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On “King Of My City”, the Bronx hitmaker A Boogie wit da Hoodie sings about being on top. The track is the lead single from his third album Artist 2.0, which recently dropped. Today’s Verified, which premiered exclusively on Apple Music, is A Boogie’s sixth appearance on the series—his first episode was back in 2016 on his breakout hit “My Shit.” Check back every weekday for new episodes of Verified. Listen to A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie on Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/king-of-my-city/1496875625?i=1496875780&app=music&ct=song_genius_aboogiewitdahoodie_30less&ign-itsct=song_genius_aboogiewitdahoodie_30less&ign-itscg=30458&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

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Jay Wants besos 3 month ago
Ngl he had me weak when he said “streets don’t love you” and transitioned to the song mad quick😭
FoshoGotFlow 3 month ago
I wonder how many hoodies A Boogie got 😂..
Starlett Peña 3 month ago
You can tell he is proud of this song. Smiling while singing it and everything. Lml as he should, this song is 🔥.
Paola G 3 month ago
“The streets don’t love you” THAT MF PART 💯
what Wade 3 month ago
I was waiting for that interview.He don't need any autotune Not disappointed🔥🔥
Kobe Stewart 3 month ago
A boogie: the streets don’t love you😐
crazypaddy 132 3 month ago
Cesar Corletto 3 month ago
A boogie my favorite rapper he’s the goat 🐐💯💯
EZ Royal 3 month ago
King of flows and most versatile in NY, and also Lil TJay Dad
FXXKCHXXS 1998 3 month ago
The “streets don’t love me” part when he got serious was funny
__ loaded 3 month ago
I wish he would've done "my guitar"
Alec 3 month ago
i see a boogie, i click.
jack reach 3 month ago
2:52 Streets don’t love you lol
NoKap Jeremiah 3 month ago
Thug love go crzy and might not give up
EmM thekoolkid 3 month ago
“The streets don’t love you” THAT SENT ME 😭😂😂😂
Abdel rahman Naji 3 month ago
A boogie need no auto tune Such a legend🔥🔥
Ahmed Ibrahim 3 month ago
"I don't like thieves" - a boogie 2020
FB_73 3 month ago
2:50 The streets don't love you. **silence** *VVS ELLIOT NOT MISSY*
Wolf gaming 3 month ago
I hope y'all will be rich 🤴🤴👼. Can I get a like 8-)
Treal Oso saucy 3 month ago
Never forget lil b got jumped for calling this man dej loaf
Stephanie Villa 3 month ago
He Was So Mfin Serious😂😂 “The Streets Dont Love You😐” But Aye, Its True Tho
Ryan Matson 3 month ago
We need a 2 hour interview by Boogie. I know he’s on a press run right now but all the interviews are shorter than 20 minutes. WHATS UP WITH THAT?
ᅵStacy 3 month ago
A Boogie wit da hoodie : "King of my city" Me: You are the king of my heart
JPBeatZzZ 3 month ago
“The streets don’t love you” Neither does my mom bruh 😂
Jaden McGarrah 3 month ago
2:53 man I can’t wait to see the memes for this 😂
Red Fox Football 3 month ago
Taking Over 3 month ago
The streets don’t love you 😐
Josh Vlogs 3 month ago
I like that hoodie 🔥🔥
Im tryna 3 month ago
I remember when no one talked bout him but now he is everywhere
Lifegoeson100 3 month ago
I be dancing all around the house to this lol Also, I’ve never heard him sing live 😯
Joshie 3 month ago
2:53 “The streets don’t love you” that simple 😭
Master Glp 3 month ago
1 this how many people think a boogie will blow up 2020
Light Gamer 06 3 month ago
I clicked so fast this song is flames 🔥
OhhSooTryyHard 3 month ago
Nobody: A boogie: *pulls hoodie down*
Kid Abdikadir 3 month ago
2:53 streets don’t love u
3Eleven 3 month ago
The Streets dont love me O.O
Kay Austin 3 month ago
"You can find those when you go shop at amiri.com" boogie must've gotten a BAG to say that😂😂
Note Bucks 3 month ago
Dante Hall 3 month ago
Nobody: A Boogie: streets don't love you.😐
Hoodie Ree 3 month ago
This not even a boogie he don’t do interviews
shashkabob231 3 month ago
nobody: the comments: the streets don't love you (2:53)
aria maalin 3 month ago
He’s acc a joker loool the way he says “I don’t like thieves” so bluntly 😂
Chovol Brown 3 month ago
nobody: literally nobody : not even the aliens : A BOOGIE : THE STREETS DONT LOVE YOU 😐😐😐
Prisella Acevedo 3 month ago
He don’t got a top lip😭
Lanre Akerele 3 month ago
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is one of my favourite NYC rappers and find him such a dope rapper with talents, to be honest. A legend. 🔥🔥🔥🐐
Seahawks12365 3 month ago
it would been cold if he woulda said “throw it up like d-wade to lebron”
Fortnite Battle royal 3 month ago
A boogie: What’s autotune?
N K 3 month ago
I get It, he’s sexy asf but, Ella you don’t need him.😭
Mÿa Leï 3 month ago
Best artist OUT HERE
genedaproducer 3 month ago
Nobody: Artist: Look at me, I'm the king of New York!!🤴🏾💯
Ahmad Ahmad 3 month ago
Mannn niqqas in here thinkin streets don’t love you was so deep niqqa that shyt is obvious why yu think we got gang beef and oops ina projects smfh🤦🏽‍♂️
Xworrize 3 month ago
"Streets don't love u." That's the most real sh!t ever man
radman22 3 month ago
“The streets don’t love you.... 👁👄👁”
KEV TALK 3 month ago
One of my artist and thats a dope hoodie he has on, I talked about 5 fashion trends going on right now on my recent video, hope y'all can check it out.
Meshach Jones 3 month ago
I love how he actually has on a hoodie. (Living up to your name I see)
Welcoming Dcuo 3 month ago
He actually made a genius ep for this lets go
Shauntay Joseph 3 month ago
Next : should be thug love , Cinderella Story or Me and My Guitar!!!!
Spade 3 month ago
The goat said im in the studio everyday to what?.. make the same sound? HELL NAH
Caden Roberson 3 month ago
Boogie- " The streets don't love you" So-" Simple"
Lil louisy officialvevo 3 month ago
"I be feeling like the king in my city"👑👑
Bri’s Galactic stars 3 month ago
My husband is really fya ..even thought that’s a case
Game Master 3 month ago
“The streets don’t love you”😐
PYT . SKY 3 month ago
0:58 : *Blueface hella confused rn*
SML Best Clips 3 month ago
A boogie can make a sing out of anything I swear
TaiiSav - 3 month ago
GloFlare 3 month ago
now that's different, he said he shouted out Bronny
Clxutify 3 month ago
“the streets dont love you” 💯😭 but the transition was funny asf 💀💀
Jocelyn mata 3 month ago
2:53 “the streets don’t love you “ felt 💔
oke 3 month ago
Best rapper in the game right now 99% of what i listen to is him ❤️
Ben 10 3 month ago
artist 2.0 goes stupid 🔥🤩 AOTY‼️
Sid Joyner 3 month ago
He getting a check from Amiri or a percentage, but doing the Jay z method, not flat out being on their payroll but an undercover influencer. Savvy
CuraSpooky 3 month ago
Boogie is famous but he doesn't have that celebrity look.
Fisionz 3 month ago
“The streets don’t live you” 👁👄👁
Justin Colon 3 month ago
Where is he looking at because I need to sign with him aboogie the man
pxcklez 3 month ago
A Boogie: streets don’t love you 😑” 😂
Rowan gott 3 month ago
2:42 when level 300 gta players see a lvl 3 tryna get a car
#livingthegoodlife !! 3 month ago
You need to get Melanie Martinez and Terra Whack- CopyCat .
vGodFN 3 month ago
“Don’t who’s watching while reading the comments 😂 ❤️” (ɪᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ) 😋
One3hundred WDB 3 month ago
2:55 when everyone talking down on your album which was was heat
Tyrese 3 month ago
A boogie should do more genius interviews. I loved this one
Sinof 3 month ago
0:22 thought he was rapping already.
10,000 subrscribers With a egg 3 month ago
A boogie wit that hoodie be like:im drownin Me:im drownin in the shower
Tayla Hartemink 3 month ago
I saw him life and it was very disappointing, needs to be a bit more humble if ur going to a place like nz
HOOD KAGE 3 month ago
Do an interview with Shotgun Willy and Yung Craka and their song Oreo
Laurae Steele 3 month ago
These guys are just singing over trap beats and y'all call it rapping
Abdullah M. 3 month ago
A Boogie the type of guy to wear a hoodie on hat day
Onessa Robertson 3 month ago
"Streets dont love you" blink blink😭😂😂😂
lil layah the rapper 3 month ago
2:52 "streets don't love u" blank stare lol😆
AP Productions 3 month ago
Yall should do a vid of every NBA player mentioned in songs like travis scott mentioning james harden or chief keef mentioning kobe or boggie mentioning Lebron.
Zariah Johnson 3 month ago
🔥 fire 🔥
x4KTay 3 month ago
Been listenin to this song over and over just to hear all the sounds throughout the song
William Rivera 3 month ago
Whoever disliked this video doesn’t own a hoodie .
sammy g 3 month ago
“i dont like thieves ..😐”
Delite 3 month ago
0:22 sounds like he just rapped that
Shifty Clipz 3 month ago
The best genius interview in the world of youtube
jack reach 3 month ago
Track 20 on the album streets don’t love you 😂
MINERSD OSMAN 3 month ago
I think he's more than doing genius interviews
Deron TV 3 month ago
I hope he do streets don’t love you or blood on my denims
char nyc 3 month ago
YESSIRRR i’ve been waiting for this 🥵
RAYGOCRAZY 3 month ago
When she for the streets but everybody already hit 2:53