Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Behind The Scenes | The Freeza Saga

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Dragon Ball Z Abridged has been a show I've loved for many years now. And so with the offical ending of the series I wanted to work with Team Four Star in creating a small behind the scenes series as tribute to their wonderful efforts. This episode covers the Freeza (Frieza) saga but if you're interested in watching my and their coverage of DBZA in the Saiyan Saga, check out part 1 on their channel right now!

If you want to check out Part 1 to this series, check out this channel here: https://youtu.be/fdP5nizdEgU

Special Thanks to Rifti Beats for providing some music! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ahy9

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Totally Not Mark
Totally Not Mark 4 month ago
Special Thanks to Team Four Star for being cool ass dudes! PART 3 NEXT WEEK ON THIS CHANNEL! Part 1 can be seen on their channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdP5nizdEgU
ツAchilles 4 month ago
The strongest fusion: TotallyNotMark and TeamFourStar
Koteshima : 4 month ago
I'm still so sad that DBZA is over. Rewatching them now feels like I've been shot back to the better days.
mathiasthewise 4 month ago
Next week? But that's half a fortnight!
Ben Walkup 4 month ago
I love how impressed they are with LK as Freeza still to this day. Truly one of the greatest vocal performances of the decade.
MapleMilk 4 month ago
TFS has some top tier editing But that level of writing on a constant basis is incredible
Bruno Raio 4 month ago
I gonna miss this series so much. I honestly can't believe we're not going to see Fusion in TFS's vision. Crap, somehow i had hope even for Super someday(by the time of my kids)
AestheticBiker82 4 month ago
My favorite thing about DBZA is that they treated the truly epic, serious moments with respect while also injecting humor into the rest of the scenes.
Kevin Groff 4 month ago
"mine mine mine mine Mine MIne MINe MINE MINE MINE MMMMIIIINNEEEE!!!" Deep inhale "Mine"
jack luffy 4 month ago
Omg I can’t wait until they talk about season 3 because that was honestly my favorite part of the abridged they made Cell one of my favorite villains in the series because how they kept his personality from the original series but put a funny twist to it🙏🙏🙏🙏
Sparda9000 4 month ago
Didn’t you guys make a joke about the Linda Young voice in Bardock: The Father of Goku?
Mitchell Pennisi 4 month ago
Oml, LittleKuriboh’s “Freeza” audition is just his Bakura voice lmao.
kawaii kate 4 month ago
I like how Goku got to be the "serious character" but is still Goku. Like, "Break you.....Like a Kit-Kat Bar." Some of the time in the actual show, I feel like he's two people, goofy or serious, never both. But they captured what I think Goku would actually be like when he fights. I love it!
Wil Pearson 4 month ago
Till breaks my heart that's is over but looking back at all they've done I'm happy they kept doing it for as long as they did. I'm mean there was a point where I was more looking forward to a new episode of DBZA then I was of DBS. I'm not a apologising.
Daniel McEachern 4 month ago
All that, and you didn't even ask about the JockStrap Incident.!?!?!?!. "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU???" -SSJ Trunks
Giacomo Bianchi 4 month ago
My favorite line from DBZA was from Episode 29: Frieza reaction to the Genkidama falling on him. "oh somehow I complitly forgot about that" O_O -Nomnomnomnom- "ohmygod" O-O That "OMG" could make me laugh for the eternity. When I first saw DBS:Broly, at the moment when Goku and Vegeta instant transmit themslef, leaving Fieza dealing with Broly, I could ear him do say "OMG" like in that scene. That line was perfect.
Limpurtikles 4 month ago
First of: I have to agree, that delivery of Freeza's "Give me some ideas!" is so awesome it's stuck with me since I first watched that episode! Littlekuriboh is such, SUCH a good voice actor. Hell, let's just skip formalities and call him an awesome actor, period. Second: One of my personal favourite of the Freeza-Goku interactions has to be episode 28... F: "So how did you like THAT game, monkey?!" G: "Eh, it was okay." F: "Wha... you..." G: "It's not Donkey Kong, though. That has a pie-level!" F: *moves slightly forward with a blank stare while the sound of creaking metal plays* I always liked to imagine that sound was the gears in Freezas head audibly grinding against each other as he tried (and failed) to comprehend Goku.
MitobeGuy 4 month ago
The moment they got the mic upgrade was the moment I became a serious die hard fan for this incredible series
Radioactive River 4 month ago
Super Kami Guru: "I'm hilarious and you will quote everything I say"
A Person With a Name 4 month ago
"What if I was a GIRAFFE?" ~ Captain Ginyu. It seems that both first and second season they were worried about switching out who to banter against the villain. Wouldn't be surprised if next season they have the dilemma of "oh god, everyone is gonna have to interact with Cell, how'd we write that?" before realising Cell plays off everyone because he IS everyone.
Alebrije Moderno 4 month ago
This kind of videos when you can see the creative potential and what went into any kind of product is always my favorite parts of all things. I mean, the final result is amazing and that´s what we´re all into but, just seeing what went into someone minds while doing it, how the accidents one make can become masterpieces and all the creative procces that goings into anything, it´s what makes me recall we all are humans and how we all polish ourselves by our experiences and others too
DTroy Sylar 4 month ago
3:51. I love that Little Kuriboh's Beta Frieza is High-pitched Bakura ;-D
rockstickcomics 4 month ago
While I’m incredibly sad that we’ll never see their version of the buu saga I’m still happy that this series is being made.
TheFFsage 4 month ago
Interesting how episode 1 is on TFS and episode 2 is here. Luv you Mark
Sekiko Gaming 4 month ago
TotallyNotTeamFourStar or TeamMarkStar
Michah the light paladin 4 month ago
Damn, I didn't even think of that how Frieza really survived the spirit bomb, and the angry Kamehameha
Ethaniel Haskins 4 month ago
"Cooler, was a little Freezar; and Freezar, was a little Cooler."
Nn Bb 4 month ago
I always preferred the pace and flow of season 2 in terms of the comedy and honestly just everything
YEO's Film Canal 4 month ago
Nappa: Hi! Piccolo: So, you guys are the Saiyans? Nappa: No. Vegeta: Don't be rude, Nappa. Krillin: And you're here for the dragon balls! Nappa: No. Vegeta: We are. And I, am the prince of all Saiyans! Piccolo: You're a prince? Nappa: No. Vegeta: F*ck you Nappa.
Spikero2 4 month ago
The "Broken Rage" scene is still one of the best.
Onion Silk 4 month ago
You guys are really testing my loyalties with which to watch first, Mark
AceBlaz 4 month ago
lionofdemise 4 month ago
4:44 Yes! That's where my love for Freeza started! I replayed that scene all the time!
that one strange guy 4 month ago
I've never seen such powerful fusion like Mark and TeamFourStar
Red-y Set Play 4 month ago
Team Four Star is comprised of some of the most creative, passionate, talented people that I have ever seen. They gave Dragonball Z the love and respect it deserved while also allowing their own creativity to flourish. Episode 60 gives me chills every time I watch it.They did an absolutely amazing job and I can't wait to see what else they accomplish.
Oathkeeper0317 4 month ago
The 'Give me some ideas' line is also my favorite of Frieza! It's a shame in a lot of reactions I see its underappreciated. He's freaking INTIMIDATING cause now the funny is getting repressed a bit and we're going into Maximum the Hormone now.
fvpbz54 4 month ago
TFS: We are hilarious, and you quote everything we say Everyone: yep
Adrien Taylor 4 month ago
These are nice. Having BTS content gives me closure.
YODA 4 month ago
legendaryvicius 4 month ago
Damn it...here goes my free time again rewatching DBZA lol
saiyan 4414 4 month ago
That Linda Young wasn’t bad.
ComiXProvider FTW_02 4 month ago
That moment you realize Piccolo was the Deadpool of DBZA since he has two voices in his head.
Lanipator 4 month ago
Thanks again for doing this dude it's been fun to reminisce :)
Wil Lichtenstein 4 month ago
Its fascinating as to how much TFS prioritized character dynamics in the show. Its like a master class in writing.
Luis Arroyo 4 month ago
That intro was nearly as perfect as mr.perfect cell
Martin Symington 4 month ago
I have waited for this day for so long... TFS and TNM... This is beautiful. <3
lolbity 4 month ago
Remember when tfs said that they need break from show? I am good at psychology and i know people like to share what they feel
Lone Wanderer 4 month ago
I love how LK's Freeza's audition sounds like Bakura in YGOTAS.
Kyle Hagle 4 month ago
Whoa, early gang rise up
Matt Archer 4 month ago
Hearing all the nice things they said about LittleKuriboh's voice acting made me happy :)
Seth Tone 4 month ago
I love how they took two of the most Peaceful characters and made them beyond evil! mr popo and guru.
Drewbear811 4 month ago
Can't bring myself to watch DBZA stuff knowing there wont be any new episodes
someguy1141 4 month ago
Everybody knows that Lanni wanted the show to end after Frieza.
Valdet Paumi 4 month ago
RandomGeekLord42 4 month ago
So, these episodes are going one season at a time, but is there going to be an episode dedicated to talking about the movies and specials, too?
MrSupedoSpade 4 month ago
亀 JC Animations 亀 4 month ago
Hey Mark! I have a few ideas for a next video if you get the chance to see this! 1) Adressing Non canon fan stories (AF, Absalon, Multiverse) and which is your favorite 2) Addressing which show (or manga) did the best variation of either a specific or entire cast of characters 3) Biggest Asspuls in Dragonball (Even a top10 would be good for this) 4) Super vs GT 5) Addressing the power scaling community 6) The divide of the dragonball community (i believe this can be a multi part series as you can address different platforms like Twitter and so on)
Quan Cena 4 month ago
Oh boy i like where this arc is going
Goten 4 month ago
Next week season 3 of DBZA??
P247 4 month ago
6:38 This is the relationship of DBZ's fanbase with its creator in a nutshell. The fanbase tries so hard to fill everything in that Akira Toriyama probably didn't even think of.
No-One In Particular 4 month ago
I thought that the Saiyan Saga thumbnail looked like your art.
Willem de Gooyert 4 month ago
Tnm, I've been loving your content for ages now! It's been great quality and still lots of videos in short succession of each other! This is great! Can't wait for part 3!
Ed Novak 4 month ago
Okay, I was JUST rewatching your 10 Best DBZA Episodes list when this popped up.
Darth Meteos 4 month ago
"Goku is not upset that Krillin owed him money..." I might be one of three people who watch this video who understands that reference.
397 Llederson 4 month ago
4:53 Agreed my favorite scene in that season as well
Vigilante9033 4 month ago
I don’t get what Lanny means about “words he’s not allowed to say” about Recoome.
Thorus Yogi 4 month ago
Still waiting for senzubean for my broken heart </3
WTS Dubs 4 month ago
LK's Freeza is honestly my favorite Freeza in general.
Midget09 4 month ago
Hang on so *_if_* (big if) you _had_ done the universe survival arc would the two namekians just have gone completely insane from all the voices
Derek Alfaro 4 month ago
Namekimania is still my favorite DBZA episode, it's so good
kwazhims3lf 4 month ago
"can we cancel dbza?" super kami guru doesnt allow this
Jack Shelby 4 month ago
Man looking back on this really makes you appreciate how INSANELY talented these guys are as actors
Green G 4 month ago
Ben 10: *turns into alien x* Alien x: IM 3 GUYS NOW
TheFencer 242 4 month ago
When I saw “give me some ideas” for the first time I replayed it like 10 times because I just loved it so much
A Person With a Name 4 month ago
Nice, you got them to collab.
The Mounty Presents 4 month ago
12:16 For those not aware, this may or may not be a reference to Alternate Reality Dragon Ball Z episode 31 where Goku transforms because Krillin owed him 45 cents
The PriorStone 4 month ago
It feels good to see them as awkward nerds grow this series and see them turn in legitimately successful and handsome dudes
Angel U 4 month ago
Totally Not Mark: Episode 3 coming out next week! 1 year later: Episode 3 is finally here!
MattManDX1 4 month ago
Episode 20 is still my favorite after all these years. "THE NAME'S RECOOME! AND IT RHYMES WITH DOOM!"
Anthony Naranjo 4 month ago
4:48 - Chills. Every time.
Sir Quackberry 4 month ago
This documentary series makes DBZA ending feel even more final. :(
Cantrona 4 month ago
I grew up loving Dragon Ball with all my heart. When I reached my teens, that love was still there but I didn't have it in me to re-watch either Dragon Ball or Z too often anymore like I could when I was younger. DBZA came at the perfect time for me to continue to love and experience my most treasured show for the decade that followed. While I would have loved to see TFS's take on the Buu Saga, getting to follow the progress of this show from episode 3 onwards is one of the media experiences I apreciate the most. Given how far DBZA fanon seeps into everyday fanfiction and fanart, I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Thanks for making this documentary Mark. Even though it felt like DBZA was coming to a close given then long hiatus, this documentary is really letting me feel that end strike true.
Tar -sama 4 month ago
I loved all the interactions with lil green . And his crush on Gohan was adorable lol
@lanipator "imperfect cell voice* hey there cherry 😉
Sahil 4 month ago
I have watched DBZA 10 Times!!!! 😁
Joanie Pépin 4 month ago
Great, now you are making me watch DBZA. Again.
Joe Fanik 4 month ago
I never thought about Frieza's 2 extra lives saving him, but looking back at it now, my mind is blown
AshesSakura 4 month ago
Can I just say thank you for doing this, it’s been incredibly interesting! I’m fascinated by everything that went into making the show and hearing all the thought behind every choice, it’s been great to hear now that the show is all wrapped up and I look forward to part 3~
Sun Chips 4 month ago
Bruh, Linda Young is my favorite Freeza, you should’ve done that voice! Lol
Mr. Bump 2.0 4 month ago
Anyone else find it kind of funny that in his last moments as he's being dragged down by angry Namekians, Guru cries "NAIL!!!" ? (sounds like "no" but the official captions on the YouTube upload read "Nail".) In his last moments he wanted his buddy to save him. Also I'm curious what Nail's input would have been in Piccolo's head on the revelation of Guru's fabricated genocide. He never comments on it despite being Guru's right hand man, and that always perplexed me a little. I wonder if he knew and kept it secret, or wasn't surprised since Guru was "a big green asshole".
FanOFTrueHeroes 4 month ago
12:13 shots fired at Gozar years later.
Enkhbold Ganbaatar 4 month ago
I feel like this is Mark's secret plan to renew TFS's love for DBZA so we finally get season 4 and hopefully some movies
Meem Ain 4 month ago
Season 2 was my favorite season and I really loved "Super Kami Guru" who I found as the most funniest character and episodes 28-29 were my favorite ones of seeing frieza dealing with Goku's stupidity.
Plikky Dee 4 month ago
Gods I could have watched even more of this.
Chris Cheeks 4 month ago
Have we finally reached the era of internet content getting docu series? I'm here for it!!!
Thalandor46 4 month ago
I'm so glad they recognize and appreciate the pure quality that was episode 14. I think that may be my single favorite standalone episode that they've ever done.
Emmanuel Mondesir 4 month ago
They ended it on a high note. They didnt the buu saga (thank god) but they did THEIIIIIR WAAAAAY.
Zodiac King3 4 month ago
"Humble" lmao
Shiro Neko 4 month ago
Can't wait for the Cell Saga, that was my favourite one by far!
Marta Tomczak 4 month ago
Look at them! They still have a passion for this! I see this in their eyes :)