Gov. Inslee orders 'stay-at-home' for Washington state

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The order extends to gathering outside with people congregating in close, public spaces. The order does not forbid someone from leaving their home.
ReadingRambo 10 days ago
I’ve listened to WSP talk about enforcing this order and they’re response is “Sounds like a city/county problem” lol...can’t say I blame them.
Chibi Prussia 10 days ago
When it doesn't affect you or your immediate family cause your job is considered "essential".
Guy Fawkes 10 days ago
So when's the mandatory evacuations going to start?
Brian Garrow 9 days ago
You might have to make a choice between being broke or being alive.
Scooters Videos 9 days ago
Boomers: Get your own healthcare you lazy communists! Also Boomers: Put your lives on hold so I won't get sick!!
American Rage 10 days ago
2 week vacation! Got 12 pack of Corona and watching Youtube! Life is good for me...
Uncle Donald 9 days ago
I live near the naval base and see a lot of troop traffic...
James T 9 days ago
Sure hope I can pick-up that gun I just bought but couldn't take home because of the governor's dumb gun laws. Didn't see it on the list, and everyone knows that gun sales just spiked. Jackasses
Juce Manne 9 days ago
Where the party at???
2012ANONYMOUSA 9 days ago
if you really think about this you`ll realize how stupid this is. if this is real, it only takes 1 to infect another.
phục êwê 9 days ago
But Donald Trump says it is ok to go back outside and back to business as usual. He's the President, and knows what is best for us.
John Clark 9 days ago
Next they will confinscate our guns like hurricane Katrina