard to deal with all the changes i have gone through after having my boys 😕 i cant even imagine being in the spotlight like shyla! She has a great positive attitude and im gld shes pushing through 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 you look beautiful 💓😘
Piper Walshaw 3 month ago
Baby girl I can see how much you are trying to hide that mom bod and I tell you now from my heart. Be proud of your body, you look so damn fine girl you blow my mind how crazy your bounce back has been since soul! Please never doubt your beauty honey! ❤️❤️❤️
Sarah Guanche 3 month ago
Lmao his “ damn “ when he looks at your butt 😂 you are beautiful Shyla !
Amber Pavon 3 month ago
NO ONE better say shit about a woman’s body after she births life into this world. PERIOD. She looks bomb af 2 months PP here I am 5 months PP looking like a bagel 😂😂❤️
Vilma Edwards 3 month ago
Those out looks real good especially the one that she and the baby has the same I give it and vfb the pink one a 10 and the light peach one also a 10 and the rest 8 and 9 you guys are doing good love the vibes Shilah you look great getting back your shape already keep doing g what you're doing love you guys L, S & S I dont see my lil munchkin Souline please give her hugs and kisses for me 😘🥰❤❤🙏💯
Adrianna Tobin 3 month ago
You can tell she’s feeling very self conscious and she definitely shouldn’t. She looks freaking amazing and should be so proud of herself
Heavenlys Mama 3 month ago
Shyla is me not being able to call my boyfriend “daddy” anymore ever since we had a daughter 😂
lulu's wonderland 3 month ago
*I enjoy them more than the Ace family🥴*
Irene Chun 3 month ago
Omg shyla is me "i cant call you daddy now that we have a daughter is weird" 🤣🤣🤣 Literally ME
Kaycee Bishop 3 month ago
Please don’t be upset about your “mom tummy” you brought life into this world and you look amazing! Being able to bring life into this world is the best super power of all ❤️🤗
Yusra Patel 3 month ago
Shyla : eats chips Landon: does the wtf look Shyla: What I’m hungry Me : lol mood
Coral Snow 3 month ago
When listening in airpods the music goes in both headphones. Your talking audio only Goes in left headphone. Please fix
Lizette Reyes 3 month ago
I really hope you guys are actually doing a giveaway unlike other people, a lie is a lie and god still sees all that just saying be careful because that can be the cause of why soul might be getting sick bc of their parents karma and lying. What you do will hurt baby shyla now. So please think wise 💕😩
Emily Atkinson 3 month ago
She literally just had a baby and she’s still goals omg so beautiful 😭😭😭
Monica Ramirez 3 month ago
Girl you had a baby!? When 😭 Girl you look stunning, You’re body is so snatched.... I had my baby over a year ago and I still struggle with my looks. You are beautiful love. 😭❤️❤️
Kashiya Joyce 3 month ago
All of these outfits were so cute on her ❤
Mary Shepard 3 month ago
Shaanti Rivera 3 month ago
All those designers clothes didn’t even fit good and they weren’t cute at all , go to Macy’s and mel rose girl better close there
Classified 3 month ago
Why y'all always copying Austin and Catherine's videos lmao
rxd angxl 3 month ago
This kinda hurted me doe I’m 4 months postpartum and I DO NOT look like that😢 ur so beautiful shyla ❤️
Amina 3 month ago
Shayla's body is 👌🏼😍🔥 everything suits her beautifully doesn't matter what she's wearing.
Geylan selim 3 month ago
sorry london but u must had been more gentle with her as u trying to give comment 😤 coz whatever shyla wore it fits her way soooo much she's incredible mummy
Stephanie Rondon 3 month ago
Shyla: if you say anything about my mom tummy I'll cry. Me: GIRL!!! What Mom tummy?!?!?!?!you should see my mom tummy!!!!!! Moms tummies for the win we made beautiful babies. Our moms tummies deserve trophies💃💃🏆🏆🏆🏆
Julie Myers 3 month ago
Hahaha every time she turns around in any of those his face when he sees her booty love these 2 lol
yaritzel anaya 3 month ago
I just finished watching the ace family's same video and now i get the notification for L&S that they did the same thing and here i am watching it again😂😂😂😂❤❤❤
Michelle Acosta 3 month ago
this breaks my heart i can tell that shyla feels so insecure about her body! when she looks stunning in every single outfit, shes such a beauty!!!
Nicole Cipriani 3 month ago
I LOVE how she’s not trying to hide her postpartum body! ❤️
Live with Cynthia 3 month ago
She’s your wife although she’s not ....saying *girlfriend*for her is an insult
Titisya Dewi 3 month ago
Shyla looks absolutely stunning with everyting she Wear she is so beautiful
Brooke Kowalenko 3 month ago
When they do the same thing the ace family did
Oshiona Davis 3 month ago
Damn shyla you gonna make Landon end up giving u another baby lol youre gorgeous he truly dose have his hands full I love you guys !!💗💗💗💗💛💛💛💝💝💝💝🤞🤞💯💯💯
Dionelly Ascencio 3 month ago
JaNese Howard 3 month ago
I love how Shayla was eating doritos while listening😂
Marissa Enriquez 3 month ago
Your eyebrows look good I've always wanted to get my eyebrows done. landon's face 😂😂😂 cracked me up
Hanny Georgallis 3 month ago
She juss had a baby and tummy is smaller then mine .