My Best Friend Naruto

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Edwin Diaz 5 month ago
I thought this was suppose to be a parody of Naruto, not an actual episode.
Mrmuffins yo 5 month ago
This parody is literally just naruto explained in under 2 minutes.
BabyKangaroo Joey 5 month ago
The Orochi-Jackson has me dying lmfao
DIO not Dio 5 month ago
Imagine showing this to someone, and they go, “wtf well at least this ain’t like the actual show, huh?” And then you have to tell them it’s 100% accurate...
Uncommon Sense 5 month ago
“I’m taking mental photographs and I’m putting them in a folder called: *I LOVE MY BEST FRIEND!!* “ is definitely my favorite line.
Prince Ashelxym 5 month ago
"Stop. Forcing. Your. Friendship. On. ME!" "N E V E R ! ! !" That's it. That's the whole show.
RabbitFlesh 5 month ago
Gonna need a 10 hour version of Orochimaru with the lotion, stat
A big butt 5 month ago
sauske looks like he’s never skipped a leg day
HyperA 4 month ago
Naruto: spongebob Sasuke: squidward Edit: woah thanks for the likes!
my peepee is small, but anyways, 4 month ago
*_"Out of all the experiences we've had, all the countless hours of me glaring at you and not saying a single word how did that translate to "OH! This guy is my best friend"_*
Narxes 5 month ago
Why does Naruto look like he's gonna insult my cooking and say the food is raw?
William Brown 5 month ago
Why did my friends call this a parody when its clearly the actual show.
Matthew Lyman Jr 5 month ago
How Naruto would look if he had a low metabolism from all the Ramen...
Stephen Raines 4 month ago
"I have a literal demon fox that lives inside me" *Fox makes bear noises*
Exotictoxic 4 month ago
When you randomize a character on Ark. Wtf 200 likes never had this much ever 😂
Jacob Garcia 4 month ago
Fun fact, Sasuke was the first one to mention that they were best friends.
Billy Joe 5 month ago
How did naruto’s voice go from Brandon Rogers as the straight mother to duke nukem
Spectator 5 month ago
Brandon Chapman 5 month ago
0:41 This scene made me laugh so hard XD
Red Wolf Rider 5 month ago
Can we all just take a moment to realize this is literally the whole show.
Hyrule Champion 4 month ago
So.... no-one is going to talk about the fox about to penetrate his skin.
Asem Elmagboul 4 month ago
When the “special” kids do cosplay
PandaPlayzGamez_ 5 month ago
Your Gonna get this taken down if you keep using parts of actual episodes
Blake Reed 4 month ago
"Fuck off" - Sauske ❤
Marc Guerra 5 month ago
This man needs to do something involving the King of the Hill characters ASAP
Kevin GuintoRoy 5 month ago
Sergio A Delgado 4 month ago
Your gonna get a copyright claim for uploading an actual episode just saying.
Scout7 5 month ago
Friend: what is Naruto about Me: *Shows this Video*
whispering crown 5 month ago
Best part was the Michael Jackson putting lotion on himself
ConanTheFan 5 month ago
Everybody: looks strange me: alright, no one is gonna die this time
Con-Man 4 month ago
This is the most beautiful abomination I've ever seen
XxSSJWarriorxX 307 4 month ago
The two sped kids having an argument in the middle of the hallway:
McBaked 5 month ago
Yup he's getting sued for just basically streaming naruto episodes.
As above So below 4 month ago
Sedeth Nemesis 5 month ago
Sasuke: All the countless hours of me glaring at you and not saying a single word, how does this fucking translate to friendship? All of this anime explained in one sentence.
Peter Le 4 month ago
70 years later: they’re still fighting, this is the episode people where after 70 years they fight......AGAIN
Stephen Castle 4 month ago
Whoever yelled “never”, hmu let’s start a band 😂
olohC eimoH ehT 4 month ago
0:03 why does naruto have his hands in the position of that ape from cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2
♛ August ♛ 5 month ago
"NEVER" is what cured my depression
skinny720 5 month ago
Naruto is basically the only person who still considers Sasuke a friend at that point, so he is indeed his best friend through process of elimination
GrimTech 4 month ago
When you start the captions in the beginning it says... South Care problems and especially me
It’s Jomaine 4 month ago
0:41 When I’ve Eaten a whole meal but my stomach says otherwise
Tucag Wathiel 5 month ago
"Stop. Forcing. Your. Friendship. On. Me!" *-My cats when I love on them. :3*
Christopher Pacheco 5 month ago
I like how one of Sauske's arm is longer than the other
SilentLegion03 4 month ago
This video is what it’s like when an extrovert tries to befriend a introvert
Taste Lard 4 month ago
You gotta feel for sasuke, “STOP- FORCING - YOUR FRIENDSHIP- ON - ME”
Foe Hammer 5 month ago
When you mess with the character creation menu in ark survival.
Mohammad Lutfor 4 month ago
I really want to listen to the full version of the song at the end.
Jack Saif 5 month ago
"Yeah? Well I have a snake-like Michael Jackson who wants to wear my skin." Now that it's said like this, I feel bad for sasuke.
A leftover Fajita 4 month ago
x x 4 month ago
"Me in background" Oh gawd I hope they dont hit each other to haard
SteeVeeDee 5 month ago
'I regeret knowing you every day of my life' That would make one hell of a ringtone!
Gabriel Ferrari 5 month ago
Why am i watching Marriage Story again? Scarlett and Adam looks different though
Ett Gammalt Bergtroll 5 month ago
Can we just take a moment an appreciate how good the “demon wolf under my skin”-animation was?
Jackie Gutierrez 5 month ago
Tell me why I can’t stop replying the first 2 seconds of naruto running on the water
Villager 4 month ago
0:53 What I'm going to say to a kid in school if they ever reminded the teacher about homework
Sammael Jomji 5 month ago
I just realized that one arm is slightly longer on Sasuke and its bothering me to no end.
Jordan Davila 5 month ago
When you realize this was better than all of Naruto shippuden
Dillon Meyer 5 month ago
"We are tortured souls Saskue." *You don't say.*
Foriegn TV 4 month ago
Why does naruto sound Richard Simmons 😭
Makai Davis 4 month ago
0:45 lol orochimaru in the background
Cameron Buitrago 4 month ago
This was much less gay than I was expecting.
Kaguya The strongest 4 month ago
I’m dying of laughter their voices tho and when they started yelling I laughed so hard
Oriontheone 4 month ago
Sauske looks like a character in King of the Hill
Bmac xx 4 month ago
0:36-0:50 this sequence is hilarious 😂😂
PRAD0GEE 4 month ago
Introvert vs Extrovert, 2020- (colorized).
Spirit 5 month ago
The sad thing is that this is actually pretty damn accurate.
Alx Medina 4 month ago
Whispers* "Your best friend"
Sunshine Esparza-Davis 4 month ago
He's b'out to get copyrighted because he just uploaded the entire anime of naruto....... I feel and r/whoosh...
JayNo2x 4 month ago
Sasuke looks exactly how he sounds 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭
Densest no Chikara 4 month ago
0:44 basically orochimaru
Brady Hartsfield 5 month ago
You cant just go around posting the entire naruto storyline on Youtube like this man
KingDugan 5 month ago
I love how their body proportions are pretty much opposite.
Allen Rice 4 month ago
casual anime watcher: this is so in accurate to the show. me: 100% accurate not different in any way what so ever.
mojohvncho 5 month ago
I like how 90% of this is actual dialogue from the anime
There's A Mushroom On My Shirt Cause Im A Failure 4 month ago
Imagine someone that didn't know Naruto accidentally watched this and actually liked this version instead of the real one not knowing that this isn't the real Naruto 😆
Aecus Regen 5 month ago
Most of MeatCannon's animations are disturbed caricatures of the material he's parodying with grossly perverted personalities in comparison to the source material, but this one is pretty accurate to what actually happened in the show.
filippo goretti 4 month ago
When the two special ed kids meets in the school hallway
Shadow2guy 4 month ago
You can't just upload the whole series like that, man.
Lagran Kruger 4 month ago
This channel consistently proves that you don’t need drugs to be high.
Kansasfilth 4 month ago
This was the most heart warming thing ever
Jean Belmont 5 month ago
Sasuke: lanky stick arms Also Sasuke: leg day God
Steven Universe 4 month ago
How has this not been taken down yet? It's literally just the anime.
Markeese Moore 4 month ago
Imma show this to my friend at school she gonna be pissed
Katana_Gaming 4 month ago
What in god's name was I watching I'll never be the same again u have ruined me
Vlad Anghelache 4 month ago
Me and my friend arguing on discord. I really do.
Joel Speers 5 month ago
Naruto twists and contorts* “The greatest genjutsu is friendship”
Darkmage678 4 month ago
The whole series in 1 episode.
Herman Wilson 4 month ago
0:48 Say nothing.
Jose 5 month ago
Guess nobody noticed at 1:25 Sasuke misspelled his name as *Saskue* lol.
Matthew Ejims 4 month ago
0:37 my character in ark.
Luka 5 month ago
Wow totally not real, there weren't twelve episodes for this conversation
Kwee Kweh 4 month ago
The neck extension gets me every time XD
tyler cross 4 month ago
The snake like Michael Jackson made me laugh so hard 😂.
Elma Mahuevo 4 month ago
i saw these naruto and sasuke design and a was like "ok" but at the second time i was crying
Wyatt Wheatley 5 month ago
This is the whole series. You actually don't need to watch the show if you've seen this video
Boogie G 5 month ago
"I have a snake-like Michael Jackson who wants to wear my skin"
Knight Slayer 5 month ago
“Oh, this guy’s my best friend!”
420 Dankaroni 5 month ago
0:40 *Me looking outside my room to see if everyone is gone so I can go eat*
Conner Sauls 5 month ago
I really love this animation the ending gets me every time