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A Safdie Brothers film starring Adam Sandler, Kevin Garnett, Idina Menzel, Lakeith Stanfield, Julia Fox, and Eric Bogosian. UNCUT GEMS – Now Playing.

RELEASE DATE: December 2019
DIRECTOR: Safdie Brothers
CAST: Adam Sandler, Kevin Garnett, Idina Menzel, Lakeith Stanfield, Julia Fox, and Eric Bogosian

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L K 5 month ago
Everybody's gangsta till Adam Sandler gets a serious role.
Hipster Elephant 4 month ago
Sandler just got snubbed an oscar nomination, what a goddamn joke of an award show
Gayuk 3 month ago
If there is a 'most stressful movie' award, 100% this movie will win it.
Jonathan Menjivar 4 month ago
Watching this movie was like having an anxiety attack
Felix T-Rex 3 month ago
Is it just me? But I thought Julia was three different people in the movie
Marcus 8 month ago
When Adam Sandler steps out of comedy, he really shines
WorldsWorstBoy 3 month ago
The trailer doesn't do it justice and that's saying a lot because the trailer is amazing
Shakiem Sparta 4 month ago
Who else watching the trailer even thou You’ve already seen the movie ?
Bur-Khan Al-Din Ibrahim 3 month ago
This movie just creeped me out, but it is a masterpiece. The way money is exchanged and thrown around just wants you to get in bed and appreciate all that you have. I don't need a Rolex, I'm glad I have a Casio.
Snail Shaman 3 month ago
How this movie was amazing is beyond me. Legit astonishing. People aren't fucking around, it's stressful and intense from start to finish. 10/10.
Adam G 8 month ago
Adam Sandler not plalying Adam Sandler for once, thats nice
Aaron Gameros 4 month ago
Anxiety: the movie The ending of this was just... wow
I'm here for it 4 month ago
He's giving me Al Pacino vibes in this one
Bliss Atya 4 month ago
This movie gave me an anxiety attack, be careful seriously.
Megan Elizabeth 4 month ago
just saw it today. the fact that it wasn’t nominated for an oscar is beyond me.
Joe DAgostino 8 month ago
“Please. Give me another shot.” You know what Adam Sandler, I think I will.
kyle ashworth 4 month ago
Oscars: doesn’t nominate Adam Sandler for best actor Me: 0:36
Joseph Scaduto 4 month ago
It’s official: Adam Sandler is a great actor
Makaylah Foreman 4 month ago
No other movie has filled me with such anxiety and thrill and so much dread in my intire life. Uncut gems is a masterpiece and should be placed right alongside the joker for its unique atmosphere
Lauriston Brewster 4 month ago
It's been 48 hours since I've seen it and I can't stop thinking about it.
James Rininger 8 month ago
An Adam Sandler movie that’s serious and not a Netflix movie in the late 2010’s? Sign me up.
mikeee____ 4 month ago
After watching the movie and watching the trailer, it’s even more intense.
Arkham_ Asylum11 4 month ago
Funny that he says “please, give me another shot” before it says Adam Sandler. He didn’t blow his chance
Jonathan Michael 4 month ago
Kevin Garnett was surprisingly good in this film.
Ethereal Rhyme 3 month ago
I don't know why people are surprised when comedic actors are nailing serious roles. I think comedy is actually harder than drama when it comes to acting.
hoshang Rawanduz 5 month ago
Adam Sandlers first movie not wearing a t shirt and shorts 🩳 in it.
Dark Warrior 4 month ago
The moment you realize what a joke the Oscars are is when they snub Howie and a film which had debut actors like Kevin Garnett and Juila Fox perform like seasoned pros.
Terrible Edits 3 month ago
This movie should've be called "People interrupt, and talk over each other" I'm joking, I really enjoyed this film and thought it was a masterpiece. I also feel Sandler should have been at least nominated for best actor at the oscars, but Joaquin existed, so I think Phoenix does deserve it, but still Sandler did an awesome job portraying his character in the film.
Rhov with a V 3 month ago
The most tiring movie i ever watched. no silent moment. everyone is talking from start to finish.
Nick Chatzi 3 month ago
I came here after watching the movie I was anxious and I didn’t know who to talk too
Ethan Adam Rose 8 month ago
Everyone here who is shocked that Sandler is a good actor clearly haven't seen Punch Drunk Love or Reign Over Me.
Cameron Brundage 4 month ago
not a single person could guess how this movie ends, mind blowing.
Vitamin D 4 month ago
One of the best movies of 2019. Safdie Bros are killing it.
Emilio Samuel 4 month ago
Jewel furby’s gotta be the icon of this movie
Omi People 4 month ago
Gunk 8 month ago
This trailer is fucking mesmerizing. I haven't been this curious about a movie in years.
RAHUL ANAND 4 month ago
Who all think Sandler should’ve made it for best actor ?
Joe Threadgill 4 month ago
Pisses me off this got snubbed. A TEN and Sandler DESERVES every single ounce of praise. He should be so proud of this film. I was blown away
tabulldog27 4 month ago
Adam Sandler legit turned into Al Pacino in this movie. That is how good he was.
M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews 4 month ago
My friend: I didn't really like Uncut Gems Me: 0:36
Austi Maverix 8 month ago
A24 and Adam Sandler??? I never thought I’d see the day
Ramone Escobedo 4 month ago
This movie is absolutely incredible I highly recommend you watch
Austin Smith 3 month ago
This movie is genius and shows Sandler's intellect vividly.
Trace Alyea 4 month ago
Everyone’s acting like this is Adam Sandler’s first drama movie. I saw Uncut Gems, phenomenal movie but the people saying this is his only drama movie have to see Punch Drunk Love, Reign Over Me, and The Meyerowitz Stories.
x x 3 month ago
Ramen Noodles 8 month ago
Disney may dominate the box office, but A24 will for sure dominate the oscars
Nick Lawson 4 month ago
When a movie is so good that even a basketball player puts in a great performance
0 4 month ago
As someone who just saw it without ever seeing the trailer, the trailer doesn’t do it justice at all. watch this film.
Nora Barkai 4 month ago
Every single moment in this masterpiece was outstanding. Period.
Rene Pantoja 3 month ago
Unbelievable. The once worst actor in history in one of the most undeniably good dramas of all time.
mlclau 6 month ago
Was waiting for Rob Schneider to pop out halfway through.
MAHIM 4 month ago
was having anxiety attacks during the entire run-time of the movie
Z andG 3 month ago
Which is more stressful to watch: 1917 or uncut gems? p/s: seems like these days definition of good movies are those stressful to watch, when did movie watching became this stressful?
tiananman 4 month ago
It's nice that Adam reminds us he can actually act when he makes a decent movie, I just wish he'd do it more than once every 2 decades
Frank 4 month ago
best movie i’ve seen in a while. the pacing is mental
jean garcia 8 month ago
This trailer looks like it could be for a GTA movie lol
EMC4478 4 month ago
I saw this movie last night. Adam Sandler’s performance is fantastic, the film is fast-paced & riveting and I now have a crush on Julia Fox. Her performance was great & she’s really hot. 4 out of 5 stars.
Pavel Jarosch 4 month ago
Director: I want combination of Torturo and Pacino Production: Hold my beer, ADAAAAM, can you come here for a minute?!
CColdCWwolfW 4 month ago
Joker : How about another Joke? Howard : nope. This is me , This is How I Win
N A 3 month ago
I‘ve just watched it and I like to say that it was the most unpleasant & most stressful 2h and 15min in my life. I LOVE IT !!!!!!!
Neil Paliwal 8 month ago
A24 is the new Miramax. Making low-budget "oscar-worthy" movies. Hopefully it won't end up like them
Brian Keeble 4 month ago
Most stressful movie I’ve ever seen.
Frank Driscoll 4 month ago
I just saw last night. An anxiety filled thrill ride. I couldn’t sleep after I saw it. It just blew me away.
caitlyn who r u 3 month ago
Just watched this movie, DID NOT expect that ending AT ALL!
Philm 4 month ago
The trailer music is so good, I know it’s “Pray 4 Love” but they remixed it somehow and it sounds even more lit. If you love movies, follow my channel, i’ll be posting my first short film later this year. Love❤️
Olivier Harrisson 8 month ago
Adam Sandler pushing The Weeknd?? I never thought i'd see the day
clsman89 3 month ago
Kudos to A24: Midsommar, The Lighthouse, Uncut Gems... 2019 has been a great year! Wow!
Nigward 4 month ago
Bruh I already watched the movie but this trailer dope asf
Jacob J. 3 month ago
First, they help prove that Robbert Pattinson is more than just Edward. Second, they show the world that Adam Sandler has incredible acting skills. Whats next? I can't wait
Thompter S. Hunson 4 month ago
I just saw the movie yesterday and all I have to say it's wow... This must is one of the biggest robberies the academy awards every did to an actor! Saying that _Adam Sadler killed it_ it is an understatement. I'm a big Leonardo Di Caprio fan, but if LDC deserved a nomination for O.U.A.T.I.H. then we all do for, I don't know... Just being alive I guess. This was a robbery.
Zach Obad-Mathis 8 month ago
People don't realize that Adam Sandler can actually act especially in dramatic roles like this
Krehlmar 3 month ago
The real award aught to go to whoever had the balls to cast Adam Sandler in a role where he isn't just Adam Sandler. I mean I love the guy, onesided as he is, I grew up with him in the 90's and whatnot. To see him outside of the usual is fascinating.
Misteriosi81 4 month ago
Unbelievable film.... So intense....
Butt Boys TV 4 month ago
When Sandler acts in a dramatic role he's as good as Daniel Day or Phoenix or anyone. Clearly he just likes dicking around in his comedies.
panickypress 3 month ago
Adam Sandler is rich af, and doesn't need to impress anyone. Most of the time he is just having fun with his friends and making stupid movies that they can look back on with a smile... Once in a while though, he puts on his big boy pants and delivers a f++++++ oscar worthy performance, and this is one of those performances!
Gary Visionary 8 month ago
Modern Warfare comes out in a month and Adam Sandler is making good movies? what year is this
A. Roman 4 month ago
Terrific direction and for the first time ever, I really liked Sandler.
chantelle murphy 3 month ago
Did not like the ending when he got shot in the head
MixSona Productions 4 month ago
SteezyRiceFilms 4 month ago
I come back to watch this trailer everyday. A shame Adam Sandler didnt get an oscar nomination just because the academy was so focused on the way he was acting "arrogant", and not purely on the amazing performance he made.
Michael T 5 month ago
Sandler takes a serious role like every 10 years. But everytime he does, hes great. I liked him in Spanglish.
ys m 4 month ago
*I usually come to the trailer of a movie to see someone's comment to let me know whether or not they liked the movie-* I'll be that comment for you. GO watch this movie. Best movie I have seen in a long, long time. It has everything that makes a movie great. It knocks the breath out of you by the end and you're left with this feeling that a good movie should make you feel. So unexpected too.
Mangocado 3 month ago
It's funny how a movie can be great and insufferable at the same time. Almost every scene full of chaos, unlikable characters and an obnoxious score. But still, it's a good film.
Qikiroppaan Sut 3 month ago
I felt like i was strugling while watching this movie
Shayan Haghighi 3 month ago
OMG I watched this movie yesterday. Holy bro its intense on so many levels
DespicableContent 3 month ago
For the first time Sandler did a Serious role and he didn't get a nomination. SMH Oscar is a Great Big Scam
TheAidoKidd 3 month ago
This is the Adam Sandler I've been waiting for, he definitely deserved an oscar for this
Hoagie Laverne 3 month ago
Zohan dressed up and acting like Al Pacino feels wrong. What have you become Scrappy Coco?!...
Robin Card 3 month ago
I just watched this film – it was like a two hour panic attack. How did this not get nominated for anything?
0ctxbr 8 month ago
I’m really happy that Adam Sandler is breaking boundaries. Showing that he’s much more than comedy movies.
Deon Jonesglass 4 month ago
1:56 you're welcome
Snoopy Bollox 3 month ago
F**king great movie it was like Adam Sandler playing Larry David playing Al Pacino....
Bora Koç 3 month ago
let’s all agree that this movie had one of the best song choices.
Allen M Group 3 month ago
What if Uncut Gems also refers to the movie having first time actors who are actually doing a great job on screen.
Movie or Bust 8 month ago
I never knew I wanted Adam Sandler in an A24 movie. I’m about to buy a ticket.
Later Tater 4 month ago
Probably best film ever watched. The ending is absolute madnessssssssss .
Tablet Gonz 3 month ago
To much arguing in this dam movie
scaho 4 month ago
This movie is visual representation of claustrophobia and anxiety in the same time, and I like how they mention the claustrophobic environment in the movie as an easter egg. Done so brilliantly. The trailer got me since I was exited for a serious Adam role again, but I have no idea this will end up in my favorite films of this year.
Pedro Reis 3 month ago
This might very well be the best trailer of all time
Malcolm DuBose 8 month ago
Think the thing I hate most about Adam Sandler is how good he is we he actually gives af.