SPAL 1-2 Sassuolo | Two Second Half Goals Earn Dominant Sassuolo Win! | Serie A TIM

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Sassuolo came from a goal behind to win, with a dominant display, and goals from Caputo and Boga.

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Anferb Lutus 5 month ago
BRAVO Sassuolo!!!!! BRAVO Sassuolo!!!!! BRAVO Sassuolo!!!!! BRAVO Sassuolo!!!!! BRAVO Sassuolo!!!!!
Khiry Managan 5 month ago
Boga is on a scoring frency🏴‍☠️
SYNTIFIK ZONE 5 month ago
Jeremie Boga one of the kind
cesar killerwang 5 month ago
Jérémy boga!!!
Mother North 5 month ago
have a nice day everyone~
Karl 5 month ago
Now I realized that Atalanta was so mercy with this rubbish SPAL
Daniil Kvyat 5 month ago
Berardi... Great player
Heroin na bazi 5 month ago
Christian Quresma Garcia 5 month ago
Boga to Chelsea.❤❤❤
aniket thakur 5 month ago
Need Boga in Ac Milan 😍
Angelo Ercole Estévez 5 month ago
Malcolm Archibald 5 month ago
Love SPAL's strip.
ROTATION !!! 5 month ago
The amount of great chances missed by spal 😥
Ezekiel Nduli 5 month ago
Scrolling through videos, I thought I saw Bruno Fernandez in the thumbnail.
افكار و وصفات 5 month ago
سلام عليكم أنا محتاجة مساعدتكم الله يخليكم ضروري والله العظيم
Amir Syarifudin 5 month ago
Bogaaa back to Chelsea !!
Nafis Rizki Pratomo 5 month ago
Pak sasulo gacor nehh.. Lanjutkan!
Sandro 5 month ago
Consigli 👍
okezie christopher 5 month ago
Boga 💎
Kélys Sebaï 5 month ago
Oeeee Dinor
Moch Ricky 5 month ago
What a pass that was by Berardi
Natee Jogsatit 5 month ago
that guy looks really like Bruno Fernandez.
Waldemar Drost 5 month ago Brawo!!!
Jani cr7 5 month ago
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204PercentSpaghettiMan 5 month ago
Boga in the form of his life right now. Wouldn't be surprised if he goes in the summer but it would be an incredible bit of business to keep hold of him for another season. 3 wins from the last 4! Forza Sasol!
Sudip Ghosh 5 month ago
Hala Madrid
Mario Alvisi 5 month ago
There was no penalty. The ball was kicked and the foul occurs after so it is not influential.
Mari M 5 month ago
Boga run in behind is flawless and that is something Chelsea is missing this season. Boga is so quick and he has to come back to chelsea.
Ramazan Özmen 5 month ago
ororochi 1983 5 month ago
Chelsea has a buy back clause set at 15 million euro for Boga. Surely they are gonna activate it next season?
Ej Kickerz 5 month ago
Who else isn’t watching in full screen? 👇 (just uploaded banger prank on African mum) (ROAD TO 6K🙏)