Which Lifted Wagon is the BEST? 2020 Subaru Outback vs VW Golf Alltrack

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2020 Subaru Outback vs 2020 VW Golf Alltrack Review by The Straight Pipes. With 182hp 176lb-ft tq and 168hp 199lb ft tq, would you pick the Subaru Outback or Volkswagen Golf Alltrack? Would you get the Alltrack in manual? At $40,995 CAD and $38,420 CAD with the DSG, would you take them over the VW Golf Sportwagen, Audi A4 Allroad, Audi A6 Allroad, Subaru Forester, Subaru Crosstrek, VW Golf GTI, VW Tiguan?

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TheStraightPipes 3 month ago
Outback or Alltrack? Wagon's or SUV's? Subscribe for that Formula 1 car review that probably won't happen but maybe
Alex McDougall 3 month ago
Testing the ground clearance with a chunk of snow had my Canadian juices flowing 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
JeppeRito 3 month ago
I'd appreciate an extra 5 centimeters 😔
dean marriott 3 month ago
Alltrack with a GTI turbo. Turns the car into a 300hp sleeper.
no sah 3 month ago
The outside of the Subaru looks 10 years old, but the interior of the VW looks 10 years old🤔
Squid McFishfish 3 month ago
Dead to me if you guys don't say Alltrack haha. Only because I bought a used '18 because of your first review
Right Lane Hog 3 month ago
Boys, Our southern neighours might be interested to learn that wagons and manuals never really went out of style in Canada . We just can't get too many these days due to our common North American auto market. #SaveTheManualWagon
Tha Privateer 3 month ago
Or get the Outback XT for 270hp.
Boris Zilberman 3 month ago
Ugh, you guys need have done a turbo version of the outback.
Mandel 3 month ago
I never thought in my life “I think the outback is a sexy car.” I like it every time I see a new one on the road. Growing up is weird.
MCmudkip p 3 month ago
**K E E P E Y E S O N R O A D**
Schei MJ 3 month ago
I bought a 2019 Alltrack SEL w/ a Stick. Best car I ever owned.
Riley Starr 3 month ago
Upvoted immediately just cuz I'm a nerd who loves wagons. Yeeeaaahhh
Xavier Bullett 3 month ago
YESSSS! #SAVETHEWAGONS this made my day and weekend!
Christian Yousef 3 month ago
That’s my dad driving his work van, it’s a small world 15:49
The Aussie bogan Bunta 3 month ago
We need to get you guys in a Holden since they just fully died
harrismi7 3 month ago
The VW looks like it's wearing a freshly pressed suit, the Subaru looks like it's wearing a baggy set of sweats.
A C 3 month ago
Why does Subaru keep sending out the regular versions for reviews, the XTs/Onyx are sooooo much better.
Post2Post Productions 3 month ago
I love seeing the Outback's infotainment system being ripped by so many people. You guys made some great points on it, and Savagegeese also ripped into it. Unacceptable that an infotainment system with that many problems reached production. Big flip by Subaru. Which is a shame because I do prefer Subaru over VW, but not in this comparison.
Tim Felsky 3 month ago
"it works just like a smartphone or tablet' ie is extremely distracting and should be used as a last resort. But come on, set your podcast or radio playing before you drive away, and you should be good for a little while before you need to change the channel on the screen in such a way that can't be done on the steering wheel controls
SuperDestrier 3 month ago
The ground clearance test quantified the numbers perfectly. You guys are great at making things really understandable.
Reb 3 month ago
all track with a stage 1 tune is all u need
Zstray17 3 month ago
Your ground clearance test is actually genius. 👏🏼
Karmil08 3 month ago
I'd love to see the a4/a6 all road variants too!
Gas Guzzler Reviews 3 month ago
A friend of mine has a Golf Wagon- thing is 12 years old with nearly 200,000 miles but still feels new, the interior is so high quality and really is made to last. Great review as always!
Brendan Barthi 3 month ago
Will you be able to test XT Outback?
Tim Flohr 3 month ago
All track, 6 speed manual, swap in a golf r turbo and a tune. Fun dad car
Prayag Kale 3 month ago
yaass....more wagons please.
Just BBQ 3 month ago
So glad I got the 2019 outback while they were selling them off cheap
Butt Bandit 3 month ago
2017 Alltrack SEL...best car I've ever owned
pta 340 3 month ago
Ok, I've owned my Krautback (Alltrack) for almost 2 years now and I'm seriously considering the Crosstrek (Touring) or Outback (Convienience), in fact I was actually at the Subaru dealership yesterday while my Alltrack was getting its service done at VW. As good as this video was, and it brought up some good comparisons, but it completely ignored the off-road capabilities between the two, which IMHO, is an important thing to consider if you're looking at these two vehicles. If you're looking for more of a daily driver for 2 people, with some very light off-highway on the weekend, then the Alltrack is a good car. But, if you want comfort for a family or really go into the back country, the Outback wins hands down. Subaru's AWD system is far superior to VW's front wheel biased 4Motion Haldex, even on a snowy highway. The extra ground clearance on the Subaru is night and day if you really want to get off the beaten path as is the angle on the front/rear bumpers. The Outback was designed for exactly what it was designed to do, go off the beaten path with lots of gear, and the little features like the roof rails or the step plate in the rear door show that. While the roof rails on the Outback look massive, they're completely functional with retractable cross bars (not sure why no car vlogs ever bring this up) and built in tie down points while the Alltracks are flimsy and unspectacular. The Alltrack on the other hand is nothing more than a slightly lifted Sportwagon and the only two things that make it stand apart (besides the little bit of extra ground clearance) is the plastic cladding and hill descent control, thats it. Honestly, I think VW missed the mark on this one and really should have put a bit more thought into the practicality of the vehicle. The biggest plus for the Alltrack is the available manual transmission, no question about that. The CVT and infotainment system on the Outback are the two downfalls on what would otherwise, be a superior vehicle. The Subaru actually has a resale value, the Alltrack does not. Dollar for dollar, the Outback simply provides you with more value. On a side note, the big hole in the rear valance is indeed for a trailer hitch, the European models actually have a retractable hitch from the manufacturer but here in North America, VW does not advise any towing. Also, if you get the base trims in both vehicles, they're literally within $30 of each other.
Cheuk Nam Siu 3 month ago
The all track in DSG would DESTROY the outback all day with the low end torque and seamless shifts...
Quintin Sticklen 3 month ago
I appreciated the cool camera moves during the box test. Good work boys!
rogerthat 3 month ago
Isn't there a setting to turn that 'EYES ON THE ROAD' warning off in the settings? The driver-facing camera also loads your profile using facial recognition, BTW.
Isaac Falvey 3 month ago
Yuri's editing skills are spot on. Haven't lol'd on a youtube video in a while.Thank you!
Stephen Hendricks 3 month ago
"I downshifted with my hand..definitely the most pleasurable thing ever..." Buddy, you need to get out more.
FreewayBrent 3 month ago
That infotainment on the Outback does indeed look like a nightmare to operate while driving. Glad my 2018 Kia Rio infotainment is so intuitive and easy to use that I don't even need to look at the screen to know what I'm doing.
TiDliDa1 3 month ago
Great review as always , love the alltrack . I understand the comparison between them (lifted wagon) , but they are not even in the same class . Outback is in the 'midsize' field while the golf is in the compact segment. it's like comparing the jetta VS the legacy ... hence the size difference . I think that should have been pointed out a little more.
Jarod Forsythe 3 month ago
The Subaru interior is impressive. There’ve come a long way in a short amount of time
Ben Shaver 3 month ago
The Subaru content I've been craving!! ♥️
Tofutaco 3 month ago
Subaru: "Screen so big you can see it without taking your eyes off the road" Me: *Uses it perfectly fine, but still needs to take my eyes off the road* Subaru: "You weren't supposed to do that"
Panzer 3 month ago
Golf Alltrack to die on the way to the place, where Outback has stopped for light picnic.
George Key 3 month ago
LOL... Yuri: "Check out this this Volvo V90 Cross Country video".... The Outback: " KEEP EYES ON ROAD!!!!!!!!" (even though you're in the VW)
Ivo Bosnjak 3 month ago
Alltrack all the way. Too bad it’s basically gone for good. But I guess I’m one of the reasons that is since I bought my wife a Tiguan. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Joren Allard 3 month ago
VW did good to make themselves the "jack of all trades" manufacturer. For most scenarios: just get a golf.
Netcruzer RC TECH CARS 3 month ago
Love it *keep eyes on road* ranting
rogerthat 3 month ago
Surprisingly, I checked out the new Outback and my hair was brushing against the headliner even with the seat at its lowest setting. It had the sunroof, but it was still surprising.
TheBazzzer 3 month ago
06:06 "there's a MAN in manual transmission"
Roderick L 3 month ago
I'm definitely a fan of the All-Trac. I'd get the one with DSG. Lots going for it. Keep doing what you're doing, Guys!..
Mad Hatter 3 month ago
For Powertrain reasons alone I would pick Torque over HP all day everyday...thus Alltrack
BURGERJICY 3 month ago
4:01 shots fired
Erdem Kucuk 3 month ago
Review the mercedes all-terrain and the audi allroad!
Ian O'Neil 3 month ago
I know that the Outback may be based on the Legacy but it is no wagon in my book. It’s taller, wider, and heavier, than compact SUVs (e.g. RAV4) and bears no more exterior resemblance to the Legacy than any other Subaru does.
life phobic 3 month ago
Was just cross shopping these! Very helpful
Liam Ethan 3 month ago
I would go for the Altrack
Patrick Williams 3 month ago
The better and more appropriate comparison would be Golf Alltrack vs Subaru Crosstrek.
Joe Mikey 3 month ago
I have the Subaru, I also have a right glass Eye. All I need to do is make sure I twist my glass eye so it’s looking straight ahead. I NEVER Have to deal with that stupid warning !!!!!
Chris Mandigo 3 month ago
Anybody else bothered by the power icon spinning with the volume knob in the VW?
cloudbear 3 month ago
“The Golf looks more sporty” =\ that VW looks like it was made for people who are already dead. The Astra estate my parents owned in the early 90s looks as sporty as that VW granddad-mobile. I didn’t think it was possible, but they actually made something more boring than the Passat.
Brenton 3 month ago
I would’ve enjoyed seeing an outback versus allRoad review
Kevin Molloy 3 month ago
I'd have to go with the Outback but with the new turbocharged engine. Love the new infotainment system too.
Matthew Baquero 3 month ago
I would get the Golf wagon but they are going to stop having them in the US after this year. I'm pissed. :(
Deathtrooper6267 9698 3 month ago
Honestly, I’m just hear for the visor test
Egan Fo 3 month ago
Whoa, a good old side by side comparison video. These are my favourite.
Lord Duo03 3 month ago
Now I want an Alltrack... Manual, AWD & a Wagon... everything I want
Yousuf Ali 3 month ago
I love wagons!!!!! It’s so sad we got no corolla wagon here in Canada as I would love to own one !
Syncor 3 month ago
Recently got a outback summit. 2015 tho so no yelling on me about the eyes :) think i prefer the older infotainment too though and my buttons for heated seats etc 😊 also it has the [S] / [i]
Hayden Schott 3 month ago
2:52 you called the alltrack a golf and the outback an alltrack
Dust Striker 3 month ago
the golf wagon is so sexy like damn, would love to get one on rotiform's
Daniel Ferguson 3 month ago
Maybe you could review the Impreza. that seems like it’s a wagon to me🤷🏻‍♂️
Matt Sump 3 month ago
The CVT in Outback kills it for me. (Wife currently has 2017 Alltrack)
Der BUGFISH 3 month ago
Owner of an VW Passat Alltrack here. Love it. But I had good experiences with Honda, Subaru and Peugeot too.
Karan Parajia 3 month ago
Man thats chill af just driving side by side looking at each other 😂
Derek Walls 3 month ago
That golf has the same engine that’s in a Audi S3. It’s hilarious when people spice these things up
nealewalter 3 month ago
My 2012 Genesis sedan has the brakes light up on the display when it slows down in adaptive cruise
Andreas Bauer 3 month ago
I drive since almost 3 year's a 2017 Alltrack. It's an excellent car.
Josue Ramirez 3 month ago
You guys should’ve reviewed the Onyx XT model of the Outback!
Steve Oswald 3 month ago
I've had my Alltrack for about 4 months. Love it!! Got the manual. I really wanted the Platinum Gray/Marrakech, but couldn't find one. Settled for gray/black.
Rydnorth 3 month ago
Excited for the C8 review!
Ayush Malpeddi 3 month ago
Hyundai does show the distance of cars in the center when using adaptive cruise control
j s gill 3 month ago
When you review vehicles like these you should mention cost to own, like mileage and what type of gas.
Nikulas Rikhardsson 3 month ago
Yes! This is my jam! The best lifted wagon is the volvo xc70.. yes I own one.
Xombiticus 3 month ago
The new 2020 Outback looks pretty beastly.After watching the entire video it seems the best option is just to get a Forester.
Daily Dose Of Airplanes 3 month ago
That Subaru has lobster claws...right Yuri! Love you guys
Will 3 month ago
How about the Honda Crosstour! It was an 4wd V6 Honda Accord with a lift and a sport back.
Mercedes Benz Fan 3 month ago
You guys are the best car review channel ever!!! Keep up the good work! I will watch your videos even if it’s a car I don’t like!!!
redyellowpink01 3 month ago
1:24 vw wins end of review
João Pedro Coimbra 3 month ago
I would choose the vw Golf Alltrack, easily!!!
Darkside 91 3 month ago
0:23...legit question
Rodger Drolet 3 month ago
2:13 saw those VikingContact7 before you mentionned it
Infinity Boy 3 month ago
Ahhh yes wagons my favorite!!
Dirk Curritzki 3 month ago
the alltrack is really nice
Eric Scarborough 3 month ago
Pulled the trigger on a 2019 VW Alltrack back in Oct. based on your and Autogefühl's reviews. Love my Great Falls Green w/black interior 6 spd. manual! I would have liked to have gotten the Marrakesh brown interior but none were available anywhere near me. Just glad I got one before they are no longer available in the USA, which is a shame, because I absolutely love the car so far.
Daryn o 3 month ago
I'll take the full time AWD & the 3500 lb towing capacity on the outback
Theo Philpot 3 month ago
Nahh, the Saab 9-3X will always be the best lifted wagon
Jose Montano 3 month ago
I wanted the all track but I couldn’t find one in my area.
Duck Tape 3 month ago
Thanks for still doing ordinary cars even though you guys are getting big really big! I’m super interested in getting a Golf Alltrack in Australia
Chase Edgren 3 month ago
Golf all day.
Chucky 3 month ago
Am I the only one whose Siri got activated when Yuri said ‘the cvt’?
Eric x 3 month ago
RIP golf wagons, they are discontinuing it at least in the us