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With more than 46,000 cases across the country, New York has the highest and fastest rate of infection, but New Orleans is quickly becoming the next hot spot.




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Joshua Rodriguez 9 days ago
Why aren’t you guys reporting that the front line Nurses are NOT equipped with proper PPE!!! Mask, gowns, face shield. Kaiser LA nurses are protesting right now!!!
Peaceful Spirit 9 days ago
I agree with the governor of New York. “You can’t put a price on human lives” 👍
Jason Vue 9 days ago
Only in America. Money and profits first. Morals, ethics, and values are last.
deming xie 9 days ago
“Lives have no dollar signs” Ugh you mean 150$ for the bag of saline? 1000$ for an epipen?
Eric Thompson 9 days ago
Italy is real folks. We just are not there yet. As anyone who had lived it. Don't downplay this as a flu.
Estil's Gaming Room 9 days ago
The rich don't care they have the money to quarantine them self unlike the rest of us
Roley Chiu 9 days ago
"I bought some numbers here... thousands and thousands..."
rhallnapa 9 days ago
I guess we have switched to the “Herd Immunity” strategy now.
Jerry Dalrymple 9 days ago
NYC doesn't look like they are in lockdown, all their buses and trains are full of people and everybody is sitting on each other laps. No wonder why the virus is doubling everyday in that city.
tadena ernest 9 days ago
ilove this governor of nyc hes concern his citizen rather than if the economy went down
Zina Shepherd 9 days ago
Many over seas dying alone without anyone but nursing staff and in Spain they didn't even have nursing staff at one nursing home they really did die alone
João Vítor 9 days ago
In other words it hurts more to him the money he will lose from this, than the poor old people or people with illnesses that will die...
sherikrupp 9 days ago
They need to stop letting him talk. He has nothing of intelligence or value to add.
lovmattersusee 8 days ago
Human race in today’s times: 1. Have to fly helicopters over beaches in Brazil to drive away people 2. Police in India beating people driving on streets with sticks since they are not following the lockdown rules 3. Some people in Europe do not believe the severity of the virus and complain that cafes, restaurants should be open 4. Japanese public come out to take pictures of the cherry blossoms despite the lockdown 5. Mayors in Italy scold residents for violating lockdown 6. Old people are the ones dying, who cares attitude by the people who ‘care’ for the economy Truly Sad and Strange times..
Zappy Living 9 days ago
Many can go homeless when the economy goes down.
Karen Cury 9 days ago
Meanwhile, Easter Sunday.. Trumps family: so glad we have this lavish bunker to spend the next few months in.. can you believe we got them all to congregate together so quickly?
Kevin Toole 9 days ago
Florida: Zero F's Given. Business as usual.
Xiya L. 9 days ago
4:43 Thank GOD we have men like this in our country!
Sunset Solutions 9 days ago
I guess we'll find out what we're really made of when all the DOCTORS AND NURSES are too sick to help us. For everything this country does so well, it has an equally stupid strain of media and political degeneracy.
Sam McCloud 9 days ago
Send that hoard of medical equipment to hospitals...
Ninja k 8 days ago
The market is going to crash. We are headed into a 2nd Great depression.
Rayn Mar 9 days ago
The governor of New York has the right mentlity
Sherrie Patrick 9 days ago
That’s right “human life” all “human life.” He’s correct.
k.v 9 days ago
What a dummy president we have. Get ready by Easter."
Jude Sparks 9 days ago
Stay home Easter and stay alive....dont give the Devil (trump)his due!!!!
Blue Rabbit 8 days ago
Omg we're all being dragged to a disaster by this idiot. God help us all.
༻Shelly Girl༺ 9 days ago
My state is in lockdown and I had to cancel my Quinceanera. I was looking forward to it but I care more about my family's health than a party. Please stay safe! I'm praying for all of you.
Tami Pe 9 days ago
Synopsis: We are losing. You are welcome.
Anna Trevino 9 days ago
What we need is a miracle. We should come together besides our differences and pray.
Jeremy Busuego 9 days ago
A Prayer to Combat the Coronavirus Pandemic* Most Merciful and Triune God, We come to You in our weakness. We come to You in our fear. We come to You with trust. For You alone are our hope. We place before You the disease present in our world. We turn to You in our time of need. Bring wisdom to doctors. Give understanding to scientists. Endow caregivers with compassion and generosity. Bring healing to those who are ill. Protect those who are most at risk. Give comfort to those who have lost a loved one. Welcome those who have died into Your Eternal Home. Stabilize our communities. Unite us in our compassion. Remove all fear from our hearts. Fill us with confidence in Your care. (mention your particular concerns and prayers now) Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Amen.
a c 9 days ago
You guys more then welcome open by Easter I’ll stay inclosed till I feel it safe.
Spoon Loc 9 days ago
@ 6:00 her husband coughing up Blood an she at home SMILING ! 🤣😂 ..she want that insurance policy
april00026000 8 days ago
Don't worry guys, Karen with her essential oils and onions should be able to resolve this within days
Jeff Furrow 8 days ago
They lit up Virginia in the "States with the stay at home order." But virginia is not under it. I'm at work in a non-essential job.
Happy Nomadic 8 days ago
God has finally had enough of humanity and its greed and corruption!
Tx240 9 days ago
0:03 There's that word again, "heavy". Is there some problem with the earth's gravitational field?
Abubakar Camir 9 days ago
The president isn’t good for this kind of situations period he’s busy fighting the media reporters😂
A.D. 9 days ago
Soooo the thumbnail was just false advertising?? That’s why I clicked on the video..I wanted to see about the states shutting down
Joes Corner 9 days ago
Too be fair Detroit's streets where already empty
Jacob D 9 days ago
'Would Love to have it' and 'Want to have it' are 2 separate things.
SSF Mason 9 days ago
Bless the lord for Corona vacation. This doesnt have anything to do with 3d printing organs. Or immortality. Man made plagues.
Missi G 9 days ago
Almighty God started finally using his weapon on his earth-planet to equalise his wonderful creations, ‘human being’... God’s justice is like this...
pravalika d 9 days ago
The dumb president I ever get to see in my life!!
Jesse Orozco-Abarca 8 days ago
March 25, 2020: 54,000+ cases of coronavirus in the united states of america with 778+ deaths & 149 countries quarantined plus the tokyo olympics is postponed for 12 months now... (live update)
LugiaMasterO1 9 days ago
All of our churches in the high desert have shut down and my church has begun doing live streams so we can watch from home and still kinda go to church and eat our bread of life until things get back to normal
toxic avenger 9 days ago
The world never took this serious in modern history same as h1n1, sars, mers, etc. They throw money at it then it goes away and ignore it till the next one comes along
Cindy Morgan 8 days ago
KEY WORDS MEDIA “would love to have by Easter” say it like he does if you can’t don’t say it
rant404 9 days ago
COVID-19 to Earth: "Now I am become death, the destroyer of Worlds . . . ."
Nate boiii 8 days ago
"The risk to americans is low"
Duey Tran 9 days ago
The only thing I like about this pandemic is no heachache traffic lol
TheFinalBoss 9 days ago
Yal crazy! They're talking about paying my rent, bills and giving me free money to sit at home and drink and smoke weed all day. I'm going to sit this one out🤣
Turnistar 9 days ago
Easter, in 20 Days? That'll be a mind blowing dream if that becomes a reality.
Gerardo V. 8 days ago
ABC news sounds like a hysterical anxiety filled person on crack cocaine...geez.
Jonathan Schlueter 9 days ago
How about NY City doesn't tow trucks that deliver supplies when we need sleep.
Troy Brandes 9 days ago
Just quit in the long run they will respect you more
A E 9 days ago
Open by EASTER? This is just the start, what a Dumb Leader!
Dorothy Worrell 9 days ago
The State of Wyoming has ordered shelter in place and meetings no larger than 10 allowed.
Timmay 9 days ago
Yo.... sad thing is my dad will open during Armageddon, lol......
Moon Wisp 9 days ago
There's gonna be no economy if there's no people too buy anything
Pacospain 9 days ago
All this walked out of hand because of Money, and still only thinking about money, is so plain stupid Freeze all rent and mortgages until this is resolved. Stop thinking about money and start to save lives for God sakes.. Idiots
mikeshoreboy 9 days ago
Kim Watts 9 days ago
Let the economy crash we have nothing to loose . Lives are important. The more lost the economy still takes a hit.
More Baconplease 8 days ago
Tears always came to my eyes this is crazy smh
Saber Haridi 9 days ago
God . I love this country. I spend 20 years of my life in NY city .I'm praying for America. Stay home stay safe and good time will come
tjrosenberry 9 days ago
I'm in Washington and had to go Home Depot for some parts to fix a leak. It was the busiest I've ever seen that store yet we're under a Stay at Home Order. People won't listen, and they were just walking around window shopping and acting like nothing is happening. I got what I needed and haven't left the house since.
Neo Kgatla 8 days ago
Easing social distancing in a few weeks? The entire country should be in lockdown.
Loc'D N Loaded 9 days ago
Where's the segment about the test being able to tell us if weve had it or maybe immune? @ 1:52
Ego_trip_N 8 days ago
He’s absolutely right! There is NO DOLLAR VALUE ON HUMAN LIFE!🙏🏽💙
Ceylon 8 days ago
This is something what Stephen King wrote a book and made it into a movie called, The Stand.
JumboXx12 9 days ago
If he staying that everything is going to open on Easter and I have to go to school but there still the covid-19 around I’ma tell my parents to let me stay home 😂💀
Florence Gomer 9 days ago
0:25 From 5 000 to 50 000 in a little over a week. Half a million cases beckons within weeks. Five million a few weeks later. Fifty million a few weeks after that ... with one to two million dead by then.
Jenn Definitely 9 days ago
Open by Easter 🐣 Nice little fairytale indeed.
Global Relief 9 days ago
Trump wants the whole country to turn "red" on the map...... It looks like it's really going to happen! And he's become a church going person all of a sudden 🤣
Tim 8 days ago
It's more vital for people to keep working instead of sitting at home in the fetal position while our economy crumbles
Cole Akins 9 days ago
Why does this news anchor remind me of the 40 yr old virgin. I can just imagine him like, "a bag of sand" 😭😭😭😂😂😂
ジャクソンクリス 9 days ago
Wow it’s so amazing that the Simpsons predicted this episodes cat flu and Lisa becomes president. A pandemic in an economy crash wow.
Adrian 8 days ago
6:42 What's the building in the background, anyone know?
Wyguy the French Fry 8 days ago
JUAN VARGAS 9 days ago
everytime i see that lady at the end shes always has that smirk smile like she up to something
Bill Kittleman 9 days ago
Lemme ask ya this Mr Governor!!! When you’re insisting REPEATEDLY how dire the situation is and are desperately pleading for aid from the federal government, ya think it’s a look for you to be standing NONCHALANTLY in front of the damn cameras casually sporting a giant coffee???? 😡😡
Olivia 8 days ago
Open by Easter?! You kidding me?!
ADDRIAN PARKS 8 days ago
damn i aint going to lie but as a grown ass man im scared 🏃👻👻
NoiselessKD001 8 days ago
Someone- Is diagnosed with COVID-19 That person- *Suddenly gets the urge to travel to at least 22 states*
Mrboss 5588 8 days ago
Who is trump never heard of that guy?
Natasha Reeder 9 days ago
I’m scared. I’m scared for humanity.
Georgia Lynn Jones 8 days ago
Mr Cuomo, what I heard re:stock mkt this a.m. had to do with men going back to work somewhere....
bisbeejim 9 days ago
Hmm, just coming out of denial I see. Well, well, well.
Ryan Howell 9 days ago
It feels like you're in world war 3
Philly EaglesBowl 9 days ago
These commercials we all in this together bs!! How about these famous people switch their bank accounts w me and then I’ll agree we all in this together
Timothy Dottin 9 days ago
U guys realize that currently China is #1 economy on Earh officially I believe cuz of this virus
Now he's a Doctor, what about the people who just recovered, they had their butts kicked, they are in no condition to just jump into the workforce, they need to rest and recover, this virus has no preference, rich poor , Doctors, mechanics etc, are getting hit hard, President Trump, it's a mess out there, you need to shut down and let the darkness pass, GOD bless everyone.
Eugene Jackson Jr 8 days ago
"400 ventilators? Do you want a pat on the back? We need 30,000" Who's going to run 30,000 ventilators? One ICU ventilator patient typically has a nurse with 2 other patients TOTAL. One Respiratory therapist runs average of 6 to 8 ventilators. You can go triple the people needing these care providers, quadruple it, it's still not going to equal 30,000 ventilators and there are not enough health care providers to manage 30,000 ventilator patients AND MANY COVID19 patients are not going on ventilators ANY many of these deaths could be people who have decided they don't want life support or CPR. AND MANY OF THOSE WITH COVID19 ARE CAREGIVERS (who's replacing them?) Prior to COVID19 there weren't respiratory therapists, nurses & doctors sitting home without jobs in NY. They were ALL already employed. What he should have requested is healthcare providers accompany the ventilators. Doctors, respiratory therapists & nurses CAN NOT MANAGE 30,000 more ventilator patients in NY. I knew his handlers would make a partisan. Trump was getting along too well with governors of NY & CA.
Andi Leigh 9 days ago
Why are people crowding on the subway?! I thought it was a STAY AY HOME?! And of COURSE the economy is going to crash!!! 😟
Kingx 64 8 days ago
4:37 me working at walmart , they cut hours people can shop, and it gets crowded within those hours now. I'm getting $11 risking getting exposed while the people who are higher make bigger money , n probably aren't on the sales floor fixing shelves.
Ashley Sterling 9 days ago
Thanks ABC News for the update Signed The Franks
Yolanda Epps 9 days ago
I can't wrap my head around this. Senator Amy Klobuchar husband is sick and she's smiling like it's a happy occasion.
Michael Miller 9 days ago
I wonder why we never see this type of economic decline during flu season.. curious time for a pandemic.
Chris Magyar 9 days ago
Rico Marciano 9 days ago
It's funny how tragedy is only important when it becomes your surrounding.
Kate Elyse Roberson 9 days ago
I truly feel that I have already had it and I survived it so when I was very sick for two weeks I prayed so hard and god helped get thru it. If you get dont panic I know anxiety sets in but you have to stay calm and pray