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Thank you to the best editor in the world & our friend Andy!
Betty White 3 month ago
Harrison’s out here throwing up and apologizing about it. He is way too nice for this world
Danielle Iris 3 month ago
I’m so sad for Harrison right now. Taylor is being so annoying.
Olivia Grace 3 month ago
The fact that Taylor could’ve just eaten the fish and put Harrison out of his misery instead of just staring at him, watching him gag makes me so mad. That’s disgustingly viscous.
Nora Dennis 3 month ago
Andy’s editing is so funny when he showed Taylor grabbing the cheese with her nasty hands 😭😭
Mille Fleur 3 month ago
I understand Taylor being happy for herself but she’s literally rubbing it in and being so rude about it
Geovanna A 3 month ago
M C 3 month ago
At this point Lena is the only on who deserves the money. Taylor and Dom are both equally annoying. and Manny is just there so
Taylor.07 3 month ago
I hope Taylor loses in the finale she doesn’t have good sportsmanship at all
Zoe Church 3 month ago
Taylor is just a bad person and that’s that. Like the stare was not needed and the stupid ass jokes were unwanted. She is just not a good person and I cannot wait till this ends so i don’t have to listen to her anymore.
Ember Ann 3 month ago
Am I the only one who got scared of how close Harrisons head got to the edge of the pool when they pulled him in? 😳
Baby .Kyana 3 month ago
Harrison is so pure, he was even apologizing when he was eating the fish.
Alyssa Marescalco 3 month ago
Taylor needs to learn some respect honestly like she’s such a sore winner
Matteo Barrios 3 month ago
I hate Taylor. She’s so annoying I hope she does not win
Sarah Christine 3 month ago
Harrison is the cutest person ever why is Taylor so mean to him he’s literally the best :(
Samantha Martinez 3 month ago
There’s a very thin line between cockiness and confidence... Taylor is way past that line
Ester 3 month ago
He was gagging and trying not to throw up and APOLOGIZED FOR IT He’s so sweet and that was so hard to watch.
sel 3 month ago
God that girl is so incredibly annoying and unlikable.
Kimberly S 3 month ago
Kian and JC : explaining the challenge Taylor every two seconds: “ok” “ok” “ok” “ok” “ok”
Short Cortt 3 month ago
So unfair.... Harrison shouldn’t even have had to do that challenge....
Naomi Houghtaling 3 month ago
Taylor has no idea what back dooring is - She knew everyone was voting her which is the exact opposite of back dooring lol
Jackie Forney 3 month ago
poor Harrison, he’s literally the only person that everyone wants to win
timberlaner 3 month ago
Really want Taylor to get out. She’s such an angry lesbian. Sad
Hello, Nice to meet you C; 3 month ago
Why is this not called “everyone no need to watch this Harrison lost”
Madi Boyd 3 month ago
The way she was staring at him literally makes me so mad like Harry is so nice and I really like wanted to cry when he lost :((
emily slushy 3 month ago
Harrison deserves so much better he totally rocked this season with his kindness respectfulness positive attitude and hard work and entertainment for the show !! I hope he wins next season all his fans would def be happy
sophia 3 month ago
harrison was literally apologizing for gagging and almost throwing up. HE'S SO POLITE I LOVE HIM
liv 3 month ago
can we just talk about the fact that taylor's girlfriend is literally the girl that demi brought onto the most recent season of bachelor and paradise and proposed to after publically coming out as bisexual lmfao small world i guess
Emma Ehne 3 month ago
"I don't know why they keep doubting me" THEY DON'T you're just rude, annoying and lack respect for anyone but yourself and that's why noone likes you
jasmine 3 month ago
bro didn’t Taylor say she doesn’t have a girlfriend when she was talking about Andrea..
kody creagh 3 month ago
OK. here is the tea, Harrison nailed it he deserved to be in it to the end. thinking giving him a spot in season 3 is a reward is NOT fair. Harrison deserved it because he is sweet and asks if your ok and that pisses me off the Taylor just starred at him like fish the fish you had to left and stop the challenge but she had to push it again and again. KnJ love you with my heart but this is not it. i get this is a challenge and everyone one is treated fair but come on #giveharrisonachance
Olivia Echave 3 month ago
legit wanted to cry when Harrison was say “I’m sorry” “I’m so sorry” for gagging! Like no Harry don’t apologize for a natural reaction! HARRY WAS ROBBED AND DESERVED BETTER
Audrey Rodriguez 3 month ago
Dude Harrison shouldn't have even been in this challenge Kian and JC messed up last episode. Not fair.... also Taylor is to much like dude you won we got it, chill out.
essence arielle 3 month ago
“She’s taking it down like chips ahoy soft cookies” LMFAOO then she put the hands in the chipotle 😩
Aleyna Mamak 3 month ago
the fact that harrison apologises for gagging during the elimination... uGH HE DESERVES BETTERRR
makeupbymaggi 3 month ago
taylor is literally just a disgusting person. that’s all lmao
Danielle Martin 3 month ago
Harrison saying “I’m so sorry guys” as he’s gagging trying to swallow this shit just made it even more clear how absolutely sweet of a human he is. Edit: thanks for the likes 🥰
Lexi Cruz 3 month ago
Kian and jc: says one word taylor: ok kian: says one word taylor: ok kian and jc: literally says nothing taylor: oK'
Lyzeph Nonsense 3 month ago
Nobody: Dommmm: I’m gonna have to postmates shoes because I’m wearing a turtleneck tomorrow
jenna 3 month ago
if Taylor wins this, I’m suing.
Nadia Cooper 3 month ago
“She’s taking it down like chips ahoy soft cookies”
Amber Jones 3 month ago
Taylor honey, it’s not that everyone was doubting you, they just don’t like you...
DLX 3 month ago
i love lena she says it like it is and doesn’t hide how she feels about taylor
Ella Darby 3 month ago
why is no one talking about how taylor's girlfriend was on bachelor in paradise as demi's girlfriend???
Amanda Moreno 3 month ago
Ok but this girl that’s Taylor’s gf was just ENGAGED to a Bachelor person!! Wtf???
Nikki LeBlanc 3 month ago
was anyone terrified Harrison was gonna hit is head when he got pulled into the pool?? i got SCARED
youngharold 3 month ago
saddest elimination in season 1: sarah saddest elimination in season 2: harry
hellokittystoner420 3 month ago
Yuck hate Taylor. She really thinks she something and she isn’t. Like just rude.
essence arielle 3 month ago
Lol Taylor saying “surprise bitches” had me in tears LMFAOO
Shawnee Renshaw 3 month ago
Taylor literally has the most disgusting attitude.
Nevaeh Orejuela 3 month ago
who else was pissed that they said there’s nothing they can dooo bring herrison back🙄
Valeria Luna-Rodriguez 3 month ago
They should bring Harrison back for season 3 but make him automatically into the final 4
Katie Smith 3 month ago
bring him back at the same point he was eliminated at if you wanna be truly fair tbh
Emma Seitz 3 month ago
i think it’s safe to say, everybody on social platforms hates taylor lmfao.
Lauren Cromie 3 month ago
yes taylor can be happy she won. but the rude comments and facials “you were close huh” ready for chipotle” and the dancing! have some decency, he hasn’t been rude to her at all.
Megan Trinastic 3 month ago
I CANNOT stand people like Taylor. STOP TALKING OVER EVERYONE and acting like what you have to say is more important than others. Andrea was right. You cant talk to people like Taylor. People like her talk at you and dont listen or care what you have to say. So rude.
Dog• Milk 3 month ago
Harrison is literally the nicest person ever, *Harrison struggling in a disgusting challenge* Also Harrison: I’m so sorry guys
Madeline McGowan 3 month ago
whys everyone mad at taylor for winning when harrison was sent home for getting an answer right
Juan Cruz 3 month ago
So Taylor has a girlfriend but she was flirting in the beginning Oki doki
Haylie Sweetie 3 month ago
kian: drink the juice harry: *gags* kian: ALRIGHT
vonnie smiles 3 month ago
Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that this whole time Taylor had a girlfriend but was flirtatious with Andrea and Lena?
Rhea Morgan 3 month ago
Let's just compare Harrison's goodbye to everyone else's he literally thanked all the crew and everyone. So cute I love him so much xx
Sahar Kandi 3 month ago
hey taylor if you’re reading this, i hope you lose
renee arlotti 3 month ago
to everyone wondering about taylor’s girlfriend; taylor wasn’t dating her when this was filmed. they were only friends at this point. they started dating after the show, when this was edited.
Lea Sanches 3 month ago
HARRY WAS THE SWEETEST MOST UNDERRATED HUMAN BEING EVER, he better come back and win everything!!
Joyce Houch 3 month ago
whoever ends up marrying harrison is one lucky gal
Kimberly D 3 month ago
Harrison is gone, I’m done with this season.
Maca S 3 month ago
I don't think they doubted Taylor, she's just annoying and that's why they all want her gone.
Lorenza Fedele 3 month ago
I was fine with taylor UNTIL she started messing wit Harrison.....like do u really need that much attention honestly
Stevie Robnik 3 month ago
Why is the finale not uploaded yet ??!!!!
Kiley Nicole 3 month ago
Why is there no new episode
Jodie Foster 3 month ago
Harrison apologising for gagging was high-key sad lmaoooo
Síofra Kennedy 3 month ago
So Taylor has a girlfriend and yet still acts like a perv?
Jeff Valasquez 3 month ago
When tf is the other video gonna drop 😣
dayzeexo 3 month ago
He should automatically be in the top 4 in the next season. Which he would’ve been in during this season. he deserved to be there! Like if you agree. #Justice4Harrison
Yesenia.Rod 3 month ago
Lena,Dom,Manny and Harrison have such a cute friendship!
Jordan Stevens 3 month ago
Who tf doesnt know that the Nile is the longest river lmao. 🙃😂 when they said it wasnt I was floored like am I dumb or did my teachers teach me wrong! 😂
Liz Delipoglou 3 month ago
Okay but he fought to get that far. He should be immune to elimination until there’s 4 other people in season 3. 🤔
Melody Beltran 3 month ago
I’m rooting for Lena. She’s underestimated. Smart as heck.
Valerie Marie 3 month ago
Man I wanted to have Taylor’s back so bad been following her for years I thought she was sweet but now I think she’s very vicious and unkind and the way she displayed herself in this episode was disgusting I’m so disappointed
Shelbi F 3 month ago
if harrison chooses to come back, he deserves to be top 5 again. he shouldn’t have to go through all the challenges again. he worked his way to top 5 and shouldn’t have to do that again. LIKE THIS SO THEY SEE AND MAKE THIS HAPPEN :)
Alicia Laucirica 3 month ago
Makaela S 3 month ago
When Adam said “if it couldn’t be Imari, I want it to be you” I FELT THAT
Aileen Salmeron 3 month ago
Anyone here waiting for the new episode?
Sandra Hernandez 3 month ago
here’s the thing i love Kian and Jc but they should have done research on each question just to make sure it was right, even though the website said that’s the answer you gotta make sure its 100% right, so sad Harrison left :(
Madison Lewis 3 month ago
i think harrison should start where he left off... i dont think he should have to COMPLETELY restart :/ poor guy everyone wants him to win and now he has to start over.
Hmm 3 month ago
Harrison should be put with the final five so it’s fair of season three
Zizi 3 month ago
I live in Sweden and don't know one person who doesn't hate surströmming
nala debate 3 month ago
harrison should of gotten some of the money. that’s not fair at all i feel so bad :( he’s the nicest person
Kim Napier 3 month ago
Maybe for the confession room have it be sound proof and have like a “confessing” sign when someone is in there and vice versa so a Taylor moment won’t happen again lol Ik it happened in a different video but I just wanted to say it:)
Ash 3 month ago
If y’all don’t give Harrison a spot in the top 5 next season I ain’t watching. My boy deserved so much better 😭
Lisa Conshue 3 month ago
When’s the new episode coming outtt!!
Reanna Cisneros 3 month ago
So when this new episode goona DROP?
Kamilah Maldonado 3 month ago
In season three Harrison should have a spot during the final four automatically and not even have to do any of the challenges reaching up until the final cuz it’s not fair he went through all the for no reason just cuz of a mistake
Rosey Ryan 3 month ago
So pissed about Harrison. Who’s to say he will get so far next season, at least give him a little bit of an advantage next season he was really close to winning so much money and he tried so so hard.
Angelique Verdugo 3 month ago
Ok but Harrison is so polite, even when he’s about to vomit he’s like “I’m so sorry guys” lmao
Emily Thorpe 3 month ago
Why is no one talking about how that’s Kristian from BIP???
Roset 3 month ago
I get Taylor’s annoying but like she didn’t know he got the answer right she’s allowed to be happy for herself I mean it’s annoying but like other people did that when they won challenges
kristina broome 3 month ago
i love lena’s personality. she is real af.
Monce V. 3 month ago
kian to harrison: "we know you're soooo hungry daddy" *stare intensifies*
winwin’s elf ear 3 month ago
harrison should lowkey come back to season 3 exempt from being voted into elimination until it’s the top 5 again since he was scammed this season after being so close ://