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vGodFN 5 month ago
Lets play a game Boys: Keep the like button odd Girls: Keep the like button even 👇 (Im gifting my next 14 subs🥳) day
Harley Kapitan 5 month ago
4:40 that little boy creeped me out when I saw him
Blockyram Minecraft 5 month ago
Quote of the year: Corey: oops accidents happen!
pete 5 month ago
There's just that red shirt kid that follows them for the hole park
NWE Wrestling 5 month ago
Corey:were the shorty Corey's Drage:I'm not short
Ryan Gordon 5 month ago
Capron Before: Noo that's dangerous After: ok give it a go
Chizvza 5 month ago
10:19 that got me laughing
Cayden Wall 5 month ago
Hey man love the vids sick today but this will keep my spirits up
Kali Maddox 5 month ago
1:21 me and my friends would always do that we would go flying
Sunshine Farms inc. 5 month ago
I was just watching a Purple Matress advertisement and Doesn’t the billy guy on there look identical to Billy from this channel
Emz 5 month ago
im dieing when he said floors lava while drew was doing a flip lol
Leah Sharick 4 month ago
Every one has to slap the loser with all their straght that doesn’t make it on time
Tiffany Upchurch 5 month ago
When Corey jumped into the swing, that was smooootthhh. I would have fallen😂
Chloe Britt 5 month ago
Me: oh there’s 7 comments. Can I see them. Comments: Heck na
RichKOEC 5 month ago
This whole video just made me want to go to a tramp park
Parker Loomis 5 month ago
Do a back flip when ever you are told
Garrett Robison 5 month ago
Early squad Love the videos! Keep up the AMAZEING CONTENT!!!!
Erin McGuire 4 month ago
The kid in the red sweatshirt was like stalking you guys
Henry Sim 5 month ago
One challenge is try a knew trick that u haven’t done before
Damien Ramirez 5 month ago
They went to the get air next to a home depot I have gone there before
LoopyLooop 4 month ago
I had a challenge! Who ever gets a punishment has to shout”YEET” as loud as they can.
yadiel santiago 5 month ago
Give capron some hype for being camera man and doing the course 1 handed with Corey
Mandy McIntyre 5 month ago
Baseball Pro 4 month ago
8:24 The wolverine
Whitney Tnney 4 month ago
after following and turning on my notification...... you need to teach me how to do a back flip
Jade Wiebe-Humphrey 5 month ago
You guys make me laugh so much. When I am sad I just laugh so much after watching one of your videos😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Btw: I love your guys dodgeball names they were so funny 😆 😂
Jayme Miller 5 month ago
Capron reminds me of Stewart from MadTV in this vid. "Look what i can do."
Colin Nichols Outdoor Life 4 month ago
9:49 I didn’t know they say the f word
DominoPlayz YT 5 month ago
You guys are amazing im trying to learn flips and as soon as its summer im going to start scootering since im in canada thank you!
Greg Freeman 5 month ago
Great quote - Billy at 0:50 "Capron, you can't just do that" Oh yes he can!😂😂😂
Parker Loomis 5 month ago
The next video should be staying in a gym for 24 hours
Ali M 5 month ago
Weird moment caption opens his legs up says come to me her brother
Dhanasekharan Pochaiah 5 month ago
Guys you are very inspiring on how to live a happy life!! Love you guys sooo much I been following you since 2014 and luv all the way from India!!!❤️❤️
Captain Shark 5 month ago
Drews face when capron said floor is lava while he was in air hilarious😂😂
Alex Sorenson 5 month ago
8:23 nice diving kong vault didn’t know you could do that
Multiple Gaming 5 month ago
Drage kinda looks like Parker from Vehicle Virgins
Amanda Skskskssks 5 month ago
Honestly I really like watching their videos because they look to fun
Josh Kleiser 5 month ago
Hey cloud you shout me out me out i am 9 and I have been watching you as long as I can remember
Completely Epix 5 month ago
For some reason when I close my eyes I can’t see?
Caleb Landouw 5 month ago
Did anyone just get this in their recommendation list
An Outlander 5 month ago
This was one of my favorite videos before that u guys made
kiara bailey 5 month ago
You know i forgot about the challeng "the floor is lava".
Elliot Murphy 5 month ago
Love the wee man following you around 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bridge Gutzeit 5 month ago
I get so excited when I see notifications for you I just want to scream I love you guys so much Capron and Rydel are so cute 😃
Kohzmoe YT 5 month ago
Make a vid about going to West Virginia
Keiron Mcgonigle 5 month ago
Omg I thought drage was Joey from the walking dead
dill hockey 5 month ago
You guys should do a dodgeball game where when you throw the ball and miss the floor is lava for you but other than that it’s normal dodgeball rules
Bumfairy People 5 month ago
watching old vids wanna see more scooter :(
I Play Fortnite 5 month ago
I’ve been there before at chino hills!
Parker Loomis 5 month ago
Or staying in a restaurant for 24 hours
Korey Ibbotson 5 month ago
Hi sup dudes u are my role models u took me through times whenvi couldn't cope thank you
NeverNeverland 5 month ago
I could see them trying out for ANW, they'd be entertaining to watch for sure!
Kaitlyn Hankey 5 month ago
yall should do a hide and seek in ikea or walmart/ target
CAnFRan 5 month ago
7:21 A new siffling method ?
Grace Hart 5 month ago
I love you and your vids. You make me happy when I am sad 😔 ☺️
Minmara *** 4 month ago
Lol the kid in the red shirt just watching in the background
Brinlee Lawhorn 4 month ago
He has to ask some one to go on a date with him
Melonie Alvarez 5 month ago
I love your video’s I wish I can make one with you guys ❤️
Megija Lapiņa 5 month ago
Capron:what game are we Going to play today? Corey jumps on stick with his body Me:it's a spiderman😂
Arcalocket31 Saber 5 month ago
I’m going to go to tempest on my birthday all type in the comments when I am going there plz see if you can come plz 😢😢😄😄😄😄😄
Wyatt Roberts 4 month ago
I was like will this be extstreme and it was
Kai Jay 5 month ago
omg thats so awesome good for you jason!!! im so proud your flipping now!
Kade_ Ydstie 5 month ago
Jump up and down with him on your shoulders Caperon: no that's too dangerous Also Caperon: actually try it once
Yeet Lord 5 month ago
Can you give a shout out to my friend he has a yt account called drippy eclipes
JoeTV 5 month ago
i miss the old funk bro’s videos that were intended for teenagers. now their videos are intended for 10 year olds
Reanna Villaalta 5 month ago
I had my birthday party at get air
TlinaGaming 5 month ago
Cory the ninja warrior course took you exactly 30 seconds.
Piotr Pawlik 5 month ago
Next time do the floor is lava but you are also playing hide and seek in the same time
elysa gamez 5 month ago
Reply? I love y’all so much 😕❤️❤️
Phoebe Solomon 5 month ago
omg I love you shout out in the next vid I sub and liked and put the bell on I love you I have been watching seen the start!!!!!!!!!XXXXXXXOOOOOO
Gentrit Aliu 5 month ago
the edit on the floor is lava word is blocking everything
Ryan Michael 5 month ago
The ninja course for Corey was 27 seconds
Wyatt Amos 5 month ago
There was a little kid in the background while Jason was doing a lot of flip
xavier swiger 5 month ago
Dear Funk Bros, I love your shows you always make me laugh and smile
MarionTv_ 5 month ago
when i get home i'm going to see the video
Zander Schneck 5 month ago
I love your videos I've almost been watching for 1 year
Jake Hopper 5 month ago
Make someone flirt with a girl
Petrisor Buzea 5 month ago
BEST videos ever!
Thomas Sileo 5 month ago
Run around he whole park 5 times
Audris S. 5 month ago
I’m early!! I love your videos 💗✨
Rachel Wilson 5 month ago
Why am I so early 😂
Jacob Swessinger 5 month ago
They have to get shot with a air soft gun
Liza Baskind 5 month ago
Can you play hide'n seek in a basketball stadium?p.s. this is actually Silas
BRADEN THAYER 5 month ago
Hey guys love the content and it's very fun watching
Alexi Tritsaris 5 month ago
I love u guys u just bring YouTube to the next level all ur videos are on fleeeeeek 👇🏻Squash it
Unnamed_ Blank 5 month ago
Y did you all stop scootering?? It’s been a long time
Trey Crippen 5 month ago
Cory at the beginning lol
Jayy Bro 5 month ago
I love y’all as YouTubers but the list is Billy Capron Corey Drew Draged
TryNot To laugh challenge 5 month ago
3:47that was only a punishment for billy
Asa Miller 5 month ago
Every time it does that floor is lava animation it is rly annoying Also follow on tiktok at ace_the_ripper
Alexx 5 month ago
I'm excited to watch this😁
Jessalyn K 5 month ago
At 2:15 somebody was in the backround😱
Laylan Thompson 5 month ago
Love u r channel so much u have inspired me so much
Zainkarima 5 month ago
Knut Rognhaug 5 month ago
I wanna jump a trampoline but I can't becouse I injured my knee😢
Tia Broom 5 month ago
drade and billy rolling is a mood lmao the cutest one
Kaylee Garrett 5 month ago
Hters leave they r amazing. Awsome vid
Darlene Anderson 5 month ago
Hi Funk Bros! You guys are so much fun to watch. You all are amazing! Funk Bros rock! Keep up the great work you guys. Have a great day and a great weekend. Be careful and be safe. ❤you Funk Bros!
The Player 5 month ago
I have been watching since you started
Landen Gari 5 month ago
Spin around 10 times then do 2 backflip