Second Death From Coronavirus Reported In U.S. | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Dr. Amesh Adalja from Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security discusses the latest coronavirus developments. Aired on 3/2/20.
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Second Death From Coronavirus Reported In U.S. | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Francis Fulloffrenchpeople 1 month ago
There has been so little testing done, there could now be thousands of undetected cases all over the US. The incompetence here is unbelievable.
Barbara 1 month ago
I just have to say, the quarantine isn’t in place to stop the spread, it’s there to SLOW the spread so hospitals can deal with the number of cases on a given day.
TheWarriorArts 1 month ago
Its a shame many people think this isnt worth worrying about until someone local dies or contracts the virus.
S White 1 month ago
This. Listen carefully. They are telling us it’s everywhere. Get prepared and stay healthy everyone ❤️
R B 1 month ago
finally a reasonable post
debbie duccini-day 1 month ago
The scarey thing is that I think we are on our own since our current "leaders" are more worried about winning an election.
Margaret Nicol 1 month ago
Maybe if Trump/Pence dusted this and took it off Mitch's desk it would help? HR 269 — Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness and Advancing Innovation Act of 2019. It's been there for about a year!
blue_pearl_22 1 month ago
I'm curious how the moderates are going to spin this so that this crisis is not a major argument for M4A.
DLTD 1 month ago
It’s almost like Donald wants it to get out of control to then sell “the cure”
Silver Boomer 1 month ago
Good luck with having hospitals staffed adequately! Most have minimal staff and are overworked.
La Luba 1 month ago
In Europe we know how to handle this with our children. We can stay home with our sick kids. And get payed.
Gina Jung 1 month ago
How many people got tested so far? about 500? South Korea tested more than 40,000 already..
Nick M 1 month ago
"Don't panic, we're handling the situation professionally." Lmao this dude
David 1 month ago
It's okay though because it's all just a hoax. Tap your heels together and you will come back home from the whimsical land of Oz
stephen wedderburn 1 month ago
Don't worry America, it's all a hoax, isn't it? 🙄🙄🙄😷🤧🤮 Pence is in charge his thoughts and prayers will save everyone 🤪🤪🤪🤪
Olympia Reinhart 1 month ago
Another Trump*-hoax-virus infected person died! RIP 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Fran 76 Clucas 1 month ago
Our local hospital has set up a pod for those who may have Covid-19 can go get tested without going near other patients.......
Bryan Coulter 1 month ago
But Moronavirus told everyone the virus would disappear like magic??
Palidor19 1 month ago
I’ve been worrying about what I like to call “red Monday” where the Dow Jones is just going to DROP. I’ve been slowly prepping for the past few weeks.nim highly concern now
Voice of Reason 1 month ago
“It’s a hoax. It will disappear like magic.” — Trump
Wanda M 1 month ago
This morning March 2, CDC still shows only 22 cases. Why is the government lying about this?
MR intel 1 month ago
Whether "a great job" is being done (as claimed by Trump) can be assessed when not a few dozen people are infected, but a few million. I fear that the USA will do much worse than Europe where the governments have control over the health system. Remember, American health care is driven by profit maximisation. To deal with the coming pandemic, non-urgent operations would need to be postponed, to free beds for coronavirus patients. This is already happening in Europe, but I cannot see this being done in the USA, as a lot of money would be lost. And what about the uninsured? Will they have to stay at home where they can infect a lot more peple? "The market" won't save any lives.
VoteHimOut Now 1 month ago
The main failure has been not testing for the virus among our population. other countries have tested thousands to tens of thousands already, while Trump was just trying to wish it away!
Mick G 1 month ago
Remind me again, how much do you spend on the military and how much do you spend on healthcare.....
Left Is Best 1 month ago
Hang on.. How can someone die from a "Democrat Hoax"??? 😟
Charles Wilson 1 month ago
It's all b.s. according to trump. Just until he gets it. Lol
Silver Bay 1 month ago
How bad will it get when the tests finally get out?
Make Racists Afraid Again 1 month ago
This is just getting started. Evil, Failed, Impeached Trump is Incompetent to deal with this crisis. And you know it.
Vivo Cano 1 month ago
Thought I comitted suicide when I went to Walmart to get supplies yesterday
Steve Chance 1 month ago
It's going to spread through New York like wildfire. Those subway trains are going to spread it all over the city.
Agent Cooper 1 month ago
"The hoax" is spreading. Hmmmm, how can a hoax spread? Let's ask the stable genius!!
777 burro 1 month ago
Trumpy Dumpy Dingo Dummy Clown Show continues to lie, lie, lie above the virus, and everything else.
ScorpionMassive 1 month ago
The complacency is unforgivable. The term "too late" might be a past tense word by now.
narvaro mer 1 month ago
*China should apologize to the whole world and compensate for everything.*
ambidex0 1 month ago
Send the 13 aircraft carriers to help
Pamigail 1 month ago
I’ve spent a chunk of my tax returns on building a pantry in my garage. I’m feeling good about that decision.
Robin Lawson 1 month ago
So we need to be focused on all the things this administration had huge cutbacks on? 😔
Alex A 1 month ago
When the government tell you "don't panic" that's when you know time to action and prepare.
Lauren Unruh 1 month ago
Does Pope Francis have it? I read he has a 'cold', has he been tested for this virus yet?
thingsinmyminds 1 month ago
I think its starting to get more serious now
Brian E 1 month ago
I'd like to hear more on the mild cases and recovery process myself
King Ugly 1 month ago
Good thing trump took 8 billion dollars from New York’s health budget recently
CatPower 1 month ago
donald dump and pence should have made warning back when the outbreak was in china. Not wait until it gets here when it's to late. Plus donald dump had pulled funding from the CDC and that right there was the wrong thing to do.
Lawrence Sullivan 1 month ago
Unfortunately, Medieval thinking predominates in the WH where all the talk is about border closings instead of mitigation
bobmatzke 1 month ago
“the 15, within a couple of days, is going to be down to close to zero. That’s a pretty good job we’ve done.” - Donald Trump 2/26/20
HIDDEN VIBES 1 month ago
Its hoax according to your president
Death is A Businessman 1 month ago
It's okay, everyone. Pence is gonna pray it away.
Michelle Tulumello 1 month ago
Woah. Yeah, keep going to school and concerts and overwhelm the medical system so everyone gets sick at once and there is no room for them in hospitals. Awesome idea.
Simple Man 1 month ago
Till yesterday so many people in GA are coming from international flights and there is no to check them.I don't get it why they are so lenient.
Greg C 1 month ago
Second death? but our tangerine and chief said it would be gone soon.
BFDT 1 month ago
Walls don't work.
Eugenia Washington 1 month ago
what I don’t understand is, why do they continue to let them travel in and out of those Countries, they should be banned from going to those countries.
Paper Cuts 1 month ago
Is anyone "sick" of this inept and vile 45th?
Average Joe 1 month ago
some experts are saying that the virus may infect up to 60% of world population if strong measures are not taken right now. Thats 3 billion and minimum 60 million deaths
nizicike 1 month ago
Make Hoax great again!!!!!
Trent Parker 1 month ago
Coronavirus: "Nobody gonna breaka my stride, nobody gonna slow me down....oh no! I've got to keep on movin!"
Misfit Homemaker 1 month ago
"it's been out there". Well I guess that exposes the wet market lie.
Boo ! 1 month ago
"smile...the rapture awaits us all...."M. Pence
2viewbosque 1 month ago
Hospitals ready? How, when administrators are more important than nurses and doctors...and patients?
🐦MrSoTiredOfTheNewYoutubes😅 1 month ago
That's a direct result of how Trump brought back the citizens from Wuhan. The people that got brought back from Wuhan got brought back on *regular* flights, they were welcomed by people that *wasn't* wearing masks and the people responsible for the quarantine where unequipped and free to roam the local town! In fact, the first that died was from the town where one of the quarantine personnel was renting a motel! Honestly, wtf is that????
Jmy Ator 1 month ago
The eyes see and the ears hear but the ego recoils at the thought of it’s own extinction and so lives in a illusion until the end Do not be fooled by the media or your OWN ego, we truly live in an dangerous time Stock Up!
Trumps IQ zero 1 month ago
I see the news people ask the same question. What should we do. You wait to get it. You can do nothing else.
Bonita Janssen 1 month ago
Well, looks like mommy might actually be in the home for a while. Go figure.
Patrick Bush 1 month ago
We'll never know the full extent of this virus until the election is over and then we'll only get half the truth if that
Bruce Lee 1 month ago
I'm starting to feel like the coronavirus hangs around in the air everytime someone infected coughs. That's scary
Red Alert 1 month ago
Virus escapes China in early January. Long incubation period. Some carriers never develop symptoms. Trump fails to close airports or prohibit international travel. Flights to and from the rest of the world are barely affected. The general population is not screened, not even those in hospital with pneumonia. Two to three weeks after the infection starts spreading throughout the community, the oaf-in-charge appears on air clearly worried more about his re-election prospects than anything else, claiming "we have done a great, great job and soon there will be zero cases". Then the repugnant moron tries to silence useful information from scientists and doctors. No remedial action at all will be taken concerning the hopelessly incompetent administration and so America will have to fight this battle with both hands tied behind its back... thanks mainly to Trump's ugly unbridled ego.
BFDT 1 month ago
Trump: "No virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus, no virus..." And he killed the means by which we could better protect ourselves. Phffft.
Tim Dog 1 month ago
Bad time to have an incompetent pathological liar in the White House
Bad Fairy 1 month ago
18% get severely ill.
EpicView 1 month ago
Is that doctor guy wearing contacts or is he an android or on something? these are the real questions.
Sexy Chickpea 1 month ago
I’m an American in north Italy, in Udine (East of Venice). I think we have 4 in my city for a total of 9 in the region, the schools are cancelled (we’re into the second week of closings) and all gatherings are cancelled. 2 here have died, one yesterday and one earlier today.
Justin Norton 1 month ago
How does the US have a "month jump on this thing" when it's already here?
Dae Dotfan19 1 month ago
For all the people that crack jokes about this virus. something is seriously wrong with you. Because there's nothing funny about this. Rest in peace to the people that is falling to this tragedy. And I hope and pray that they find a cure.
jason lu 1 month ago
Free testing and treatments for everyone now or every one will get the virus later.
Richard Thomas 1 month ago
Has Donald Trump tweeted yet how this is fake news and that people are just trying to make him look bad ?
Ian Horton 1 month ago
Really hope those kids aren’t going to the mall. That would be scary
Veris 1 month ago
Just take the Pope, most of my “long lost” family including my father, and all my ex gfs before you away pls virus. Thx.
protectbodythetans 1 month ago
This is nothing, just wait for the new viruses to come out once the ice caps finish melting lol
sanjuansteve 1 month ago
Pence is a science-denying, Armageddon-waiting, radicalized religious bigot that should not be in a position of power over any diverse group of people anywhere. I don't think he even knows the term 'community spread' but he's in charge, Idiocracy-style... #theyvotedforaBigot
wily wascal 1 month ago
The single, MOST important thing we can do with COVID-19 is to isolate the President.
Bernard Leger 1 month ago
Hard to listen when you can’t stop looking at the ugly sweater the hostess is wearing
MVVpro 1 month ago
Leave it to Trump to apply the least effective tools and focus on praising himself and forcing others to do likewise.
Landon 1 month ago
I have a crap immune system and I have severe asthma. I'm feeling like COVID-19 would be a death sentence for me.
dave williams 1 month ago
It's time for the rest of the world to put travel advisories out for the US!
Helen Pomerleau 1 month ago
So you trump supporters, still think this a hoax ?
Enzo Ferrarii 1 month ago
Wow unstoppable
PetuniaRomania 1 month ago
I feel very worried for those of us with Asthma or who have experienced pneumonia before.
Captain African America 1 month ago
I wonder how the infected feel about Medicare for All...
December Baby 1 month ago
When people get on a plane & travel from one country to another then....the spread of infection is inevitable.
CorgiGirl User 1 month ago
They have only 75000 test kits for the entire US on purpose so they can lie and say "see it's not that bad*. No testing no truth
madboyreadynow28 1 month ago
Then we need to be honest. There has been more than two deaths in the United States.
purple boss 1 month ago
Keep in mind China had to build a new hospital
MR intel 1 month ago
Everything is under control. Don't worry. The devil and the antichrist are in charge.
Keep Looking 1 month ago
Close the freaking malls 🤯what do you mean where will the kids go. Close every mf thing
97 Street Records 1 month ago
Wax MeOff420 1 month ago
2nd person dies. Shows pic of retirement home. *Madea voice* Awwwwwww Lawrd! I'm suuuuu scuurrred!!!
david huff 1 month ago
2 deaths out of 85 cases..... that's over 2% mortality rate.
Samara Smith 1 month ago
45 is a big LIAR This disease is spreading like wildfir Lord help us
ggg 1 month ago
mboiko 1 month ago
There's nothing this doctor said that should come as a surprise to anyone who's been following this Coronavirus outbreak for the last month-and-a-half...