Monday Mashup: Doctors #1

282K views • 3 month ago
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Time for a check up!

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EbberDeeMills 3 month ago
“Hey, these C&H shorts are hilarious, but I wish they had a commentary track!” - Absolutely No One Ever
Tom Sedgman 3 month ago
I preferred these before the team started talking over them. Now I just have to start fast forwarding
George Barton 3 month ago
The commentary adds nothing to the videos.
Hue Mungus 3 month ago
Not trying to be an ass but i liked it better without the little commentary in between clips
Just Some Guy without a Mustache 3 month ago
It’s not a proper Monday Mashup if the humor isn’t dark.
David King 3 month ago
The last one was "A visit to the Children's Hospital' right?
Vagajammer 3 month ago
To be honest, the C&H guys aren't adding anything hyping the shorts
OwO 3 month ago
Healing solution: Doctor: *Apple* Nurse: *Ice Bag* Surgeon: *Dangerous Acts*
Rainbow Swag 3 month ago
The first one was literally just when school bullies become doctors
[email protected]#Guilt 3 month ago
Fun fact. Health care people refer to the ER as the ED. Stands for "emergency department." Hope someone can have fun with that.
Uri Frid 3 month ago
3:03 Why when he said breath in it sounded like there are 24 doctors?
Slayer1 3 month ago
So we’ve gone from just doing compilations to now commenting in between said compilations and mashups? Boy have you guys fallen
Sonicslap04 3 month ago
“One more dead mouse in my but, that’s no big deal” out of context, this would be concerning.......
screw the rules I have green hair 3 month ago
When you're in the medical sector and laugh at this.
AFishBicycle 3 month ago
Gynecologist Chris is my estranged father
DoitlikeDavey Do 3 month ago
That middle guy should quietly hold the camera...
BakaMangaka 3 month ago
2:10 "Don't leave me hanging BRO" ah so that's why the kid had a birth defect Makes sense now
KittenWispy 3 month ago
when you're so early but can't think of a joke cause you're not funny..
David von Doom 3 month ago
They had to edit in Kris, so that Dave and Rob wouldn't look weird sitting so close together on the couch.
Red Note Rose 3 month ago
Me: Time to go to bed ExplosmEntertainment: No.
Tender Of The Graves 3 month ago
When they first cut to Dave, Rob, and Kris, I thought Kris was a cardboard cutout until he moved.
Christopher Harris 3 month ago
Is any one else missing them doing the live streams and doing comics?
Patrick Junior 3 month ago
That's why me hates the hospital.
Vortex Lord 3 month ago
2:10 Women: don't leave me hanging bro. Sweet home alabama! That's why your kid die.
KvaGram 3 month ago
We need more of Dr. Baby and his Crew. Also: Thanks for introducing some comedy into the mid sketch commentaries. You need to work on the jokes a bit more, but it is an improvement from last week.
Nick ecaliber 3 month ago
3:04 i dont remember this from grandma ate a cat series...
NRG Vanderzee 3 month ago
‘Don’t leave me hanging bro’
George McClellan 3 month ago
1:31 gets me every time
Mediocre Gamer 3 month ago
"I'm bleeding from the waist down" "You cant say that..." This was such an odd exchange
Rikoyasha 3 month ago
4:38 im no doc but i believe that is called a period Chris
John ex 3 month ago
Nobody: Doctor's: ApPlE
mjstory1976 3 month ago
1:51 That is one savage doctor 😂
Heen 3 month ago
I also have a updog deficiency but survived
SirJustin90 3 month ago
Not a fan of the commentary. Just skipping it tbh.
Jacknight YT 3 month ago
When you're so early that there aren't jokes yet
High Guardian 3 month ago
Doctor: i think it’s a new gender that we’ve never seen before!!! This video:
Zachary Smith 3 month ago
Dave is the least funny person I have ever seen.
Hakai Shin 3 month ago
Elias Manos 3 month ago
3:04 what happened to “breathe in?” It has a weird echo on it 😂
No Lollygagging 3 month ago
2:05 I would divorce her after high-fiving her. Then help her find a man with her kind of humor.
Alexander Brown 3 month ago
when you have to keep adding more unwanted commentary to have less shorts
John Stassi 3 month ago
Does arin voice everyone in these shorts
Bass Galaxy 3 month ago
Those clips had me dying! 🤣
Cody Skinner96 3 month ago
Was that Egoraptor playing as both the doctor & guy who asked for one? Lol I'm curious
Leah Yisrael 3 month ago
i feel so guilty for laughing so i have to watch them with the dooor closed..... hahahahahah
Hallon Grotta 3 month ago
Chris: "Someones coming"
Maggie Greig 3 month ago
2:20 That Descendents shirt ♥️
Madelyne Smith 3 month ago
I have never seen the face reveal of explosm so I always thought that it was like some teenager with a dirty mind.....but they look like 25 year olds
chris torres 3 month ago
I love the way they post these on a Sunday
The Oneyedsquidd 3 month ago
Me at school: I’m afraid you have updoc
Ivan Sehnem 3 month ago
broomkitty 3 month ago
*give it to my straight doc*
Meme Bus 3 month ago
2:10 bro did she just say bro as in brother wait WHAT LEMME HEAR THAT AGAIN NANI
Smoke Dogg 3 month ago
Ehhh... What's up *DOC?*
yannis gouras 3 month ago
These videos got lame as soon as these dudes started appearing in it.
Expanix 3 month ago
Maybe I'm weird, but I really enjoy those mini skits between shorts
mohyim02 3 month ago
Living babies 🤣🤣🤣 that's so darrk
Roadie Dave 3 month ago
The live action cutaways really kill the immersion
Logan Jones 3 month ago
I was watching House MD when this was uploaded....
liv nation 3 month ago
Ok so I was up at 1:30 am watching YouTube yesterday, then I saw this and it said posted 3 hours ago... So technically, if this was in the United States, it was posted Sunday. Bc all of the time zones in the United States were right before Midnight.
Nick Molliger 3 month ago
Ohh, i get it! Updog is a pun meme used like A person: *saying something about updog B person: "What's updog?" (sounds like "what's up, dog?" (dog is an appeal to friend (dog may sound like doc (doctor)))) A person: Responds about his deals dickfor works similarly
Vasilis Kesisoglou 3 month ago
I feel like I want Dr. Mike to react to this
EPIComedies 3 month ago
GSC_RogueRaven 3 month ago
UwU a compilation longer then 3 minutes
メアリー・ガチャ 3 month ago
Dood... why did you leave her hanging? 🥺
Vläd Rudnick 3 month ago
2:45 Nice shirt Dave. I'M NOT A LOSER
Zᴇᴩʜyʀᴜꜱ Aᴜʀᴏɴ 3 month ago
Is the joke that the commentary is painful to watch or... Is it unironically this cringy.
Angel Corchado 3 month ago
Dude tony comin in at the end! I miss him...
Richie Shan 3 month ago
I knew it kriss is a HOLOGRAM?!
Total Creative Gaming 3 month ago
Haha, damn that first one is dark. XD
bEaNoS bOi 3 month ago
If the first one happened to me I would rip their spleen out with my hands
LT Macintosh 3 month ago
We would appreciate the clips without the useless commentary, thanks!
Metallic Twister 3 month ago
Gamin' Michael N. 3 month ago
I can't tell whether or not the doctors laughing was an outtake, or not.
adrian moreno 3 month ago
I’m assuming the doc with the results voices John Batman
Lily B 3 month ago
Man, I remember meeting you guys in 2013 at the Fan Expo in Toronto. Still a fan all these years later!
Joshua W 3 month ago
I am looking forward to these now.
Bálint Faragó 3 month ago
Instead of this they should make actual new episodes instead of just re-uploading the old ones
The Rush Rush 3 month ago
I came back to watch these I watched one of the first animations
Sgt Viper 3 month ago
Tony really needed a doctor in the end there.
Colin Brown 3 month ago
"it's up dog" 🐺
raltz 3 month ago
Its only been 3 minutes since its Monday here where I live
Catssonova 3 month ago
Get Dr. Mike to react to this.
Raven Sikkness TV 3 month ago
Don't leave me hanging, *whimpers* bro!
Zakh Zeigler 3 month ago
The three guys constantly interrupting the video really put me off
Mark King 3 month ago
Don't leave me hanging, bro, LUL!
MetalHeadHockey39 3 month ago
That was dark at the beginning
Baby Girl 3 month ago
I'm dead on the first one bro 😭😂😂
Titus Valzpar 3 month ago
Was hoping for the God's Plan short here. That one is in my all time top 5 C&H shorts.
Lucifer Morningstar 3 month ago
That made me laugh hard
Ninja Hombrepalito 3 month ago
I either hadn't seen the first one or did not remember it. I remember the other two. Don't wanna see them.
Marcos Longhitano 3 month ago
Crís is flying?
Kyle Jenkins 3 month ago
voice5sur5 3 month ago
4:33 fakest laugh i've ever heard.
skinny jason 3 month ago
i wanted to see the singing doctor
Euder Araujo 3 month ago
i watched all of them 👏
26sanchez tony 3 month ago
What? A mashup that’s more than 3 minutes long they say it could not exist
Kemoni C 3 month ago
I heard Tony at the end of the video. Why did Death let him have a vacation? Anyone else hear Tony?
Riley Armstrong 3 month ago
I have one question for the first one.... "Bro"?
Ashley Newman 3 month ago
The funniest one was the short with those 3 losers on the sofa