The Tesla Model Y Is the Tesla Everyone Is Waiting For

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The Tesla Model Y is the newest Tesla -- and it's eagerly anticipated. Today I'm reviewing the Model Y, and I'm going to show you the quirks and features of the Tesla Model Y during a thorough tour of the Model Y. Then I'm driving the Tesla Model Y, and I'm going to tell you what it's like on the road.

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Will Thompson 9 days ago
Doug, Tesla’s “Joe Mode” is so called because a guy on twitter called Joe asked Elon Musk for a feature, to make the beep sounds quieter in the back so his kids wouldn’t be disturbed from sleeping when traveling.
Cristian Trades 9 days ago
Damn, was really hoping Doug would try to fit in that hidden storage in the trunk.
Adam M 9 days ago
Everyone: Freaking out over COVID-19, Doug: “This is the 2020 Tesla Y”
ChrisCarGuy - 9 days ago
Doug: “Who exactly... is... Joe?” Everyone in eternity: *“Joe Mama!”*
Ashton Kuzman 9 days ago
Tesla has already shown a version of the car with the rear seats, they are not rear facing
armybrother81 9 days ago
Doug: "they finally ditched that p85d stuff that nobody understood" *Knows every BMW by number
Shlomi Oanunu 9 days ago
I was expecting Doug to do a demonstration scene with his weird acting skills with sentry mode..
Luke Sylvester 9 days ago
The reason you can only access the heating rear seats from the front, is so that the kids wont break them
Mathieu Clement 9 days ago
Doug: "I will not go into too many details about the technology, for that watch my two previous Tesla videos." Also Doug: *talks about the tech for 20 min*
Liam A 9 days ago
Current tesla models = Model: S Model: 3 Model: X Model: Y
Dziadek 9 days ago
Joe mode: There was a guy named joe that suggested this feature on Twitter.
mykel8 9 days ago
I worked at AppleCare for 7 years.... we ran “early field failure analysis” campaigns on every new product released. Basically translates to “our early adopters are our last beta testers.” I wouldn’t buy the first production model of ANYthing with high tech components... knowing what I know. All too often, an extra piece of kapton tape, a shim, an extra screw or slightly longer/shorter screw would fix the most bizarre issues you’ve ever seen. Nothing said, just a silent process change at the factory that perplexed the early adopters and later buyers never even experienced. I won’t even get into the software story... was not my department :)
Fallen Noob 9 days ago
Doug’s the type of guy to open a bag of chips with scissors
VGAPR Garage 9 days ago
The amount of owners that will have the middle section of the rear seats down and will ruin that screen with 2x4s when they put on the brakes. 🤣
Nico Capannelli 9 days ago
"Hey Joe, where you goin' with that gun in your hand?"
Andy Sedgley 9 days ago
Coronavirus Update: Doug isn't allowed in CNC any more, so he will be working his way down thru the list of viewers' cars. When he gets to yours, be worried.
number1fansince 9 days ago
Hahaha, "even Elon cant fight physics" Elon- challenged accepted
Luca 9 days ago
Can the dog mode prevent the dog from driving away with the car
2016 Nissan Rogue SV AWD 9 days ago
"Who exactly is Joe?" Oh, Doug, you've made a grave mistake.....
Richard Horne 9 days ago
This is the Tesla everyone's been waiting for because it's not $80,000. This one is only $70,000 lol
LitCheck 9 days ago
A random guy named Joe tweeted at Elon that his kids in the backseat kept waking up as his car gave him notifications. He said he wished there was a mode where it would be quieter for rear passengers. Then something like a day later Elon tweeted back that they're issuing an update for Joe mode to all Teslas for drivers with sleeping passengers in the back. It was actually a pretty sick story, I followed to tweets live at the time. Elon said he was just trying to prove he's listening and Joe said that 'Joe Mode' successfully solved his problems.
Is Mayonnaise an instrument? 9 days ago
My friend: "Yo you have a new car what is it" Me:"Tesla model whY" My friend: "Nothing i just want to know what Is your car" Me:"?"
Birdman TheBest 9 days ago
This man wants a heads up display to show what gear he’s in in an electric car...
M. William Faria 9 days ago
REALLY miss the original format for reviewing the Dougscore :(
SK 9 days ago
Doug: “The Tesla Model Y was the Tesla everyone was waiting for” Tesla Cybertruck: Hold my beer and my metal ball
Edward Valivonis 9 days ago
Doug is a type of a guy who rolls in the mud to increase his immune system against coronavirus
Jacob Stewart 9 days ago
Doug makes me feel less self conscious about also having a yahoo email
Vivitoss 9 days ago
this is a whole electric car why have a manual seat dropper.
Kyle Lerner 9 days ago
Fun fact: It's called "Joe Mode" because a guy named Joe tweeted Elon Musk on twitter asking for the feature!
Chris Stork 9 days ago
Dougie D: "Even Elon can't fight physics." Elon: "Hold my gyro-stabilized beer stein..."
Pelo Dilovan 9 days ago
That Joe's Mode was added after a guy named Joe tweeted at Elon to make the alerts silent because they woke up his kids. Elon did it.
Sam Mitchell 9 days ago
Doug the type of guy to be 6'3" and 6'4" simultaneously.
Ryan Gee 9 days ago
30:18 Am I gonna be able to hear the wind? It feels really REALLY quiet in terms of wind noise 30:26 (enters highway) WIIIIIINNDDDD NOOIIIISSE!!!!!! 😆
Paul Cheang 9 days ago
I was like "Yeh, around $40K...' then Doug said this comes with option X and Y so it is about $70K and I woke up finding myself in my Toyota RAV4 :) again.
GDI 109 9 days ago
Is anyone getting tired of Tesla’s interiors? Minus the screen, they look cheap.. the rear seats and vents of this car look like something straight from 1997.
Kenneth Wilburn 9 days ago
Doug the type of guy to give his girl a DougScore after their first date.
sakisdt 9 days ago
This guy is the closest i've ever seen to Sheldon from Big Bang, minus the eidetic memory :) . Reminds me of Fun with Flags rofl
Wes Cook 9 days ago
Doctor: Doug stop standing on your tippy toes youre 5'9
Ash 9 days ago
Why you gotta park like that bro There are lines for a reason (This is a joke)
Therealsport7 9 days ago
Doug, that’s a weird way to spell “nobody”
Traffic Cone 9 days ago
“Oh sorry officer my center touchscreen is broken and I don't have access to my glovebox cuz my center touchscreen is the only way to access my glovebox”
DroverChicago 9 days ago
Eh, you can scratch me from the "everyone" list.
Shuhrat Sayfuddinov 9 days ago
27:37 passes BMW electric
michael elias 9 days ago
Elon is a legend for putting that "joe mode" in it
Its Mors 9 days ago
24:50 you can see the owner of the car in the back, watling for Doug to finish recording this video lol
Rob B 9 days ago
“Tesla claims it is self-driving but it is really inot self driving”. Starts at 11:50
DaddyFreud 9 days ago
I guess you could say “Y” I’m I watching this (:
StiKz 9 days ago
*Thiiiis* is me, a guy how cant afford any of the cars Doug shows, but still watches every single Video 🤷‍♂️
doug4172 9 days ago
23:20 You need a heads up display so you know what gear you’re in... in your Tesla.
The way you got excited for the steering wheel dials, I thought we would have to change your channel name to “DIAL DEMURO”!
dan725 9 days ago
This trips me out.. I drive that road everyday lol. Sorrento Valley!
Richard Crenshaw 9 days ago
When you giggle at the acceleration, scoring the fun factor a 6 seems a little stingy with the Doug points.
Aiden Bagshaw 9 days ago
I just realized; he never did a review of the Model S.
Leonard Bußee 9 days ago
23:17 Doug the type of guy to want a gear display in his electric car. Sure, you also want your rpm with that?
brap life 9 days ago
I feel like Tesla just sells you their name and that's it. Plastic everything no luxury but premium price.
Refugeefromcalif 9 days ago
I feel so cheated on the Doug scores now. I prefer the Long version that explains each category. Not the "More Doug" short version that just gives the final score.
tml 9 days ago
8:29 FINALLY they made a place we can store eggs and bread
Luke Sylvester 9 days ago
3:28 He was *wheely* concerned
Ron Cedeno 9 days ago
23:20 - Doug wants a HUD to give you important information like “what gear you’re in” 🤔🤪
Andrew W.C. 9 days ago
Go back to the old Doug Score where you would explain each rating. I don’t like the new system you have. ☹️
Noel Collins 9 days ago
Me: Doug Corona virus is out there Doug: I only deal with cars in front of a camera
Jay Menelaou 9 days ago
The "Joe feature" is for a guy called Joe on Twitter that tweeted at Elon "can you make a feature that allows for notifications and chimes to be quite as to only disrupt the driver and not my kids in the back?". Elon obliged and therefore created "Joe Mode".
The Empowerer 9 days ago
23:20 *"what gear your in"*
Steve Place 9 days ago
6'3", 6'4", really depends what Doug Score(TM) I'm giving myself each day.
Al Bert 9 days ago
1st world problems when you can't turn the heated back seats on and have to ask the driver to do it for you....
James Newman 9 days ago
23:20 "what gear you're in"
noah heaven 9 days ago
It needs a heads up display to show what gear it’s in😂
Bashir Sfar 9 days ago
Joe was a guy on twitter who requested that Elon Musk created that mode so that his kids could sleep quietly on road trips. So Elon made the mode and named it after Joe. In other words, Elon Musk is a madlad.
John Webb 9 days ago
I love when Doug approaches everyday common things with childlike wonder. 😂 Today, it's 40/20/40 folding rear seats.
cgalvin717 9 days ago
6' 4"..... apparently Doug started growing again!
tswrench 9 days ago
joe -- noun INFORMAL•NORTH AMERICAN /jō/ 1. an ordinary man. "the average joe"
The Food Dude 9 days ago
“What gear your in”???
A J 9 days ago
26:57 you can see how instantly that car went from gaining to getting farther away
Tim 9 days ago
23:18 „what gear you in...“ he didn't thought twice
Zaezae 9 days ago
Now the line-up is S,3,X,Y Nice.
Ryan B 9 days ago
3:22 Doug is the type of guy to rub his own knee
Tomoko Kishi 9 days ago
I'd rather prefer the model Y with that gullwing doors.
Tanay Toshniwal 9 days ago
DOUG: Even Elon can't fight physics. ELON: Hold my beer *makes time travelling machine*
Julian Brozek 9 days ago
That bar is to prevent you from having the middle seat up by itself.
Eric Rosen 9 days ago
Rear USB ports- while my phones use type-c, the connector on the other end of the cable is still a USB-A. Is type-c useful, if you have to buy special cables or adapters to use it? [edit] that said, my phone came with an adapter, so I guess you'd have to make sure you have that in the car (only used it to transfer from one phone to new phone otherwise)
Sage Wysocki 9 days ago
Fun fact: Joe tweeted at Elon asking for this feature and Musk liked the idea so he let Joe and the world have it.
Jose Gonzalez 9 days ago
I love that when you go fast that you only hear the wind and nothing else
Levi Vlijm 9 days ago
20:10 I believe Joe was the person who suggested this function to Elon via twitter
Jay Grover 9 days ago
23:21 he literally said i want heads up display to see in which gear i am in😂 can some one remind him that he is in tesla
Joshua Clarke 9 days ago
The way Doug reacted to the steering wheel adjustment in the Model 3 the exact same way he did in the Model Y it gave me the biggest wave of deja vu ever
Fiat Multipla 9 days ago
23:20 but electric cars don't have gears😂
Haolei Zhang 9 days ago
23:19 "what gear you are in" Hmmmmmm... this is an electric car
vsrap71 9 days ago
*car brake lights up on tesla screen* Doug: that is so cool! *car brake lights up on subaru screen* Doug: so strange why did they need to do that.
Jonathan Abraham 9 days ago
27:36 bmw i3
West wellinton 9 days ago
23:17 a heads up display to show the GEARS in a eletric car
Douglas Thompson 9 days ago
Did you say “check you gear” in the HUD on the Tesla. Forgivable if it was a Taycan. Great review. Hopefully 3rd row comes out next year.
Len Alfred 9 days ago
I agree with the heads up display. That's actually a deal breaker for me. I love my BMW X6 heads up display!
Niclas Ciriacy 9 days ago
This car looks like when you play a 16:9 Video on a 4:3 screen
X plorer 9 days ago
At first, I thought it was 'Doug Mode' .. Doug : And whos exatcly is Joe? Me : Joe Mam.. P/s: that interior is super slick !
Tugui Daniel 9 days ago
23:15 I remember that Tesla doesn’t have gears
Strasbourgeois 9 days ago
23:20 "What gear you're in" ಠ_ಠ
Fiat Multipla 9 days ago
20:11 oh poor Doug, he doesn't get the reference😂
Träy 9 days ago
Mateo Puig 9 days ago
20:10 i can’t believe u Doug 😭 f in the chat
Clint Mower 9 days ago
Been waiting for someone to tell Doug to close ish more gently for a long time! Thank you lol