"D.I.WHY" LIFE HACKS - Awful or Amazing?! (Feat Mrs. Jazza)

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Jazza 3 month ago
Give a warm welcome to my wife! She's usually extremely camera shy but I'm really glad she was willing to jump in this video with me! The more love you show the more likely I can convince her to do more videos with me! 🤣😍
Charlie Kööhler 3 month ago
You look like such a warm and wholesome couple. Give compliments to your wife for getting the courage to join a video.
• Lucy 3 month ago
Your wife is literally the female version of you 😂😂😂
Axel Rosales 3 month ago
JAZZA GIT OUT OF HERE ITS KATES CHANNEL NOW 😂 Just kidding we still like you :3 we need more Kate though
Gucci Librarian 3 month ago
10:14 Jazza: "She's dropped her phone on her face- what can she do about that?" Mrs. Jazza: "Take her drawers apart!"
Bluerabb 3 month ago
We need Kate to make her own channel where she just tells 5 minute crafts how horrible their life hacks are
The Slug Boi 3 month ago
Jazza: "she's a little camera shy" Mrs. Jazza:* immediately shows off her outstanding personality*
Jared Sawtelle 3 month ago
She honestly has a great personality and is pretty natural and lively on camera. I understand her reluctance, but she has fans now I'd say
TehSlan 3 month ago
Hairbrush falls apart. Grabs glue. "Gluing it back together isn't really a 'hack,' but-" Starts making glue bristles "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY"
Earl Foote 3 month ago
She said "it's glue jewelry." Woulda been much more on Jazza's brand if she said gluewelry instead.
Willow KOPSIDAS 3 month ago
why didn't they just use the glue to stick the brush back together instead of making a whole new brush???
Sneaky1210 • 3 month ago
The panic when he gets the phone call😂 Mrs Jazza is a top tier prankster
Kitty Kat 3 month ago
10:15 Why can't you just buy a $2 pop-socket instead of wasting a $20 drawer?
Stephanie Wolfe 3 month ago
This warmed my sad, cold heart on Valentine's Day
민미카 3 month ago
Jazza: giveaway post your diy to win.. Me: Tempting but the last time I used any glue I had to had to go to the hospital to get my hands and clothes unstuck and my hair had to be cut off. 😂🤣🤣🤣
flatlanding 3 month ago
She's adorable, and she puts up with your stubby messed up hands, so she must be a saint... congratulations!
Sam Young 3 month ago
Ok so we now know who looks after Jazza I was worried he didn’t have adult supervision...
John Roberts 3 month ago
Jazza & Jazza - I hope this is just the beginning as we want more, very entertaining.
Jackie 3 month ago
Jazza’s: gaffa tape Me: FLEX TAPE BUT AUSTRALIAN
Kady Town 3 month ago
Can we just talk about how the baby's face goes from smiling to sad
Isabelle Stiphout 3 month ago
Okay so she is freaking adorable.
DDX ART 3 month ago
The thing we all agree about : *WE WANT MORE OF MRS JAZZA*
TheLastBlackCat 3 month ago
He’s wearing a t-shirt and she’s wearing a jumper.
Lara Jean 3 month ago
Am I the only one that doesn’t like that YouTube moved where the comments are I scroll past it every time bc I’m dumb 😂
Draw Cross 3 month ago
Parenting life hack : if you have three children and they are hard to take care of, kill two you still have one left over!
Ty_Braek 3 month ago
You’ve dropped your phone on your face. What do you do? Mrs. Jazza: take your drawers apart. Lol
pRahvi0 3 month ago
Doll's expression: "The s**t have I seen..." Jazza's wife: "It's like my expression when you're driving." 9:23
Charles Gertos 3 month ago
From only hearing MrsJazza's voice before I always knew she was funny and witty and it really shines through this video
Heather anne 3 month ago
Me sees jazza wife on camera: 😮 She's so damn pretty and kind and awesome
Skiffie YT 3 month ago
*The people who disliked either:* 1. Work for the companies that they laughed at this video *or* 2. Are madly in love with Jazza and can’t except that mrs.Jazza exists and hopes that by disliking the video she’s in Jazza will divorce her and they can go back to loving Jazza
bella hiew 3 month ago
“If you like this video then you like it like it” made me laugh so hard😂
MCFire 3 month ago
So this is the woman who roasted your oil painting skills a few days ago. We need more of Mrs. Jazza :D
Shawn Leary 3 month ago
notcoolatall 3 month ago
Why couldn't she just glue the comp back together with the glue gun instead. At first i thought she would 🤦‍♂️
KingNATE04 3 month ago
Not gonna lie thought she was ur mom ONLY BECAUSE U LOOK YOUNGER SORRY to lazy to change it from all caps lol
Blackwolf 19913 3 month ago
Who else remembers hisYouTube play button tattoo on his bog toe if you do then you might remember he said he didn’t want himself to remember it so you guys join me and help me make him remember it
Aimee Redwood 3 month ago
okay your wife is literally the best. and she's so gorgeous.
Alexa Cossette 3 month ago
Ok we needed more of Ms. Jazza a long time ago 😂 I’m sorry Jazza… but I think she could successfully replace you
PrincessMonkey 33 3 month ago
I love that Jazza kept the phone on his shirt the whole time. Also we need more Mrs. Jazza
Profile Name 3 month ago
7:54 I would just love to see Mrs jazzas face to realize she had married this perfect man.
Jedrek Malnegro 3 month ago
Her sarcasm is actually one of the funniest I’ve seen! She’s so funny and kind!
luggi lu 3 month ago
Jazza: "I should do a 5 minutes craft with gaffa tape" Kate:.......... * what have I done? *
Jamie Harris 3 month ago
Whe you’re trying to listen to lorde but you wife calls you but your phone is stuck on your arm and then you take it out and it leaves a mark
Catherine Kraack 3 month ago
Jazza: Gaff tape fixes everything Me a theater kid: YES
darkholyPL 3 month ago
Oh that's just not fair! You wife is cute aswell. Damn it... Oh well, bring more mrs. Jazza into the vids then!
iibrieii 3 month ago
So I'm late, just here to throw in my ten cents about how I love Mrs jazza I love Mrs jazz a K bye
TheUnholyOne 3 month ago
Me: Oh, first time I've seen her, wonder what she's like. Mrs. Jazza: _exists_ Me: *No, she's too powerful.*
James Mares Music 3 month ago
She should definitely do more videos with you. I loved your chemistry and she’s almost funnier than you!
Iceriver WarriorYT 3 month ago
That one with the draw handle... Has that girl ever heard of a pop socket...
HuskyWarrior25 3 month ago
I like Mrs. Jazza she's hilarious, she should come on more often
Backyard Getaways 3 month ago
I swear the only reason he got this product is so that he could say H.
Usman Nooruddin 3 month ago
"I see things, 'not imaginary'. " -Mrs. Jazza. She found the need to clarify just to distinguish her 'brain' from Jazza's. We need more of Mrs. Jazza! 😄
Kagami Hamasaki 3 month ago
Someone gotta say it *"OH NO! THAT BABY IS A STANDO!"*
mochimin 3 month ago
"so you go over to your *glue friend's* house"
Kellan Heap 3 month ago
Hey Jazza I am just getting into digital drawing and would love to have a chance at winning one of the tablets, but I dont have Twitter, so can you make it that we could make a youtube video using the hashtag aswell as the Twitter
Nishy 3 month ago
‪hey there jazza. I wanted to let you know there’s a cool new game called dreams on ps4. Pls check it out I bet you could do something wonderful with it!‬ :)
Sophia Gadgets 3 month ago
That's cute how he did a video with his wife for Valentine's Day.
Chase Rogers 3 month ago
I don’t use twitter so imma put this here: #diWhywithJazza - Spend 4 years and $120,000 getting a piece of paper you’ll never use. At least not for what you planned to do.
Hilophyle 3 month ago
Who wants to see him do a Video were he makes a sculpture out of play-doh?
MaggixJinxieMiseryJinxen TwelveColourSwatch 3 month ago
Hey there Jazza & Mrs. Jazza, The Sonic Movie has finally came out since Valentines Day, so will you watch it with your kids? :)
Raey Pines 3 month ago
Shreya KN 3 month ago
It's so cute to see jazza blushing throughout the whole video because his wife's there
Voro Kusanagi 3 month ago
You know, if they had just glued the brush back together, then that would have actually been useful (rather than making a brush out of glue).
Travis 3 month ago
I loved when he showed the phone in the shirt sleeve and he was playing supercut by lorde while running. thank you.
Sniper Claw 3 month ago
Im guessing jazza drives like I do. Cuz I can’t drive lmao -don’t take dis srsly pls-
Mandeep Singh 3 month ago
Jazza : Mrs. Jassa is a little camera shy Mrs. Jazza : Is more videogenic than Jazza Lol
Lucija Grgurevic 3 month ago
ok ngl you can see in there faces that having children is rough-
The_GoldenDragon 3 month ago
Jazza should make a video about something like "The Magical Rainbow Sponge" that would be PERFECT.
TheOne&Only 3 month ago
There is a game that has just come out on the PS4 called dreams and you can create anything on it I think it would be cool to see jazza try and create something on there
Nicole Wai 3 month ago
I LOVE YOUR CHEMISTRY TOGETHER. COUPLE GOALS :D Pls bring her back more often.
piper pine 3 month ago
awww jazza is so well behaved when she’s here it’s really cute actually
One Millennial Mom 3 month ago
This is literally the best thing I've seen... We need more Mrs Jazza
disability 3 month ago
JUST GLUE THE BRISTLES BACK ON also your wife is lovely. Hope to see more of her <3
Tony A 3 month ago
Only reason to like this video is how extraordinary that outro is. Not even kidding. Rest of it is depressing life hacks.
RedSpartan 3 month ago
To finally put a name to the face of the woman that has supported a mad mad through all of these years is nice and heartwarming to let us know that she does believe in you. i say welcome to the channel, Mrs. Jazza
Yasmeen Khan 3 month ago
my favourite ever one of these is where the girl's shoe breaks, and she has a glue gun, but instead of just using it to repair the tear in her shoe, she makes a whole new shoe out of glue...
Daniel Mcleod 3 month ago
Y'all are really adorable together. Your wife is so cute.
AtheneNoctua21 3 month ago
She just makes everything better. Your videos, your genes (adorable kids), and she needs to be here more.
Abigail Rice 3 month ago
This is literally the cutest thing ever
Super Dandy Lion 3 month ago
I cant make no DIYS but I asked my lady friend to be my girlfriend today and she said yeah.
Random Fandoms 3 month ago
Mrs Jazza: _exists_ Everyone: *all hail the queen*
naif al 3 month ago
I would fill the straws with a black light liquid so I can find my phone in the dark. 🤔
XD ABigBigNoob 3 month ago
When I watch 5 min crafts : Depression
kimkeyy 3 month ago
Omg she's so cute. And she didn't seem shy. She was hilarious. I'd love to see more of her!
Serenity Araiza 3 month ago
i love mrs. jazza's commentary while watching the 5 minutes crafts 😂😂
Lumino Life 3 month ago
Mrs Jazza: Ladies and Gentlemen! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Jazza a while back: I’m no longer saying ladies and gentlemen
Bob Destroyer of English 3 month ago
Your wife is great. She's quotable, funny, and gorgeous.
Eden Tate 3 month ago
Mrs Jazza is gorgeous and intelligent and most importantly absolutely hilarious 😂😂
Zastier 3 month ago
Be careful with getting people to do these "life hacks" because some of them are actually dangerous.
C 3 month ago
Can we please give even MORE appreciation to Mrs. Jazza? Even though she’s camera shy she still rocked it and is really fun to watch! Jazza is REALLY lucky to have her! She’s really beautiful, too!
Marija Vančina 3 month ago
Jazza: Would you still be with me if I had hot glue apartment? Mrs. Jazza: *wants to say yes, but literally cannot* Mrs. Jazza is amazing, we need more! And soon!
jcmatanui204 3 month ago
Glad she's willing to help out! I enjoyed her sense of humor before when we only heard her and that doesn't seem to have changed :)
Kymation 3 month ago
I think jazza either owns hulion or has an entire warehouse of just hulion tablets
Devon Rai 3 month ago
Why is she so much older than you? Not that there is anything wrong with it
Eitan Cassway 3 month ago
She says its a condom insert, does that mean... his thing... is... that small... ?
Pikahet 3 month ago
"I cant see a single one we'd actually do" Jazza: *has phone on his sleeve* Me: "Oh really?"
Laurely22 3 month ago
Love your wife's personality, she should come more often.
NONAME NO-ONE 3 month ago
1:24 what if someone stepped on the poop it wouldn’t be on his shoe then he will look at it
ChainSystem 666 3 month ago
Am I the only one having issues with the audio??! One second they're both whispering the next it's like they're screaming 😭
Ben Grieve 3 month ago
She looks like she could be his mom.