The 2020 Subaru Forester is BETTER than you think

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2020 Subaru Forester Review by The Straight Pipes. The 2020 Subaru Forester is pumping out 182hp and 176lb-ft tq. At $39,995, would this be your pick over the Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota Rav4, Mazda CX-5?

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TheStraightPipes 3 month ago
What do you think of the updated Forester?
Ben Church 3 month ago
The styling already looks 10 years old
Chris Hilliard 3 month ago
I like that you guys are back to doing more "normal" car reviews. I assume it's because it's winter time, but it's really helpful and interesting for those of us currently car shopping.
Matthew Callaway 3 month ago
Quote of the video: “Man that simulated quick.”
TheDGeneration 3 month ago
Simulated gears with a CVT, all the downside of a CVT with none of the benefit!
Yama Link 3 month ago
We have a section of town where almost everyone drives Foresters. When you see a home without a Subaru in the driveway it literally stops people in their tracks to wonder if it's a visiting relative or someone lost.
Luke 3 month ago
Straight Pipes has the best b-roll footage in he industry
Brandon Hall 3 month ago
the lack of excitement in the whole subaru lineup is legendary.
Valentine 3 month ago
I'm never gonna understand why they use a CVT when they dont use it like a CVT on acceleration it could be kept at peak power for maximum acceleration and peak efficiency when just cruising but nooo... fake gears to go against all reasons to use a CVT
Garrett DeRosa 3 month ago
The music in the beginning was so fitting 😂 “ehhh 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️”
BaruchPB 3 month ago
The Forester Sport version is definitely easier on the eyes
Joseph Anthony 3 month ago
Hey Yuri, you wanna comb your hair? Yuri: nah
Jeffery Butler 3 month ago
They said Premium is the top trim, it’s actually one of the lower trims. There’s also sport, Limited, and Touring and they all have a higher starting price point.
theconformist 3 month ago
That intro music was eerily one of the most Subaru-esque themes I’ve heard of. They should have it be the official Forester song.
Grace Hercyk 3 month ago
I appreciate when it’s more “normal” cars that my friends and family drive; aka. if I’m going to buy a car I can afford this year. Of course the fancy cars are better. But I enjoy the cars and reviews for the muggles.
Wife and I just got the blacked out Sport and absolutely love it! That's coming from a large cattle rancher/blacksmith who drives a big Ford hahaha
Henry I 3 month ago
Subaru has got to bump up the hp on the Forester, bring back the STi.
Blake Rauch 3 month ago
My fiance has a 2019 and we love it. It's like a spaceship inside. the tech is great, the pano sunroof is fantastic. its perfect for running errands on the weekends. I'm 6'4, 265 and fit wonderfully inside. The sound system is great. The storage capacity works well for camping as well hauling things from The Home Depot and Bad, Bath and Beyond. The visibility outside the windshield is way better than the outback.
My_Supercar_Life 3 month ago
Yuri 40 seconds in... 🤷‍♂️ "ehh"
Sebastian Atendido 3 month ago
The forester is a amazing, practical vehicle.. Wish I can get one
MarvelousWhale Vlogs 3 month ago
HOW?! How do you know I am looking for a 2020 Forester lol
Berk Güray 3 month ago
When I started watching this channel I thought: man, this dude is very serious about his rewind satellite radio.
Varad Bhatt 3 month ago
That was one of the most soothing intro ever.
Rockwood Joe 3 month ago
The 2.5 and 6-speed changed the character significantly. RIP manual trans.
Oscar Cruz Ruiz 3 month ago
I don’t know if this is something that would fit in your car review’s format, but for family centric vehicles (like this Forester) I would mentioned crash ratings
Mike Follis 3 month ago
Thought about getting one, so read owner reviews for the 2019. Most of them were bad.
Alex Martens 3 month ago
The Forester has greatly improved over the years, specifically the interior. I just wish they didn’t have the CVT.
steve desveaux 3 month ago
6:55 killed me😂 if 2 steps for apple car play are too much, it might be the reason why Yuri's hair are a bit messy🤔😂
infernohit 3 month ago
2:35 That would have been a great time to put a watch sponsorship clip in there.
luKe 3 month ago
I know it is because we bought a Sport at the end of last year, and it’s great. It’s my wife’s car, and she’s in love LOL! 30mpg, all wheel drive, tons of space, rugged enough, panoramic moonroof...not too shabby. Oh yeah, and the easiest oil change I’ve ever done :)
Impyyfie 3 month ago
Wtf is wrong wirh yuris hair lately.. It looks like he gets up from bed and starts recording lmao
oldatarigamer 3 month ago
Visibility and Subaru's AWD are the highlights of this SUV when compared to others.
Lasagna 489 3 month ago
If I were a tuning company, I’d offer a manual conversion with the 268 HP motor from the Ascent.
Sal Isakov 3 month ago
I’d like to buy Yuri a hair brush or comb which ever he prefers 🤣
DampCake 3 month ago
Y’all underplayed this car. Exceptional value for money ESPECIALLY in snow. I’ve been stuck a total of zero times. Zero. This is in Northern New Brunswick ... you don’t get much snowier. Hyundai?? 🤮
MrWaffles 3 month ago
Subaru is my favorite auto manufacture out there, but their prices are starting to skyrocket beyond what they look to be worth.
Gee Eee 3 month ago
To me last "real" Subaru was 2004 MY. Everything after that is just meh.
Lee Ginsburg 3 month ago
Great review! Some quick things: - That scanning when you turn on the car is actually doing something. Using that camera, it can save your pic to your profile and load it up when you get in the car, changing all your settings and seat settings. I have the limited which does not have this feature. - Back seats are very roomy, AND they also recline - the extra screen up top is actually very handy, especially with Android Auto. Map on the big screen, song info on the small screen. Or SAT radio on the main with next turn on the small screen - The optional sound system comes with a built-in sub that really cranks
Pierre Migneault-Richer 3 month ago
I have a 2019 since June, AND I LUV IT ! Yeah CVT is a bummer in terms of performance but, in trafic, it is smooth. Winter driving in Montreal is such a charm and easy with this csuv.
SuperDestrier 3 month ago
It's just a shorter, taller Outback. It's fine, nothing wrong. It's the car of "I'm just browsing".
Eric V 3 month ago
0:35 the look of disgust on his face 😂
Chad Miller 3 month ago
Love my 2019 Forester Sport. Best compact SUV at this price point in my opinion
B.L Ward 3 month ago
The interior is surprisingly decent, but I think Jakub's facial expression @ 0:34 pretty much captures my thought on this vehicle.
John Lobo 3 month ago
I liked the intro. I always wanted to see your take on the forester. Now I can't wait to see u review the Kia Seltos.
Connor Drennan 3 month ago
I don’t like how tall the forester looks. The wheels look tiny compared to the whole car. The proportion on this car is really off.
Mattyew 3 month ago
LOL the subtle editing in this one made me overlook yuri's messy hair 10:16
ED 3 month ago
0:34 is all you need to see in this review.
jyl3570 3 month ago
I'd take Tucson or Santa Fe with the driveability of CX-5.
miguel gonzalez 3 month ago
5:58 Yuri should start telling us how easy/difficult it's to get over the center console... New test?
Robbie Frame II 3 month ago
"Not if you're six foot one and *_a half_* "
rabola55 3 month ago
"Your blindspots look pretty good." Huh? 😉
Jess 3 month ago
right when Jakub said “in 2020” I looked at my clock and it said 20:20
regular driver 3 month ago
5:58 yuri taking the short cut...😆
Baljeet Kanda 3 month ago
Yuri, u forget to Comb your Hair before this video. 😂😂😂❤
rogerthat 3 month ago
@TheStraightpipes The 'launch' sounded like you left it in the 'I' mode. It is noticeably quicker in 'S' mode.
ricky v 3 month ago
My favorite part of this video was the interior of the car and watching you all drive in the snow. Thank you.
TheKinxton 3 month ago
I really miss the 2.0 250hp diesel engine, that thing was awesome
ChaosphereIX 3 month ago
Does it have a manual? A turbo? A hood scoop? No? Then it most certainly is not better than I thought. From the company that advertised against being beige, this is very very beige.
Bickety Bam 3 month ago
Yuri : _If I'm on a phone call on apple carplay, it says I'm in a phone call and it blocks my speedo_ Big Analogue Speedometer : _What? Am I a joke to you?_
Caleb Jared 3 month ago
Thank you for covering the safety tech! That is what will make my next new car decision because otherwise I’d rather buy a used car! Do you really think that the lane centering is on par with TSS.20 (RAV4)?
bacvain 3 month ago
Omg Jacobs face at the beginning... that must have been a painful launch 🤣🤣🤣
Ovenmitttt 3 month ago
Holy bed head Yuri!!!
J P 3 month ago
It’s an overpriced unreliable over hyped car. End of review.
Ridge frost 3 month ago
*man that simulated quick* that's something u don't hear everyday also is that a bold spot on yuri or is it jus messy hair 5:30
Victor 560 3 month ago
This channel deserves millions of subs 😭
Martin Weiser 3 month ago
so Tuscon 2019/2020 next, right?
Melvyn Joseph 3 month ago
0:41 the entire cars opinion. 😂😂😂🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Gas Guzzler Reviews 3 month ago
Lol the intro music matched the subaru brand type so well, atleast for me for some reason. Definitely classic subaru as you said, great review!
Armin 3 month ago
You guys need to review the Honda CRV!
Thiha Zaw 3 month ago
Finally reviewing the Forester. You guys are the best!!!
Car Guy 3 month ago
10:18 "Not an issue when you're 6 foot one aNd A HaLf
Chris Munsey 3 month ago
Yep,that’s the same reaction everyone has when they floor it in a CVT.......which is just awkwardly laughing🤣🤣🤣
Fred Roth V 3 month ago
The CVT is a hard pass for me. I get physically ill driving the things.
pats4life 23 3 month ago
love the look on your faces when u send that 182 HP beast down the road 🤣 i’ll watch anything you guys review and that’s just one of the many reasons why
Tika1 3 month ago
I think Subaru has given up in the past 10 years, all their new cars look the same as their 2010 models.
Dominic 3 month ago
Damn that exterior is hideous!
LeGOAT 3 month ago
For some reason I felt they were so bored in this car 😂 but they always make it entertainment for me somehow even on the most boring cars
Acton Treadway 3 month ago
will never be as good as my 2008 forester xt sports, which I bought new.
Justin 3 month ago
I'm curious....Did Yuri do that to his head on purpose or was he late for filming and rolled right out of bed? I'm torn. Kids these days haha.
Luvton 3 month ago
I've been waiting for this for so so soooooo long
Chuck Sweitzer 3 month ago
A COMB, Yuri's Krytonite! LOL, great review as always!
Matt Rossi 3 month ago
Yuri killing it with the editing on that Subaru-like intro music.
Mathias Gomez 3 month ago
My coworker has this exact year and model and she got a killer deal through the Costco program. I enjoyed driving to our hikes in San Diego and it has such great sight lines for seeing all around the vehicle. It's super practical and roomy. Cheers from San Diego!
L 3009 3 month ago
I hate how subaru was very good from the 1990s to 2010 and now its not that good , the interior is good looking but the exterior look of the legacy , forester is very normal/bland :( I have a 2006 legacy and compared it to the 2019 one and they didn't realy improve much
Long Nguyễn 3 month ago
Another CVT. Most of Japanese car models available in my country come with CVT gearbox. I dont understand why they're so stuck with it. Good engine, good build quality, and a CVT.
Nicholas Smith 3 month ago
Yuri: best bed hair on youtube!
Roymer Perez 3 month ago
ok after 5:58 I want a yuri-jumping-over-the-center-console shot in every video now
Darren Best 3 month ago
Keep up that awkward ending, guys! I'm going to start referring to Yuri as "Vanna".
Newborn Child 3 month ago
can you pls review a crosstrek manual? planning on buying it this year.
Rafsan Fariz Fiha 3 month ago
I'll go for the Mazda CX-5
Shark Hudson 3 month ago
Been waiting for this one!
Cereal Killer 3 month ago
I have an 05 MT X with a cherry bomb muffler on it, lol I love my Baruben.
Borden Webb-Brown 3 month ago
Also, no mention of the huge sun roof. I love it!
jack p 3 month ago
2020 and hybrid version still not available in N.Anerica ? Kia , Hyundai have had hybrids in their line up for several years now. E-boxer has been available in Japan and Europe for some time now. Even lousy Ford Escape is now available with hybrid. RAV4 Prime is months away Outlander PHEV has been on sale for several years now. WAKE UP Subaru !!!
Shahaab Sherwani 3 month ago
Please never stop shooting in Milton, I love being able to watch your videos and know exactly where you are! I love just off of Bronte street LOL
BigsGaming 3 month ago
"No more turbos" Legacy/outback XT "am i a joke to you?"
Jordan S 3 month ago
Loving the new intros!
superpac1966 3 month ago
Is the phone max volume still set at “38”?
Duck Tape 3 month ago
Thanks for continuing to do regular affordable cars. I’m sure it gets harder as your channel gets bigger.
Philippe Villard 3 month ago
Among the many things I like about the straight pipes is the fact that they thoroughly review lane centering features. Other reviewers never talk about that stuff and it’s a major selling point for me and the reason my next car will be the Genesis gv80 or Lincoln aviator