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THIS IS L&S 4 month ago
Akhona Nonkelela 4 month ago
Feels an awful lot like the two brothers are trying to one up each other. Austin has the first boy and now they want twin boys? I cringed at "there're ways to make it happen"
Maria Rodriguez 4 month ago
Title should have been " SHOPPING FOR OUR NEPHEW" am I the only one who get aggravated when their content is NOT even related to the title?!!! like he spoke about how he found out at the endddd of this video for like 1 min. annoying.
acelya Ayaz 4 month ago
Landon: Catherine is pregnant and it's a boy! Shyla: I have to get pregnant with twins....
day day 4 month ago
" you texting people at 1 o'clock in the morning is not okay " " he looks like his name is Jimmy and has 1 friend " 😭😂
Nadine G 4 month ago
Yo mama exposing you for texting about the baby at 1am when y'all trying have twins 😂😂😂 get through the toddler years first how bout that 😂😂
Safa 4 month ago
Landons mum: how was Soul last night? Landon: *looks at shyla* These men really get it easy don’t they😂
Briia D 4 month ago
Here comes the competition of Landon and Austin🤣 Austin finally gets his boy and now Landon is ready to pay for twin boys to one up him of course.. even the ACE family didn’t pay for ivf
Angel Torres 4 month ago
It’s so dumb that they wanna baby again and they’re first time parents😒
valeria martinez 4 month ago
She needs to let her body rest and heal atleast a year
Isela Alanis 4 month ago
Landons mom burning them on them wanting to have more kids lmao they need to slow their roll. They think it’s so easy just to have kids because they have grandmas in and out babysitting. It a whole ass learning process to have kids and you won’t know if you always ask for help 🙄.
Nancy Lagunas 4 month ago
There competing now it’s sad
Darian Shimizu 4 month ago
landon : we’re trying to have twins michol: we need to get through this process first you’re texting people at 1 o’clock in the morning it’s not okay 😂😂😂
Fatima Oh 4 month ago
I love how grandma said WE NEED TO GET THROUGH THIS PROCESS first 😂 3:20
Jesmarie Aquino 4 month ago
Your mom is right tho. Get through one first, before even think about having another. 😂
Lindsay Fitzgerald 4 month ago
Lol I love landons mom she’s like u need to get through this one before havin twin u textin people at 1am is not ok lol sounded just like my mom lol
Ness Smith 4 month ago
Click bait. Whole video was of them shopping mostly for them selves and Why does Landon always have to Outdo his brother by saying they are having twins next. They just can't be happy for them always bashing
Nikki H 4 month ago
Also you are way too dramatic during pregnancy’s and try too hard for attention
Celia Arellano 4 month ago
This thing of having twins is a freakin competition already😂😂😂😂landon is selfish
young california 4 month ago
Kinda sad they're always in competition with ace family. Why can't y'all be like Ryan and Leslie.
Winters Wonderland 4 month ago
Keep in mind they haven’t even acknowledged Soul at all in the public eye and you guys are already shedding light on them being pregnant. They literally didn’t even post anything about soul on snap or anywhere. Correct me if im wrong but honestly that’s just straight up messed up.
Alysha Muñoz 4 month ago
"Why did you knock if you have a key" lol literally same with my mom
KaeKae Marie 4 month ago
Y’all should enjoy your daughter before having another one that baby ain’t even one month that’s not my business tho
Miraculous Ladybub 4 month ago
*the girls party with Bellamy, Souline, Elle and Alaïa is ruined.* Well, no it's not but it's the fact their boy might be lonely with all girls :(
Aliyah 4 month ago
you’re still very young and you’re not even married or engaged so I think y’all should hold up on trying to have more children
Ks H 4 month ago
I’m so confused didn’t they just have a kid a month ago
Jenna Holdren 4 month ago
“We need to get through this process first, your texting people at one in the morning it’s not ok” 😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️😂😂❤️😂❤️❤️😂❤️I LOVE mamma Mcbroom Thx for the likes everyone ❤️❤️
Shanneyl Lynn 4 month ago
“Did you guys drink out of it?” *flashes to 2.5 seconds ago* Shyla: no.
JataviaC. 4 month ago
i like how your mom said “we needa get through this process first” cause yall thinkin bout twins already!
Pupurai 4 month ago
"We need to get THROUGH this process 1st. YOU texting people at 1am is NOOOOT ok!" 😂😅🤣Rotflol...ya'll crack me up...Bwahaha Hahaaha welcome to parenthood. Hardest yet most satisfying feeling in the world.
Jasmin Sandoval 4 month ago
That’s so crazy I still can’t believe she’s here😭😭
Ivonne Cruz 4 month ago
“ we need to get through this process first you texting people at 1 in the mornin” dead!! 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀
Isabella Antonio 4 month ago
Shyla sees Catherine pregnant again and now wants to get pregnant too
Muhammad Ahmed 4 month ago
Stealing views from his brother
Jackie Z Mendoza 4 month ago
Austin and catherine did that so they can have all the attention now lmao literally after shyla had her baby lol.
Kayla Paige Prinsloo 4 month ago
Why is Landon talking about having twin boys now after talking about Austin and his baby boy who is on the way, are they trying to compete or something 🙈
Marley 4 month ago
“We need to get through this process first” 😂👏🏽💀 mamas right 😂😂 3:20
Daniella Garcia 4 month ago
No one: Literally no one: Ads: Third love
Azalea Sanchez 4 month ago
Who also watched Ryan and Leslie guessing the baby gender❤️❤️😍 Who knew it was going tho be a boy 👇🏼
Cathrine N Olsen 4 month ago
She is knocking first,incase she walks in on something lol
Dreams happen . . 4 month ago
I like Shlya but she thinks it a competition trying to have another kid already just because Catherine got pregnant with a boy now she want twins boys
Brigette Small 4 month ago
Landons face when Shyla said she’ll be pregnant again soon 💀💀
unicorn unicorn 4 month ago
Landon: we are gonna try to have twin boys next Landons mom: are you jokeing
Dominique Jones 4 month ago
Why can’t they just be happy for each other? As soon as the ACE Family announce a Boy, they ended up saying they’re gonna try for twins? What the hell.. just stop and be happy for your family.. 🙄
abby marie 4 month ago
"He looks like his name is jimmy"😂
Adriana Aleman 4 month ago
I feel like y’all need to talk out whatever tension you all have.. it’s a bit crazy using them as click bait all the time yet they don’t even participate in their videos and when they do it seems awkward and forced. You guys seem like you always wanna one up the other. Shyla enjoy this baby, you have your whole life to have more she’s not even a month old.
Gabriela Gabriela 4 month ago
yall trying so hard to be like austin and catherine 😏
Laine White 4 month ago
“I don’t know what boys like” girl he’s not gonna like anything for years you can get him anything 😂
Alia Klaffenböck 4 month ago
Nellie Olaldis 4 month ago
“It looks like his name is Jimmy..... and he has one friend” -Landon
Diana mejia 4 month ago
It’s sad how they try to use Catherine pregnancy for view smh.
Maseratigirll 4 month ago
The baby has Landon’s head but idk who she looks like yet mostly Landon rn .
Kiyara Griffith 4 month ago
“He looks like his name is jimmy and he has one friend”😂😂😂
Katyaaa Aquamarine 4 month ago
Also Landon’s mom saying “It is not okay to be calling someone at 1 am” 😂
Kia Peltonen 4 month ago
Why such a fuss on the gender of the baby? Every child is a gift and these people seem to forget it. Edit: everyone what I meant is that is it really such a big deal that l&s need to make a video about it? And yes, also the talk about paying for twin boys was disturbing.
alicia mullins 4 month ago
Welcome to the world of shopping for boys! Here you will find only a small section and variety of clothes to choose from! Happy shopping 😂🤣
Amanda Robles 4 month ago
I really do see Shyla having twins 😂😌
Alysa Guzman 4 month ago
When Landon said “I can’t wait when he plays sports and I can be like yah that’s my nephew!” 🤧💙
Maria Garcia 4 month ago
You can tell Shyla is lowkey jealous and doesn’t care for landons nephew. Especially when she said “No! for her” about the hand print.
Never Cared 4 month ago
Atp it’s a competition 😂
Audreanna Simonson 4 month ago
I got chills when Landon said I can’t wait til he is playing sports and being like that’s my nephew!!! ❤️
Patty Gomez 4 month ago
“Joe you want some” 😂
Mariel Rosalita 4 month ago
U guys are racing having a baby 🤣🤣🤣
Kayhla Cachero-Ramos 4 month ago
Landon: “he looks like his name is jimmy and has 1 friend” 😂😂😂😂💀
Katie S 4 month ago
The “joe you want some?” Killed me 😂
SimplyD 4 month ago
💀 “you need to process with this one first because you texting people at 1 in the morning “ 😂😂😂😂😂 burnnnn 😂😂😂
Keneka Richemond 4 month ago
Souline has her mom's beautiful lips 😍so cuteeeee
Keyona Stevenson 4 month ago
Shyla:this is a cute fit Landon:he looks like his name is Jimmy and he has only one friend 😂 😂 I laughed so hard when he said that
priya g 4 month ago
You guys need to peace out. Please concentrate on baby Soul, give her all the love and care that must be invested in taking care of a baby for a year, and then may be pay for the ' twin treatment' gosh!
c. ramirez 4 month ago
ALL DADS EVER WHEN THEY PICK THE BABIES OUTFIT: “you like her outfit? I picked it out” 😂😂😂
Lizbeth Carrillo 4 month ago
“Joe you want some” 😭😂😂😂😂😂
Tanya Arroyo 4 month ago
“Joe u want some “😂😂😂😂
Prajakta Kolamker 4 month ago
"We will try to get two boy twins, there are ways to do that, we can pay for it" now you know how Catherine is pregnant with a boy?☺️
Furry Friends 4 month ago
Landon looks like he don’t wanna spend money haha 😂
Cahira Ford 4 month ago
I love them I j feel like Shyla try’s to complete a lot . Like shawty chill u already the BOM 🥺
robersis bodre 4 month ago
I love Landon & Austin’s mom.
M M 4 month ago
Everyone in these comments: “btw I’m a small YouTuber I want some love too ❤️😭”
zoë 4 month ago
cynthia green at heart 4 month ago
Aww I feel like in a year or 2 years they will have another
Cassy Love 4 month ago
Landon “ he looks like his name is Jimmy & has one friend” 😂😂😂
Joanna Tay 4 month ago
“He looks like his name is jimmy and he has one friend” -Landon 😂😂
lly g 4 month ago
Can somebody get married before having more kids??
vanny 4 month ago
The title refers to 2 minutes of the video..... goodbye
Jade Magee 4 month ago
I like how his mom exposed Landon for texting ppl at 1am😂
Tara A 4 month ago
“He looks like his name is jimmy and he has one friend.” LMFAO
Evee Soriano 4 month ago
But can we all appreciate Joes effort into these vids && on top his laughs 😍 I am falling for the dude hahaha .
Jenna Holdren 4 month ago
“It looks like his name is jimmy, and he has one friend” 😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️😂❤️❤️😂❤️❤️❤️😂😂❤️😂😂❤️❤️ me when I get a compliment
nina nina 4 month ago
I like them but they are copying the ace family to much. They always do same things ACE family already did!!! Its bit annoying!
Jazlyn Martinez 4 month ago
So pretty much he said that the ace family paid for a guaranteed boy. Of course.
Seren Dozier 4 month ago
Omg I almost literally peed my pants I died laughing when Shyla said “joe you want some”
Aria 4 month ago
Man sed “you can pay for twins” u want them genetically modified too??😂😭
mia moni 4 month ago
“You texting people at 1 in the morning if NOT ok” -Michole Mcbroom 2020 😆
YeseniaJ Zuniga 4 month ago
No one: Shyla: “Please say hi to my dog”😂💀
Amber Pelletier 4 month ago
"it looks like his name is Jimmy aaand he as one friend" why is that so accurate though I'm dead lol 😂😂😂
Britney Baker 4 month ago
I wanna try the drinks now 😂❤️
Isabella Vasquez 4 month ago
Shyla: “Joe, you want some?” 🤣🤣🤣💀
Danielle Galvan 4 month ago
Landon: He looks like his name is Jimmy and he has 1 friend Me: 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂
Amanda Wise 4 month ago
“Joe you want some?” Lmfaooooo, Shyla is me 😂
Isabelle Etienne 4 month ago
LMFAOO they act like having a girl is the biggest sin in the world😭😭 ugh but man I LOVE YOU GUYS❤️❤️❤️
Bianca Prezz 4 month ago
5:58 shayla: ooh this is soo cute Landon: I don’t like that at all, looks like his name is jimmy and has one friend..