Razer Blade Pro - My New Favorite Laptop

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Razer Blade Pro - My New Favorite Laptop
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Flossy Carter 4 month ago
#Squad Roll Call
Ethan Tran 4 month ago
Flossy: Talk amongst yourselves Me: Well ok the--- Flossy: Alright y'all so we back in
cashbag2012 4 month ago
$3k is a major, major, major NO for my bank account lol
Nigel DV 4 month ago
Smell test gets me every time.
Luis Gutierrez 4 month ago
4:38 Shoes never really takes the day off. She’s the hardest working cat in tech.
JYMBO 4 month ago
@prodbyalvi 4 month ago
i am officially TGB status TOO GAT DAM BROKE 😭
Batman Pop's 4 month ago
I cant wait until Floss drop them Samsung Galaxy S20 vids 😃
ZHZ rage 4 month ago
Flossy: 2900$ for this one but if you want touchscreen its gonna be 3700$. Me: wheres the tgh (to goddamn high)
J 4 month ago
2:26 “nice and thicc” *giggity*
Archangel Tyrael 4 month ago
2:35 "this is just so big I knocked my camera over" that's what she said.
Luke Anderson 4 month ago
Mario Tetradis 4 month ago
I like how he tells us if it smells good🤣😂😂and why is he so aggressive at the start about the product then slowly becomes nice?
TECH-FIGHTER 4 month ago
2:36 yup, that's what she said lol
Tweaze 4 month ago
can you do a white shoes review? I’ve been wanting that for a while!
Dark Matter 4 month ago
Me: _looks at title immediately gets Birdman hands_
Samuel Mingo 4 month ago
0:14 is it just me or is the price for this laptop TGH?!?
Montadoor Shammeer 4 month ago
"ghighity" "This one smells like gayming"
Supasly75 4 month ago
Let me figure out which one of my kids I'm gonna pawn off to get this beast!!🤔
some1sgottabU 4 month ago
If only the battery lasted longer than my first time.
Chewed piece of bubble gum 4 month ago
I'm sick and seeing floss uploaded makes me feel better
ugway051 4 month ago
Youtube notifies me so late. I'm already 5 minutes late!
Freigeist 4 month ago
3000? Im out. *lol*
Tony CEN 4 month ago
3:26 UMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! THIS IS SMELLS LIKE GAMING! 🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮
nelliebly 4 month ago
I'm so curious to see your reaction to the new Motorola Razr phone. I sure hope you get one.
Kevin Dunlap 4 month ago
"Al loo minimum" I say it this way as well. 🤣
XChronicHash 4 month ago
The body looks like a fingerprint magnet
Joseph Tenecela 4 month ago
When I heard $2,000 bucks 😯
Archie 4 month ago
"full aliyuminiyum body"
Nithroel 4 month ago
I will never be able to afford this thing. Guess I'm gonna build my own pc
C A 4 month ago
A Razer is like an Alfa Romeo, it looks and feels great when it's brand new, but get back to me in 6 months.
Faizan I. 3 month ago
Me: All right, lets se the price Me: * see price* My wallet: No Pls don't....
Faith A. Uzebu 3 month ago
Me: *This is cool...* Floss: *Nice and Thicc, I like That* Me: *WOAAAAH there-*
T 4 month ago
Aloo-minium lol respect my dude
Mr. Carroll Ware 4 month ago
"Floss: it's so big I just knocked my camera over.". Ummmmm ok lol 😁😁😁 think been watching to many of your videos.
Nsubuga Patrick 4 month ago
As a motion Graphics Designer, I’d love this to replace my 2017 15” Omen but, it this side of the world, such laptops reach you when they have almost doubled the price unless you have someone returning with it and yet it’s price to ain’t that small.Thank you for reviewing this flossy, it’s a beast.
瑠夏 4 month ago
I got one k, two k, 3k $ off in my bank account, yeah (oh God) In my bank account, yeah (oh God) In my bank account, yeah (oh God)
TONESS 4 month ago
Lol I clicked the link to see how much this laptop cost before the review started and I did the spongebob "ight ima head out"
Tamaz S 4 month ago
Aight this gon be the rest a your power cable, nice and thicc "Giggity"
웅이 4 month ago
Allow me to borrow your trademarked phrase for a sec... Almost $3000 for this? Almost $4000 for the 4k touchscreen version?? The price is too gatdamm high!
banner 55 4 month ago
Let's go another vid 🔥🔥🔥
Ed Jap 4 month ago
"From scale of 1 to 10, it's a major go" (Insert confused Nick Young here)
Shane H 4 month ago
“Ripple” - Fred G Sanford’s drink of choice 🤣🤣
Renz Yabut 4 month ago
Let me do a smell test on this one: MMMMMM smells like gaming
Michael Shamsutdinov 3 month ago
Thanks for a great review! “This smells like gaming” 😂😂
PRATHAP DAVID 4 month ago
0:29 "ALUYUMNIUM" AHAHAH broo loving your vids
jredd801 4 month ago
"Major Major Go! " All i need to know👍
FlyByGy 4 month ago
9:58 My brother!!!! I need those kicks. What are they man? I love them. Hook me up bro.
6ix9ine 4 month ago
"hffffppp mhgmhmhmmhmhmm this smells like gaming"
Mario A 4 month ago
This is so big I just knocked my camera over *Insert inappropriate joke here*😆 Love your videos floss
MrPhange Phange 4 month ago
"I plugged in my wireless controller"
Jason 4 month ago
"talk amongst yourselves" haha, good vid!
Mirza Haqul M 4 month ago
7:13 u so good u turned the sun off
Lon Denard 4 month ago
Dang! Looks good but that dual screen ASUS has my interest for sure.
unofficially official 4 month ago
Hey flossy can you give me a laptop , I'm a student i need one but can't afford 😢
32poppa savage 4 month ago
I’ve had the advanced 15 inch version of this with 2070 Max q. ❤️ it! I can imagine what the pro is like😍
Mini tomate 4 month ago
It can be beautiful and everything good this Razer Blade Pro, but my wallet is crying out loud a very sad *NO.*
Ryan Petner 3 month ago
I’m watching this even tho I’m way too broke to afford this
Earl Owens 4 month ago
This Laptop is a BEAST it has the top specs. I need to get one.
Neo7 4 month ago
This is the laptop I rock and I love it when I need the power on the go.
Jose Salinas 4 month ago
Hey floss u should do a video of the products u review after u use em for a couple of months .
ShadowDM007 4 month ago
When you say headphone jack i always assume that youre gonna say apple next but dis a laptop lmao
Fran idk 4 month ago
Man flossy is so flippin huge he makes that 17' look like a 14' (if there was one).
Andre Lyew 4 month ago
This laptop is amazing and the display looks phenomenal but I do feel that being strictly usb-c is a major shot to the chest for this machine. Once again A+ review man.
Expected o 4 month ago
love this product😍 but not digging the fingerprint magnet haha
Teddy Adonia 4 month ago
The smell test ! Lmao 😂
Иван Калашников 4 month ago
please review the Lenovo C940 15.6", with a review of the screen in the dark
Vidale Martin 4 month ago
"Raaa....u got ur usual books and shit..pluck'em and file'em.....gigidy" 😂😂😂 FLOSS IS THEE BEST
arrowshot3000 4 month ago
I've always wanted a Razer Blade but the price is always too dang high lol. I went with a Helios 300 and I like it so far. More in my budget range 😎
Radha K. Ugo 3 month ago
Hi Flossy, I am going to buy this laptop, how is this laptop after a couple of weeks? Did it really replace your MacBook Pro? Thanks!
Th3I_cOn 4 month ago
He unboxes it so aggressively, I love it 😂
MANLEY85 4 month ago
Thank you for loading websites! That was a instant load!
Alex Major 4 month ago
not gonna lie didnt think street fighter would play so well on that laptop. although at the same time for 2,900 it better work lmao
Michael Olujide Owolabi 4 month ago
Happy New Year Flossy. You finally got wind of these guys. My G Wishing You All The Best In This Decade Sir
GreenNoid Crafts 4 month ago
R.I.P. Kobe Bryant, and his daughter😥💔
Rodney Thomas 4 month ago
S/O To Shoes Back In This Piece💯 Big Floss added another word to the vocab...Liftage!!!
Spencer LeBlanc 4 month ago
Flossy is the best tech reviewer on YouTube, don’t @ me. Salute!
Free To air music -/FTAM 4 month ago
Thanks Floss I've been waiting for this one, I made the switch to the razor blade stealth after not liking my Mac book. By the way I made the switch mostly for general use, graphic design and coding not AAA games or games at all. Great video keep it going
Greshgore 4 month ago
I got to say the reactive lighting is pretty awesome. It almost looks like when someone is typing on a futuristic display in a cartoon / anime and you see the individual keystrokes light up.
jirojinassassin 4 month ago
Can I have that laptop if and when u get your new one and if you're daughter dont want it either lol😂😂😂
John Mead 4 month ago
I wanted a backup gaming laptop for my otr truck. I think this is it. Thanks flossy
On Style 4 month ago
11:17 Everyone dies. I love this move LMAO
Khyree Holmes 4 month ago
I need to go to Flossy's House! He got the TECH!
BTW 4 month ago
First, welcome back floss
necondaa 4 month ago
Been looking for this,might actually replace my PC for it
Franklin Campbell 4 month ago
What's Flossy? Love your reviews. Are you going to give a review on the Echo buds?
Mervin Scott 4 month ago
Floss has the best review videos❤❤🔥🔥
Casual MTB 4 month ago
I love this cause I always know you gonna tell the truth
Sharman Rosemond 4 month ago
8:35 reminds me of fireflies on bushes,nice.
Ethan Cheng 4 month ago
I don't even need a laptop but Flossy got me so excited about it I watched the whole thing 🤣🤣
David Nguyen 4 month ago
10:10 camera angle of the laptop sitting on the table makes me trip
Frog Plopper 4 month ago
Someone should really make a compilation of every single intro to Flossy's videos. It's literally the same exact "Yo what's up everybody, it's ya boy Floss. Back again with another video". 😂
J-MONEY 4 month ago
This is why I love your videos! Who do you know that plays a game while reviewing a computer? Most people just tell you the specs & that's it but you actually make it entertaining & interesting! Keep up the good work Floss! 💯
venom5809 4 month ago
No days off Shoes no days off. Street Fighter never gets old.
Stephen Hayman 4 month ago
subbed for the smell test :'D
Xracess 4 month ago
I wasn’t feeling good because of the earthquake that happened in my country. I wanted to get it out of my head so I clicked on your video. And I literally saw it here again 9:53
Waxer UK 4 month ago
Big up for saying Aluminium properly, salute to the G Floss!
Jonathan Robinson 4 month ago
THAT'S A BEAST !🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪❤
Joel 4 month ago
Yo floss, can you make a video of 2019 best wireless earbuds. I'm looking to get one and i would love your input on which was better for the price.
Mario Michael Kenji Blardony 4 month ago
Love the video Floss 👍, hey I just saw the "JVC Xtreme Xplosive Bluetooth earphones" at my local shop. I was wondering if you could do a review on them? BIG THANKS😁