Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Minilogue - Formal Friday, Testy Trump & The Killers

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Jimmy continues his daily mini monologues at his house during the quarantine. In today’s #Minilogue Jimmy celebrates #FormalFriday by dressing up as if he is going somewhere – even though we’re all stuck at home. If you dressed up today and want to share your experience, post photos and videos with #FormalFriday and Jimmy will show some of his favorites next week. Jimmy also talks about online comments regarding his appearance, Trump lashing out at NBC’s Peter Alexander, Sean Spicer showing up at the press briefing, some Senators selling off massive amounts of stock shortly after a Coronavirus briefing, the toilet paper crisis, and most of Las Vegas shutting down. During times like these, it’s also good to check in on old friends, so Jimmy talks to Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci of The Killers via webchat, and they perform “Caution" from their new album “Imploding The Mirage." Jimmy will be making a donation to a worthwhile cause every day during this quarantine. Today, it’s the USBG Foundation’s Bartender Emergency Assistance Program. Please consider helping them. Go here to donate: https://www.usbgfoundation.org/beap

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Indiana Melo 2 month ago
I heard the killers were good but never gave them a chance...im impressed by his vocal ability.. you guys have a new fan.
Sarah Cravens 2 month ago
I love seeing Jimmy and everyone in their natural habitats just looking and acting like normal people. Much more relatable and real and comforting than a perfectly curated tv show :)
TM Lefeber 2 month ago
Just proves we don’t need all the lights and effects of a big time concert. The Killers performance was fabulous!!
Omar 2 month ago
A performance by the Killers in a bathroom is more heartfelt than most popstars nowadays.
bobmatzke 2 month ago
"We fixed it" = Dismantled the Pandemic Response Team that could have handled this adequately
Steffen Dass 2 month ago
Great song. Also, Jimmy needs to reach out to Matt Damon! Come on Jimmy: be the bigger man here. We're in the middle of a pandemic, for crying out loud. :)
Cap CDN 2 month ago
“Bright side”, if all talk shows now got artists to perform from their bathroom or home.. we’ll know exactly who cannot sing live. Damn, his voice is amazing.
Dave Tam 2 month ago
Fauci has that look dad's get when their kids do stupid things in public and it's too late to stop them
Sia Ahmadi 2 month ago
"that's what they do in prison to keep the inmates from stabbing the guards" *Has drawing of cage behind him*
lisa9431 2 month ago
Really enjoyed the song from the Killers Jimmy. I am a OR Nurse, just wanna say thank you.Watching you, your fam, and the show, made me think things would be normal again.
ehLayan 2 month ago
No one could perfect a bathroom performance like they did. God.
UnderstatedObsession 2 month ago
"I'm not high, I'm just Italian" Found my new favorite quote
Kirsten N 2 month ago
I like how he said “That’s a thing called leadership. All the great ones did it Washington, Lincoln, Kanye...” lmao 😂 I was dying laughing hahaha 😆
Katherine De Jesus 2 month ago
“I don’t have my glam team with me, because of the coronavirus” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Richard Servello 2 month ago
Isn't insider trading a federal crime???? Oh wait...those aren't a thing anymore.
Jeannette Hernandez 2 month ago
Brandon’s voice always makes it feel like the possibilities are endless, even if you’re under quarantine. Thank you.
Shelby Zealand 2 month ago
Damn... live AND (I'm assuming" on someone's phone, and they still sound THAT amazing.
moniemaker27 2 month ago
Brandon Flowers as singer, lyricist, and frontman deserves more recognition
kylie reeder 2 month ago
doctor: “you have 15 minutes and 28 seconds left to live” me:
B6 schilke 2 month ago
You’re not sick but just a little testy. BUT Minilogue “That’s gold Jerry” (It may just be the suit) also weird Al’s “My Bologna” was originally recorded in the bathroom so... Finally - These are so great Jimmy, and your family is golden. I have a tears but I’m going through the change.
Boston Robb 2 month ago
Only thing that could have topped this episode is if a kid opened the bathroom door when they were performing - like in that reporter being interrupted by his kids viral video.
David Nelson 2 month ago
Jimmy, of the "live from home" from the late night comics you win. Far and away you are the most naturally funny. Keep up the good work. Thanks!
Laura Goetz 2 month ago
How funny that Ronnie is playing the guitar. Strange sight!!
RICO Paul 2 month ago
When celebrities are involved in a “crisis” Its 100% fake.
Sachin Ganpat 2 month ago
This is how I like to think I sound when I sing in the bathroom.
CD Williams 2 month ago
His grandma picture and saying she was looking her best hilarious. this guy can make anything funny.
Jeannette Hernandez 2 month ago
Brandon’s voice always makes it feel like the possibilities are endless, even if you’re under quarantine. Thank you.
Jenn 2 month ago
Im almost positive he’s just wearing the top half of that suit 😂😂😂
melanielandon96 2 month ago
Every time I see Jimmy I think it's impossible for me to love him more. And every time he does it again. <3
Oracle Jane 2 month ago
Lovely family, The killers killed it.
HanShotFirst 2 month ago
One of my favorite JKL. FormalFriday with the family and the Killers is the definition of the American spirit in these hard times.
P B 2 month ago
Loud Claps 👏 to the Killers. And I'm am R&B girl. And I'm Rockin in my bed. Throw Caution to Coronovirus! Bond Blessings!🙏🏼💜
Tracey Roberts 2 month ago
Love the way you filmed it talking to the audience directly. Wonderful performance by The Killers. They just got a new fan. :)
E-double Da GI bandit 2 month ago
AWESOME. my new favorite group is the “killers”
Arto Rissanen 2 month ago
This is a great way to introduce/feature bands and singers. You should make it a permanent feature on the show. The WORLD needs more bathroom music!
blackeyeliner86 2 month ago
1. that intro!!! 💯⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ makes me happy 2. your grandma Edith was beautiful 3. can you be president 4. new Killers song is 🔥 Thank you Jimmy for this content, your generosity, and for making us laugh through this unsettling time.
finehomemadewine 2 month ago
Suddenly a sentence: "Let´s clean that bathroom especially well, I am about to televise an international broadcast from there today." sounds quite normal...
Bones 2 month ago
"Get an iPad, it's free." -Jimmy 2020
Mariana Sbaraini 2 month ago
Brandon's vocals!!!!!!
paolo oggionni 2 month ago
I'm writing this after the seventh time i listened to "Caution": this song is amazing! I watched the original version but this bathroom-remix is 10.000 times better.
Johnathan Gonzo 2 month ago
Man the Killers, thats whats up. Space man definitely a favorite 👍👍👍
Arleth Rodriguez 2 month ago
Jimmy don’t forget some early educators are still working, working with little ones so their parents can provide essential services for the general public to stay safe and healthy (medical professionals, first responders, workers who provide access to food and supply chain for goods, services and other basic needs)
Halina Meson 2 month ago
Truly enjoyed. A little bit of everything......family,humor, music... The Killers!!!! Thank you
Vicki K 2 month ago
What a great song. I love these guys! (says an old lady who's never heard of The Killers)
Drizzy.- 2 month ago
I actually clapped. Anyone else?
Kiersten H. 2 month ago
Yaaaaaas! The Killers making a legendary bathroom performance! 🧤clapping gloved hands
M Lear 2 month ago
What system is he talking about? Could that be the system he dismantle after he became the unelected fake president why why why is he going on tv everyday he must miss going to his rallies. Why are we being punished because he screwed up again🤔The only time he told the truth is when he said I will run this country like I run my business and he did right into the ground.
Jeannette Hernandez 2 month ago
Brandon’s voice always makes it feel like the possibilities are endless, even if you’re under quarantine. Thank you.
Cindy Graham 2 month ago
I’ve never loved Jimmy more. He is killing the transition to the new whatever this is. And I think maybe I’m not the only blown away by the Killers there. Whoa
Maggie's DIY 2 month ago
That was an absolutely beautiful song,,,,I love the acoustics - that team rocks. Thank you for entertaining us, I am here like👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Yoda's Stick 2 month ago
If The Killers ever tour Live from the Bathroom I'm buying tickets.
ChUp4c4Br4 2 month ago
Jimmy’s home shows are as good as the Live shows 🔥🔥🔥
Mark Dumouchel 2 month ago
Yes. Better acoustics in the bathroom. Good call!
Comm Kav 2 month ago
You've got a great family, and great talent, Jimmy. Keep it all strong.
Salley Ayad 2 month ago
Best bathroom concert that I have heard 🤘🏼
Just a Crow with a broken leg 2 month ago
"I'm not high, just italian."
Brady Hird 2 month ago
The Killers singing to us from the bathroom makes me so happy 😭
Shawn Saulsbury 2 month ago
Beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes witnessing The Killers perform that amazingly timed new song in their bathroom and seeing your family. Thank You Jimmy.
Luanne Santos 2 month ago
“I’m not high, Just Italian”. I felt that Jimmy! Your family is so cute 💕
Mtvfig63 Videos 2 month ago
“I’m throwing caution.” Ironic.
Tami 2 month ago
Awesome song THE KILLERS
Cynthia Johnson 2 month ago
I'm loving this watching musicians perform in the bathroom!!!! No lip syncing, no engineered sound, just pure talent.
Christine Hathaway-Coley 2 month ago
OMG the Killers in the bathroom - that was amazing! Thanks Jimmy - loving this homely vibe. Be safe. <3 from Scotland.
Varad Joshi 2 month ago
The intro and end is so cute 😊
Libby Paciorek 2 month ago
The Killers are so great
S. D. 2 month ago
Listening to the bathroom live song on repeat. For like the last 30mins. They need to release this version, too!
Dante Monte 2 month ago
He’s still going to use his corsage. It’ll still go to good use. Awe—gotta love this weird looking dude! J/k you look Great Jimmy. Even with no makeup—you look Great!
mihail cotofan 2 month ago
The Killers smashed the game 👍
Helen SHORTELL 2 month ago
Jimmy's home shows are great,so down to earth. Jimmy is real . We can't wait for ht next show.
Seymour Butts 2 month ago
Never thought in my life that I'd be watching The Killers in their bathroom.. Mad times!
the numberonebeaner 2 month ago
" I'm not stoned, I'm not drunk, I'm just ugly I guess" -- wise words by the great James Kimmel (2020)
Hello Hi 2 month ago
clever person who said they should have filmed the music in the bathroom so we could see them in the mirror!!
Mark D 2 month ago
wow!! they are fantastic!!! Killers need to get me hands on their albums
Rachel Rhodes 2 month ago
Rissa Marie 2 month ago
omg it’s so weird to hear him make jokes without hearing audience laughs afterwards
Margaret Frenkel 2 month ago
Great show. Loved the music from the bathroom. Very innovative.
Diane Greiner 2 month ago
I am really enjoying this home edition, Jimmy. Love the earthy, raw feel of the videos. It has the feel of talking with friends. It's so appreciated at this time. You have a beautiful family! 😊 Stay safe.
Caspian Blue 2 month ago
You are awesome, Jimmy❗👌🏻 Your minilogues cheer us up every single, solitary day❗ The Killers killed it! Thank you, Jimmy!
Dana Chapin 2 month ago
This administration inherited a system where the CDC had more than twice the budget as it does now and there was a pandemic response team. That tax cut for the 1% doomed many of the 99% with a broken system to respond to this crisis. A system Donald Trump and his Administration willfully BROKE because Obama instituted it. American are dying because of Trump's jealousy of his much more competent predecessor. MAGA!
Berry Scott 2 month ago
Dude I would pay to see the Killers perform in their bathroom. Kudos!
Lorraine Thomas 2 month ago
"Thank you for watching and for washing." Thanks for the fun, Jimmy Kimmel Live. (I sang that catchy theme in my head.)
maestrogringo 2 month ago
Same chord progression as U2's "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out of", just a different key...🤔
Claire ___ 2 month ago
We had a 'to be' quarantined runner in Quebec. The stories coming from this are... idk 🤦‍♀️
Nosco 2 month ago
Lets be honest jimmy ain't wearing pants in this interview.
Alireza Adli 2 month ago
You’ve said: “Merry Christmas” interestingly it was Persian new year (Noruz) which is the beginning of Spring.
Christian Stein 2 month ago
Live music in the guests bathroom. Fabulous!
Jagger Gege 2 month ago
Thank you again! The Killer had me jamming in my kitchen. Now the song is stuck in my head! Need to hear it again...
Katherine Pollock 2 month ago
I really appreciate how Jimmy does the show and how honest it is. It's refreshing after a while of negativity!
Clarissa C 2 month ago
This was awesome! Great idea having The Killers sing! love it!
JulianFan55a 2 month ago
To The Killers, great song! You sound great live! The bathroom was a great choice too. The acoustics in bathrooms are great, aren't they? ;) Thanks, Jimmy for continuing to host a home edition of your show! You're helping to keep all of us sane. :) As for the comments you discussed about your appearance, I didn't think anything about it. You just look like you're being you in your own home. No glam team required. :) We're all doing that now. I'm in NY so we are in the same situation you are. We're having meetings via video chat. No one is dressing up like they would for the office. We're all very casual. The Formal Friday idea is a good idea, though.
Agnieszka Dankowska 2 month ago
Great The Killers song! I miss experiencing live music:-(
Minella117 2 month ago
Love that you’re doing this, and it was great to see the killers performing in the bathroom!
BJ Rosen 2 month ago
I now want the bathroom version of the entire album! They sounded amazing and you could actually hear the full range of the vocals. I was really impressed. :)
Costel Racolta 2 month ago
Matt Damon’s kids look more and more like him everyday, that’s nice of you to keep raising them Jimmy .Now that it’s the ends of the world you should ask Matt Damon to do the show?(the bit should be he doesn’t want to do it )
Manuel 2 month ago
"It keeps the inmates from stabbing the guards." Hahahahaha lol 😆. Only the best from the Master... Thank you... (Beautiful Family. God Bless You and your Family.)
Peseti Tukutau 2 month ago
“Im not drunk, I’m not stoned.... I’m just ugly I guess?!!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
GloriBoiGaming 2 month ago
Son Quatsch 2 month ago
I am a new fan of the killers. dude's vocal range and CONTROL are out of this world. bravo. really loved the 70s glossy vibe. killer(s)!
Baz Edmeades 2 month ago
Thoughtful and listenable and unusual : Killers "caution"
tia323araceli 2 month ago
What I’m learning from these Quarantine Concerts: Acoustics are always better in the bathroom.