“In Texas, It’s Not Just Football. It’s LIFE!” Preston Stone Plays BIGGEST GAME Of His Career 😱

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Not only are Preston Stone and Parish Episcopal playing in their biggest game of the year, the game is being held at The Star In Dallas, one of the dopest football fields in the country! This place is LEGIT! Man, I'm really tryna go out there and run some routes...

Before all that though, the team has Thanksgiving practice (their favorite of the year) and also gets some hooping in. Gotta keep the body right. Why does it seem like all football players play basketball too??

Later, it's game time. Everything's been leading up to this, and if Parish loses, the season is a bust. Watch and see what happens!

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Jjj Jjjj 4 month ago
It’s January and there saying it’s thanksgiving
Mikey 4 month ago
Preston is going to be like Johnny Manziel
Yung aka Jayboy 4 month ago
rip kobe
Keon Michael 4 month ago
Love this show
Master_Deather king 4 month ago
aaaayy 3 one
Timothy Fludd 4 month ago
First comment
Jordan Zachary 4 month ago
Reminds me of my school's state run last year. We completely demolished the #1 team in the semi finals and we were picked to win state by 2 tds. Then a guy named kiante luckette(or somewhere around that name) ran all over us. Now he's a redshirt freshman at iowa
Emiliano Rosales 4 month ago
stone plays like Johny football
BigTime Clipz Washington 4 month ago
12 comment
Joshua Perkins 4 month ago
What happened to bunchie
BigMoves _ 4 month ago
Ankles than hurdle that's sad
Ry 4 month ago
EJ Wilson 4 month ago
y’all cannot dance.. lol
King Hunt 4 month ago
Isaac Abrego 4 month ago
Specafyyy 4 month ago
Who’s Been A HUGE Fan Of Overtime Before 2020??? 👍🏽 👇🏽 I’m gifting my next 72 loyal subs 💕 *with* *notis* *on* 💕
l GAYNIBBAMIDGET l 3 month ago
If football is life in Texas then why aren’t any college or nfl teams competing in the college championship or Super Bowls 🤔