These Celebrities Have the Coronavirus

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Some of the world’s most beloved celebrities are testing positive for the coronavirus, further proving that the deadly disease knows no age, race, or income bracket. “This is serious. Now’s the time to really think about social distancing. Washing your hands,” actor Idris Elba said on social media.’s Stephanie Officer has the details.
ALEET 2 month ago
im confused. so he has the coronavirus but he is all up on his wife like wth.
Slaphappy 2 month ago
Idris Elba: Now’s the time to start thinking about social distancing. Also him: *Stands inches away from wife*
HybridFlu 2 month ago
These Celebrities Can Stay Home For 18 Months And Not Go Broke
Adrian Rivera 2 month ago
and remember ONLY GO TO THE HOSPITAL IF YOU HAVE SEVERE SYMPTOMS so that way hospitals aren’t so backed up and can help the elder
Srivatsa Kuchibhotla 2 month ago
Celebrities: have coronavirus Regular people: Lets gooo
The Swap Meet Flea NC9/GDP 2 month ago
*Celebrities have coronavirus* People care *Me , has coronavirus* Nobody cares
THE Q 2 month ago
For just 50 cents a day , less than a cup of coffee, you can help someone that has the Coronavirus .
THE Q 2 month ago
OPRAH : “YOU get the Coronavirus! YOU get the Coronavirus! EVERYONE gets the Coronavirus!” “In fact! Look under your seats right now! THE CORONAVIRUS !!!” YAY !!!!!! Thank you Oprah !!!!!!
THE Q 2 month ago
CORONAVIRUS TELETHON Hosted by: Tom Hanks & Oprah !! It’ll be a Star Studded Event !
Nick Hall 2 month ago
Sure seems like it’s a lot easier to contract coronavirus if your a celebrity for some weird reason🤔 hmmm wonder why
Silver Chopsticks 2 month ago
In all honesty, nobody is interested in rich celebrities getting ill. They have the means and the money to get the best medical help available. No sympathy or interest. Please spend the time informing us lowly peons here below on how best to endure. So far, advice and information has been good. Up until "These Celebrities Have the Coronavirus."
Da Animates 2 month ago
me: Dont know half of the celebrities
THE Q 2 month ago
Let’s put a FACE on this virus ! LOOK! Celebrities can get it too! Awwwww! Not so scary, we’ll be alright! SMH
xd potato 2 month ago
Whos here after kevin durant and other nba players got it
Wow Factor 2 month ago
Really no one saw this coming. Hope this will be over soon, stay save guys!🙌🏽
THE Q 2 month ago
OPRAH : “YOU get the Coronavirus! YOU get the Coronavirus! EVERYONE gets the Coronavirus!” “In fact! Look under your seats right now! THE CORONAVIRUS !!!” YAY !!!!!! Thank you Oprah !!!!!!
Elijah Nelson 2 month ago
Think about social distance _his wife in the same room less than a foot away:_ 0:34
Devon Williford 2 month ago
I'll pray for all these people and everyone with it thank you!❤
Aesthetic Cat 2 month ago
I wish everyone the very best of health! ❤️
Seamus Ramsey 2 month ago
This garbage news is the problem with the world!
tha dj 2 month ago
They all had some bad adrenochrome
Daniel Castillo 2 month ago
*BREAKING NEWS* *Covid-19 tests positive for coronavirus*
Gabriel Blas 2 month ago
How about Charlie Sheen, I heard that he's tested positive... OH WAIT, THAT WAS SOMETHING ELSE!
Zyhir Harris 2 month ago
Idris Elba: plays in cats Also Idris Elba: gets the coronavirus Me: coincidence? I think not!
الإسلام هو تحفة الشيطان 2 month ago
I wish everyone a good health 💜
Ryou Senketsu 2 month ago
Media : Look at these millionaires with their best health care and doomsday bunkers battling coronavirus My heart : look at those poor slum workers in India or Africa which will be hit hard by the virus and can't self isolate because they will be hungry if they don't work or gather trash ...
Chandler Tingle 2 month ago
I hope C or D Level Celebrities don’t try to take advantage of their sickness as publicity
Yo Za 2 month ago
"Go to the hospital if you have severe symptoms" Thats actually the last thing you should do.
Sigma Roxas 2 month ago
As long as Keanu Reeves doesn't have Corona, we're good.
Nicumecu 2 2 month ago
Actors starting to endorse this man made money making virus..
Hingle McCringleberry 2 month ago
We need more of these videos. Everytime a celebrity gets a cold or the flu I need to know. It's just so important 🤦‍♂️
Justin Xu 2 month ago
Kevin Durant just announced that he has it :(
Geekboi 2 month ago
They sound pretty normal I was expecting them to sound wheezy or something
shuni nishu 2 month ago
I really really feel sorry for them. Cough Cough
Original Skyname 2 month ago
Then: He has ebola, Spit on him Now: They don't have the virus, coughs on him.
Cookie2277 Yay 2 month ago
I have been social distancing my whole life. (Social anxiety). People have been complaining because of having to socially distance themselves lolz.
Epic Tien 2 month ago
tom hanks: coronavirus twitter: TOO MUCH VEGEMITE BRUH
Neil Legacy 2 month ago
Tom Hanks hum,avoiding the law more likely.
THE Q 2 month ago
For just 50 cents a day , less than a cup of coffee, you too can help someone that has the Coronavirus !
QT Nova 2 month ago
Mikel Arteta and Calumm Hudson-Odoi: Am I a joke to you
MrContent 2 month ago
everyone:talking about staying clean and staying away from other people me: practically deep throating my fingers and being in large crowds
Mochi_ UwU 2 month ago
*celebrity who has corona virus* Me: y’all know what time it is- *its corona time*
THE Q 2 month ago
Let’s put a FACE on this virus ! LOOK! Celebrities can get it too! Awwwww! Not so scary, we’ll be alright! SMH
zawiff john 2 month ago
0:34 idris elba: social distancing literally hugging and touching his wife
Marybeth Langendorf 2 month ago
Who cares about these rich celebrities!
Nature knows 2 month ago
Now Kevin Durant lol predictive programming...
Kyle 2 month ago
It's truly unbelievable how people react to the news. I'm speechless,
J Swag Don 2 month ago
When I seen they showed Gayle King, I was about tooo... 🙃 Nevermind.... 😈
Mr. Teton 2 month ago
So we all gonna finally die cuz of flu, oh aint this a good year for humanity
Pat S 2 month ago
I knew I watched this for the "Wu-Tang" Protect ya Neck Covid-19 acronym breakdown.... Wu tang wu tang wu tang!.✊🏾😷🤧💦👋🤒🙌🏾
Michael Myers 2 month ago
Y’all I’m putting Wilson next to Tom Hanks grave if he dies
Wii remote 2 month ago
Ivan Serrano 2 month ago
Idris Elba NOOO he was in many movie like pacific rim and fast and furious 😔
Brian Inc 2 month ago
Ima stay at home and go nowhere
Mr. Paint 2 month ago
I have Coronas and limes in my fridge I’ll be ok 👍
Glynna Schmehl 2 month ago
I had to go into a pharmacy yesterday. I followed all the advice though. I hope I stay well. Prayers up for these people.
Mr Lasagna 2 month ago
I literally sneezed on my phone and I’m watching this while eating chips (licking my fingers too..) lmao
Julia McConville 2 month ago
I am watching this while choking on water and all of the sudden u start talking about how it just starts with cough and now i'm dying
Soloflade 2 month ago
eating Vegemite is an unforgivable sin.
I’m not buying any of this, where is the proof??
ChiefTornado 2 month ago
1:49 " Touch Nothing" Ight screw Issac Newtons laws ima float
Uchiba Uki 2 month ago
The cure so far with anti HIV medication mixed with anti malaria medicine
Sean Lee Seng Yuen 2 month ago
Me after watching this video: *has biohazard suit covering body*
Exclusive Grant 2 month ago
I’m not leaving my house at all. Working from home Plenty of MRE’s and water to go around
Hex Strain 2 month ago
*To do list before Corona Virus crushes humanity* ✅ Watch celebs that have coronavirus
Crimson Twins 2 month ago
Something smells like 🐂💩
Sara M 2 month ago
*STAY STRONG!!!!* 💪💖💪💖💪 *GET WELL!!!!* ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Maisan The Unicorn/ Adventures,And More!! 2 month ago
1:50 G-Go to the Hospital If you have severe *Symptons*
EaglesBoy 14 2 month ago
*If the Coronavirus was a person...* *Free punches available*
Musty Taylor 2 month ago
I've had heart burn from Corona for a long time..... u'll be alright!
Vanessa Audiffred 2 month ago
Lmao... fatigued... had a lil cough... Event 201 still going on or you guys ACTING as if you're sicker than ANY other time? 😒
RandomNest 2 month ago
Oh yea, we so need this list of preventative instructions from the Wu Tang Clan. As if! 🙄
Sarah Brennan 2 month ago
Probably that they traveled everywhere when this was rampant.... hope they all feel better and have 100 per cent recovery
Nohemi Vill 2 month ago
Gematria effect news here on YouTube
Vijay Vardhan 2 month ago
0:53 inferno got virus😂
Julio Uribe 2 month ago
Kevin Durant has the virus... my favorite basketball player
Cut Clay 2 month ago
this is straight peepee
LokimonWasHere 2 month ago
Chinese Wuhan Corona Virus 2019.
James Swift 2 month ago
You know when a virus is serious when the Wu-Tang Clan posts about it.
Richard C 2 month ago
Watch, you’ll start seeing some faking it for attention.
Annie Chan 2 month ago
They my favorite 😢
Lucas Fūr 2 month ago
I've always been a loner...I'm good with this
Rattanakthyda Ouk 2 month ago
I’m crying cuz of Idris Elba 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
GamerCalledBen 2 month ago
Hopefully Ariana Grande gets COVID-19. 💯
Avril e 2 month ago
Very sad 😭
Aden Branson 2 month ago
Her voice at the start 😂
Alp Gul 2 month ago
cobra66 2 month ago
I'll be honest, this flu I had about 5 months ago I think I'd rather have Corona.. weak sauce
LegitOneJC 2 month ago
I remember Rachel from the Happy Death Day movie series....
Julie Newman 2 month ago
I only know who Idris Elba is, the others I do not know them. 😂😂
Jimmer27 2 month ago
I pray for y’all, that you wake up 💯🙏🏻
Levol9k 2 month ago
Oooof that’s a ton of Vegemite 😅💀
Lisa Cody 2 month ago
REUBEN FOX 2 month ago
Im not the only person that knows about wu tang, ok then
Christmas Lore 2 month ago
The accents of the hosts of this channel make it impossible to listen to. Can't anyone just speak normal anymore? 😑
Amani Ruiz 2 month ago
We should cover Rome with a dome with Tyrone to eat they have a T-bone...
Tammyally PYH 2 month ago
Who knows about Coronavirus/Covid 19 👇🏻
Jola Adegbite 2 month ago
We're all gonna die aren't we 😐 WoW.... GET YO TOILET PAPER Y'ALL
DarthRB 2 month ago
lion among men 2 month ago
I am so happy for all of them now hopefully it's game over